Gorgeous Lesbians Fucks With Toys

Gorgeous Lesbians Fucks With Toys
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For the next 2 weeks Stacy and I dated but never got the opportunity to be together alone again due to exams.

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It was absolute torture, getting to see her every day but never getting more than just a kiss or two. She told me she couldn't wait for us to get some time alone too and this pleased me. Summer break finally came and the excitement was overwhelming, we agreed to not force or rush things and only wait until we had some proper time together and we didn't have to wait long.


My parents liked to travel as a family during summer but this year having turned 17 they gave me a choice to stay at home alone which I took immediately without hesitation. Stacy freaked out when I told her the news knowing full well what was going to happen.

My parents and Stacy's already knew that we were dating at this point but thought nothing much of it other than just innocent young love, naive old people they were. Stacy's parents knew that she would be over at my place most of the time and her not being very close to them helped because they wouldn't even notice if she wasn't home for days because she was either at a party or keeping to herself in her room.

The day my parents left Stacy was over and we were watching some random boring thing on TV just waiting for some privacy. My parents said their good byes and on the way out my dad gave me a knowing wink and I just smiled at him with such pride. As soon as the door closed Stacy practically pounced on to me nearly knocking me off the couch.

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'Oh god you have no idea how much I want this' 'Me too but let's go to my room for space' We practically ran to my room, removing our clothes on the way there. By the time we reached her bed we were both naked and even though having seen her naked once before I was once again mesmerised by her beauty.

This time though I decided to take over and quickly grabbed her and lay her down on the bed, this surprised her but I could also see she liked it.

I gave her a quick kiss then started kissing down her body, stopping at her nipples to suck them one at a time, throwing in an occasional soft bite which caused her to wince and moan which just encouraged me. After a few minutes of alternating between her nipples I continued to kiss down her body until I finally reached her pussy which was soaking wet by this point. I traced my fingers around it, being my first time I wanted to really get to see it properly but as it turns out she was too horny for this.

'Fuck Tom do something already please baby' Not wanting to displease my lady I slowly inserted my finger in which went in with much ease due to how incredibly wet she was. I wasted no time and getting to thrust my finger in and out of her, I continued this motion until she seemed to really get into it, moaning louder and louder.

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I then took the initiative to try pleasure her more, I inserted one more finger, then another. Each time she would moan louder but I felt I wasn't giving her enough, I pulled out my finger and licked it just to see what it tasted like so I wouldn't get myself into something I heavily disliked but as it turns out it didn't taste bad, in fact it had an interesting taste I couldn't explain but didn't mind at all.

I leaned closer to her pussy and licked up and down the slit, I could feel this sent shivers through out her body and she froze for a moment. By this time I had learnt enough to know that she must have had a mini orgasm. And so I stuck my tongue as deep into her as far as I could and tasted her insides. I started pushing my tongue in and out and occasionally coming out for air and using that time to lick all over her, after a while I finally found when must have been her clit because licking it made her scream.

I used this to my advantage and licked it once in a while eating out her pussy so not to overdo it but pleasure her immensely. And a one would expect this brought her to an intense orgasm, her legs locked around my head and she screamed my name out so loud I feared her parents next door would actually hear her. Her juices came gushing into my mouth and I took then all into my mouth.

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When her orgasm finally passed she let me go and I lay besides her waiting for her to fully calm down. After she finally stopped breathing heavily she looked at me with the happiest look on her face.


'Holy shit that was amazing! No guy has ever done that for me. I think you deserve a little treat.' I thought she simply meant a great fuck but to my surprise she slid down my body to my cock which was literally pursing with excitement. She wrapped her smooth fingers around it and went to work.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the feel of the handjob she was giving my but was surprised to feel a warm wetness around the head of my cock. 'Holy shit' I opened my eyes to the sexiest site ever, my girlfriend was looking straight into my eyes my cock slowly being sucked deeper and deeper into her mouth, the feeling was beyond words and when she stared twirling her tongue around inside I knew I wouldn't last too long, 'Careful I'm close' 'mmm hmm' Her response surprised me but I didn't have much time to think about it because I was well past my limit and erupted into her mouth hard.

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She sucked even harder and I could feel her attempt to swallow everything but some of my cum sipped out the corner of her mouth which I found to be extremely hot. Finally I finished unloading into her mouth and she licked up everything.


All I could say was wow. 'Hmm didn't taste bad. But looks like someone hasn't had enough yet' She was staring at my still hard cock with a grin.

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I started to get up to get on top of her to fuck her brains out but she stopped me. 'Wait I wanna try something. Let me be on top' I was only too happy to oblige.

But when she was on top and getting ready to put me in I suddenly realised we were being careless. 'Shit wait, what about a condom?!' 'Don't worry about it; I got on the pill immediately after last time. I wanted to feel your bare cock deep inside me' With that she lowered herself so I started entering herself and I my head went in with ease, she was slowly sliding down my cock with her hands on my chest for support.

This felt so much better I couldn't help but groan out loud, I wasn't the only one really like this because she was already moaning and I wasn't even fully in yet.

Eventually my entire cock was inside her and her eyes were wide open with a look of pure satisfaction on her. 'Holy shit this is so fucking good, you are so much deeper in me!!' She then started to move her hips up and down the full length of my cock and moaning loud every time. I couldn't help but start thrusting upwards to meet her thrusts until we worked up a rhythm which we keep to at a pace that kept increasing until we were practically bouncing on the bed.

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It wasn't long before I felt her pussy squeeze my cock which sent me over the edge and I unleashed deep in her. I coated all her insides with my cum and she must have been feeling it all because she went wild screaming out. 'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!!' When we were both done cumming we both just collapsed on the bed and a closed our eyes and both fell asleep. Our adventures continued on the summer break with her mostly sleeping over at my house and we fucked on nearly every surface in the house.

Sorry guys I have to end this one right there, this was never intended to be a series but just a trial to see if people like my style. I have another series in mind which is going to have everything which is why I held back in this one so you can fully experience that one and enjoy it, much detail to come in upcoming stories but don't worry it's similar to this story.

Please rate and comment I would love some feedback so I get better guys thanks.

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