Me follan como perra con karly bebe

Me follan como perra con karly bebe
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This is my first story, so enjoy! For Lilly Scarlett Travis silently cursed her horrible timing as she arrived at Horseneck beach, immediatly spotting her ex-boyfriend, Randy, and his gang of douchebags, Phil, Eric, and Zack. Scarlett had kicked Randy out of her life after she had caught the bastard with another girl in her own bed fucking the slut.

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He didn't even have the decency to apologize to her! Scarlett quickly started moving in the opposite direction, looking for anyone she knew from work to escape him.

In the distance, she saw her friend Corinne tanning by herself in a more secluded area of the beach. Scarlett weaved through the crowds and sat down next to Corinne who greeted her enthusiastically with a cheery "hi!" "Hey, do you mind if I stay here for a while?


My ex is over there" asked Scarlett "Sure" said Corinne "Do you want a drink or somthing?" "Nah, I'm just going to tan a bit" stated Scarlett ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As she laid down on her towel, Scarlett took out her tanning oil and lathered the liquid all over her 22 year old body, taking special care to make sure she didn't miss a spot.

After she finished, she turned over and began to enjoy the pressure of the sand on her 38d breasts through her red bikini, making her nipples hard enough to cut diamonds.

While enjoying the pleasure, Scarlett was oblivious to Corinne's departure and Randy's arrival. " Well well, look at this little slut " Randy sneered Scarlett was anything but, in fact she was still a virgin, yet Randy's words infuriated her in a way she had never previously had encountered; he still had the nerve to talk to her after what he did.

Scarlett immediatly jumped up, forgetting about her hard nipples, and slapped Randy across the face. However, Randy ignored the slap and tightly grabbed her nipples oblivious to her pain.

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" See? You're excited by me, you can't deny it" Randy droned on "Fuck off! Get away from me!" screeched Scarlett Randy promptly slapped her and was about to hit her again, when a big hand grabbed his arm in an irod clad grip, pulling him away from her; she fell back in the sand. " The lady said fuck off pal, beat it" said the man " Get out of our fucking business you fag or I'll-" The man never knew what he was going to stay because he abruptly punched him square in the face, knocking him out cold.


The man quickly ran to Scarlett to check on her. " Hey, are you alright?" asked the man, with concern in his voice.

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Scarlett looked into the mans deep brown eyes and said with a shaky voice" I think so" " Here, come on" said the man as he extended his hand for Scarlett to grasp. Scarlett reached up and the man lifted her to her feet. However, she was still in shock, so the man swooped her up, like a groom to his bride, and gently carried her to a shady area under a cliff's edge.

Scarlett looked once again into the strangers endless eyes and asked " Whats your name?" The man replied "Jude, my names Jude" Scarlett then told Jude her problem with Randy, and thanked him for his help, nearly in tears. "Hey I look out for babes in distress" said Jude with a smirk as he held her close to comfort her. Scarlett giggled and held him tighter and, once again, looked up into those endless brown eyes, seeing somthing new in them; love.

Scarlett felt somthing deep inside her awaken when she saw a man look at her with that much compassion in his expression. She leaned up and kissed Jude full on the mouth, completely surprising him with her actions.

He soon was kissing back with renewed vigour and passion, probing his tongue against her sweet lips. Scarlett began to feel Jude's tight muscles along his arms and chest, while Jude began to softly groping her tits.

Scarlett broke off the kiss and creeped her hands down his swim trunks to finally feel what a cock felt like.

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Jude imediatly groaned as Scarlett touched his rock hard cock, never having a girl touching him there before. However, Scarlett was completely shocked at the size of Judes dick; it was at least 10 inches long!

She pulled his trunks completely down and stared in awe at the throbbing monster in front of her. Scarlett began to move her small hands up and down Jude's tender shaft, listening to responses from him, and she could she was doing a good job from what she was hearing. Her movements went faster, and soon Jude was showing signs of an end. " Scarlett if you dont slow down I-Im gonna cum" said Jude Scarlett then did something he wasn't expecting; she shoved nearly 5 inches of his cock into her tiny mouth.

Jude imediatly screamed " IM CUMMING!!!" Scarlett furiosly sucked faster and harder as Jude exploded in her mouth, spurting his potent seed into her.

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Both Jude and Scarlett laid back exhausted until Scarlett asked " Jude, have you ever been with a girl?" Jude replied shyly "No" Scarlett sexily said "Well let's change that then" She stood up and took off her bikini showing her firm 38d tits and shaved pussy and sat on Judes lap, facing him.

She looked up and said "Lay back and let me do this, it's my first time too" With this she slowely lowered her dripping wet pussy on his still rock hard cock.

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As the head entered her, she squealed in pleasure and kept moving down. After a few more inches she winced in pain then pushed herself down at least half way down his cock.

Jude felt somthing inside her break and she grunted in pain, which is why he immediatly asked " Are you ok?" Scarlett replied with a hint of pain" I'm fine" After a short amount of time, she began to rise and fall slowely, which then she started to groan in bliss pleasure. Jude began to thrust slowely into her sopping wet cunt and watched her convulse through the biggest orgasm of her life, feeling her walls close around him. Scarlette fell back and laid panting against the rock cliff.

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Jude positioned himself to a good angle and started making slow, passionate thrusts into her, causing her to moan in pleasure again. He continually thrust harder and deeper each time until nearly 8 inches of his cock was submerged within her. At this point, Scarlett was nearly screaming with pleasure as the throbbing cock thrust in and out into her soaked cunt.


She moved her hand to massage his balls and was rewarded by Jude screaming " FUCK IM CUMMING!!!" and spurting load after load of his seed into her womb. The lovers laid back kissing, until both of them cuddled up and drifted to sleep, Jude never leaving her. THE END Comment if you want more