POVLife Teen Riley Reed POV big cock blowjob sex

POVLife Teen Riley Reed POV big cock blowjob sex
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Section two. I head back out to the living area of the house. The kids are cuddling on the sofa. "Hey mom, do you have a photo of my dad when he was in the hair band?" "You know I do kiddo. Why, what's up?" "Can you show Sophia what my dad looked like?" I have a bunch of photos on my Facebook page that I posted for my step daughter from Florida who doesn't remember meeting her dad.


So I grab my laptop and sit next to Sophia on the big sectional sofa to go through photos. We sit close, our thighs touching as we browse through my photos. I have many of my son from when he was just a toddler to now.

Sophia exclaims how cute my son was when he was little and of course as all good teen boys he is embarrassed and covering his head with a blanket from the sofa. Sophia is leaning into me tightly to look at the photos, her body is pressing against my side, I can feel her firm full breasts against my arm and side.

I become distracted and actually start clicking on the wrong buttons on my laptop. Opps. I didn't mean to, but we are now looking at a couple of photos that I had posted of my son and my current gentleman friend. He is a distinguished silver haired slightly portly gentleman who is 12 years my senior. Even though the age span is not quite that of a father, I have always looked up to him as such. I point out to Sophia that this is my "boy friend.

" My son corrects me and says "boy toy," which since I am a virgin, what would I need with a boy toy? Giggle.

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He is kind of right. We have massive, kinky sex often. I do not share that information with the kids. "I like older guys, a lot. I always have. I don't know why I am with you," as Sophia points to my son. I admit " I have always liked older guys too.

When I was 14, I started hanging out with a bunch of older bikers. They were in their thirties and some older. As far as my kid? He's been raised around adults 'cause I had him so late in life.

Mostly adult women and he is more mature then the other kids his age. He always has been. He was born with an old soul." "I knew you had to have hung out with bikers, I can just tell," Sophia noted. "Can I call you mom?

I want to call you mom." "Sureif you want to. " "Can I hang out here whenever I want to? I like it here." "Yes Sophia, you are welcome here anytime." I left the kids to their own devices for the next couple times they hung out. Then one day, my son came to me as we had always been very open with each other, he told me that he had his first kiss. "How was it?" I asked.

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"Well I liked it, but Sophia cried after." "Why?" "She said she didn't feel anything, that it wasn't what she had expected. All the movies and stories she's read said there were sparks when they had their first kiss." "Oh sweetie, tell her that the movies and real life are different. That it will get better as she learns more. What did you do while she was crying?" "I held her." He is going to be such a good man. I am so proud of him "Good job Kiddo." "Mom, I also got my first feel." "How so?" "She took my hand and put it on her boob.

She said boobs aren't anything special and she wanted me to see that they aren't." "Well?" With a cheesy grin he said, "They are pretty special." I kept my poker face that I have practiced since he was very young and asking about the differences between boys and girls.

"Do you know what grinding is Mom?" "Yes, I know what that is." "Well, we did that too." "And what did you think?" "I liked it, a lot." "Well you're supposed to. It is the way we are hard wired, you know I discussed that with you before. I just want you to be careful. You know I have told you how sex elicits strong feelings and not just sexual feelings but a connectedness.

And also you are both young and inexperienced and with time and getting to know each other things will get better. You tell her you heard that somewhere ok, you don't have to tell her I said that?" "I already told her I was going to tell you Mom.

So it's ok that she knows I talked to you." I figured after this talk I had better not leave them alone so much.

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I had better check in on them more often while they are together. So the next time they were here, I suggested they stay in the living room. And they did. Snuggling, covered with blankets. I was in and out of the room. Our living area is all an open floor plan.

It consists of a larger living room and a dining room with the kitchen in an L with the sink counter facing the living room. I was coming down the long hall from my bedroom to the living area and I caught an eyeful before I got even half way down. There was my son spooning with Sophia, his arm over her and grabbing more than a handful of her breast with his head buried in her dark hair at her neck. Sophia had her head thrown back and her eyes shut and a look of pleasure on her face. So obviously they were petting pretty hot and heavy so I sat down and had a short talk with them.

I already had many talks with my son but I thought it was best to open the communications with Sophia. After all she was two and half years older than my kid. That is a lot when you're in your teens. I told them they needed to go slow. "There is no reason for you guys to end up pregnant.

For one, there are many things you can do besides intercourse. Like mutual masturbation, oral, or even anal." Directing my gaze to Sophia, "In order to protect you both from an unwanted pregnancy, I will help you acquire birth control.

So there is no reason whatsoever to have an unwanted pregnancy. Understood?" With that important statement made to ears that would end up doing whatever they wanted in the heat of the moment anyway, I moved on to remind them both that should they need to talk to me about anything I would be available. Winter break from school. My son works and during break, he worked an extra day during the week. Sophia's mom kept her busy mostly because Sophia had told her mom that she liked my son.

Her mom asked her if they had. and Sophia told her oh no! Not till we are 18. (Hmm.my son is two years younger, till who is 18?) And Sophia told me that her mom just waved her hand and turned away and said, "I don't need to know." Just like a lot of good Catholics do.

They didn't see a lot of each other but Sophia did come over one day and waited for him to get off work. I let her in and as usual she had on a low cut top showing a bit of cleavage.

Wonderful cleavage. Oh I just want to rub my face in it with my tongue out cleavage. I was just putzing around the house. Picking things up, putting the dishes in the washer, cleaning the counters and she was just following me aroundchatting away.

She told me about how she had crushes on teachers. Her first one being when she was 13. He had been a guy in his 40's, but he was hot and she would just rest her head in her chin and stare at him while he lectured his class. Then, she told me about some online skyping she had done. Standing before me she took her hands and ran them up and down her body stating, "This is the body of a 21 year old and when I skyped with older guys they would freak out when I told them I was 13 or 14." I told her she had better be careful what and who she shares online.

And then the conversation drifted to how she had so much to learn yet. I had been folding some towels and I grabbed a handful to take back to my bathroom off the master bedroom.

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Sophia had been following me all around and she walked behind me talking as we made our way to the bedroom. I went into the bathroom and put the hand towels in the cabinet. "I know a lot, but not as much as my friends. Some of my friends have been sexually active for a couple years but I don't like the boys at school.

They are too immature and they just want the skinny minny chicks. You know, you did a good job of raising your son. He treats me so well and makes me feel good about my body.

No one, not even my family has ever made me feel good about my body. They are all into fat shaming. " "Sweetie, you are gorgeous and have a beautiful body. Trust me, there are literally thousands and thousands of people who find you wildly attractive. I've been a big girl all my life and I didn't know till I was in my 40"s that men found me attractive. Don't you believe the nay sayers. Know right now, this moment. That you are beautiful and desired.

" "Ohh you make me feel so good about myself. Thank you" And she grabbed me and gave me a big hug. I put my arms around her and pulled her into me, feeling our breasts press against each other.

I'm such a pervy old lady. She started chatting again, seemingly incessantly, "being raised in a strict Catholic family my mom never talks about sex. I like the way you are so open and that we can come to you for anything.

I really believe you have raised your son so well. You are such an awesome mom. I love being here and being around you. " I had gone into my walk in closet to put away the rest of the towels and I have a clothes rack hanging from my closet door and on it I often have my implements for impact play.

For those of you who do not know what that is, it is paddles, floggers, riding crops and leather cuffs. I am oblivious to them being there. They are just a part of my life and my son has seen them. I make them. He has watched me. It is an open part of my life. Sophia had sat on the end of my bed facing the closet and I suddenly realized she might see them. "Can I ask you something?" She sounded so innocent.

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"Sure Sophia, anything." Seeing that she was struggling with what she wanted to ask, I sat closely next to her to convey my interest and concern with what she was going to ask. "Can you, I mean will you, please teach me the things I want to know?" She leaned in towards me a little and put her hand on my thigh.


"Like what? What things Sophia?" Her hand was warm on my thigh, and her head was slightly bent down as was her gaze. I could smell the light scent of lotion or was it soap that she must have used earlier. I was beginning to wonder what her intent was.

"Well everything, but to start can you teach me how to kiss. I want to feel tingles all over when I kiss someone." With that she raised her head and leaned in further and planted her full luscious lips on mine. Pressing enough that my lips parted and I don't know if it was out of habit or what but my tongue darted out and between her lips and into her mouth. If I was going to be honest, it was passion that made me do it. I swirled my tongue around hers and lightly bit and then sucked her tongue gently into my mouth.

Flicking the tip of her tongue with mine. As we kissed, I put one hand behind her back and slowly ran it up to the nape of her neck, running my fingers through her hair. The other hand I raised and put it low on her throat, the lower part of my hand resting just at the top of her cleavage and my thumb on one side of her neck and fingers on the other and pressed just a little. I ran the tip of my tongue gently around her full lips before plunging my tongue deeper into her. My fingers entwined in her hair, I pulled her to me pressing my lips harder against hers and putting my tongue back into her mouth with a final swirl, before releasing her and sitting back.

She had closed her eyes during the kiss and her lips were slightly parted. She sat that way for a moment slowly opening her eyes and bringing them back into focus. Her lips closed and curled into a smile and spread all the way up her face to her eyes.

Which had a gleam in them. "Thats it!" She said in a thick voice. "There's the tingles I was waiting for."

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