Metendo consolo no cuzinho gay

Metendo consolo no cuzinho gay
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It was good to be home. My place looked good, and helped me on my journey to renew my life. I made a list for the party tomorrow and drove to the shops. The party was going to be a bit of fun so I stocked up on alcohol and food for the BBQ. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up outside and getting the rest of the house organised. I was tired and went to bed fairly early. I was woken around midnight by my phone ringing. It was Renee.

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"Hey sweetie, what's up" trying hard to wake up. "Um&hellip. I just wanted to talk to someone" she whispered. "Are you at home?" "Yeah, can't sleep." "OK what can I help you with?" I was a little puzzled by this but it seemed like she needed to say something. "Robbie,… he&hellip. Um he hurt me" I was wide awake now. "What do you mean he hurt you Renee? "We were out tonight and went his friends place after but he was drunk and still wanted sex.

I said no and he slapped me. He was so angry; it scared me to see him like that." "Renee this is not your fault, if this is how he treats women, you need to find a better guy." "I don't want to see him, at least not for a while, but he's coming to your party." She was talking between the sobs.

"Renee I'll make sure he's not here tomorrow, if that's what you want." "Thanks Uncle Will. Goodnight and sorry to wake you." "Goodnight Renee, anytime." I was awake for a couple of hours thinking about what Renee had said. I thought Robbie was an alright sort of guy, and it shook me up. I decided I would go and see him in the morning. I rose early and went to the gym for a bit of me time on the bikes and weights.

I was half way through my workout when Robbie appeared. I didn't even know he was a member.

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He approached me and asked if we could talk. "Robbie, I hear you hurt Renee. Maybe I should do the same to you" I snarled. Robbie stepped back a bit. "Will I was really stupid, I was drunk and didn't mean to slap her" he said. "But you did, and it really scared her. She doesn't want to see you at my party. You need to give her some space before you try and apologise." I turned and walked away before he could respond and before I did something I might regret.

I showered and went home to get ready. As I turned into the drive, Ash and Renee were on the front steps waiting. I greeted them and went inside. They said that they had come over early to help me get ready. I told them that I hadn't even had breakfast yet. They smiled and said they were hungry too.

We ate breakfast together and got things ready. Family and friends started arriving around midday. It was a wonderful afternoon that went on well into the night. Slowly most left until only Mario, Nora, Ash and Renee remained. Ash said she was going to go to a club and Renee joined her. Both arranged to stay at a friend's overnight as the Monday was a public holiday and no work.

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Mario and Nora said their goodbyes and the house was quiet. I was just getting into bed when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Ash was standing there. "I wanted to help you celebrate properly" she laughed then kissed me softly. I grabbed her hands and walked towards my bedroom. We lay on the bed and I leaned over to Ash and kissed her again. "Uncle Will, I need to ask you something." She whispered in my ear.

"Would you be upset if I told Renee about us?" I had thought of this question many times over the past few weeks, as they were so close, they seemed to share a special bond. I also knew the answer I would give. "Is this what you want? I don't know if she will understand what we have together." I replied. "She will be fine with it, she has the hots for you anyway." Now I was really worried. Renee is a beautiful young woman as I have said many times, but keeping things to herself is not her strongest skill.

"Ash, do you really think she will keep this secret to herself. She is not good at this!

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Anyway would you be OK if she tried to sleep with me?" "We're sisters, we share everything, even boys." I thought about this for a minute, then spoke. "OK Ash, but we do it together. Now where did you tell her you were going when you left the club. You were both going to stay at Beth's tonight?" "Nick's parents are away, I told her I was going to teach him how to fuck me properly," she laughed. "He is so selfish, I have never orgasmed with him.

He is a real FFF!" "An FFF, what's that?" I laughed at the comment. He Fingers, Fucks and Flakes it.

It's all over in fifteen minutes and I end up fingering myself after he falls asleep. "Well you had better go and teach him." I pushed her towards the edge of the bed in a playful manner. "No I want to wake up with you in the morning, that's what I want." She said and rolled closer and kissed me gently on the lips. We kissed and stroked each other, then slowly undressed until we were lying naked again under the covers.

I kissed her neck and made a trail to her breasts and nipples. They were looking at me saying 'SUCK ME HARD NOW' so I did. Her hard nipples rolled around between my tongue and teeth gently applying pressure enough to make her moan and writhe beneath me.


I slowly moved my way down her chest pausing at her tummy before stopping just above her hot little pussy. Ash opened her legs slightly and raised her hips to meet my tongue. "Oh fuck you make my body tingle all over, it's like an all over orgasm. Don't stop please." She was almost begging me now. I continued to work on her clit with my mouth, while I slowly worked two fingers into her hole. She tensed and I could feel her pussy contract around them. Her juices were flowing freely and coated my tongue in sweet nectar.

She pulled my head away and leaned in and kissed me again. "Mmmmmm, yum. I taste good especially from your tongue." She moaned. I moved up and placed my dick near her pussy and slowly sank into her. I groaned with pure pleasure and we got into a slow rhythm. I could feel her tightening and relaxing her muscles as she milked my dick. "Make love to me from behind uncle Will, I want you to hold me." I pulled out and Ash rolled on her side, then I spooned her from behind and we both guided my dick back into her sopping wet hole.

One hand cupped her breast and nipple, giving it a good working over again, while my other hand massaged her clit. "FUCK fuck fuck," she was almost screaming, but her voice was so hoarse it was only a whisper. "I want you in my ass fuck my ass, take my cherry." I wasn't one to question a request like that, so I pulled out and grabbed a condom from the side table and slid it onto my throbbing dick. I lubed it aup again by sinking into her pussy then rubbed my dick over her puckered canal, then pushed slowly, as Ash pushed back too.

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Her ass was so tight, I could not get started so sank my finger into her pussy before working it into her ass. Ash tensed as my finger pushed in, then relaxed as I began to pull out.


I worked a second finger into her and continued to massage her clit with my thumb. I removed my fingers and worked my dick into her ass again, this time passing the tight ring of muscle.

"It hurts Uncle Will but keep pushing, fill my ass with your fat dick" It took five minutes, and I was only half way inside her rear chute, and the sensation was amazing.

Ash had now worked three fingers into her pussy and I could feel them between the thin layers of skin separating my dick from them. Her fingers worked their magic and Ash orgasmed with such intensity that I came in her ass, filling the condom. We lay together not moving for ages, until her ass forced my limp dick out with a wet pop. "That was intense, it hurts a bit, but I am glad you were my first. Promise we can do this forever Uncle Will." Ash finally spoke.

"Forever's a long time Ash, but I don't want this to end for a long time. You make me feel so great." Once again we were not ready to talk about where this would lead. I knew we couldn't be together as a couple, and as much as the sex and emotional connection was a great thing, I would also need to move on and into a new and hopefully permanent relationship with someone else.

I resolved that we needed to agree on our relationship before talking to Renee. We cleaned up a bit and went to sleep in each other's arms, just as Ashleigh wanted.