Deu cu pramante bem gostoso

Deu cu pramante bem gostoso
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Derek read the story with undivided attention. A story of three generations, each story eerily similar and to top it off it was a grandmother, mother and daughter. Donna was 55 years old. She was physically fit and not a single gray could be seen in her golden blonde hair.

Her eyes looked like deep blue pools and dimples adorned each side of her smile.

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She was average height, 5'5" and a very attractive size 8. She definitely could still wear a two piece swim suit if she so chose. She had 36D breasts and although if anyone had ever seen her naked they would swear they were implants because there was very little sag. Donna's high school sweetheart was Bart. Both Bart and Donna were from very strict and religious families and the entire time they dated, had never done anything but kiss from time to time. Bart enlisted in the army right out of high school and asked Donna to marry him before he left for basic training in 1984.

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They had a quick ceremony on Saturday, and consummated their marriage that evening and awoke early Sunday for church. Bart left first thing Monday morning for basic training, and on Wednesday night, two Army officer's arrived at her parent's home and explained there had been a training accident, and Bart had passed away. Understandably, Donna was crushed, her but this was just the beginning as three weeks later her parents were killed in a vehicle accident, and then she found out she was pregnant with Bart's baby.

On Christmas Day, Donna delivered a beautiful baby girl she named Rebecca after her mother. Rebecca, now 33 was the spitting image of her mother.


Slightly taller, she had a runner's build, very long muscular legs but was 34B breasts. Rebecca married on her 18th birthday, and her husband Todd enlisted in the Navy and left for Great Lakes Navy Training Facility outside Chicago.

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Rebecca and Todd had a short honeymoon prior to his departure where they unbeknownst them, they conceived a daughter, Allison who would be born nine months later. Todd spoke to Rebecca on the eve of his final training evaluation, an underwater demolition exercise the following day. They would then be off to Pensecola, Florida to begin their new life together. A scene way to familiar to Donna occurred the next day. A Navy chaplain accompanied another officer to inform Rebecca that Todd's demolition team had perished in the training exercise.

Apparently, someone set the detonation fuse to seconds instead of minutes and the detonation caused the death of all four team members. In early September, Allison joined the family, and Donna and Rebecca dedicated their entire lives to her upbringing.

Due to the servicemen's insurance for both Bart and Todd, plus social security benefits, neither lady ever worked outside of the house and had no friends or surviving relatives. The story ran on Allison's 18th birthday, complete with a photo of the three generations of ladies. Each more beautiful than the one before, and by their own admission, a total of three sexual encounters among them (1 for Donna, 2 for Rebbeca).

Derek's mind went into hyper drive and he immediately researched the ladies, found out their address and immediately sat off to meet them. When he arrived at their homestead, he introduced himself and showed them the article in the newspaper.

He said he was a Hollywood movie writer and director and wanted to convert their tragic life story into a movie.

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Initially, Donna wanted nothing do to with it but Derek assured her that there would be no "creative liberties" taken and as a matter of fact, he wanted the three of them to accompany him back to Hollywood the following day, so they could oversee the writing of the script, the movie's casting, and approve all scenes.

In exchange, they would each receive $1 million, and royalties of 5% of the movies' gross profit. He showed them figures from the last five movies he had written/directed, and the profits all easily exceeded $500 million. Reluctantly, Donna agreed, Rebecca and Allison were super excited and thanked Derek. Derek said he would send a limo for them tomorrow and they would fly on his private jet back to Hollywood.

Derek immediately set his real sinister plan into motion. He contacted Sergi, a Nigerian Billionaire and sent him the story. He asked, "What would you say if I were to promise these three pretty ladies to you tomorrow?" Sergi asked how much, and Derek said $5 million for the three, to which Sergi countered with $3 million before they settled on $4 million. Sergi assured Derek his private plane, a completely renovated B737 would be at the local airport the following day.

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At 1pm a stretch limousine pulled up to Donna's home, and the three ladies all clad in simple red sundresses entered the vehicle and the driver offered them bottled water or champagne to which they all politely declined. Upon arrival at the airport, the limo parked the foot of the air stairs and two very attractive flight attendants along with Derek greeted them and assisted them onto the plane.

None of the ladies had every flown, but even they could tell this was no ordinary plane. There were only about six oversized seats, and the back 2/3's of the plane were walled off and there was a door leading to the back.


Derek explained the plane was actually a working office and as soon as they got airborne he would go to the back where he has a complex office with full access to databases, and internet. The flight attendants escorted the ladies to their seats, and explained how the five point harness worked. Even helping them secure their's before taking a seat themselves and buckling in.

Everything seemed so great and they were all giddy as school girls. How quickly things would change. Once airborne, Derek unbuckled his seatbelt and walked through the door to back of the plane. The flight attendants followed shortly there after, Donna, her daughter and granddaughter all attempted to unbuckled their belts to no avail.

EXCUSE ME Donna screamed to the flight attendant who ignored her and kept walking. In the "office" part of the plane, which was actually a residential apartment with bedroom, Sergi and his body guards were finishing their business with Derek. They turned on the video cameras and watched the terrified ladies, and said "Very Nice, the young one, the virgin is not to be touched, she is mine, you two go get the old one and bring her in her for some fun!" Sergi's two enormous body guards, both at least 6'6 and 275 lbs, dark ebony skin toned, with shaven heads and huge, rippling arms, clad in a black tank top emerged from the door, and walked directly to wear the ladies were sitting.

The larger of the two reached down, and with a key unlocked Donna's harness, and grabbed her by the hair and yanked her out. Donna screamed in pain, and Rebecca and Allsion both were yelling to leave "Momma/Nana" alone. The second body guard said, "Scream as much as you want, no one can hear you at 45,000" laughed and turned to walk back to the door. Donna was literally being drug by the hair, her dress now completely disheveled, riding up to her waist while the second goon grabbed her ankles and lifted her up to help expedite her transport to the rear of the plane.

They literally tossed her onto the massive bed and slammed the door. Sergi was sitting on a couch and told his guards, "she is all yours boys, do whatever you want to this old bitch just don't kill her, she will be a good bargaining chip going forward." Sergi said he was going to sit back, watch and enjoy the show, and nodded to his guards.

Each hulking man grinned and literally ripped off their tank tops, they lowered their pants revealing they weren't wearing underwear. Donna was weeping begging for them not to hurt her, when her eyes made contact with the two elephant trunk cocks the guards had. OH MY GOD no please &hellip.please no…… The guards stood smiling, stroking their cocks to their massive fully erect state.

Each man sported at least 9 inches, and they were nearly as thick as Donna's arm. They separated one on each side of the bed, and reach down and yanked Donna's dress off, ripping it to shreds in one tug. She stayed on all fours, shivering like a puppy afraid of being scolded, One guard grabbed her hair and yanked her towards him, the other grabbed her full panties and yanked straight up, lifting her entire body off the bed before the fabric gave way and tore away from her body.

They told her to remove her bra, for some reason they took sadistic pleasure in watching this. Donna again, huge tears streaming down her cheeks begged, she was stammering and trying to explain she had only had sex once in her life. This only seemed to fuel their desires, and as soon as Donna unclasp her bra, it was snatched from her hands and tossed to the side of the room. Donna tried to modestly cover up, but a hard slap to her hands immediately led to her dropping her hands and her heavy tits swinging and swaying much to the enjoyment of her tormentors.

She was pushed to her back and now for the first time in 36 years, her naked body was being observed by a man, three of them actually. Her pussy was covered with fine blonde hair, and each brute reached down and grabbed the inside of a thigh and violently pulled her legs apart. Donna knew she was going to be covered in bruised, but again she had no idea of the hell she was in store for.

They started kissing her forcing their tongue into her mouth, she had never French kissed before and found this act disgusting. While one was assaulting her mouth, the other was biting and sucking on her neck, intent on covering it with hickeys. Every few minutes they would change and the other guy would kiss her and while the other side of her neck was assaulted, then their enormous hands started to paw her breasts.

Not gently squeezing but mangling them, and then pulling the nipple away from the breast, stretching it literally as far as it could be stretched. Each man then started their oral assault on her nipples, making animal grunts as they bit and sucked the fatty tissue, the areola, and her ultra-sensitive nipples. Donna was so scared and in so much pain, she peed all over the bed. The guards laughed and made sure the boss was aware, he simply stated, she would pay for that later.

The smaller of the two guards stood up and said, "NOW BITCH, ITS TIME TO USE THAT PRETTY MOUTH" as he tried to push his cock into her mouth, Donna refused to open, so he pinched her nose, until she gasped for air and as she did, the huge meaty cock was shoved in until it rested at the back of her throat. He grabbed the back of the head, and pulled about half of his cock out and shoved it back in, repeatedly. "Boss, this bitch cant suck cock for shit" he said.

Sergi, replied " By the time we land she will be a pro!" They all shared a laugh. Meanwhile the larger guard was pulling on Donna's pubic hair, until he found her feminine opening. He brought a finger to his mouth and licked on it liberally, making sure to get ample saliva on it, and then pushing it inside Donna's dry and once used pussy.

Again, she tried to cry out, but this only made the other cock go deeper into her mouth. The large one begin a rhythmic fingering of her pussy and to her chagrin and disgust, she began to get wet, lubricating her so now her assailant added a second finger. After what seemed like forever to Donna but in reality was only about five minutes of oral abuse, the smaller guard tensed up and a primal scream escaped his body and he deposited a huge load of cum in Donna's mouth, she choked, gagged, and nearly passed out, she thought she was literally drowning when he withdrew his cock and pushed her head to side.

He grabbed her hair and wiped his cock on her face and hair. His accomplice was now aligning his cock to the taunt nearly virginal pussy opening.

He was being surprisingly gentle with her, as he pushed only a fraction of his cock passed the tight lips. He rested for a second, and them pulled back and pushed just a little further in. Donna was mumbling, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no …noo…&hellip.An evil toothy grin came across his face and with hands on both hips, he drove the entirety of his cock into her womb. Donna let out a blood curdling scream that Allison and Rebecca both heard. "Oh my god mom what are they doing to her?!!" Allison asked.

The large body guard lay on top of Donna with all his body weight, cock fully inside her, his balls resting on her ass.

"Get ready granny here comes a fucking for you!" As he withdrew and started pile driving his cock deep into her. He leaned down and started biting her shoulder and neck, once again leaving hickies all over her. Donna was now as limp as a rag doll, oblivious to the pain raging inside of her. "Get ready to get pregnant, old bitch, here comes my babies," he declared as he gritted his teeth and she felt her pussy flood with his sticky cum.

For only the second time in her life, she had now had semen in her, the first time she got pregnant. "Your turn, bro!" He said, and the smaller guard approached and without waiting put her legs on his shoulders and drove in balls deep on one thrust. With each thrust she could feel air leaving her body due to his weight.

"DAMN THIS BITCH IS TIGHT! BOSS THOSE OTHER TWO ARE GONNA BE GREAT FOR YOU!" Donna heard this and begged, "NO NO NO DON'T HURT THEM, PLEASE!!! I LOVE THIS, FUCK ME, USE ME, DON'T HURT THEM, ILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!! I PROMISE" She was just about getting used to the cock that felt like was tearing her pussy to shreds when she felt a burning aching in her ass, and then she realized the larger guard was pushing a finger in her asshole&hellip."NO NOT THERE PLEASE, THAT'S SO NASTY&hellip.NOOO&hellip." About that time, the smaller guy announced he was cumming and added several million sperm cells into her now well stretched fuckhole.

She was rolled onto her stomach and felt a cold, wet liquid hit her back, what the hell is going on she thought? She didn't have to wonder for long as the large guard soaked his finger in the liquid and then began tracing her most private orifice. OMG NOOOO NOO NOOOO YOU WILL KILL ME NOOOO I BEG OF YOU PLEASE NOOOOOOOO&hellip.slow and steadily, he pushed a finger into her ass, OWIE OWIE OWIE OWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, he then spat into her ass and applied more of the liquid.

It was actually a numbing lubricate, so as much as she hated the feeling he, was actually doing her a favor, as he sank a second finger knuckle deep into her bowels. The smaller guard decided he wasn't done and wanted to her suck his cock some more&hellip."Either you do it or I go get one of the others out there" Donna shook her head "NOO PLEASE, LET ME SUCK YOUR PENIS, I LIKE THIS" He scolded her, " it's a cock slut not a penis!" " OH YES SIR, PLEASE LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK< I LOVE YOUR COCK" anything to keep these animals away from her daughter and granddaughter she kept telling herself.

After about ten minutes of playing with her asshole, the large guard decided it was time to fuck her, he lined up with the aim of a marksman, and started a slow steady push.

He had trouble getting through her sphincter, even slapped her in the back of the head and told to relax. He began slapping her ass, hard, her cheeks began to turn bright pink and then start glowing red. He continued to saw back and forth in her ass, going a bit deeper each time, while the shorter guard continued to violently shove his cock into her throat and often leaving it buried until she was on the verge of passing out, and only withdrawing long enough to gasp a small breath and then back in.

The large guard was growing impatient with making such little progress, so he whispered this is going to hurt in her ear, and pushed down and forward as hard as humanly possible. She tried to scream and this provided just enough opening for her to take the entirety of the smaller guards cock.

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Donna could feel the membrane and tissue of her asshole tearing from the assault, and as the guard screamed he was cumming and shooting another load of semen into her body, her own body quivered and she actually achieved her first ever orgasm. As he pulled out his shit stained cock, a combination of blood, fecal matter, and his cum began to ooze out of Donna's ass. He the shoved the smaller guard out of the way, and pushed the shitty, cummy, cock into her mouth.

For the next two hours, each man took a turn on each hole, until they had come 5-6 times each. Donna's body was one big bruise, covered in slap marks and hickeys. When both men were sure they could no longer fuck her, Sergi, told her it was time for her to go and thank the pilots for their services.

He told her to crawl past her daughter and granddaughter, and if she said a single word they would rape them, and make what Donna went through seem like a day at the beach.

As the door opened and Donna began walking out, Sergi said, "I changed my mind, before you get to the pilots, stop out there and show our pretty flight attendants how grateful you are for their services." Donna nodded to the affirmative and crawled to the first fo the two women.

"THANK YOU MAAM FOR YOUR SERVICE, PLEASE ALLOW ME TO SERVICE YOU" The tall redhead instructed Donna to remove her heels and suck on her toes. Donna wasn't expecting this but complied. She licked the sole of the lady's foot from heel to toe and then took each digit in her mouth at once.

She was then told to suck each toe lick it was a little cock, which Donna did, and with her other foot the flight attendant pushed into Donna's sore cum soaked cunt. "Bounce as you suck bitch!" Allison and Rebecca watched in complete shock, they couldn't believe what the were seeing. The flight attendant leaned forward and whispered for Donna to beg to lick her CUNT&hellip. Donna shuttered at the sound of that work……"MAAM MAY I PLEASE LICK YOUR CUNT?" " I don't know " the flight attendant said, "that didn't sound like you meant it".

Donna exclaimed "PLEASE MAAM IVE NEVER LICKED A CUNT, IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SUCK A WET PUSSY, PLEASE LET ME LICK YOU UNTIL YOU CUM AND LET ME DRINK IT" "Very well start sucking" the flight attendant declared, as Donna started licking and sucking up her leg to the wetness at the apex of her legs.

"lick that clit whore! Yes you old cummy bitch eat me, lick me, get that fuckhole wet.

After about five minutes, "Get ready for some girl cum! As she squirted all over Donna's face. "Damn good for a first timer now get your sorry ass up to the cock pit and thank the pilots. Lisa don't like girls licking her! "YES MAAM" Donna whispered as she crawled to the front of the plane and disappeared into the cockpit. More to follow…… Part 2 Rebecca gets hers Part 3 Sergi takes Allison as a wife