Handsome MILF knows how to make big dicks cum in her mouth

Handsome MILF knows how to make big dicks cum in her mouth
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The girl glided silently over the quiet park, giving off the appearance of almost floating, the dew on the cool grass tickling her bare feet. She silently cursed herself for not bringing shoes, but she hadn't wanted to awake her sleeping parents by trying to find them. She tucked her black purse under her arm and pulled her coat around her, to ward off the early morning chill.

She heard a twig snap behind her, she stopped and stood as still as a statue, her slow, steady breathing making steam appear in the air. After about a minute that felt like an hour in her mind, she pressed on, moving across the park like a shadow. A duck quacked in the pond, and she jumped, dropping her purse.

As she bent down to pick it up, a menacing shadow appeared before her. She looked up, brushing her light brown hair off her face. Looking down at her was a man, of about 24, with a sneering grin.

She shoved all her belongings quickly back into her purse and stood up, her purse clutched in front of her, as if trying to shield herself from this sneering man. "Drop your things, darlin'?" He asked, with a distinctive southern drawl. "Yes, but if you don't mind, I must be on my way" She said quietly and walked past the man.

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"It's not safe to be out all alone, at this time of night you know, honey" He said, placing a hand roughly on her arm. "I'm almost home, thank you for the concern though" She pulled her arm out of his grip, and turned to run.

He reached out and grabbed her around the stomach, her purse dropping to the ground once more. "I am one of the reasons it isn't safe, darlin'" He whispered in her ear, as his sweaty hand clamped down over her gaping mouth. She whimpered into his hand as he dragged her over behind a group of trees, and threw her on the ground. "You scream, and I will kill you, cunt" He snarled at her. She lay on the ground silently and watched her attacker, silently praying for someone to come.

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Her mouth was dry, and she was slightly dazed at the situation. He suddenly lunged for her, and landed on top of her, his face only centimeters from hers, she cringed as she smelt the heavy stench of alcohol and cigarettes on his breath. He smiled at her apparent fear, and sat up, on her stomach, restricting not only her movement, but her breathing as well. He slapped her across the face, suddenly, and with no warning, she gasped and saw stars, her hands flew up to shield her head as he raised his open hand again.

He chuckled softly to himself and bought his hand down gently to her face. His calloused fingers traced a line around her high cheekbones, and her delicate lips.

He was mesmerized by her silent beauty, her pale blue eyes, wide and alert, captivating him, her small, pink pouty lips almost begging to be kissed and her cute button nose. Her hair was long and light brown, framing her perfect little face.

He leant down and licked her lips softly, causing her to shift her head to the side. This did little to stop her attacker, he knew what he wanted and he would get it, at any cost. His hand roughly grasped her chin, and pulled her head around so she was facing him again.


Her eyes were slowly starting to fill with tears as realization dawned, of what this evil man wanted, and was going to take from her. She opened her mouth, to protest, when he clamped his mouth swiftly over hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth, exploring it roughly.

The taste of alcohol on his tongue was over powering and she fought gagging, while this strange man invaded her mouth. She tried shifting her head again, earning a slap to the face once again. He stopped the kiss by biting her pouty little bottom lip gently and looking at her. "Look, cunt, I will take what I want whether you like it or not, but I have a suggestion, if you don't like what I'm doing, I suggest you take it silently and without protest, I don't want to hurt your pretty little face but, if that's what it takes, I will do it." She looked at him silently and nodded slightly, her face still stinging from her punishments.

He was satisfied with this and slowly he edged his hands under her top and up her flat stomach, he felt the cool metal of a piercing in her navel, and smiled, wondering where else this little cunt had pierced.

She shuddered as his hands traced up her stomach, the sensation tickling her smooth skin, but the fact that it was unwanted repulsed her. His hands left an unseeable trail of dirt behind them, and she knew then and there that she would never feel clean again. He smiled at her apparent disgust at what his hands were doing, he got further and further up until her reached her bra, he bought out a knife and she shrank back against the grass, trembling in fear.

He bought it to her face and ran it down her cheek; a tear silently followed its trail. He slipped the knife up her top, the cool metal causing her to shiver more. He slipped it under her bra and pulled up, the sharp knife slicing through her bra and ripping her top right down the middle. He put the knife next to him and looked down at the girl. Hell, she couldn't have been more than 16.

He moved the shredded pieces of bra to the side and looked in awe at her perfectly formed breasts, and the rosebud nipples, standing dead in the centre, erect from the cool night air. He groaned as he found himself hardening, his penis forming a tent in his pants. His hands moved up her stomach towards her perfect little breasts, no more than a b cup, and he cupped one of them in his hands. His finger and thumb tweaked her little nipple and she gasped at his touch, then more tears fell down her cheek.

He leant down and took her nipple in his mouth, biting down gently. She squealed and wriggled underneath him, deciding to take the hard road. He bit down harder, and clamped his hand over her mouth. He bit down until he could taste the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. Her body was now shaking uncontrollably, and tears were streaming freely down her face.

He bought his face up to hers and whispered "I warned you cunt, I don't want to hurt you but, I will" He bought the knife up and waved it in her face, as a warning. She shook her head in understanding, and he removed his hand. He stood up and kicked her legs apart, then knelt between them.


His hand sought out her breast and pinched her bloodied nipple, while he ripped her skirt off her, revealing her lacey little hotpants. He cut them off with his knife and looked at her perfectly formed little pussy, all shaven and ready to be invaded. He slid his hands between her pussy lips, and felt her wetness, the little cunt was enjoying it! He slid a finger into her, checking for a barrier.

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He found none and was slightly disappointed that someone had got to this little cunt before him. He slid his finger in and out of her a few more times, roughly, her body moving every time his finger jammed up inside her.

He stood above her and slid his pants off, and next his boxers, revealing his hard penis to her. She gasped at the thickness of it and he smiled down at her. She made a move to get up but he sat down on her chest.

She cried silently at her helplessness and looked up at the man who was about to rape her. He grabbed her hair roughly, and pulled her head up to his cock. "Open your mouth you little slut!" He ordered. As she opened her mouth, a metal piercing glistened in the moonlight, he smiled and jammed his cock into her mouth, causing her to gag. Still holding her hair, he moved her head up and down on his hard cock, and groaned as her tongue slid around, rubbing against his cock, and the coldness of the piercing causing little tingles shooting up his cock.

He reached down and blocked her cute little nose, and held her head against him, his cock buried down her throat. Her beautiful eyes widened in alarm and her hands came up, scratching at his arms, his stomach and whatever else they managed to connect with.

He laughed and pushed her head down onto the grass as she gasped for air. He positioned himself between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock against her clit. She wriggled away from him, causing him to roar with anger.

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He grabbed her ankles and pulled her down to him. He pulled a rope out of his backpack, then stood her up against a tree, and tied her hands behind her. He found her panties and stuffed them in her mouth, as he knew she would scream at his next move. He picked up the knife and walked slowly towards her. She screamed into her panties as the metal, glistening in the moonlight, got closer. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the knife, as he sneered at her. He got up to her and slapped her face again, then bent down in front of her.

He brought his knife to her stomach and slowly he sliced her, not deep, but about a 10 centimeter cut. She screamed into the gag and sobs wracked her body. He smiled at his handy work and licked along the cut, savoring the taste of her blood. He threw the knife to the ground and suddenly rammed his cock up inside of her. She winced with pain as his thickness stretched her pussy like it had never been stretched before. He stayed balls deep in her for about a minute, enjoying the feel of her tight pussy around his cock.

Her head hung loosely and her tears dripped down her stomach, stinging her cut. He pulled out of her pussy and then rammed it all back in again, causing her to scream again, silently as for the gag. He then built up a rhythm, ramming his cock up in her as hard as he can, then sliding back out. He was about to cum when he had an idea.

He cut the ropes and the girl fell to the ground. He grinned to himself, when he saw her bloody back, from the cruel rubbings against the tree. He picked her up and tied her hands around the tree, while she was on her knees. He looked at her perfect ass, illuminated by the moonlight.

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He bent down and gave her a hard spank, bringing her out of her stupor and causing her to struggle against her bindings. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on her puckered little anus. Her face fell as she realized his intentions. She screamed until her voice was lost, which made no difference as no one could hear her anyways. He waited until she had calmed down, and he pressed the head of his cock against her little asshole. He pressed harder, and her ass gave way to the head of his cock.

She groaned in pain as his head entered her virgin ass. He moved his cock in a little bit further, which was a struggle, as she was so tight. He grunted with effort as he pushed it in inch by inch. She almost passed out from the pain his thick cock was causing in her tight ass.

She felt as if she was being ripped in half from the inside, tears were streaming steadily down her face, and dripping down the trunk of the tree. Just when she felt she couldn't take anymore, he let out an almighty grunt and forced the rest of his cock into her tight ass, causing her to scream, then pass out.

He laughed and stayed still for a moment, waiting for her ass to relax a little.

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He moved slowly in and out, his pre cum lubing it up a little for him and making it slightly easier for him to move. He reached around and traced his finger down the cut he gave her, the blood still running out slowly, he bought his finger to his lips and licked the blood off. He started moving in and out of her ass smoothly. He moaned loud and shot his load in her ass, filling her to the brim with his semen. He removed his cock from her ass, and a mixture of blood, shit and semen leaked out, her anus loose from his giant cock.

He untied her, and laughed as he slapped her with his cock, covered in the disgusting mixture from her ass.

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She awoke with a start, and immediately wished she hadn't, the pain from her anal raping making her cry, large heart renching sobs, that racked her whole body. She felt as though she couldn't move, and the man laughed at her, at her pain and her embarrassment. He threw some clothes at her out of his backpack and walked off into the night, leaving her in a pool of her blood and shit, and his semen.

She lay there silently, looking at the moon, crying silently. Slowly, she stood up and a loud slurping noise came from her anus as more semen slid down her thigh. She put on the clothes he had given to her and limped home, never to be the same again.