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The next three months. The week after his visit to us we were introduced to Sammy at their home. Chris explained that she wasn't on the pill because we were trying for a baby and she asked how would Sammy and Paul feel if he got her pregnant. Sammy said she'd be happy and Paul got sort of excited but he said he'd use condoms from now on. Chris had told me that part of the exhilaration was that she loved the risk of illicit pregnancy so I knew condoms were a no, no.

We desperately wanted a child but we'd been trying for over a year without success and we'd already talked about whether I could accept another mans child. I asked her to be careful and plan for her safe periods while I arranged with our doctor for long overdue fertility tests. It was late July when we received the devastating test results. Chris was fine but there was no sperm in my samples, I was infertile so although we'd thought about IVF it turned out not to be an option.

After some mutual depression I reminded Chris of the conversations we'd had and from that moment we knew there was no choice, Chris would become pregnant by another man. Conception - Day 1 The following few days Chris spent a lot of time checking calendars and chatting on the phone with Paul and Sammy.

On the Friday evening of the weekend that Chris was at her most fertile I was driving north, Chris had driven up the previous evening and she phoned me at work just after lunch so I could listen to her being fucked. Paul greeted me and told us that Sammy was feeling good, she'd been very ill recently and had been hospitalised a couple of times but she was home and feeling better. She'd even arranged for a few friends to drop by tomorrow evening and I think we all knew it was to be her farewell party.

Chris told me that they'd made arrangements so she can have the best chance of conceiving this weekend and told me "whatever happens go with the flow". Putting two and two together I realised that there was going to be a gangbang tomorrow. I'd prepared myself for Paul making her pregnant and was happy with that.

The thought of my wife being fucked by a handful of strangers had my pulse racing and the idea of a complete strangers child growing in her womb left me feeling both bewildered and so very wickedly excited. Chris was kneeling on the floor her head buried in the settee with Paul fucking her doggy style to the sound Khia and Gangstress. Sammy and I were sitting together watching when there was a tap, tap at the French windows, the door opened and man walked into the room, Paul never even missed a stroke but he did thrust in harder when the guy walked passed him and flicked his naked ass.

He stood more than 6ft 6in tall, was broad as a brick toilet and was very, very black, his head was shaved, muscles bulged under his tee shirt and his inflated biceps told of years in the gym. He watched the lovers as he walked over to Sammy, kissed her cheek and asked how she was feeling.

He glanced at me and Sammy introduced us, I'd read Sammy's stories in XNXX so I knew that Ahmeed was well endowed. He said to Sammy "Paul needs to save some for me?" Sammy asked me, "Well, what do you think?" Just the idea of his hard, sculptured body fucking my beautiful, slender blonde wife had my straining cock dribbling and adrenaline surged, those familiar feelings of fear and excitement washed over me and as casually as I could I replied "for me why not but it's up to Chris " He removed his clothes and I was speechless, either Sammy didn't pay him full justice or I thought she'd exaggerated for the story, even soft he was as big as Paul when he's hard.

Sammy took his dangling colossus and stroked her thumb up and down under the bulbous circumcised tip and he began to stiffen. His dick rose and hardened to at least three inches longer than Pauls and more than half an inch thicker. There was no way that Chris was going to take all that, I tore my eyes from his huge member and looked him in the eye "Oh, I don't think so you're much too big." It was Sammy who replied "When I first met Ahmeed I was scared shitless but you know me and it doesn't take long to adjust and I can tell you he really is very good and we've had some really great times and you said it's up to Chris." Then she asked Ahmeed, "I know you would anyway but will you promise Paul that you'll stop if Chris finds you too big and painful?" He looked at me and replied "Too painful, sure I will." He took my hand in a grip of steel and shook it enthusiastically.

A few minutes later Paul's ass muscles clenched as he pumped potent semen deep into my wifes receptive cunt and as soon as he'd finished Ahmeed took his place. The huge man placed one hand flat between her shoulders and with his other hand he guided the head of his gigantic tool toward her already gaping and sloppy vagina.

As the tip of his dick found its mark he used his knees to push Chris's thighs together. The sight of the glossy red soles of her Louboutin sandals clenched between his bulging calf muscles was so very erotic. His over sized dick began to push and she gave a little moan "ahh", he pushed a little more "ahhhh" and still the huge swollen tip pushed "arrhhhggg".

As she was stretched wider she realised it was not Paul, her head spun round to look at him then she glanced toward me, this was what this weekend was about and I could see that she wanted him. Maybe half an inch of shaft behind the ridge was inside her, he worked fractionally back and forth widening her to take more and with each push she moaned.

With Pauls semen lubricating her cunt it was not long before Ahmeed had around half of that immense member buried.

He pulled almost out then pushed in a little deeper with each thrust, sometimes there was a wet farting sound as he pushed. Her expression was slowly changing to one of wonder and then a flick of pain and she stiffened and yelled "Arrgghh, fuck that hurt", he kept on pushing, in fact he leaned back a little to push harder. As he pushed she began to strain, her face contorted and beads of sweat began to swell on her forehead, cheeks, neck and shoulders, another farting sound erupted from her cunt.


I was over the edge, rock hard and shuddering with excitement. I could see she was in pain and he wasn't stopping and the only thing I wanted to do was see his immense member fucking my wife. I needed to see that huge thick dick spreading her, penetrating her so deep and filling her with cum. That 'too painful' meant nothing, I could see she was hurting but was it too painful?

Chris so obviously didn't think so, she pushed herself towards him and tried to push past the pain and she tensed and forced against him. She relaxed and another three inches of dick just slid in, Chris sighed as his thick shaft penetrated deeper than Paul ever had. He still didn't have his dick all the way into her, he held the base with his clenched fist driving in until his fist bumped up against her, squelch-phrump, then pulled out, shhup, squelch-phrump, shhup, squelch-phrump, shhup.

With each shhup as he withdrew her pussy lips clung to his glistening shaft, they followed the contours of his hard dick, she stayed wide when he had only the very tip still inside her. His dick shone with her juices and Pauls semen, he pushed in to her again and she easily parted for him then her lips folded in as he squelched into her, the phrump of a loud fanny fart accompanied each squelch. He rolled her over and placed her feet on his chest, her heels gouging into his pecs.

He held her thighs together and leaned forward until her knees were touching her chin. She squealed and yelped as his huge, thick shaft powered into her and he power fucked her deep and hard and fast. He rode her like a machine and she was very quickly on the very edge of cumming then he backed off. He'd brought her to the edge five times before she was begging him "please let me cum". Sometimes he paused with his gigantic member pushed in up to his fist. He'd lean into her and pull his hand away and she'd squirm or squeal while he held her down for a few seconds pushing himself a little deeper and tweaking at her nipple or squeezing her breast.

Other times he'd pull right out and rub that huge tip up and down her slit, rubbing or banging it against her clitoris, poking at her anus or pushing the tip in and out of that gaping chasm that was her vagina.

By seven times she was screaming "Make me cum you bastard, make me cum, let me cum" and by ten times she was drenched in sweat again and in tears "sob, please, sob, please, sob let, sob, meee, sob cummm". She'd tried a few times to move her hand down to her clit but Ahmeed held her back.

Then he changed tack, he didn't stop when she was close and Chris came big time.

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She threw herself back and she squirted, juice sprayed as he puled back but Ahmeed kept on and on and as he pushed he plugged the spray then she'd spurt again when he was almost out again. She came a second time, then a third in quick succession and Ahmeed was still powering away, her explosive cum juice dripping from his balls.

Now she'd gone past all that, she knew he wasn't going to cum yet and she seemed to have reached a plateau.

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She was soaked in sweat and still cumming, every few moments she'd stiffen and sigh and then relax, resigned to being fucked forever. Suddenly her body arched and went rigid, stomach muscles taught, calves, thigh and ass muscles straining and tight, she tried to push him out with her clenched muscles, to push him away with her hands and feet, her heels digging deep into his chest.

She couldn't take anymore but he was simply too strong. It became like a rape, with his enormous strength he just held her down and doubled his thrusting and she thrashed, thumped and pushed at him and strained and raged "no more, no more". For minute after minute he kept on thrusting into her, one hand clenched around the base of his dick, the other pushing her legs into her chest so she couldn't move or kick so hard while she struggled against his strength to get free.

He moved his hand from her legs and slapped her face hard, she struggled on so he slapped her again and at that moment she exploded with the loudest screaming orgasm ever. As she was cumming he grabbed her and rolled backward pulling her with him. He landed on his back with Chris thumping down to sit on him with her feet still planted on his chest. He'd let go of his dick so she slid all the way down his shaft, her ass squashed against his pelvis. Sometime in the last few minutes he'd dropped a cushion behind him and his ass was up on this.

His thighs and ass cheeks clenched and unclenched and he moaned "Oh fuck yehr" as each squirt flooded into her. She was leaning backwards, hands on his knees and her belly bulged to the shape of his huge, thick dick, you could see the rhythm of each pulse ripple up her belly as he shot jet after jet of his creamy semen. Her mouth made a huge O and her eyes rolled back showing just the whites, her body was soaked in sweat and rigid.

She was silent for a few seconds then she screamed in total ecstasy "YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS". Slowly her orgasm diminished and she began to squirm, her words came out feebly "Oh fucking hell that was good." and she began to giggle.

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The giggle edged to the beginnings of a laugh and then her laughing stopped abruptly " hmm, it's hurts. it burns. ouch, it hurts." Her face cracked with pain "fuck it hurts, I can't move, help meeee, OHH FUCKKKK". Paul and I dived forward, both lifting her vertically until his penis fell across his stomach and a flood of semen and her own cum juice dropped out of her.

She started to giggle again as we sat her on the edge of the settee. Paul asked "Your or me?" I needed my cock in my wifes vagina and I shuffled up and knelt between her open legs.

I offered my cock to her soaking and gaping pussy and it simply disappeared. Oh that feeling, I'd fucked her after Paul before but nothing could ever compare to this sensation. I knelt there with my tiny dick pushed in as deep as it would go, I savoured that warm and completely enveloped sensation and my already throbbing cock shot its load.

Reluctantly I moved away and Paul took my place, he sighed as his huge dick slid deep into her. "Oh Chris" he said, "I used to love to fuck Sammy after Ahmeed and now I can fuck you". Later when we were in bed, Sammy and Paul in the master bedroom and Ahmeed sleeping downstairs on a settee. I was laying alongside Chris with one hand gently stroking her wetness, I asked "I'm not the only one who likes sloppy seconds, sounds like Paul likes it too, I know what you'll be doing in future, was Ahmeed too much?" She thought for a few seconds before replying "yes.

no. I think I could get used to him. He's big, too big at first but I've never felt anything so intense in my life. I was nearly out of it there, couldn't take any more and thought I was passing out but I just kept on cumming then when he came it hurt like hell but it was absolutely incredible. I could feel him shooting, expanding and contracting so deep inside me and I came like never before but it hurt deep inside, a deep burning stretching hurt, I think that last couple of inches was just too much".

Then I asked "Too much to have him again. sometime?" "Oh I think I could try again. sometime." she said. So I asked "Now?" I was standing with my back against the wall holding Chris up by her thighs, her back against my chest and her ass squeezing the tip of my tiny cock.

We made a Chris sandwich with Ahmeed facing us. He was bringing her to the edge and backing off again. Each time Chris squirmed or shifted or relaxed my cock pushed a little deeper and I could feel every stroke he made and the rising tension in her body as he fucked her closer to orgasm, then relaxing as he held off. Chris begged to cum, begged him to cum, she was there, ready and quivering and Ahmeed was ramming like a stallion. He encircled us with his muscular arms, one across my shoulders, the other at the small of my back and he pulled us tightly together.

My cock pushed all the way in, as he rammed her vagina her ass fucked my cock. Chris exploded just as he shot into her again, I felt the shuddering orgasm progress through her body, every tremor of the muscles in her thighs and back, every twinge of her anus as it clamped around me. Our heads side by side, turned to each other and kissing deeply with Ahmeed's tongue licking her ear.

As we kissed my dick began to pulse and as I leaked into her ass I could still feel the throbbing of his ejaculation still pumping deep into my beautiful wifes receptive womb. Chris spent the rest of that night sandwiched between us, in bed. Conception - Day 2 Ahmeed left on Saturday morning and came back late that afternoon accompanied by a slim and pretty Asian girl called Lissa.

Around 5:00 two newcomers appeared, they were introduced as Terry, a handsome north African or mixed race guy in his mid twenties and Darren who was in his late forties, possibly early fifties, as blue black as Ahmeed and so very ugly. Another guy turned up a few minutes later and Sammy went ballistic, Paul told us that Jerry was Sammy's best and oldest friend.

We chatted for a while and got to know each other a little and when the conversation turned suggestive Paul took Chris by the hand, they stopped at the doorway and beckoned the other guys to follow them but Jerry stayed behind. A few minutes later we heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking from upstairs. I wanted to go up and watch the action but Sammy said "She's not ready yet, give her time, there's plenty of time, lets all talk here for a while." About an hour later four very happy men and one very fucked Chris with semen running down her thighs and splattered about her body, face and hair came down stairs and snacks were served then Sammy needed to go to bed, Jerry helped her upstairs.

I sat on a settee watching the four men take turns with my wife. As one was fucking her the other three stood or sat massaging their huge dicks and of course Lissa was having fun with her mouth and hands. Not that they needed help keeping hard, I think they'd each taken a Viagra or Cialis pill or something because if they did begin to go limp it was only a few minutes before they were hard again.

Terry's dick was a little shorter than Paul's at maybe nine inches of what I thought of as normally proportioned, he was not so thick as Paul. There was something about Darrens dick that just didn't look right, he was an inch or so shorter than Paul but almost as thick as Ahmeed, he sported the only uncircumcised dick in the room but that wasn't it.


It wasn't until he took his turn that I realised that his thickness was bumps, his dick was covered with hard bumps or swellings making his dick thicker and more rugged than it really was. He fucked Chris and there was a thrrr thrrr in amongst the sloshing sounds of very wet sex and his actions were driving her absolutely crazy. I later found out that he'd got implants under the skin of his dick, that they were wooden beads that he'd put just after puberty.

Darren rolled and pulled Chris on top, he bucked up into her and pulled her down to him. Chris obviously didn't care about his pudgy looks and thick twisted lips because she pushed her tongue between them for a wet kiss as she rode his hard dick. Terry moved behind her and I thought he was going to ass fuck her but no, he began to force his dick in alongside Darrens.

Chris tensed when she felt him and Darren held her tight. She knew what was happening and forced herself against him, her body trembled as Terry pushed.

He began to ride her and their dicks moves in unison. It was so beautiful to watch two big black dicks riding her stretched vagina but I could see agony on her face, I began to get up and put a stop to it but Chris saw me and shook her head. With each thrust her face creased but she was taking two dicks in her vagina at the same time and she wanted it to go on. When Paul tapped Terry on the shoulder he leaned back and flicked each leg round so he was leaning back between Darrens legs with his penis still alongside Darrens.

Paul straddled them and eased his huge dick into her ass. This was mind blowing, my beautiful wife was being fucked by three big dicks at he same time. Paul was giving his all and Chris was yelping with each thrust. As Paul pushed Chris slid up the two dicks in her vagina, when he pulled back he dragged her back with hands around her waist. Now Ahmeed moved in, he lay alongside and offered his monster to her mouth, she licked and kissed him then stretching her lips over his huge bulbous glanz she took him in her mouth.

Absolutely crazy, four at once, I needed a camera, found my jacket and took a few phone pics that we treasure to this day. When she came she came big style, flooding with torrents of liquid gushing out of her spraying around the two dicks to soak Terry and Darren's thighs and the rug they lay on.

Darren held her close and Paul kept going and soon Terry began to cum, his hot semen soon had Darren squirting as well. As Paul thrust that sloppy squelching noise of fresh semen in her receptive cunt got louder as more and more thick liquid pumped into her.

Then he came too and when he pulled out her gaping ass leaked his semen as his last dregs dripped onto her back. That was so hot but a little later I can honestly tell you that I had he most erotic occurrence I have ever experienced or am likely to ever experience. In all probability Chris was already pregnant but I always like to think of this as the time she conceived.

I sat on the floor with my back to a settee pushed against the wall and my legs spread. Chris was lying with her shoulders between my legs and her back up against my belly and chest. She was hot and sweaty and smelled of sex. My chin rested in the crack at the base of her spine and my tongue probed her ass. She had her arms wrapped around me and she gripped my ass cheeks tightly. With my hands I was holding her slippery pussy open.

Her vagina was gaping and glistened with semen. Ahmeed stood above us pushing his hard dick down towards my wifes upturned pussy, his legs bent at the knees and she squelched as he lowered himself into her. So close that I struggled to focus on his colossal shaft as it easily open her and then sink full length into her abused vagina.

The smell of sex gushed at me and a white froth of semen bubbled out as he sunk deeper and deeper. Chris was sore, she gripped me tighter and flinched as he sunk into her. His intention was not to satisfy Chris but to cum. Lissa had been doing her thing on him while Chris and I got into position so it was not long before he pulled out so that just the tip rested at the edge of her dark, glistening chasm.

A couple of strokes with his hand and he was squirting straight down that dark void. I watched every last drop of this huge hard muscled black mans thick creamy semen shoot straight into my wife's gaping hole.

Lissa was getting Paul ready and he immediately took his place, he didn't even enter her but squatted with Lissa still masturbating him and as he came she directed the tip to Chris. I held her wide and saw squirt after squirt of thick white potency shoot into her yawning chasm. Terry followed, he wanked himself and before long he too was shooting into my wife. Darren was having some bother and Lissa was helping him out so Ahmeed jumped in again jerking himself off right in front of my face.

Jerry walked into the room and I heard a whispered conversation start up between him and Paul. Paul exclaimed "What! That must have cost a lot, that's great" and slapped him on the back and hugged him. Jerry said, "I thought you'd be annoyed with me but I had to tell you." Paul replied "No, no, it's wonderful. Sammy told me that I wouldn't have had a chance if you weren't gay.

You know she's always loved you." Paul hugged him again and Jerry began to weep, Paul said "Hey, cut that out, be happy" Jerry replied "I am." Just as Ahmeed finished dripping Darren jumped up, pushed him out of the way and two strokes of the hand later he was spurting thick creamy semen into Chris. Then there was a few minutes hiatus and Ahmeed chuckled and said to Jerry "You want to join in here, you don't need to fuck another woman tonight just cum in her vagina." Jerry was silent for a moment or two then said "No thank you".

Another two rounds took it's toll, it seemed as thought everyone was spent when Lissa flew into a panic and shouted "Chris not move, not move, Ahm give me cars keys, quick, quick." Naked she rushed out of the French windows and two minutes later was back carrying a bag.


She opened it and took out what looked like two spherical squeeze pumps attached by a tube, one had a crosspiece between it and the tube. Next came a sealed pack that she ripped open and took out a cloth, she used it to wipe her hands and the bigger sphere.

Then she produced a sachet and squeezed out an inch or so of the clear jelly and smeared the sphere. She stood above us, dropped the lubricated ball into Chris's vagina and began pumping the other sphere. I could see it swelling up inside her, when it completely filled the hole Lissa kept pumping and Chris began to bulge.

Lissa pumped until Chris started to squirm then three or four more pumps. She said "No take out for two hour or more and pump up if it go slack." Then she helped Chris and me to untangle our limbs. The bottom of her belly was bulging like she was a couple of months pregnant. She tried to walk and had to swing her legs.

"What is that?" she asked. Lissa replied "It keep semen in you, you not leak, you lie down and let semen make you pregnant. Lot of semen trap in you now to make you pregnant".

Just about everyone was exhausted except Lissa and me. Lissa was fussing about making sure Chris was comfortable, I went to the kitchen and set the coffee machine going. A few minutes later Jerry ambled in. "It's Paul isn't it?" "Yes". "Paul, I'm sorry I couldn't help out there, you know I prefer men. Sammy is the only woman I've had sex with and that was tonight". I replied "Yes I know, don't worry about it." He said "It's weird, I love Sammy, I've loved her ever since I was four years old, She is the only woman I could ever.

Well I don't know if I can explain it, have you ever loved someone so badly that it hurts but you know it's wrong and you can do nothing about it?" I replied "Not really".

"Don't get me wrong, I love Dave but that's how I feel about Sammy, it hurts me that I'm gay when I love her so much and she loves me. I think I'm talking total balls. Upstairs I knew this was the last time I'd ever see." He broke down and began weeping again. I guided him to sit at a kitchen chair, put a coffee in front of him and pulled up another char.

I have to admit that I was uncomfortable with a man that I barely knew pouring out so much emotion. He was upsetting me. I've known Sammy was dying since before I met her so I've never known her at her best.

This man had known her most of his life, he loved her and if nature had run a different course. I fought back my reserve and I sat holding his hand and passing him tissues until he calmed down. We've been friends ever since. Jerry helped me serve the coffee and we drank in silence. A little later Darren and Terry left. A few minutes later Ahmeed and a reluctant Lissa left, Lissa had wanted to stay with Chris.

Paul had convinced Jerry to stay the night and join him in bed with Sammy. Chris made it to the stairs holding the pump and with that tube swinging between her legs. She had trouble lifting her legs up the steps and gave up in frustration, she yelled, "It's this bloody football". I carried her upstairs. We lay in bed and chatted of this and that.

Did she think she was pregnant? - Don't know - Who would you like to be the father if you are - Paul of course but it doesn't really matter now - What was it with Darrens dick? - Wooden beads blah blah - Was the double penetration as bad as the look on your face made out? - You fucking bet it was, not ever doing that again - How about the four together?

I thought that was so erotic - Yes, was exciting, but better watching it in films, those two dicks were awfully uncomfortable - And what about this thing that Lissa has blown up in you? - Leave it for a while longer in fact pump it up a bit more, it doesn't feel as tight as it was. Problems came when we tried to extract the ball, we couldn't find a way of letting the air out. There was an obvious valve on the pump end but it didn't seem to work.

I said that I'd go and wake Paul to phone Lissa and Chris replied "No don't bother I'll just pull it out." She shuffled up with her back against the pillow, raised her knees took hold of the handle and pulled, and pulled, and moaned and pulled.

I was kneeling between her feet and it looked like she was pulling her vagina out, a huge swelling between her legs. Her lips were stretched and round with a segment of black ball showing. As she pulled the lips opened and more of the ball showed.


Chris was panting and pulling with a steady pressure then suddenly there was a loud plop and the wet ball smacked me on the chin. I was dazed and Chris was lying back against the pillow drenched in sweat. One wrist was resting on her knee and her hand clutching the handle of that huge black glistening ball.

It was oval, the handle end being more rounded than the opposite end, about four inches across and eight inches long. It looked more like a rugby ball than a football but more to the point it had done it's job and prevented all that semen from running out of her.

Now it was released, her labia and vagina were gaping and a steady stream of liquid was flowing out of her. The strange thing was the liquid was almost clear and not the creamy white that I'd expected. After a couple of minutes her breathing became normal and she said, "Now fuck me like you've never fucked me before". Her cunt was so huge and I pulled us so close together that I really did push my balls in with my cock and lay savouring that wonderful sensation.

I began to move in her and my balls fell out, I pushed myself up, slipped in four fingers alongside my dick, my thumb rested on her clit and I stroked her inside and out as we fucked. I came within seconds and shot a huge amount but for some reason I stayed hard and managed a much better account of myself that I've ever done before. I know that she actually came properly before I came a second time, it's something I've never been very good at but recently I've learned a few things about my wife.

Conception - Day 3 and beyond. I awoke the next morning and sensed Chris looking at me.

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I opened my eyes to see her head on the pillow her eyes looking deeply into mine. "Paul, I think I'm pregnant." The rest of that Sunday passed in a blur, Chris, Paul and I went into Lancaster and spent the morning idling in Williamson park, we got back to find Lissa preparing lunch. Chris and Paul fucked a couple of times in the afternoon and then somehow we arrived back home.

Monday morning Chris was even more certain that she was pregnant, she said she could feel her body changing. A week later Sammy died. Following the funeral Chris didn't hear from Paul. After a couple of weeks she tried to phone, no answer. Three weeks after the funeral Jerry phoned me at work and said that Paul was taking Sammys passing very badly, he'd not been into work and won't answer the phone. He knew he was at home because Lissa had been round to talk to him, a completely one way conversation.

By this time Chris had missed her period by a week so it seemed that she was pregnant. I told her that Paul was having problems and that I thought she should go to him and try and bring him out of his depression. She left that evening and I saw my wife once in ten weeks when she returned home for her passport and she told me that they were taking Sammys ashes to France.

Her belly was visibly bulging when she finally did return home and I'd missed the first three months of her pregnancy but I was sure I wouldn't miss the rest. Chris gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy. Paul wanted to know if he was a father and tests told us that he'd fathered the girl but not the boy. The three other guys had made it plain that it was not their problem and to tell the truth we don't really care.

Ahmeed keeps in contact and I know that Chris and he have fucked five or six times in the last two years, he's O.K. with the children but doesn't want to get too involved. It doesn't matter because all three of us, Chris, Paul and myself love them dearly as do our parents, although it took a while for Chris's parents to accept the situation.