Two dudes caressing adorable hottie pornstar hardcore

Two dudes caressing adorable hottie pornstar hardcore
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INTRODUCTION My uncle, aunt, and their family were going on a vacation for a little more than two weeks. My uncle had asked me if I could stay at their house and watch it while they were gone. I was home from college for the summer. He offered to pay me and as a college student I was also looking for ways to make some money. I worked during the day, but agreed I could be there nights and weekends.

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My uncle had also asked me to mow the grass every Saturday, for which I would be paid extra. STORY On the Friday they were to leave I drove them to the airport and then returned to their house to start my house sitting. When I returned there was a car parked in the driveway next door.

I got a glimpse of a young women walking into the house.

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She looked good from a rear view, but I did not see her face before she disappeared inside. I used the remote I was given to open the garage door and parked my car in the garage. I went over to the lawn mower and made sure it was ready for tomorrow. It was all gassed up and ready to go. I should have not expected less. My uncle was very meticulous and almost a perfectionist in a lot of ways. I started the mower just to make sure I understood the instructions he had given me on the way to the airport.

Again his attention to detail coming out. I shut the mower off, closed the garage door, and went inside. I spent some time in the kitchen learning where things were and what food was available. I had been told I could have anything that was there. My aunt had made a number of things for me to eat and they were in the refrigerator, neatly labelled with cooking or reheating instructions.

I then went to the bedroom, the guest bedroom, where I would be sleeping. The bed was neatly made. Replacement bedding was neatly folded and sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. The bathroom nearby was stocked with towels and other essential items.

I had forgotten to bring in my suitcase so I went to the car and brought it in. I put my clothes away and my toiletry items in the bathroom. I went downstairs to refresh myself where the gas, water, and electrical mains were.

My uncle had me over the week before to go through a whole list of items.


Finally I fixed myself a sandwich and sat down to watch a little television. After some time I heard the door of the car in the driveway next door shut. On my way to the window I heard the engine start. I got there in time to see the same sandy, blonde woman drive away.

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I still didn't get a real look at her face because she was wearing sunglasses. It had started to cool off as the sun went down so I went out onto the deck on the back of the house. My uncle's house was a split level and was set up on a hill from the house next door where I had seen the woman. The house next door was a walkout. The sliding door on the bottom level opened to a fenced in area with a pool.

From the deck I was on I could see down too most of the pool area. Because of the privacy fence around the pool the deck appeared to have the only line of sight to the pool area in the neighborhood.

I gazed at the water below thinking a swim would be very refreshing before bed. However I had no access or permission to use the pool. Beside I hadn't even brought my swimsuit. I stood for awhile watching the fading sunshine reflect off the water below. When the mosquitoes began to buzz around I went back inside. I watched a little more television, then took something to help me to sleep. I always have a hard time sleeping well the first night in a strange bed.

I checked to make sure everything was locked up, before taking a book to bed with me. I read until I was tired enough to sleep.

I put the book on the night table, turned off the lights, and tried to get to sleep. About 30 minutes later I heard the car next door return. The engine stopped and I heard the car door shut. I began wondering about the woman next door.

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The house next door seemed too big for just one person. My uncle had introduced me to the neighbors across street. They were in their 30's with 2 young children. There was an older couple on one side of the house and then the woman I have seen in the house on the other side.

I wondered who this woman was. I wondered if I would meet her. How old was she? What did she look line behind the sunglasses. Would I even get a good loook at her? I slowly fell asleep. I dreamt of meeting her and taking her out for a meal.

Even in my dream she was still wearing sunglasses. Dreams are funny sometimes. I think I dreamed of her all night. When I awoke I made a simple breakfast. I waited until 9:30 before I started mowing. My uncle's back yard was rather small, at least the part that had to be mowed.

My aunt and uncle had done some extensive landscaping in the back yard. There were several flower beds with various flowers and green plants. There was also a good-sized garden, leaving a small amount of area for grass. I finished that quickly and moved to the front. It took a little longer, but before too long the mowing was done. Now came the time consuming task of trimming along the edges including the fence between my uncle's yard and the pool. I cleaned the mower, my uncle's instructions and put it away.

I took out the electric edge trimmer and took it around back. I located the outlet my uncle told me was there. 30 minutes later I had finished trimming except for the fence enclosing the pool. As I moved along the fence I could see some nicks from contact with the trimmer in the past.

I heard the sliding glass door open and someone sigh and say, "maybe in an hour" before the door closed. It was truly a privacy fence, I couldn't see anything on the other side. I finished along the fence and moved to the front yard.

The front electrical outlet was easy to find. There was less to trim in the front and I finished in 15 minutes. I cleaned everything and put the trimmer away.

I had purposely waited to take my shower until I finished the yard work. I enjoyed the shower, especially the hot water cascading over my body. I took a long shower, at least long for me. I got out, put on underwear and shorts. Then an idea came into my head. Was the neighbor going to be out in the pool area later?

She had said something about an hour. I grabbed my book and went out on the deck. I moved a chair near the rail where I had a good view of the pool area next door. However because of a wooden bench that ran nearly the length of the rail on that side of the deck someone in the pool area would have a hard time seeing me.

The day was warming up now. It had been a little cool earlier. I lay back in the chair and picked up reading where I had left off. The book was interesting. One of those science gone wrong stories. 20 minutes later I heard the sliding door next door open. I looked over just moving my head, but making no noise. There was the young woman with a towel, sunscreen, a glass with a drink of some kind in It, and again those sunglasses. She was wearing a very skimpy bikini. The glass and sunscreen were set on a table and the towel laid out on a lounge chair.

I was probably 25 - 30 feet away, but had a very good view. She began rubbing on the sunscreen. I was entranced watching her move her hands all over the upper half of her firm, soft body.

I even watched as her hand slipped under her bikini top to get sunscreen on her good-sized breasts. First her right one and then her left. She was very adept, never exposing her breasts. She had apparently done this many times before.

She seemed to pause and look around. I stayed very still. She sat and began rubbing sunscreen on her legs. They were long, trim, and sleek. I again watched intently when her hands went up to the hem of her bikini bottoms. Her hands slipped up under her the fabric and rubbed across her groin area.

Her hands adjusted her bikini before standing up. Again nothing was exposed. She put some more sunscreen in her hands and began rubbing it under her bikini bottoms on her butt cheeks. She was almost facing directly at me and I got a very good view of her cleavage. I hadn't noticed until now, but my penis had stiffened and had created a tent in my shorts.

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I watched her breasts jiggle back and forth as she continued to coat her ass. I wondered how she was going to get the sunscreen on her back. I was willing to volunteer, but of course did not wish to reveal I was there. When she withdrew her hands she picked up a cloth I hadn't noticed before. She applied sunscreen to it and rubbed it across her back like one would dry one's back coming out of the shower.

So much for needing a volunteer. She moved the strap crossing her back and applied sunscreen in the same manner. Then it occurred to me that she was preparing to sunbathe in the nude. I know I am slow sometimes. This refocused and heightened my attention, if that was possible.

She again looked around and stared up at the deck where I was For a number of seconds. She seemed to relax. She removed her sunglasses and set them on the table.

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She took a drink from her glass. When she put the glass down I got my first look at her full face. I gasped. It was Amanda, a girl I had known in junior high school. We had actually gone on a couple of dates, before she moved. Her father owned a business that had become quite successful and Amanda's mother wanted a larger house. I had no idea this is where they had moved to. Amanda had certainly developed and become much more beautiful than I remembered.

It was apparent that my gasp had gone unnoticed. Amanda laid down on her stomach on the lounge chair. My rapt attention was on the figure below. It was a wonderful sight. After a minute she reached around and unhooked her bikini top. Then she pulled her bikini bottom down toward her knees. Soon she had wriggled out of it and kicked it off onto the pool deck.

Her rear end was exquisitely round and shapely. I imagined putting my hands on it and squeezing the soft, warm, smooth flesh.

Of spreading her cheeks wide and tickling the hole between them. Kneading and massaging them to her squeals of pleasure. Her skin looked perfect. It was tanned, smooth, and blemish free. I pictured myself kissing up her back. Slowly moving up from her tailbone to her neck and then back down again. Then slowly tracing my fingers along her arms, then down her back, and continuing down her legs.

Bringing them up them up along the inside of her legs. I found myself in some discomfort, because of my extreme hard-on. I carefully released my rod from the confinement of my shorts and underwear. It stood straight out as I experienced some relief.

I could still feel it throbbing with each beat of my heart. Just then the sun moved to a point where the sunlight was glistening off parts of her body. Hyperbole, but it made her look angelic.

I shifted in my chair slightly and it creaked. Amanda raised her head in reaction to the sound. Again she looked my direction. She shaded her eyes from the sun and looked around some more.

Seemingly satisfied it was just an outdoor sound she relaxed. She put a hand on the back of her leg for a couple of seconds, then flipped over. I almost gasped again, but managed to stifle it. Although the uprights in the railing around the deck did a good job of obstructing her view of my face, my eyes were in a great position to have a great view of her. With her now lying on her back I was able to see her breasts, her trim, toned stomach, and the patch of trimmed pubic hair just above her pussy.

Her legs were together so I could only see the start of her pussy lips. Her breasts were good-sized and the skin there was a slightly lighter shade than the rest of her tanned body. Her areolas were a little darker and just a bit larger than I would have expected. Her nipples were pink and erect, but from this distance and position I could not tell how big they were.

This didn't stop me from imagining my hands on them. Caressing and massaging them to her moaning in pleasure. Then kissing and sucking on her nipples until they hardened in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around them, before moving down to her womanhood. I gently pushed her legs apart and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips and moved my tongue to taste her.

I got startled from my daydream when I fell off the chair. "Who's up on the deck," came Amanda's voice from the pool area below. I slowly stood up. "Come down here now! We need to talk!" she insisted. I pulled on my shorts and underwear before going down the stairs to the patio below. I turned toward the privacy fence wondering what was going to happen. I got to the fence after going down the slope to the yard next door. I walked up to the gate in the fence.

"Unlatch it, come in, and shut it behind you," she said in a gruff voice. I unlatched the gate. She was standing beside the lounge chair with the towel wrapped around her. I stepped through, then turned to shut the gate.

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When I turned around she had a frown and a mad look on her face. "What do you think you were ." She started saying angrily. She paused. She looked intently at me. Her expression turned into a puzzled look. Then brightened with a look of surprise. "Andy? Andy is that you?" Amanda asked. "Yes … yes it is," I stammered. She took a couple of quick steps to where I was standing. I didn't know whether I should protect myself or just wait to see what she was going to do.

She looked me over then said, "My you've grown. I like what I see." She grabbed me in a bear hug letting the towel become pressed between us before it had time to fall off her body. I hugged back. My penis had softened some but it pressed up against her through my clothing and the towel between us. It had started to stiffen again because of the contact and the images still in my head. "I see someone else liked what they were seeing too," she whispered in my ear.

One of her hands dropped and pushed between our bodies. She found what she was searching for. The tips of her fingers ran from my tip down to my balls. "Ooo! It is big and long," she commented. "Amanda it is good to see you again.

You are beautiful," I said back to her still holding her in a tight hug. "It's Mandy now. It is less formal and just comes off the tongue easier," she explained.

"I saw someone mowing this morning, but I didn't realize it was you. I just thought they had hired someone to mow while they are gone." "I am watching the house while my uncle and his family are on vacation," I informed her. "It is good to see you again," Mandy said. "It's been over six years. We dated a couple of times. I remember some kissing and some touching. Then my mom decided we were moving. New city, new school.

I thought about you a number of times, but life gets in the way." My mind went back to our last date. We went to a movie. She had insisted that we sit in the back corner.

I don't remember what movie we "saw". As soon as the lights went down we were kissing. My first real kiss with that was not a relative. We were a little awkward at first, but improved quickly. We moved to each other's necks. I got a little "oh" from her when my lips accidentally grazed her ear lobe. I decided to kiss, lick, and nibble her ear lobe. She told me "that feels good". I alternated between her neck and ear.

I lightly rubbed the back of her neck. She shivered. It "tingles" she told me. I felt her hand on my thigh move up between my legs. I let out an "ahh" when she first touched my growing rod. No one had ever touched me there before, not like this. I had masturbated, but this was gentle and soothing.

I put a hand on her breast. Even through the fabric of her top and bra it felt wonderful. It was firm yet pliable. I repeated the same on the other breast. After a couple of minutes she whispered, "between my legs". I moved my hand lower. Mandy had spread her knees. I moved from her waistband going lower.

It got warmer, then I felt a moist spot. I circled my fingers around the moist spot. Mandy squirmed in her chair, pushing harder and harder against my fingers. Mandy had continued running her fingers along the length of my shaft, increasing pressure as time moved forward. I could no longer contain myself and creamed the inside of my pants.

Mandy whispered "just a little longer". Within a minute she shook and shivered, the moist spot became wet and very warm. Mandy went limp in her seat before gently pushing me away. "Finished!" she said collapsing back in her theatre seat. I got snapped back into the present. "You want to go swimming!" Mandy said. It was a command and not a question. "I don't have a swimsuit," I responded. "You don't need one!" she said smiling a devilish smile before giving me a kiss.

Maintaining the kiss her body backed away from mine. The towel dropped to the pool deck. She pressed back against me before hooking her thumbs on my waistband and dropping my pants to join the towel. Mandy giggled, turned, walked to the pool and dove in. I enjoyed the view of her rear end bouncing and swaying for the short time I was able.

She came up on the other side of the pool and stood so just the tops of her breasts were above the water. She smiled back at me, a wicked, devilish smile. "Are your parents here?" I asked not needing a father or mother with a shotgun to appear to "rescue" their daughter.

"No! They are both gone for the weekend to some realtor seminar out of town," Mandy answered. I kicked off my shoes and socks. I pulled my shirt off over my head and threw it aside as I moved to the edge of pool. I couldn't tell how deep the pool was below me, so I jumped in. It was a little more than 4 feet deep. I looked over at Mandy. She still had the same smile. I went underwater and swam toward her. I watched her as I approached.

Her breasts were my main focus. They were so tremendous. They were perfect in shape. Complete mirror images of each other. The cooler water had caused her nipples to become erect and they appeared to point my direction. The light bouncing, reflecting off the water caused Mandy to shimmer, shine, and darken over her body as I moved toward her.

Her knees were bent to keep just her shoulders and head above the water. The area between her upper thighs was in a shadow.

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This made her pussy unobservable. I moved right up in front of her. I was close to her, but trying not to touch her. I did make slight contact with her breasts and one of her knees. When I stopped I was face to face with her.

I gazed into her eyes. I kissed her softy at first, becoming more intense as she joined in the action. Her back was against the wall of the pool and her firm breasts pushed into my chest.

I put less pressure on her not wishing her to feel trapped. She used her tongue expertly, exploring the inside of my mouth. I returned the favor to the best of my ability. I moved down to her neck, mostly kissing, but mixed with a few licks and light nibbles.

Mandy purred and moaned an approving moan. She stood up a little causing her breasts to move above the surface of the water. I didn't get the hint quick enough so she pushed on the top of my head urging me to go lower.

My mouth covered her nipple and areola. I kissed and began sucking. My tongue swirled around and over her nipple that had been cooled by the water. It soon warmed up, remaining erect and hard.

I pushed my tongue against it pressing it into her breast. "Yes! That's wonderful! Yes!" she exclaimed. "Go to the other one!" I released the first and moved to the other one.

I again pressed my lips on her breast and sucked hard. My tongue teased her nipple. I took a little nibble. "Ooo" exited her lips before she pressed my head tighter against her. I again pressed my tongue on her protruding nipple pushing it into her breast.

She moaned gratefully. After a few minutes I felt her hand on top of my head pushing down. I took a deep breath before I moved down lowering my head under the water. I was kissing her stomach as I went down.

I licked her belly button. She twitched, she continued pushing down on my head. I reached her trimmed patch just above her pussy.

Her pubic hairs brushed my nose as my lips touched the top of her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue into the tight folds briefly touching her clitoris. Again I felt her twitch. She continued pushing until my mouth was in front of the middle of her pussy.

My tongue licked the length of her crack. I pushed tight against it and tried to suck. Bad idea underwater. I had sucked in a small amount of the pool water, when I realized my error. Her hand had left the top of my head and I freely moved along the length of her slit. I knew I was coming to the end of my time underwater. I pressed my tongue on her clit, getting a reaction from her, before I came up for air. Upon surfacing I was face to face with Mandy. She was smiling.

I caught my breath. Her hand went to the top of my head and gently pushed downward again. I took a couple deep breaths and lowered myself into the water once more.

I used my fingers to spread her lips and concentrated on her hole and then her clit. I knew this was not going to work because I couldn't stay under long enough. I grabbed one of her legs and put it over my shoulder.

Then I took the other one and put it over my other shoulder. I'm sure Mandy was wondering what I had in mind. I pressed my mouth and nose into her pussy. I slowly straightened up moving away from the wall at the same time.

Mandy hung onto the side of the pool to keep her head from going under the water. So now her body was straight out floating on the water between me and the wall. I was now able to breath as needed and aggressively attacked her love box with my mouth and tongue. I kept her pussy lips spread and concentrated my attention on her clit. I licked around the hood and soon her clit stuck out and was hard and prominent. I felt her warmth increasing dramatically now that it was out of the water.

My tongue swirled around and then pressed firmly on it. Mandy responded with moans and body movements which pushed firmly against my mouth and tongue. Mandy's breathing became short and erratic. She gasped when I inserted 2 fingers into her love hole. I pushed then in and out slowly at first then steadily increasing in speed. Mandy bent her knees and pressed her heals into my back. She started moving in coordination with the movement of my fingers.

Mandy took a deep breath and held it. With a grunt she exhaled, before taking a few short breaths and then another deep breath. When she exhaled next her body shuddered and spasmed. Splashing some water in my face.

I tasted the sweet, salty, musky liquid released by her orgasm. She continued to gasp for breath for several seconds. I continued intensely with my mouth and fingers. Soon the second orgasm overwhelmed her. It appeared to be more intense than the first. Mandy arched her back out of the water putting pressure on my shoulders and then squeezing my head tight with her thighs.

She shrieked. I don't know how loud because her thighs covered my ears. Her body splashed down on the water, before her back arched again with another shriek and a squeeze of my head. After her body splashed down again, she released my head. "Stop! Stop!" she implored breathlessly. I lifted my head from her pussy and watched her wonderful mounds in front of me heaving with each breath and shudder she experienced.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal and her body relaxed into the water. Her face was "stuck" in a huge contented smile. I slipped her legs off my shoulders and lowered her feet to the bottom of the pool.

I moved forward and hugged her pressing her body into mine.


My penis was fully erect and slid up her trimmed pubic hair, nearly up to her navel. "Somebody's excited," she said sensuously. Her hand moved down between us and wrapped around my rod with her thumb moving around the tip.

It jerked at her touch and I could feel the blood pulsing through it with each heartbeat. I moaned. "Your turn," she said as she caused us to pirouette until my back was against the side of the pool. She gave me a kiss before she lowered herself below the water. Soon her lips engulfed the head of my penis. I moaned due to the fabulous sensation.

Her tongue swirled around shooting a second wave of pleasure through my body. She started sucking but suddenly shot up out of the water. She coughed and gagged a few times. "I see why you had a problem," she sputtered. She took a deep breath and submerged beneath the surface again. I felt her moving my legs over her shoulders like I had done with hers. With her head between my thighs She backed away while standing up. I hung onto the side of the pool as her head reappeared along with my penis, which came up out of the water like a periscope.

My body was now basically floating in the water between the side of the pool and Mandy. Her hand came up and began slowly pumping me. She licked the underside of my rod sending tingles up my spine. I quickly realized that the base of my shaft was level with her mouth. I bent my knees and hips resting my calves on her shoulders. She was able to get her mouth over the head of my penis. She sucked strongly on it as it stiffened again. I had had a hard-on now, at least for the most part, for over an hour.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the fantastic sensations I was feeling. Mandy took more and more of me into her mouth. Moving up and down taking me deeper until I hit the back of her mouth. I resisted cumming until it felt like I was pushing into her throat. No one had ever taken me this deep before. Seconds later I could feel the inevitable getting ready to happen. "I'm going to cum," I said. Mandy sucked harder and I exploded into her. I don't know if it shot straight down her throat, but nothing came out of her mouth until the last squirts caused some to escape the corner of her mouth.

It floated on the water slowly moving away from us caught in the current created by the pools circulation. Mandy continued sucking, licking, and moving up and down until she was satisfied and I started to soften.

When I got back to breathing normal she pushed my legs off her shoulders. They drifted down until they reached the bottom of the pool and I was able to stand. She came over to me and we hugged and kissed for several minutes.

"Let's get out of the pool and let the sun warm us up," Mandy suggested. I carried her to the shallow end of the pool and up the steps. I put her down on the lounge chair she had been in when I was watching her from the deck next door. I lay down in the chair that was next to hers. "It's good to see you again," Mandy said snickering. "You certainly made that clear," I retorted staring at her lovely body laying in the chair.

"It's good to see you again! All of you!" She laughed again. "How long does it take you to reload?" Mandy asked. "My sister will be home in about 90 minutes and I can't wait to feel your monster inside me." I choked at her brashness. "I … (choke) mmm … mmm," I cleared my throat. "Give me about 15 minutes." I wasn't sure I would be ready that soon, but I sure didn't want to miss a chance to be inside her.

She reached over a grabbed her phone from the table nearby. "Ok! Timer set!" she said. I looked over at her watching her chest move up down with each breath. I was mesmerized. I thought back. Mandy's sister, Miranda, was a few years younger than Mandy, probably 18 or19 now.

She was just a kid when I saw her last. "Is Miranda working?" I asked. "Yes. She is waitressing a lunch shift," Mandy answered. "She is saving money for college in the fall. She is working at the same restaurant as I do. I work the lunch shift tomorrow." I went back to concentrating on Mandy's gorgeous body lying in the chair next to me.

I rolled on my side and reached over and put my hand between her legs. I began to rub her pussy lips. Soon I felt the warmth and moisture building up. I dampened my fingers with her juices. I slid my fingers up and down her lips. One along the crack and two along the outside of each of the lips. I pushed the middle finger deeper as her natural lubricant increased.

She began to moan and move around on the chair. The alarm on her phone went off. Mandy shut off the alarm. She reached over and wrapped her hand around my manhood which had already began to stiffen. Up and down her hand slid quickly causing my rod to be engorged with blood.

She circled a finger around the rim of my head. My finger circled her clit and moved across it. Mandy jerked and squirmed in response. Her fingers moved to my scrotum and lightly scratched across my balls and then in between them. She then pinched my sack causing an almost electric shock to go through me. I returned the favor pinching her love button.

She jerked, but squealed with delight. She went back to pumping my penis. Suddenly she stopped and withdrew her hand. "You make the next move," Mandy stated matter-of-factly. I got out of my chair and climbed onto her chair above her. She spread her legs for my knees to go between her legs. She put her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down onto her.

I positioned my penis to enter her. I immediately felt her warm steamy love hole envelope the head of my penis. I pushed farther into her until I was halfway into her tight welcoming tunnel.

I had had sex with a couple of women who had told me they were virgins. Mandy although thigh was not that tight. I began to move up and down to continue to go deeper into her. Mandy's vaginal walls gripped me with unexpected firmness. "I want you to go slow. I want to enjoy your huge member inside me," Mandy said firmly. She was squeezing me so firmly that it took definite effort to continue to move up and down.

I moved slowly but with definite purpose getting marginally deeper with each thrust down. "Ooo, yes! That's perfect!" Mandy moaned. "Keep going slow and easy. Let's enjoy each other." I kept going at the same pace. This was keeping me fully stimulated and just on the edge of climax. Gradually I moved deeper and deeper into Mandy still reveling in the fantastic feeling of her tightness.

Eventually the pressure on the tip of my penis lessened and it seemed I had reached the end of her love tunnel. "Can you go deeper?" Mandy asked. "I think so," I replied. I pushed the last of my manhood into her and the tip pushed against something soft, moist, and hot. From my understanding of anatomy I imagined it was her cervix.

Mandy moaned loudly at the contact. Her hand slid down to her clitoris and she began aggressively stimulating it. She moaned again and her breathing became shorter and more rapid. "Go fast and hard!" she instructed. I began pounding her with long deep strokes. Her back arched and she took and deep breath and held it.

Her breath came out with a whoosh. The lounge chair creaked as she began writhing around as her orgasm began. Her vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed spasmodically around my shaft.

I pounded her a few more times before I exploded inside her. The chair collapsed to the pool deck as I continued injecting her with my semen.

"Ouch!" we said together as we landed. I slowed down, but continue moving in and out of her while her orgasm subsided. "Stop! Stop," she said. "Just hug me." I hugged and felt the last trembling of her vaginal walls as I began to soften. She took the sides of my face and we kissed.

"We destroyed the chair," she said giggling. I got off of her and stood up. I helped her to her feet. "It looks like some of the nuts loosened and the bolts came out, because of our activities," I explained.

"I can fix it." In a few minutes I had the chair back to normal. "I will need to come back with tools to tighten everything completely," I explained. Mandy threw her arms around me and kissed me again. I felt her breasts pushing into my chest. My penis began to respond. Mandy sensed this and said, "No time for another round now. Miranda will be home soon. But, who knows what will happen in the next 2 weeks."