Our cute little angel filled her tight pussy with a big shaft masturbation fingering

Our cute little angel filled her tight pussy with a big shaft masturbation fingering
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Please leave comments in what you think and what you'd like to see happen next BELLA I was still pretty drunk. I went and put some shorts on and waited a minute or two just to be sure Chrissy stayed in her room.

I didn't want her following me out to the den. God knows what I was about to walk into. I creeped up quietly I could hear the muffled noises of the tv. Once I was at the window I moved around until I could see clearly.

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On the tv was a young girl surrounded by older men all taking turns. It made me sick to watch but I didn't turn away straight away. Dad was in the couch naked. Ruth on his knee, skirt pulled right up. I could see dads hand between her legs. She was smiling. Then dad said something and she jumped up all excited then climbed back up this time facing him.

She rubbed up on him for about 5 minutes while I watched dad grab a her arse. I could feel myself becoming wet. Dad then said something else and down she got again and without hesitation wrapped her lips around his cock. He instantly relaxed, head dropping back against the couch. A small smile playing on his lips.

I could not believe this was a 9 year old sucking a dick the way she was. Dad blew all over her face and not once did her smile waver. Then she said something and dad looked shocked them pleased. Really really pleased. I watched as dad removed all Ruth's clothes and layed her down on the couch. Then he moved to the tv and started to change the DVD over. with both of them facing away from the door I quickly snuck around and slipped in quietly moving down in behind the bar.

I could see them perfectly in the reflection of the big mirror on the wall and providing they didn't look up I'd be safe.

From where I was I could hear the tv but not see it. I could just see dad but now he was heading back to the couch they were both in perfect view. I don't know why I was still watching. Dad clicked the remote and instructed Ruthy to do what she saw in the DVD.

Ruth smiled and nodded. As the movie began all I could hear was moaning. Only soft but there. I watched as Ruth spread her legs apart and started to rub at her own fanny. Dad then started to beat his own dick watching her.

Ruthy arched her back and occasionally dad would lean in and rub her fanny a little. Before I knew what was happening I had also leaned back against the wall and rubbed at my own wet fanny watching her. No I didn't agree with it. But I couldn't control what my body felt. Dad got so close I thought he was going to lick her but just spat on her fanny so each time Ruth rubbed it made a squishy wet sound. I was hardly paying attention I them now and was caught up in my own when Ruth said something that caused me to pause "daddy" first thing that caught my attention.

Why was Ruth calling him daddy "yes my angel" he replied so sweetly it made me want to gag. "will you let me play with Bella one day when she is asleep" ok say what. I peeked around the edge of the bar to look better. Yep the DVD playing was one of me. The night dad snuck into my room. I was about to stand up and have my say when dad answered her "maybe one day angel, but do you want to come try something I watched Bella do once" he paused and she nodded "come on, let's get in the spa" BILL I showed Ruth my video of Bella.

And i must say she loved it. Now I was going to show her the spa. "what do I do" Ruth asked as we got into the spa.

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Both of us still naked. I pulled her back against me and lifted her onto the bench "hop up on your knees baby" I cooed.

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She did as she was told. Then I moved her over until I was sure the jet was facing her virgin fanny. "now press the button angle" I said. My hard cock was pushed up against her back she leant forward and pushed lightly in the button. The jets started and she jumped back into me harder. I held her still feeling for the jet. Adjusting her position until i was happy with it. "daddy…daddy…oh…daddy…"She moaned and giggled and screamed and once.

I pushed her a little closer and her noise increased. "oh daddy…daddy…I can't take…anymore" It all became to much and she was bucking like I wild horse I still held her firmly in front of the jet with one hand. Using the other to beat my cock as hard and as fast at possible. Wanting nothing more than to slam my cock into her tight hole and fucked her senseless. But there was no way she could take that. When the jets stopped I kept pounding my cock.

Ruth was breathing hard with her head in the edge. "are you ok baby, can we go a little longer for daddy, baby please I need it" I moved my hand from her and towards the button when Ruth reached out and stopped me. "no please no more of that. I can't take it. It's great. But too much to handle" I didn't want to her that. I wanted more. I grabbed her hair softly pulling her back into me "I said please now press the button and help make daddy happy" I'll admit the element of force in it made me hotter.

"I can't daddy, I can't" she whimpered. Like music to my ears. "too much, no daddy said yes" I slammed the button in and pushed her as close to the jet as I could. She bucked and screamed. I put one hand over her mouth and kept going on my throbbing cock. So close to but not. She fought to get out from the jets path but I held her still. "oh my daddy please daddy stop I can't do it please daddy" she carried on. All making me want it even more.

A shadow fell over me and I looked up. With our missing a beat I smiled up at Bella and asked as if nothing was out of the ordinary "what can I do for you honey" she took a deep breath and stood a little straighter.

"Ruth may have been ok with this before but now she isn't. Just let her get out, she is a child small. A 9 year old girl. Let her go." I couldn't believe the nerve. "fuck off Bella, Ruth will get out when I say." then I had an idea "unless of course your willing to take her place". BELLA I watched as Ruth's enjoyment overwhelmed her. She honestly looked as if she could not take another minute. I was dripping watching her remembering my owns times in there but most recently when my father used it against me.

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I stood from my hiding place and walked towards them. Ruth may have had some fucked up reasoning behind going this far. Now she wanted out. She was a little girl I had to try and help her. Ruth saw me before I reached them. Tears were streaming down her face and her moans sounded more like whimpers now as she pleaded with my father to stop. He had her pushed up against the jet and was beating his dick hard against her arse.

He hand covered her mouth. Dad didn't look up until I was right in front of them. When he did he smiled. He didn't stop what he was doing if anything he tried to make me look.

"what can I do for you honey?" he kept smiling at me as I tried to stand straighter and act like I wasn't shy scared. "Ruth may have been ok with this before but now she isn't.


Just let her get out, she is a child small. A 9 year old girl. Let her go." I tried to sound big and in control as I spoke but my voice wavered and cracked at the end. Dads smile disappeared as he snapped back"fuck off Bella, Ruth will get out when I say." I opened my mouth but I froze, his smile returned and he sweetly added "unless of course your willing to take her place". I started to shake my head but I looked at Ruth who was still pushed firmly against the jet.

Tears still streamed down her face. Dad now hand his fingers in her mouth making her suck on it as he pounded away at his cock. He never looked away from me. "dad please stop this. Let Ruth go inside.

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Leave me alone. Just stop this please" this time I couldn't stop the years from falling. A looked crossed his face so quick I couldn't work out what it was then he grabbed Ruth by the hair and and started to ram into her arse violently judging my the screams I could now her from Ruth and the pain in her eyes every few thrusts he was hiring her arsehole. "stop, let her go" I took a deep breath as I watched dad slow, then stop and move away "I'll stay" Ruth moved until she was sitting on the edge of the spa.

Dad moved towards her and smiled slyly as he pushed the hair from her eyes "I'm so sorry angelyour just such a sexy little girl, daddy got carried away. You know this was your fault right baby, you made daddy want more" he moved his hand to her non existent breast and rubbed lightly over her nipple. She nodded shyly "I know daddy, I'm sorry.


I'll try better next time" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Dad moved up and whispered something into Ruth's ear. She smiled, she stood and turned to leave.


As dad moved to the other side of the spa she mouthed something to me. I think it was thank you. I turned to walk inside "Bella" dad called, I stopped but didn't turn. "are you forgetting something" I still didn't turn "dad please just let me walk away" I closed my eyes and prayed. It felt like forever before he made a noise, he laughed "I don't think so, you either do as you said you would or I go back and get Ruth" I remembered hearing Ruth after I had stepped in.

Maybe I should. Save myself for once I took another step towards the house, away for him. "or maybe Chrissy, I think she feels left out, maybe it's time to include her" I spun on him.

"why! Why do you keep doing this" he didn't answer just motioned me forward. I walked to the edge of the spa I started to sit. "no, undress." I shook my head. "no Bella, no more games. Do as I say or I get Chrissy. No more threats.

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Next time it happens" I hated him. I could not risk her. I straightened and removed my shorts I didn't have underwear on.

The fact he didn't miss, raising his eyebrows and smiling at me like I was a child being praised. "and your top" I didn't hesitateI wasn't risking it. I pulled it up over my head and heard dad mumble something I couldn't quite make out. Then I sat quickly.

Moving my arms to cover as much as I could and crossing my legs to hind my pussy. "I said I would stay, that's it" I mumbled weakly. Didn't think he heard but then he replied " your in no place to be tellin me nothin cunt. Spread your fucking legs. I said I was done with your shit. Now fucking behave yourself." what started as calmly talking turned to rage. By the end he was standing right I front of me screaming it into my face.

His hand violently pushed my legs apart. He moved his mouth to my nipple and I felt the shivers thru out my entire body. I felt a new flow of juices and so did he as he pushed a finger up into me while his other hand rubbed furiously at my clit.

I couldn't deny how this felt. My head rolled back. Without wanting to I felt my self push up into him harder. Then his laughter broke the spell. "you can't lie to me and act like you don't want it. Look at you, your a fucking slut" I just stared at him.

"get down in front of the jet the way you like…now" I moved down into the spa glad to not have to look at him anymore. I got up my knees and spread my legs apart a little. The jets went on but I felt for it with my hand and made sure my pussy was right in front. I felt the water move as dad moved towards my back. He placed both his hands on my hips and whispered in my ear "press the button" I pushed it in and as the jets came to life. Water pushed at my clit. It felt amazing.

I could focus on this and block the rest out. Then dad started rocking my hips back and forth in the jet. It felt good. Really really good. "keep it up. Don't stop" he moved his hands from my hips placing one on my back and the other around his dick.

I felt him start to wank himself. I hated it how he seemed to guide it into hitting my fanny hole. "please don't do that, I'm doing what you want. But please not that" I tried to plead but he just pounded harder.

"I'll sit back and watch. But I won't wait long. I didn't understand what that meant but it was a break. I kept thrusting towards the jet. i kept this up a while I had blanked I guess, i felt dad push me closer the feeling intensified and i rocked harder then dad moved closer and whispered "c'mon bitch you can do better than that" and placed the head of his cock on the edge of my juiced up fanny hole "dad stop be careful" I warned pulling forward abit.

But he pushed up closer forcing my clit as close as possible to the jet and his cock pushing against her hole and pushed my body down forcing my fanny hard up against the wall, jet pulled right up against my clit. My chest pinned down by his weight. Then I rammed his cock in hard and I screamed. Then blacked out. BILL I watched as she rocked her hips back and forth closer to the jets after I while I became bored of watching I grabbed her pushing her closer still.

She moaned loudly and pumped her hips faster, I couldnt handle watching this. Obviously this bitch was asking for it. "fuck waiting cunt I've waited long enough I think." I pushed my cock to the opening of her pussy, then let her rocking hips do the work for me "c'mon bitch you can do better than that"I whispered in her ear as I rubbed the head of my dick in her wetness. "dad stop be careful" she tried to pull away but I pressed up on her harder.

Forcing her pussy just inches from the blasting jet. My cock was so close to being inside her I lost control I pushed hard pinning her down and forced my cock inside her as hard as I could.

Bella let out a pain filled cry and went limp. Fine by me. Easier this way. I fucked hard and fast. Stopping dead in my tracks each time I nearly blew my load. Wanting this moment to last forever. I no longer had to hold Bella down so as I fucked her I gripped her hips hard. I could already see bruises coming up. Her pussy was so tight and so warm. I moved my hands up to abuse her tits while I pumped her young cumt hole as hard as I could.

Her pussy was still fighting the size of the huge cock inside her. I felt amazing how it wrapped around so tightly. I pinched and pulled on her nipples for I while before moving my hand back to her hips. As I continued to force my cock inside my baby girl I noticed her tight little rosebud peeking each time I trust inside her. I moved my thumb to her arse hole and pushed. Not softly. Straight in. Bella hadn't moved the entire time.

So I pushed in harder. Without a second thought I pulled my cock from her pussy and lined it up with her arse hole. With Bella passed out.

She was relaxed. And though her arsehole was still tight, it didn't put up a fight. I pounded that arse for a minute of two before Bella came too.

The jet had longed stopped so I slapped it down knowing her cumt was still up against it. She moaned and started pushing back into me. Forcing my cock further up her arse. She went wild until I couldn't take anymore and blew my load inside my daughters arsehole.