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Teen Girl with glass toying in anal new
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I'm thrilled that I have had positive feedback on my first two stories. Although I will add additional parts to that story, I'm also going to take a moment and start a New story today. I hope you enjoy it. My name is Jason and I'm not your average "loser" at my school.

I'm an average height chubby boy that hasn't had much luck with girlfriends and I cant wait for the last three years of school to come and go. This particular summer has been mild and I think i'm the only kid in school that has spent more time in his room than outdoors. I live at home with my mom Debbie in a singlewide trailer just outside of our smallish town. We have a couple neighbors on our road that live in really nice new houses.

My mom inherited this six acres of land when grandpa died and putting this shitty trailer on it is all she could afford. Last I heard my dad lived in a couple states over and mom said that he only does odd cash jobs to survive.

She says it's so he does not have to pay taxes or child support like a dead beat. I believed her too because I haven't seen him in almost 4 years.

To be honest, I barely remember what he looks like other than tall and chubby like me. I want to tell you that I have a model figured mother and I'm glad I have that one little nitch on my side. Truth be told, My mom is what I would call a granny and she is barely in her forties. She has an average figure I guess, but she dresses in extremely conservative clothes that really aren't that flattering.

Mom has also developed into a shut in over the past couple of years. When we get home in the afternoons, it's not uncommon for us to retire to our rooms for the remainder of the evening playing on our computers. I'm an avid WOW player and I think she spends most of her time playing childish games like Farmville.

Either way, this was my life and I dealt with it. About three weeks ago I noticed a gradual change in my mother. For my whole life she was a very conservative dresser, and since my dad left us, she has not given any real attention to her looks. I mean, she would rarely wear makeup, and it was even less often she stepped out of her room without a hoodie and sweat pants on. Recently mom has been wearing makeup almost every day and she has gotten her hair highlighted recently.

I'm pretty sure she has gone tanning at the salon too because her skin is a shade darker and glowing. Also recently she bought a new pair of glasses.

The square kind that have thick black "librarian" frames. I know all that stuff costs money and with mom's hours at the hotel being cut, I didn't know how she could have afforded it. Her clothing has also changed. Mom had no doubt been shopping recently and bought herself a new series of clothing. This included low rise jeans, blouses, and I have even seen a couple skirts that were way shorter than anything she has ever worn before.

Her attitude also has changed dramatically. My mother is not the educated type, nor is she a ditsy girl, but she does have her shortcomings when it comes to brains.

She dropped out of high school when she met my father (who was 7 years her elder) and they had traveled around the south like gypsies while my father chased after work. Mom never got a proper education and when she got pregnant with me, they came back to our hometown to settle down.

My father did not take to the idea and left her only a couple years into their established or "home based" lifestyle. Mom has been kind of depressed and a shut in ever since. She always busted her ass to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted growing up. She really has always spoiled me and I have never seen her do a lot of things to promote herself.

Recently she has been super cheery and upbeat. She welcomes me home everyday with a stronger hug and she has even started kissing me.

Not romantically, but just a peck on the mouth. It's only odd because she has never shown this type of efection or pure happiness since I can remember. I knew their was no guy she was seeing because she was almost always at home when she was not working, and I knew she would have told me about a guy.

I decided to have a sit down talk with her and probe a few questions to her. I was curious about her new attitude and apparent increase in funds.

So I decided to bring up these issues at dinner tonight. Of all things mom wasn't. She was an EXCELLENT cook. I walked to town this afternoon because I wanted to go to the library and get a few new sci fi books. I knew I would be gone for awhile so I sent my mom a text message letting her know I would be home around 5. She responded with "okay hunny. btw I am making your favorite tonight. I hope your hungry." I instantly smiled and knew I would be having corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

When I got home, mom met me with a hug and a kiss like she has everyday the past few weeks. She was smiling and holding a glass of red wine as she greeted me. We sat at the table and mom told me that dinner would be a few more minutes before it was ready, so i decided to take this opportunity and bring up my recent observations to my mom. "mom. is everything okay with you?" I asked cautiously.

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"of course hunny. why do you ask?" she replied "well. you have been really nice the past few weeks. not that weren't nice before. but you know what I mean." I stumbled over my words. "oh dear." she said with a happy grin. "i'm just happy to be blessed with a handsome boy." she said as she leaned over and kissed my head as she stood up and walked towards the stove to check on dinner.

"Thanks mom" I said slightly blushing." but how did you afford all your new stuff?" Mom stopped dead in her tracks and without turning around said "what are you talking about?" in a flat cautious tone.

"it's just that you have been working less, and you got glasses, and clothes, and your hair." I trailed off. "It's not like it's my business but I was just wondering." As I mentioned her new clothing, I couldn't help but inspect what she was wearing. It was a tight fitting t-shirt and snug low rise jeans. To be honest, the tight fitting clothes made my moms boobs look really really big.

For the first time I looked at my mother as a woman and I wasn't disappointed in my observations. Mom stood up straight and slowly turned around to face me. Her face looked scared and she hesitated before she spoke. "I got a second job working at home that has given me some extra income." after a longer pause she continued "is their anything you would like me to buy you?" she said while forcing a smile.

"no I'm fine mom but thanks. What is it that you are doing online?" I asked with genuine curiosity. "I.uh.I.uh. I take surveys" she stammered and a face of pure fear crossed her face. I knew she was lying, but the terror on her face made me realize I was asking about something she didn't want to discuss. So I decided to end this conversation now and bring it up at a later time.

"That's cool mom. I'm proud of you." I said as enthusiastic as I could. Mom smiled and proceeded to work on dinner. We ate the fabulous meal and I helped her clean up like I always do. Mom told me that she had to work the late shift tonight at the Hotel so I was stuck here alone until at least 6am. I told mom I would do some cleaning to help take the workload off her. Mom sighed and gave me a firm embrace and kissed the top of my head. She said "awwww.

my big boy is so sweet." when mom got ready to go she came to my room to say goodbye, as she stepped in (wearing her plain housekeeping outfit that resembles NOTHING like a French maid uniform) she asked me to do some of my laundry tonight.


When mom's face looked at my pile of clothes on the floor she suggested that I do all my underwear and socks in the first load by themselves with a certain detergent she started using a year or so ago or leave them for her to do.

I looked at her puzzling and asked her why. I should have known I was setting myself up. I knew why. "well honey, I have noticed recently your underwear and your socks have been more. (a huge smile came across moms face). CRUNCKY." "MOOOOOOM" I half hearted shouted. I was so embarrassed and I turned my chair so she could not see me. Mom walked up behind my chair and gave me a sympathetic hug around the chair. "it's okay baby it's completely normal for a boy your age.

besides, you know you cant hide anything from me. I'm a MOM!" she said proudly with a joking smirk. She kissed the top of my head then left for work. After about 20 minutes I felt the urge to jerk off so I opened my internet browser and went to my favorite porn site. I could smell my mom's perfume in the room still and I was oddly and unexpectedly aroused. The first video on my site was of a "Mature blonde anal". the woman on the icon was hot so I clicked on it.

I watched as some older woman got impaled by a huge porn star dick. I couldn't help but compare the woman in the video to my own mother. The porn star may have been a bit thinner, but mom definitely had bigger boobs and a wider ass. As I stroked myself to my observations, I caught myself wondering if mom likes anal. I wondered if she has ever taken it in the ass before. I watched as the blonde pulled herself off the giant member and got on her knees waiting for the money shot.

This also made me wonder about mom. Has mom ever sucked a dick. Has mom ever gotten a money shot or swallowed.OOOOH SHIIIIT!!!! I was then cumming uncontrollably up my chest and back onto my dick in a seated position. I gasped and started to settle down and breathe again.

I just jerked off at the thought of my own mother. The fact made me want to cry, and commit myself into a mental hospital, and just kick my own ass. I was disgusted with myself as I cleaned my lap and took my stained clothes off. I put on some mesh shorts and a t-shirt and decided it was time to start some laundry. I gathered all my dirty clothes into a basket and took them to the hallway where the washer and dryer was.

As I was told, I started the first load with my underwear, socks, and my recently worm clothing. Everything was crusty like mom suggested and before I knew it, I had an entire load full of semen stained clothes. I couldn't believe I thought mom never noticed my cum stained laundry.

Proud of myself for doing what I was told, I felt the urge to tell mom about it. I sent her a text that said "Laundry is started.the crusty ones are in first like you said." To be honest, since it had been brought up already by mom i felt no shame saying that to her. It only took a minute to get a reply from her. It read "good boy.

I'm glad you are a big help. I love you so much" I smiled and I was motivated by what mom said. I wanted to make her happy and her new outlook on life was clearly boosting her happiness.

So I decided I would do all the chores in the house before mom got home. I started in the kitchen and although it was cleanish already, I added the finishing touches so to speak.

As I cleaned the trailer room by room I made my way to moms room. Typically I don't ever go in there unless mom calls me back there to ask me a question. I hadn't ever really looked around it before. As far as I knew, I wasn't NOT supposed to be in there so I walked in.

I first noticed the cleanliness of mom's room. Her bed was made, her computer desk was clean and tidy. I noticed her clothes hamper was lumpy and had dirty clothes in it. Although the rest of her room was clean, I decided I could help by washing mom's laundry for her since all my clothes were now washed and almost dry. I pulled the hamper to the hallway and started running water and added detergent. I opened the lid to the hamper and reached in for the clothes.

My first handful of clothing was a pair of mom's low cut jeans and a couple t-shirts. The second handful stopped me in my tracks and caused me to freeze right then and there. It was a handful of underwear. That by itself would typically not bother me. but these were not your average 40= year old woman underwear. the three pairs of cloth in my hand consisted of two thongs (one thick, one thin as string) and the other was a pair of what I call boy shorts.

I'm not sure what their technical term was, but I know the upper class girls in my school wear them to make their asses look more lifted.

I was stunned that my mother had panties like this and I knew she would die if she knew I found them. I decided I would put all her clothes back into the hamper and return it to where I found it so she would never know. At least I would in a minute. Without rationalizing anything, I brought the bunch of panties to my mouth and sniffed hard. Insane arousal engulfed me and my dick was hard as a rock. The distinct aroma of my mother's worn panties filled my head. well, my "heads." Without any other rational thoughts I pulled my dick from my shorts and started jerking vigorously and the panties were pressed to my face with my other hand.

I bet no more than 20 strokes is all it took and i knew I was one second from cumming as I stood in front of the filling washing machine. Instinctively I pulled the wad of panties to my groin and unleashed a powerful load from my throbbing balls. The spurts continued for what felt like forever as I soaked the three items with a fresh load of spunk. My legs were trembling and I panicked at the realization of my actions. I threw the soiled panties back into the hamper followed by the clothes I had already removed.

I rushed the hamper back to it's original location and stopped for a moment of rational thought. I pulled out the chair at moms desk to sit down and think. After a few minutes of trying to rationalize why mom had sexy underwear, or why I had to sniff then, or why it turned me on so much, or what she looked like wearing them.

WHAT!!!. I couldn't believe I was fantasizing about my mom again. I have never been so emotionally aroused in my life and it was because of my mother. I'm a stranger to sex but I am an expert on the subject.

Although I have never been beyond first base, I feel I have watched a lifetime of porn and I knew exactly what to do. Like a porn star does it at least. I swiveled the chair around looked at the blank monitor. Out of pure curiosity moved the mouse and engaged the computer. As I did so, I noticed a large and very expensive high definition webcam mounted to the top of the desk. The webcam was directed over my shoulder towards the bed.

I hadn't known mom got a new webcam. I mean, she was rather computer savvy for her age but I didn't know she was into video chatting. I wondered who she was chatting with. Maybe it was my dad who I haven't seen in forever. I opened her browser and pulled up the history and recently visited sites. I stared in disbelief as the only site mom had been on for the past few weeks was a webcam porn site. I couldn't believe mom watched that crap.

I have been to those sites before and it costs money to get the girls to do anything cool. Was my mom into watching guys jerk off on cam? Is that what she was into?. If only she knew that roulette site could provide her that for every other guy you meet. Again, on sheer curiosity (or at least I used that as an excuse) i opened the site. I stared at the page and realized it was not the same homepage as I remembered.

It was the member's page and I saw written at the top "WELCOME DEEPTHROATDEBBIE". What the fuck was this? I scanned the page and realized my mom's name is Debbie and this was her member's page. She wasn't a viewer. she was a model. I closed my eyes and looked down trying not to believe what I just saw.

Of course this explains the new financial income. At first I was angry that my mom whored herself on cam for money to all those fucking douche bags.

Then I remembered how happy she has been the past few weeks. I then wondered if deepthroat was something she actually did or was known for. As I looked down I saw my dick was at full attention. For the third time in about two hours I was going to have to jack off again. And I'm certain thoughts about my mother prompted all three.

I looked back up at the screen and clicked on the icon "my profile". Instantly the icon for her profile appeared, and had I been jerking off, I would have blown my load at that very moment. It was a pic of mom's face with a tan rubber dildo in her mouth. Her face was so beautiful in her glasses and make up on.


The rubber cock was long as the rest of it hung from her mouth. It was a double headed dildo and it was long with heads on both sides. I located a section on the profile that said "user gallery" and clicked it. Before I let the photos load, I had my dick in hand again. When the photos loaded it was like a slow motion picture. The first was much like the icon with the tip of the dildo in my mothers mouth.

As I scrolled down, each photo showed the fake penis further and further in her mouth. Soon the dildo was down her throat and only about 3 inches of the long slender dick was in her throat. I was so close to cumming that I stopped stroking, I feared that I would make a mess along the keyboard and that would be hard to explain to mom.

I decided I needed a cum catcher so I stood up and took a step towards the door. I stopped and with a slow turn i looked at mom's dresser. At this point I couldn't care less that I was a pervert and I darted to the dresser and opened the top drawer. As I was hoping, it was full of bra's and panties. I located in the back another pair of sexy panties.

Unfortunately it was just a skimpy g-string that wouldn't collect much of my burning load so I kept digging. I then found something of proportionate size to handle a leaky glob of spunk. It was a pair of silk bikini style panties that had a full cover for the as so i knew it would hold my load.

I returned to the computer chair and scrolled down further beyond the photos to the user's profile information.

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I was vigorously stroking as I read the paragraph why mom wrote in the "about me" section. It read: ABOUT ME I'm a single mom who has a very talented mouth :) . I love sucking my toys and using them on myself. For the right price I will do anything you want on cam. Every Sunday I do a free morning show where you can sample my skills.

Tips are always appreciated. Keep your hands and your wallet's busy boys!!! :) I started gushing again directly into the panties. As disgusting as I knew this action was. I didn't care one bit. I proudly filled the panties and smiled at my third large load of spunk that I expelled. I sat in bliss for a moment and actually felt thankful that my mother was a sexual creature. I don't know how or why she never turned me on in the past, but as of now, I am totally consumed by the thought of her.

I closed the browser and realized I had to do something with the soiled panties. If I put them in the laundry would she ever even know? I decided the risk was worth it so I opened the hamper and stuffed them deep into the other clothing. With a smile on my face, I returned to my room and prepared for bed. I picked up my phone and sent a text to my mom that said "I love you mom. Thank you for being so perfect." I then drifted off to sleep knowing Sunday was only two days away. I awakened around 10ish and mom was obviously still sleeping.

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I walked to her room and cracked the door to her room to see her in her bed snoozing in bliss. I decided I would wake her in the early afternoon with a meal I prepared myself. As 2pm neared I had a pile of sandwiches and macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs ready to go. I knocked on moms door and told her it was time to wake up and that I had food ready.

She said groggily that she would be out in a minute. About 10 minutes later, mom walked into the kitchen and hugged and kissed me as I sat in my dinner chair. She was wearing a pair of low cut jeans and a tight fitting tank top. I could see the bra was not padded and her nipples ever so slightly were visible bumps on her shirt. Her tits were absolutely enormous and I cannot believe I hadn't noticed until now.

We engaged in general discussion and she thanked me for cleaning up the house. We spoke about her work and about the upcoming school year.

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I broke the casual conversation and told my mother that I thought she looked really pretty today. She almost choked on her sandwich and started at me funny. She looked down at herself and said "yeah right. but thanks for the compliment sweetie." before she started a muffled laugh.

But I wasn't joking. Her hair was still a little messy, her makeup was a little smeared from sleep, and her enormous boobs were staring at me like a deer and headlight reversed. My mother saw the seriousness in my face and froze for a moment. I think she knew I was staring at her tits as I slowly ate my sandwich. Only a half second later she broke unexpectedly asked "do you like my new clothes hunny?" I finally broke my stare and looked up at her evilish grin and without saying a I nodded my head in approval.

Mom smiled big and continued to eat. After lunch, we retired to our rooms for a couple of hours. I set up my own guest profile on that webcam site and couldn't wait till tomorrow morning to watch my mom do whatever it is she does to make the money she is making. Mom called my name and I went to the living room to see what she wanted. I stopped and started with my jaw open as mom was standing at the washing machine and her hamper at her side.

She had a black piece of cloth in her hand and I was certain I was busted for what I did to them last night. She looked at me with wide eyes and their was a long awkward silence with the look of pure horror on my face. She looked confused as she looked at me then back to her left hand. Without a word she smiled really big and started to giggle. She looked around the machines and barely able to say the words without laughing she stammered out "did you use the correct detergent last night?" with her laughter becoming increasingly more evident.

"Uh-huh" with a nod is all I could do. I knew I was caught. I was not any good at lying or looking unsuspicious if that is a thing. She finally came to my rescue and said "okay hunny, you can go back to your room now, I was just checking." I slowly turned and walked sheepishly back to my room like a whipped dog. Part of me wondered if she DID in fact know what I had done, the other part of me wondered why she wasn't mad.

I sat there on my bed staring at the wall forever wondering what the fuck I was going to do. Then I got a text message from mom. It read "can I come in and get some of your clothes ready for wash" I looked around and noted that I only had a couple items in my basket that consisted of pajamas and my mesh shorts and shirt from yesterday. I was curious why she wanted to get them so soon but replied "sure." About 30 seconds later mom opened my door with a smile on her face.

She said she wanted to get a few more clothes to complete a full load. She had a few clothes in her hand that she gestured she was going to add mine to. I nodded in silence and my mother turned her back towards me and slowly bent down to pick up the clothes from my basket.

As she did this, her shirt tail rose and exposed a pink thong riding it's way up the middle of her back. It was so hot and my cocked jumped at the sight. My mother looked over her shoulder while she was in this squatted position and said "thanks baby" and started to stand. She arched her back and slowly stood up provocatively. She stood over my basket then I saw something fall into it. She looked over her shoulder one last time at me with a smile then walked out the door. With my raging boner about to burst I ran to the door and locked the door behind her.

I whipped my jean shorts down and prepared to beat my meat like I was mad at it. As I walked to my computer, my clothes basket caught my eye, Their was something in it. I reached in and pulled out a pair of my mothers panties. They were a purple thong with the word "princess" written across the front in white lettering. I looked close and knew that had been worn recently. I pulled them to my face and inhaled my mother's aroma. They were still just a tiny bit moist from recent use and I began licking up the minute amount of goodness.

I was already cumming again right where I stood. Some of my cum made it in my basket before I caught the rest with the panties. when I was finished I dropped them into the basket and plopped on my bed.

Did my mother intentionally drop those in my basket after she learned I jerked off on her other ones. Did she intentionally bend down to show me her other panties when she grabbed my other clothes. Either way my mind was running wild and I couldn't wait until tomorrow morning. When dinner was ready, mom sent me a text letting me know. I walked into the kitchen where dinner was already laid out and knew for sure she was fucking with me. Mom was wearing the same clothes as earlier, but her hair was in pig tails and she was no longer wearing a bra.

Her mammoth tits were swaying from side to side as she started portioning out the mashed potatoes. She had a huge smile on her face and looked at me lovingly. She told me to sit down and eat. so i did. We started eating in silence. I wasn't able to speak as my attention was at moms erect nipples that I could clearly see through her tight tank top. My dick was extremely hard but thankfully hidden under the table.

Mom broke the silence first by asking about my plans for tomorrow. I told her I didn't have any. Mom suggested that I go sleep over with a friend and I told her I would make some calls after dinner. She was no doubt trying to get me out of the house for her performance tomorrow. Come to think of it, she has done this the last few Saturday nights.

I knew for sure I wasn't going to miss this show tomorrow no matter what I have to do. I came up with a plan and was rather impressed with the detail of my lie. "I wanted to get up early tomorrow and run to the library. Tomorrow is the release of a book I want and if I don't get there early I will miss out.

I'll probably have to wait in line for a couple of hours to be sure I get it." I said "oh that's great hunny. I'm glad you are so smart." She gave me a wincing smile and continued with the meal.

Mom said she had to go to the Salon tonight and would be back in an hour or so. She asked if I needed anything and I said no. After she left I felt the impulse to go to her room and get into more mischief. Instead I decided to be a good boy and play some games in peace. Gearing myself for tomorrow's show. When I heard mom get home, she did not announce it and I heard her door shut.

Because this was not typical, I texted her and asked if she was okay. "i'm fine hunny, I just needed to pee and take a shower. I love you" I was aroused again at the thought of my mom getting naked and washing her huge tits and preparing for her camera time. I wanted to see this so I daringly and quietly mad my way to the other end of the trailer and opened her bedroom door. Her bathroom was on the far end of the trailer through her room. Unfortunately the door was completely shut so i couldn't get a peek at her if I wanted to.

I did however see clothes laid out on the bed. Not clothes that she would normally wear, but something a downtown hooker might wear.

It was a small pink strapless shirt and a white skirt that was at most 8 inches in length. Their is no way mom would wear that in public so I now knew what to expect in the morning.


Although I was disappointed that I didn't see her naked, I was thrilled to see her slutty clothes. I went back to my room and started dozing off before I heard a knock on my door. Mom asked if she could come in for a minute and I said she could. Mom opened the door and my jaw dropped. My was wearing super tight leggings that hugged every crevice of her lower half and a spaghetti strap shirt again with no bra.

I know mom said something to me, but I was too mesmerized. "hello" she said louder with a huge grin on her face. I broke my stare at her visible nipple bumps and met here eye contact. "we have a problem" she said with a smile. "what happened?" I asked frantically "you cant drive to school this year if you don't learn how to drive." she said with a smile as she tossed me her keys. "really" I said with huge excitement. "yes I am. Get some shorts on and take me up the block and back." she said Without hesitation I threw on some white mesh shorts along with a black t-shirt from the college I want to attend.

I followed mom through the house out to the car. Her ass looked so good in this outfit. The clothing clung to her so much that It was obvious the was not wearing underwear. When she turned around I could see her perfect camel toe as well. Mom proportionately was a bit thick, but she looked super fucking sexy.

I got in the driver's seat to her older Lincoln continental that she also inherited from grandpa. I love this car because the interiors are HUGE. Mom got into the passenger's side and lifted the console in the center and scooted to the center of the front seat.

Her massive cleavage and dangly tits inches from my shoulder. How in the hell am I supposed to drive like this? Mom gave me the instructions to start the car and check the mirrors and all that other garbage and we began down the road. I felt like a millionaire driving for the first time and having a hot chick next to me. I was truly in bliss. But bliss only lasted as long as the driving high did.

The more comfortable I got, the more obvious mom's tits were bouncing around as we went down the gravel road. The further we went, the bumpier and less traveled the road become. Those tits were so amazing and believe I was drooling as i stared at them.

Until mom yelled "look out" I looked up and noticed I was halfway off the road and a sign in the shoulder was quickly approaching. i quickly stomped the brakes and slid slowly into the sign. The sign barely jolted and both mom and I got tossed just a bit from our seats. Despite how bad that could have been, I still noticed moms tits almost hit her in the face as I stomped the brake. We sat there in silence for a moment as mom slowly settled her breathing.

Despite my continuous apologies mom did not respond. She just stared out the front windshield with an unreadable face. After a few moments of silence mom finally broke the awkward moment.

"well, I guess nobody is hurt and the car is still fine. I guess you just need better lessons." she said with a slowly formed smile. I agreed with her and unbuckled my belt and opened the door to step out. It was then I realized my dick was hard, and standing up was not a good idea right in front of her. Thankfully she stopped me and told me to shut the door. Thankfully she was going to give me another shot at driving and she didn't even seem mad.

"Take your hands off the wheel" she said with a smile. "and scoot your seat back." I slowly complied and started hunching over to hide my erection while getting more and more nervous as to what she was expecting me to do. She swung one leg over my right leg and braced the seat with her hands and started to climb onto me.

In shock I blurted out (louder than I wanted to) "what are you doing?" in a panicky voice. "I'm giving you a better lesson. I'm gonna sit on your lap on the way home so you get a better feel for the road while I help you steer." as mom said those words I panicked because my dick was at full mast and my mom was swinging her nice round ass in front of my face and she will soon settle it into my lap and feel my erect rod.

She is going to freak out as soon as she feels it. It's her damn fault anyways. She is the one who wore that shirt to make her boobs flop around. "relax hunny" she said as she slowly and gently rested her bum onto my lap. My rock hard cock grazed her thighs and nestled between her legs against her warm. and I mean WARM crotch. Through the three thin layers of fabric I felt her warmth engulf my cock and I let out a small moan. Mom shifted around to look at me and with a smile asked "am I too heavy for you?.

are you alright?" "I'm fine mom promise" was blurted out of my mouth more labored than I expected. "Good thing. Now put your arms on the wheel with me." she said as she again twisted her bottom just a little to face forward again.

The feeling was sensational. I wrapped my arms around my mom until i gripped the wheel and smooshed the sides of her tits forward. Although I was already excited, I wished I could see what her tits looked like from the front while I did this.

I could barely see over her shoulder to the roadway. Mom while working the pedals put the car in reverse and backed up slowly onto the road. Then she put it in drive and we slowly continued down the road very slowly. The bumpy road was making us bounce and my cock jumped every time their was movement between her legs.

I felt her legs squeeze a little tighter every time I twitched. Or at least I think I did. About a half mile later we approached a paved road that takes us back towards town. Mom slowly did a U-turn in the intersection and proceeded back down the gravel road. I hadn't realized mom was talking this whole time.

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When I finally heard something she was giving driving instructions as we went. I didn't hear anything then my brain telling my cock not to cum. I was certain she would know instantly if I did and I would have a lot of explaining to do. The bumping slowly got harder and jerked us more and more each time. Once, I think mom let out her own gasp and she bumped off my lap just a bit then back down.

Certainly she could feel my cock right between her legs can't she? Mom reached down and turned on the radio in a fast motion. She turned it loud and started driving faster. If I wasn't mistaken, I think she was intentionally bumping and grinding onto my cock. we bounced, and rocked, and bounced and rocked, and rocked, and rocked, and rocked.

We were no longer driving on the rough part of the road yet mom was grinding her hips left and right moving my cock right along with it. Although the music was loud I could hear mom moaning louder and louder. I could tell by the way she winced when she noticed her volume that she was using the music to mask her own pleasure moans. I was doing it. I was actually dry fucking my mom in her super tight leggings and my flimsy shorts.

I know I was going to blow my load any minute. Mom increased the speed of her grinds for a short bit and I was breathing hard to control myself. Then I felt it. I felt the wetness inside my shorts. Had I cum and not noticed it?

No, Because I could still feel myself fighting off my own orgasm. Why the hell am I wet then? The obvious hit me hard as I felt my mother go partially limp and slump over the wheel while still maintaining control over the vehicle. She had came on my lap. on my cock. The realization struck me as the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me and I began firing off ropes of cum directly into my shorts. I thrust slightly into my mother repeatedly until I was finished. As I felt my soaked cock begin to subside, my mom gave a little wiggle from her ass as we were pulling into our driveway.

Mom parked the car and turned the radio off. As she turned off the ignition she leaned back and turned her face to look at me. "best driving lesson ever?" she asked with a cheery smile.

"DEFINATELY" blurted from my mouth much louder than I wanted. Mom smiled and opened the door to the car and stepped out lifting herself off my spent cock.

I was then able to confirm that she got off on my lap because her leggings were clearly wet from her crotch to about 4'' down both legs. Mom did not waste anytime going inside.

Quay Len Em Trong Nha Tam

I slowly trailed behind her while trying to keep the mess inside my shorts from running down my legs. I waddled to my room and peeled them off and tossed them into the laundry basket. I put fresh underwear on and laid into my bed. It was dark and I certainly had a fulfilling day.

Not that it will hold a candle to tomorrow. I was almost asleep when my phone notified me of a new text from mom. "I had a wonderful time teaching you to drive. Maybe we can do it again someday?. Good luck at the library tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you :)" What does I'LL BE THINKING OF YOU MEAN? is all I could think about as i faded into a peaceful sleep. The sooner I sleep, the sooner tomorrow comes around.

To be continued.