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18 new girl first sex vdo
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"Lauryn get up" she heard her mom say. Lauryn had actually been awake for awhile. She was thinking about how shitty this vacation had been. She had really wanted to go to Disneyland&hellip.like five years ago she thought. I mean what 17 year old wants to go to Disneyland with her parents and dumb ass little brother. "Lauryn "Her mom said standing above her bed Lauryn's head hidden under the covers.

"We are going down to the pool before we go to into the park would you like to come?" "Maybe" Lauryn grunted. "Ok well hurry down" her mother said sweetly. Lauryn's parents had no clue. No clue that she wasn't there sweet little girl anymore. Hell she had two boyfriends. Well one good boy-boy friend so she could keep up her good girl fa?e and her bad boy fuck buddy Carl.

She missed her fuck buddy right now. She rolled out of bed and changed into her bikini and pulled on some sweat shorts heading down to the pool. *** "I'll be up in a second Hun" Jake said to his wife as she walked out of the pool area. It had been a nice swim. He and his wife Sandra had brought their two boys down early to get a swim in. They had tried to go to the pool the day before in the afternoon but the place was packed.

This morning no one had been here until just as Jake and his family was getting out. A couple and a young teenage had come in. The boy had immediately jumped into the pool his parents took their coffee magazines and newspaper and sat a few lounge chairs down from where Jake had put his family's things. Jake's wife had gathered the his two boys and taken them up to the room to start getting them ready for the day in Disneyland and Jake had offered to gather up their things.

It had been a good vacation Jake thought. His company had sent him to a convention in Anaheim and he had decided to take his family a few days early to spend some time in Disneyland, but this afternoon he would have to pay his dues and head over to the convention at the convention center across the street from the park.

His wife and two boys would stay in the park the rest of the day. Jake finished gathering his things and smiled and nodded to the couple a few chairs down, which barely looked up from their reading to smile back and he turned to leave, as he did he saw a young girl strut confidently into the pool area. Jake guess she was about 5'3" or 5'4". She had long blond hair that was tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing large sunglasses and had a kind of knowing grin.

She wore a red bikini top with white flowers on it and very short pink sweat shorts, the waistband of which was rolled down allowing her matching bikini bottom to peek out the top. Jake stared at her for some reason mesmerized, he rarely looked at other women and especially teenage girls, but something about how this girl was carrying herself attracted him. As she got closer he could see she was quite fit. He guessed she played some high school sport.

Her arms we tone as were her long tan legs. Her breast he couldn't take his eyes off for a moment they seemed perfectly round under her bikini. Her stomach was flat and tan like the rest of her body. Her hips flared just slightly matching her breast to make a nice hourglass shape. As the girl got closer she reached up and pushed her sunglasses up on her head revealing beautiful green eyes that were locked on Jakes.

As she passed him she gave him a cute smirk and winked. She walked up to the couple and said "Hi Mom, Hi Daddy." They acknowledged her and went back to their reading.

As she did this Jake was admiring her shape from behind it seemed she had a firm little ass under her little shorts. Jake suddenly noticed that she was looking over her shoulder smiling at him. He weakly smiled back realizing he had been gawking at a teenager. He was about to turn away and head to his room when she hooked her thumbs in her shorts and began to push them down.

She stayed straight legged and her hands moved her shorts all the way down to ankles causing her to bend over giving Jake a perfect view of her ass.

Jake realized that his cock was hardening fast and at that he knew he should leave. He grabbed his things and walked quickly away as he did he could hear the giggling of a young girl. *** Jake didn't know what that girl at the pool had done to him but it was bad.

He and his family had gotten ready and headed into the park. Only now for some reason all Jake could pay attention to were all the beautiful young teenagers that were with their families in Disneyland.

There were many to be seen and he couldn't help slipping into fantasies about them. One in particular was a young Hispanic girl.

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He guessed she was about 15 or 16 but had very large breast under a very tight tee shirt, and her mocha legs coming from under a black skirt. She was in front of them in line to It's a Small World. Jake and his family got down into the boat before her and as she climbed he caught a glimpse of her white panties. During the ride all her could think about was her climbing back pulling off her panties and riding his cock in front of his family.

After lunch he was somewhat glad he could leave for his conference. He said his good byes to his family and head off walking through the park to the exit he decided to stop and grab a soda to cool off. *** Lauryn smiled to herself as she ate her lunch with her family. She had been laughing to herself about how much fun it had been teasing that guy at the pool earlier that morning.

She had also been slightly surprised that she had gotten a bit turned on by his obvious staring.

"Can we go off by ourselves this afternoon?" her brother asked breaking into her thoughts. "I guess we could spend a little time alone today" her father agreed. Lauryn smirked, who he was kidding, they had spent about half of the time on this "family vacation" doing their own thing. Lauryn usually took the spending money he gave them and went back to the pool to lay out, or to their room to watch T.V. Her father handed out cash like he usually did (about a hundred bucks), and her and her brother dashed out of the restaurant.

"Later loser" her brother said as he left to ride some lame ride. Lauryn just started walking towards the exit. Soon her mind began to wander back to the guy at the pool. He was pretty good looking, older obviously, but she kind of liked that about him.

He was pretty well build not really ripped like her fuck buddy who was on the football team but he was in good shape. What had Lauryn thinking was the bulge she saw growing in his swim trunks.

As she smiled about that thought she looked up and saw him standing in a line to get a drink. Her smiled turned devious as she had a sudden idea.

She knew how she was going to spend her time away from her family. *** Jake stood there in line dreading going to the conference but at least there wouldn't be any young teen bodies there tempting him.

All his boss wanted him to do was take notes on what the other companies marketing plans were. Super simple, he could do it in a couple hours and be back riding Splash Mountain with his wife and kids.

Jake got his drink and started walking toward the exit. Then he notice a girl sitting on a bench, it didn't take him long to realize that it was the girl from the pool.

She was now wearing a tight pink polo shirt with cap sleeves. She had on very short dark blue jean shorts her tan legs cross as she sat there her fingers twirling in her long blond ponytail. He decided her would swerve her way to see if he could get a better glimpse of her on his way out, she seemed preoccupied by the call she was involved in on her cell phone and she wouldn't recognize him.

But as he walked past she snapped the cell phone shut. "Hey" she called out cheerfully. Jake froze in horror she had recognized him. "We are staying at the same hotel aren't we?" she asked innocently, "I think I saw you at the pool this morning." "Um yeah" Jake muttered "I think I saw you." She smiled as he admitted it, a sexy knowing kind of smile which made Jake nervous.

"And did you like what you saw?" she asked matter of factly. "Um, what do you mean?" Jake asked even more nervous now.

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"Do you like my body?" she asked. Jake looked around at the crowd to see if anyone was listening in on this inappropriate conversation, everyone was busy moving to their own activities no one was paying them any attention.

"I guess" he stated lamely. "Just, 'you guess'" she said smirking, "come on you haven't been able to take you eyes off my legs since you walked over here." That made Jake crack a smile.

"Well I'd better be going" Jake said trying to make an exit. "Ok are you going to meet your family" she asked. "No, they are in the park I have to a conference." Jake said then wondered why he was telling her this. "Sounds boring, you should come with me." She stated. "Where are you going?" he asked only partly wanting to know the answer. "Well that depends on if you are coming with me." Jake was now a bit more curious.

"Ok let's say that I am." "Then I would say a cheap hotel room." She said smiling seductively. Jake's mouth dropped open. "Who are you?" he wondered out loud. "Oh I'm sorry my name is Lauryn, and you are?" "Um Jake" he said but his mind was now racing with idea of going with this girl to a hotel room, to his dismay he cock started to swell, and Lauryn was staring right at the bulge forming in the front of his khaki shorts.

"Well Um Jake, I can see that you might be interested in my idea." She said he eyes glued to his crotch. "But you can't go walking around like that" she added smiling. She grabbed his hand and started leading him toward the nearby restroom area. "See that family restroom, that one that is both male and female? Go in there and I will follow in a minute." She instructed. "Then what are we going to do?" Jake asked nervously, but he already had an idea of what she had in mind his cock getting harder.

"We are going to get rid of that bulge" gesturing toward his pants. Jake's heart started pounding he didn't know if he could do this but a deep desire was eating at his insides. So with his coke cup in hand, he walked toward the restroom, his cock getting uncomfortably hard in his shorts now.

He went in and saw that the restroom was fairly roomy probably to accommodate families with strollers. There he waited feeling anxious and turned on at the same time.

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*** Lauryn smiled as she watched Jake walk away. He was a bit more attractive than she remember him to be from the pool. Dark hair, broad shoulders and dark brown eyes that she loved, but what was most interested in was the bulge in his pants.

The high school boys she had been with were not as big as the dildo she kept in her night stand. Lauryn hoped Jake was and judging from the bulge he could be. Lauryn walked into the rest room she had told Jake to go into. He was standing there near the wall and very nervous.

She smiled to herself thinking that she could get this grown man to do what she said. "Hi" she said lustfully, smiling at him. He didn't say anything, just shifting his weight nervously. "So I see you are married" she said nodding to his left hand. "Oh uhh yeah." He said looking at the ring there.

"It's" she said taking a step toward him. "I like that it is naughty. Do you have any kids?" she asked kneeling down in front of him.


"Uhh yeah two boys." He said tensing as he watched her. "Let's hope they don't turn into bad men like their dad" she said smirking up at him as she ran her hands over the front of his pants. Jake shivered slightly at her touch. She kept her eyes on his looking up as she began to undo the button of his pants. "Does your wife give you head?" "No." he said looking down at her.

"Ohh that's too bad.' She cooed, unzipping his pants looking up with her big green eyes. Lauryn slid his shorts down to his ankles. Her eyes always on his she slid her small soft hands up his thighs and under the legs of his boxers.

She could feel the muscles in his legs tense, and the bulge in his boxers at face level grow slightly. She pulled her hands out of the legs of his boxers and curled her fingers around the waist band.

At that she heard him take in a small gasp. Lauryn smiled and pulled the boxers down to his knees, freeing his cock. For the first time Lauryn looked down from his face to his shaft. It was the biggest cock she had seen outside the few porn movies she had seen. She guessed it was about 6 or 7 inches she guessed, and as she wrapped her hand around it she could reach her fingers all the way around.

As her hand wrapped around his shaft, she heard him moan softly. He's cock also reacted by growing a bit in length making it an easy 7 inches. She felt the lust building in a knot in her stomach as she watched him grow in her hand. Lauryn looked back up his eyes were stormy with lust. Without breaking his stare she leaned in and ran her tongue over his head.

He moaned more loudly but maintained eye contact. She leaned in again and took his head in his mouth. "Ohhh!" Jake moaned, Lauryn sucked on his head gently. She loved the spongy feel as his head compressed as she sucked and reswelled as she release her suction. She removed him from her mouth her hand still wrapped about his base.

"Does that feel good?" she as her voice full of lust. As she spoke she felt his cock swell again. "Oh God.Yes!" he moaned. "Do you like it when I talk to you?" she asked test a hunch. "You bad boy." As he called him a bad boy his cock responded again. She smiled up at him. She leaned in licking his cock up and down coating it with saliva.

She then began stroking him with her hand. He moaned as she did so and a drop of precum oozed from his tip. Lauryn used it to further lubricate him. "You are a bad man aren't you Jake." She said, all he could do is nod his eye glued to hers as she spoke to him.


"You like my young body don't you?" he nodded again unable to speak. She could see his eyes getting dark as she stoked him his cock seemed to get harder with each stroke. "You want me to get you off right now don't you baby." He nodded again his breathing getting ragged.

"Mmmm that's it baby cum for me. Ohhh cum for me baby." she moaned.

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More precum issued from his cock this she added to his length, she leaned over and spit on his cock making slick, his cock seemed rock hard in her hand. "I want to swallow all of the cum you have for me baby so tell me when you are going to cum." She continued. He moaned and his hips began to thrust matching her stroking hand.

"That's it baby, that feels good doesn't it? Mmm yes mmmm." She could see in his face he was getting close, his hips moving with her rhythm. "That's it baby are you close?" he close his eyes and mumbled as he nodded. At that she let go of his cock entirely. It was so hard it stood up close to his stomach she leaned in and wrapped her pink lips around his head while reaching under cupping his sack.

This sent him over the edge she watched as he closed his eye, his body tensed and he moaned loudly. Lauryn sucked his head and felt the warm spurts start flowing into her mouth. She moaned as she started swallowing quickly taking every bit of his cum always with her eyes on his. *** Jake couldn't believe what had just happened. He a young teenage girl get him off in a bathroom in Disneyland. Now he was walking up the stairs to a hotel room with her.

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She had produced a wad of cash and he had checked them in for one night. He knew he wouldn't be spending the night but she had promised him a few hours of fun.

He found the room number and unlocked the door and walked in Lauryn walked in behind him then passed him looking around. All Jake looked at was her pouty ass under jean shorts. "So are you ready for more?" she asked and Jake felt his cock start to swell again.

This girl was crazy. "Sure." He said half smiling. At that she smiled and leaned into him. He felt her soft breast against his chest. "You know I have never had a cock as big as yours. It is going to feel so good, but we need to get you out of those clothes first" she said as she grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head. Her hands roamed over his chest before moving to his pants undoing them and pushing them down with his boxers.

She then laid down on her back on the bed she propped herself up on her elbows and slowly pulled her polo up revealing her flat tan stomach and smiled up at him. Jake joined her on the bed and leaned in kissing her stomach as he did she moaned softly pulling the shirt so it was just under her bra.

Jake trailed kisses up and down her stomach, from the waistband of her shorts up to the barrier she had created under her breasts. Lauryn slowly pulled her shirt up revealing her white lace bra. Jake stared at the beautiful cloth clad globes. She sat up and pulled the shirt off over her head and tossed it aside. Jake unable to contain himself leaned in kissing her neck and moving down kissing the tops of her breast above her bra.

Her breathing quickened and she elicited soft little moans. She reached behind her and undid her bra letting it fall forward as she did Jake move lower finding small hard nipples. He flicked one with his tongue and was rewarded with a sharp gasp for Lauryn. She laid back Jake leaning over her taking her nipple into his mouth and suckling it, he felt it grow tight in his mouth.

She arched her back towards him.

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He then gave the same attention to her other nipple. Tasting her smelling her skin was making him so hard. He broke away from her breast and she smiled at him getting up from the bed she stood and with her finger beckoned him to her.

Jake stood up he was full erect. As he got to her she took his wrists and pressed his palms against her breast moaning as she did so. Jake kneaded her young firm mounds. Lauryn turned around so she was face away from him and then she back up against him. Jake felt his cock the base of which was against the waistband of her short, the shaft extending up to the soft skin of the small of her back. Lauryn took his hands again reaching them around her and moved them over her breasts and stomach.

Releasing one hand she undid the top button her jean shorts then she took his other hand and plunged it to her shorts. Jake could feel her warmth there and felt her cotton panties were wet. He began rubbing her mound through her panties. Lauryn leaned her head back against his chest as he touched her, he moans coming at every movement. Her hand free she pushed her shorts down then taking his hand slid it into her panties.

At that Jake moaned with her. He hooked his middle finger into her slit, dipping the tip in and out wetting his finger; he moved it to her clit. Moaning loudly Lauryn's hand went to her breast rubbing and squeezing it. Jake's cock was now rubbing against the soft fabric of her panties he moaned as he pulled her soft ass against his hard cock.

Jake worked Lauryn's clit and lips. He could feel her getting very wet, she was moaning louder and louder until he felt her body tense and she cried out in pleasure. Jake was forced to hold most of her weight as her legs seemed to go limp. He held her through her orgasm as she shuddered and moaned. Lauryn then moved to the bed laying back and spreading her legs.

Jake's cock throbbed at the sight and wondered how long he could last in her pussy. He positioned himself between her legs and placed his cock head at her slit. Lauryn again propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch his entry.

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He slowly pushed his head past her wet lips then farther into her tightness. She was so tight he could hardly take it. Slowly he pushed farther, she moaned as he did.


And finally pushed his last few inches into her tight pussy. "Oh my god! You feel so good!" she moan as he was fully in her "So do you!" was all Jake could say.

Pulled and thrust back in and to his surprise went in a bit deeper. Lauryn moaned. Jake slowly built up his pace her tight cunt holding him as he slid in and out. "Tell me how it feels" Lauryn moaned "Oh god you are so tight." Jake gasped. Lauryn wrapped her legs around his waist, her legs helping him set the pace.

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"Tighter than your wife?" "Oh god yes" she seemed to like him saying that because her moans became more intense. "Oh god Jake baby I'm cumming again." She moaned. Jake felt her pussy clamp on his as he tried to last a bit longer, still fucking her through her orgasm. "Oh god baby that is so good." She said breathlessly looking up at her.

Jake could feel his own orgasm building. "I don't know how much longer I can last." "Then cum for me Jake." She said.

Jake's pace quickened a bit he grunted with each thrust. "I'cumming" he moaned as he went to pull out but her long tan legs that were around his waist held him in. He looked at her "Oh god." Then unable to hold it back he sprayed into with a hard thrust moaning his load spurting and spurting into.

He collapsed onto her. After a long while he lifted his head and looked at her. "Guess you should get back to Disneyland" she said smiling "your wife will be waiting."