Spicy stunner spreads her pussy and loves hardcore sex

Spicy stunner spreads her pussy and loves hardcore sex
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Intro: In 'Daughter-in-Law wants a Baby' Nancy went to her husband's father for a sperm donation after trying unsuccessfully to have a baby with her husband and thinking he may be sterile. She thought with his father the baby would have the same DNA and be more like family. Her father-in-law was more than happy to make a donation directly, without the aid of medical help, repeatedly. By the end of the story Nancy was successfully pregnant but it turned out that her father-in-law had neglected to tell her about his vasectomy several years earlier.

It turns out her husband was not so sterile after all. In 'Daughter-in-Law wants a Baby Part 2' Todd and his mother are both feeling sexually neglected due to their spouses hidden activities.

On one of their frequent business trips together they end up in bed with each other satisfying those neglected feelings. In fact they satisfy them time after time over the next few months. By the end of the story Nancy is once again pregnant, she thinks by her father-in-law, still unaware of his vasectomy, and Todd's mother is now pregnant, also by Todd.

Now for Daughter-in-law 3. And my usual disclaimer; I write long stories, blah, blah, blah. Don't like long stories? Then go away. Part 3 - Chapter 1 It's around 10AM and I'm sitting at the desk in my room at my sister's house staring at the screen of my laptop, trying to concentrate on the syllabus of a seminar I'll begin teaching in two weeks.

A couple of years ago my mother had started a business giving seminars and I began working with her right out of college. We have done pretty well and are beginning a new seminar series at the college my sisters attended. It will keep me here for the next several months until we have two new employees trained to take over from me.

Normally I would be at home or on the road in a hotel working on this but since the college is the same one my sisters go to I'm staying with them. When all three girls decided to attend the same school my parents bought a nice four bedroom home for them to live in while at school. The idea was it would be a safe environment and a nice investment that they would live in while going to school and then the house would be sold for a profit when they graduated.

It also gives me a chance to get to know my sisters better. I had been away at college for several years while they were in high school and then I had been pretty much on the road since I began working with mom. It was quiet in the house; my sisters were out somewhere so it was a good time to work. I tapped out a few words on the keyboard but my head was not in it.

I kept thinking of my wife at home. She was four months pregnant and barely showing but it might as well be nine months for all the good it would do. My mother-in-law was a real control freak. She believed that once you were pregnant there was no sex until around six months after you delivered. Since I was now out of town so much she had moved in with Nancy, my wife, to give her a hand with our toddler and help Nancy around the house. When I was home there was no chance we could have sex no matter how much I begged.

"She'll know", my wife insisted. "I can't lie to her if she asks". Over the last six months this would not have mattered. On one of our seminar road trips my mother and I had started a sexual relationship. It just happened one night after we left a bar. As it turned out she was frustrated with my father and I was feeling the same way with my wife; neither of us was 'getting any'.

Over the next several months we went at it like randy goats. But that all changed a month ago when both Nancy and mom announced they were pregnant.

A week later mom told me we needed to stop. She said that she and dad were getting closer again since she got pregnant and she did not want to risk ruining it. So here I am, pecking at a keyboard when I really wanted to be pecking at something else. I was relieved when the phone rang. I hit "save" and picked up the phone, "Hello". "Hi Todd. How's my favorite son"? It was mom. I had an image of her lying on the bed naked, her legs spread, waiting for me, her nipples erect, begging to be sucked on: A frequent occurrence when we were on the road.

"Long-time-no-hear. What are you up to"? I asked. I heard her shuffle some papers and her voice was distant, as though she was talking away from the phone, "I have the supporting text all worked out and printed for your seminar. I'll FedEx it to you tomorrow". "You could always drop by and give it to me and perhaps I could give it to you". I hoped I was not begging too much. "I would like to but I don't think that is such a good idea right now.

I think my husband might object". That sounded a bit promising, no definite 'No' and 'she would like to, but'. It sounded like there was a possibility.

I decided to press, "Your husband doesn't need to know". "Oh Honey, you know it's not a good idea". "Why don't you drive over? We'll get a hotel room. Then when I'm inside of you we'll decide if it's a good idea or not". "I don't know. I miss you too but I'm trying to be good".

I could hear the possibilities in her voice. She wanted to but I needed to talk her into it. "You were always good. Now imagine yourself sitting on top of me, me deep inside of you, you rocking yourself to orgasm".

"That sounds nice but…" and her voice trailed off. "Listen, why don't you come over tonight, check into the Shilo by the school and we'll talk about it. "I'll think about it. If I do come over I'll call you".

Things were looking up. It looks like Todd is getting lucky tonight. I went back to my work with a renewed focus. Chapter 2 What Todd was not aware of at the time is that Lindsey, his youngest sister, had returned home and was walking past his bedroom door when the conversation on the phone started. She didn't mean to listen in but the obvious sexual references got her attention. When the call was finished she scooted down the hall to her room and quietly closed the door behind her.

She tried to study to pass the time until her sisters came home. They needed to talk about this. Studying frequently makes me tired and I must have dozed off. I woke to the sound of my sisters bouncing through the house. I heard them as they said hello to Todd and then made their way to their bedroom. There was room in the house for each of them to have a bedroom but I guess twins like to be together. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to have someone so close, perhaps even closer than a husband.

I have no boyfriend right now so I guess relationships are on my mind. When the twins got to their room I went in to join them. I found them pulling clothes out of bags. They had obviously been out shopping. They put a couple of sweaters aside and then Janine pulled out a nightgown and held it up against her for me to see. "Isn't this nice"? I didn't know what to say. It was virtually see-through.

Then Janelle piped in, "I have one too". She held it up against her chest. I could see the pattern of her t-shirt through it with no problem.

"I hope you didn't spend more than a couple of dollars for those. There can't be more than a dollars worth of material in them". Janelle smiled at Janine, "I just wish we had someone to wear them for".

The twins had guys chasing them all the time. I guess this was one of those dry times. I knew it would not last long. I wish I had half the action they did. I know I'm good looking, and have a pretty good body, maybe not as good as the twins, but still better than average. Janine interrupted my thoughts, "What about Robbie? He'd probably lose a load in his pants if he saw you in that". Janelle lay the teddy down on the bed, "I'm not seeing him any more.

He was getting too serious. I just want someone to have fun with". Janine looked at her and then smiled at me, "You mean someone to just fuck". "Well, yes. But Robbie was all over me with 'I love you', 'let's get married'. I'm not ready for that. After a couple of weeks I'm ready for someone new". I wanted to talk to them about Todd but was not sure how to begin.

Was it any of our business? Should we butt in? What could we do anyway? Janine sat back against the headboard, the teddy on her lap. "Hey sis, why the frown"? I looked up to see the two of them looking at me. "I came home earlier and heard part of a conversation Todd was having with someone on the phone". I hesitated, still not sure of what we should, or could, do.

The twins chimed in together, "And"? It was a bit disconcerting when they did that. "He was talking to a girl on the phone and was trying to get her to come over here and have sex with him. She is going to come over here tonight and they are going to meet at a hotel". The twins giggled and looked at each other. Janelle started, "Our big brother is going to…" and Janine finished "get a little". I was surprised; they seemed okay with him screwing around on Nancy.

"What about his wife" I asked? "We all really like her. What if she finds out and they get divorced"? Janine and Janelle looked at each other. Janine spoke first, "She's right, we do like Nancy plus they have a kid and another on the way. It would be terrible if they broke up". Janelle thought for a moment, "I can understand his frustration. I hear her mother has cut off his sex life". That was a surprise to me. "What do you mean"? "Her mother had miscarriage years ago and the doctor told her it was because she had sex while she was pregnant".

"How do you know"? "Mom told me the story a while back". I went over to the bed and sat facing the twins, "That's just stupid. You can have sex when you are pregnant. Everyone knows that". "Well apparently her mother doesn't".

Janelle gave me a mischievous grin; "From what I could gather from comments from Mom and Nancy, Todd is not taking it very well". I had my opening, "That's what I wanted to talk to you two about. This girl on the telephone he was talking to; it sounded like an old girlfriend. I think they are meeting at the hotel by the school tonight. And even worse, she's married too". Janine laughed, "Well Todd, you old dog". I was surprised.

She sounded like she approved. "This isn't good. What if Nancy finds out? This could ruin their marriage. We need to do something". Janelle turned to Janine, "She's right. We all like Nancy and there are the kids to consider too.

You remember when my Psych professor and I were seeing each other. After a month he wanted to leave his family and marry me. Like that was ever going to happen". Janine poked Janelle in the side; "You mean you were fucking him for a month". They seemed to be drifting from the point. "But that doesn't help us with Todd" I said. "You're right," said Janine. "I think I know just what will work for him". I was glad she had an idea what to say to him, I did not have a clue.

"What are you going to say to convince him it isn't a good idea"? Janine got off the bed and went over to her dresser and opened a drawer. "I'm not planning on saying much of anything". She pulled out a sheer teddy and held it up in front of her.

"I think this will do all the talking necessary". Janelle got up and went over and pulled another teddy out. "I think I know what you are planning". Well I sure didn't. "What are you too talking about"? "Todd's suffering from some frustration; a backup in the system so-to-speak". Janine took off her t-shirt and pulled the teddy over her head. "I think these will help clear his pipes". They were both taking off their shorts and panties, which gave me a clearer picture of what they were planning.

"That's not going to help him; it will just frustrate him more if you are going to parade around in front of him". I admit it; I'm a bit slow. "We aren't going to 'parade around in front of him', we are going to help him get off, relieve that backup. Now you need to change into something a little sexier than the usual big t-shirt you wear at night". She pulled out another teddy and tossed it to me.

I could feel my face get warm; it wasn't quite as sheer as theirs but it was certainly still see-through. "I can't wear this. He's our brother". "That's right. He's our brother. You are the one asking 'Isn't his marriage worth it'"? She motioned to the teddy in my hands. "And besides, he's seen tits before. He just isn't seeing any now". "Well, he hasn't seen mine". The girls had now changed into the teddies. They were really short.

Any bending at all and I could see right up to their crotch. Janine and Janelle came up in front of me. "It's just going to be a little show for Todd. We'll jerk him off. You don't have to. But you should be there dressed like us or it will put a damper on the whole thing and then it will all be for nothing". She gave me that little pout when she really wanted her way, "Isn't Todd worth it"? "Okay, but I'm wearing panties with these". No one objected and I found a pair that went with the teddy.

I put on the panties and teddy and looked at myself in the mirror. Well they were right, we did look very sexy. I could see my breasts and nipples right through the material. Maybe if I stayed in back&hellip.kept my hands up? Janine and Janelle started for the door. "Let's go". I still wasn't ready. "Aren't we going to talk about it"? "What's there to talk about? Let's go do it". "Right now? But, what are we going to do"? I was still hoping for some kind of reasoning with him. "We already said what we are going to do".

And with that the twins were out the door. They seemed awfully eager. They were whispering and giggling as we walked down the hall. When we got to Todd's bedroom door Janine was in front. I expected her to knock on the door but she just opened the door and we walked in. Todd was standing by the bed in his boxers reaching for a shirt. That was a surprise: He was buff. I mean, he's my brother, I had never really thought of him that way but he had a pretty good body, that is, for a brother.

Todd turned to face us, "What are you girls doing? Don't knock any more"? Then he must have got a good look as the twins continued walking right up to him.

As I watched him his mouth opened but he didn't say anything. His eyes were fixed upon the twin's chests, looking at one and then the other. I stayed partially blocked from view behind them. The twins had to have planned what happened next because it was just too smooth. They walked up on either side of him without saying a word. They each put a hand on his chest and pushed. When he fell backwards onto the bed they climbed right up on each side of him, almost hovering above him.


I walked up and stood by his feet, not sure what I should do now. "What are you girls doing? You need to put some clothes on". Todd reached up to push Janine, who was closest to the edge of the bed, away so he could get up but all he could find to push on was her chest. He quickly pulled his hand away. "Sorry". "That's okay. Nothing to be sorry about". Janine began pushing at his legs trying to get them up on the bed while Janelle began pulling from the other side.

"Come on, make room for Lindsay. She wants to sit up here. We have something we need to talk about". Todd moved his legs up onto the bed and tried protesting again, "You girls really need to put some clothes on". I could see his heart wasn't in it. I glanced down and saw that I could actually see up one leg of Todd's boxers.

From this angle I could see his balls and part of his penis. My sisters made fun of me all the time about penis versus cock. They were always going around talking about some guys dick-this or cock-that and I always said penis; well, almost always. Whenever I was in a fairly serious relationship and we were having sex I did think of it as a cock; but this was my brother, he had a penis.

Todd was getting a bit desperate, "What are you girls doing? You need to stop and let me up"? Janelle ran a hand up his thigh, over his boxers, to his hip. "Lindsay heard you on the phone earlier.

We don't think that is right. You can't cheat on Nancy. You have a wife and family to think about". Todd lifted his head up off the bed and looked around Janine to me, "You heard whom I was talking to"? I answered, "Well no, I didn't hear who it was but I heard what you were talking about and we don't think that's right. You are married, and it sounds like she is also". Todd's head dropped back onto the bed. He appeared relieved. Janelle continued, "We don't think you should be going around fucking old girlfriends now that you are married.

Do you want to lose your wife and kids"? Todd looked back and forth at the twins and me, "It's not what you think". But he didn't sound very convincing and I think he knew it. "I don't know what to do.

Nancy and I have not had sex in months. Her mother has some weird idea that Nancy can't have sex when she is pregnant so she just says no to me". He shrugged, "What else can I do? I'm getting to know my hand too well". Janine bent down and slowly moved her breast across his face.

I could see her nipple through the fabric as it slid over his lips. I glanced down at his boxers again. What can I say, I was a bit curious. His shaft seemed a bit longer than before. Then I saw it twitch and it stood up a bit straighter. Brother might be protesting but he does like this. Janelle's hand moved and it drew my attention.

As I watched she moved a couple of fingers under his waistband. "We aren't going to let you ruin your marriage. Maybe someone else's hand will provide some relief with that backup of sperm you appear to be suffering from". As I watched her whole hand slowly disappeared into his boxers and then through the opening by his leg I saw her fingers wrap around his penis. Todd jerked up, "We can't do this. You are my sisters". Janine moved one leg over Todd's body, straddling him.

As she lifted her leg Todd finally noticed she was not wearing panties. "No, really, this isn't a good idea". Janine sat up and pulled her teddy up over her head and tossed it onto the floor. "Now what part of this isn't a good idea"? She leaned forward, putting her hands on either side of Todd's head, lowering her breasts until a nipple was once again against his lips. "Was it this part"? She moved from side to side, dragging her nipple across his lips.

As I watched, his mouth opened and her nipple disappeared in his mouth. Then a moment later his mouth opened wider and he took her entire areole in his mouth. I could see his mouth move and I knew he was using his tongue on her nipple. Janelle pulled her hand from Todd's boxers, grabbed one side of his waistband and motioned for me to grab the other. We started pulling his boxers down and they caught on his penis.

Janelle stuck her hand in, pushed his penis out of the way and then we pulled the boxers off him. I sat there and watched as Janelle took his penis in her hand and began stroking him up and down. I could hear small groaning sounds from him and from someone else. I looked up between his body and Janine's. She was hovering above him on her hands and knees. The other sounds I heard were coming from Janine; Todd had moved his mouth to her other breast and had the first one in his hand.

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I felt Todd's hips move and looked back down. His hips were moving up slightly each time Janelle stroked down on him. Janelle pushed his penis towards me. She wanted me to take it from her. I took it from her with two fingers. She started to move her hand away, saw how I was holding him and then reached back and pushed my hand so that it wrapped around his penis.

She asked, "You do know how to do this don't you"? I nodded. Of course I did. What girl hadn't jacked off her boyfriend at some point? I had my hand at the top but he was so big there was room for another hand below mine. I realized he's a lot bigger than the boyfriends I had been with. But then, were they just small and Todd's normal, or is Todd big? I began stroking him up and down and it took just a few strokes before I could feel his hips moving with me. Janelle reached up to Janine's butt and pushed her down until she was lying on Todd.

She caressed the inside of one of Janine's thighs; just above where it was pressed against Todd. She slowly worked her way up toward Janine's pussy but didn't touch it, just moved her fingers around it in a circle. Janine moaned and pushed back against Janelle's hand, pulling her breast from Todd's mouth. I wasn't surprised by their touching; I knew they did it on occasion.

I had even joined them a couple of times after a particularly frustrating date. While I continued stroking Todd, Janelle began rubbing the lips of her pussy with one finger; lightly brushing her and then she slid one finger in. Janine moaned and pushed back against her hand again. When Janelle pulled her finger out I could see it was wet.

Janelle pulled her hand away and reached over and took Todd's cock from me. She motioned for me to continue with Janine. I was hesitant; this was way more than I thought we were going to do but I reached up and continued lightly rubbing her.

I thought Janelle was going to take over jacking Todd off but she completely surprised me. She pulled his penis over towards her and then lowered her head it looked like she was going to swallow him whole; his penis just disappeared in her mouth. Todd let out another groan and his hips lifted up off the bed.

"What are you doing"? I whispered to her. "We were just going to jack him off". Janelle pulled him out and said, "What difference does it make? Either way he cums". "It makes a big difference. He's our brother". I had stopped rubbing Janine when Janelle tried to swallow Todd and now she was rubbing back against my hand trying to get me moving again.

The direction everything was going in was beginning to really bother me so I pulled my hand away from her entirely. Janine lifted her head from Todd's chest and tried to look around at us, "Come on, don't stop". Todd took advantage of the move to reach up and take both of her breasts in his hands and pull one of them to his mouth.

When I looked back at Janelle I saw she had pulled Todd's penis from her mouth. Good, maybe she is getting some sense. But instead of just jacking him off she guided Todd's penis up between Janine's thighs and began rubbing her pussy with the smooth purple head of his penis.


Every couple of passes Janelle would push him a bit harder at Janine's pussy and the head of his cock would push her lips aside and he would slide an inch or so inside of her. 'This is so wrong' I thought. Todd obviously did not think so. The next time Janelle pushed his penis into Janine he lifted his hips up, pushing him self several inches into her.

Janine let out a gasp, "How many fingers do you have in me"? Janelle opened her mouth to answer but Todd beat her to it, "Just one". He pulled back and pushed a bit deeper into her. Janine lay back down on him as he began stroking slowly in and out of her. I looked up at Janelle and she was trying to contain a giggle. I wanted to say he's our brother; we can't do this but it seemed that moment was long past.

I watched as his penis continued it's in-and-out motion. For some reason I focused on a huge blood vessel that ran up the side of his penis. As I watched it would disappear in Janine and then slowly reappear again as his penis pulled the lips of her pussy back as it slid partially out. I had seen a few porn videos on the Internet but never really paid much attention to this view before. Janine's pussy looked really stretched by Todd's penis.

Did it look like that with my boyfriend? Janine began moving with Todd; as he would thrust up into her she began moving her hips back to meet him, driving him deeper into her. They continued like that for several minutes, steady stroking each other, both of them moaning, and then something changed. Todd began thrusting harder into her; his breathing growing faster. I could hear a grunt come from her each time he bottomed out in her and the slap of skin as his body hit hers.

Todd's body arched up against her, "I'm going to cum soon". Janelle pushed on Janine's butt with one hand to move her farther up Todd and reached between Janine's thighs with one hand as Todd slid out of her. She ran her hand up and down on him a couple of times. She opened her mouth and was about to take him in her mouth when she glanced at me. She stopped and pointed his penis at me. I think she wanted me to take him in my mouth but no way; he's our brother.

Besides I haven't even done that yet with my boyfriend. Just as I shook my head no Todd groaned and a stream shot out of his penis and hit me in the face along side my nose.

I was surprised by the suddenness and that it was hot on my skin. Janelle saw I was wasting it and immediately pulled his penis to her and lowered her mouth over it.

I watched as her cheeks moved in as she sucked on him. Todd would groan every second or two and was still lifting his hips up off the bed trying to get deeper into her mouth. When Todd seemed to be finished Janelle pulled him out of her mouth.

She squeezed his penis with her hand and a little milky stream came out and dribbled down the side of Todd's penis.

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Janelle leaned forward and caught it with her tongue and licked it off him. Then she ran her tongue around the head, licking any semen left there. She turned to me and said, "You missed the best part".

That's when I realized I had been waiting for her to spit it out. But when she talked her mouth was obviously empty. She must have swallowed it. How could she do that? He's our brother. The cum on my face had slowly made it's way past my nose, eased its way over my lips and down to my chin.

I was curious but I didn't want Janelle to see me. I waited until her head was turned and then flicked my tongue out catching a glob hanging on my lower lip, pulling it into my mouth. I moved it around my mouth with my tongue, tasting it, feeling the texture; not bad, maybe I'll help next time, if there is a next time. We lay there in bed for a while, no one speaking. I guessed that Todd was overcome and did not know what to say.

He was probably feeling guilty over what he had done. Some simple foreplay with his sisters had ended up with his fucking one of them. I quickly found out I was wrong. Janelle nudged Janine and said, "My turn". Janine got up off Todd and, on her hands and knees, worked her way over Janelle. Todd reached for Janelle to pull her over on top him. Janine put out her hand to stop him, "No, I want to be on the bottom". Todd willingly rolled towards me so Janelle could lie on her back in the middle of the bed.

Todd leaned back against me; his back pushed against my breasts. He felt hot against me making my breasts tingle.

I pushed away from him. I didn't want to get caught up in this. I could not get the thought out of my mind that he's my brother. Janelle reached for Todd, encouraging him to move over on top of her. I looked at her lying there; her feet pulled up close to her butt on the bed, her knees spread wide, waiting for Todd to get on top of her and fuck her.

How could they let this happen to them so easily? Todd turned over onto his hands and knees on the bed. His head was near my breasts so when he turned to look at me he was staring straight at them.

Before I could move or say anything he leaned over and gently placed his lips around one of my nipples. He ran a tongue over it and then sucked it into his mouth. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. That tingle was spreading from my breasts south. "Come on Todd, I'm next". Janelle sounded impatient. Todd slowly let my nipple escape from his mouth and then moved over between Janelle's legs.

I could see he was hard again. I knew it couldn't be, but it looked bigger than before. The head was dark purple and the shaft was wet. I wondered if that was from Janine or from Janelle's mouth. Janelle reached up and pulled him down on top of her. Without being asked I moved down and grabbed Todd's penis and moved the head up against Janelle's pussy. As I pushed the head against her Todd pushed forward, easily spreading her lips wide and entering her.

In one smooth stroke he was completely buried in her. As he began moving in earnest against her I moved around from behind them until I was lying next to them. Janelle's legs were pushed wider now that Todd was between them. Her knee was resting against my hip and I could feel it move against me as Todd began to move faster in her.

I saw that Janine had her hand up on Todd's butt, pushing him, urging him on. I moved my hand up to join hers. I could feel the muscles flexing under his skin as he thrust into her. They were going at each other so hard that we began bouncing on the bed. One bounce caused me to lean towards them and I ended up leaning against their bodies.

The feeling of them moving against me made it seem almost as though I was the one getting fucked. I peeked over Todd's back and saw that Janine had moved up against them also. I thought of moving back but it felt so nice, the four of us, touching, connected on a new level than just brother and sisters.

I felt something move against my stomach and saw that Janelle had moved her hand from Todd's back. Her fingers moved lower and then slid between my legs. I knew I should move away but those tingling feelings had never stopped and now intensified. Janelle's fingers sought out my clitoris.

When she found it I involuntarily tightened my legs around her hand. After the surprise of her fingers had passed I opened my legs giving her room to touch me. I closed my eyes, focusing on her fingers and the sensations it was building in me, the heat being generated deep in my stomach. At that moment I wished Todd's lips were back on my nipples. Then, just at the exact wrong time, Janelle pulled her hand away and wrapped her arms around Todd's back. She let out a cry and I could feel her straining up against Todd, pushing her body against his.

Todd cried out, "I'm cumming". I could feel his body jerk against Janelle's. I knew each jerk was another stream of his sperm shooting into her. What about me? I was so close. As their movements against each other slowed down I returned to my senses. You know better I told myself. You have been saying to yourself, and anyone else who would listen, he's your brother.

But there was disappointment also, I wanted to cum at this point. After a few minutes Todd moved off Janelle towards me. I moved over out of his way as he lay on his back beside me.

He was still breathing hard. "Give me a few minutes sis and I'll be ready". "That's okay Todd. I'm fine. I," I hesitated to continue.

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I wasn't sure what I wanted to say. In my head I knew we shouldn't be doing this but my body was hot and aching for someone to stick something hard deep in me. I stole a look at his penis. It would be a while before it could do the job. "I, I mean, we were supposed to just give you some release". I knew my face was turning red. Here I am talking about jerking my brother off until he cums.

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"I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm okay. You don't need to do anything for me". "It's okay. I understand. You don't have to do anything you don't want to".

Janelle got up off the bed and walked over to the light switch by the door and turned it off. As she started to get back into bed with us I turned to get out. Todd reached out and touched my arm. "Stay with us.

I'd like to have you sleep next to me; like when we were little kids and you would all come in my room and get into bed with me". I'd forgotten we had all done that. Mom and Dad would go out to dinner and a movie, leaving us with a babysitter. After she thought we were all asleep us girls would get up and go into Todd's bedroom and get in bed with him; snuggling up against him.

I rolled back against Todd. He put out an arm and I moved my head up on his shoulder. No one said anything and before long we were all asleep. It was six-thirty in the morning when I woke up. I felt the bed move and remembered Janine and Janelle had boat practice this morning. I thought about getting up and going back to my bed but it was cold in the house and I was still drowsy and was too lazy to get up.

I heard their whispering, the sounds of them moving around, and then the house was once again quiet. I turned my back to Todd and moved up against him. He was nice and warm. I was asleep again almost immediately.

It must have been an hour later that something woke me. I was still lying against Todd but his hand was now around my waist and up under my t-shirt between my breasts. If he had been fondling me I would probably have moved away but his hand was just lying there, and I have to admit, it felt good, him holding me so I stayed where I was.

Then I noticed what had probably woken me. I could feel something pushing against the back of my thighs, about halfway between my knees and my butt. At first I thought it was his hand but one of them was between my breasts and I realized I was lying on his other arm so it couldn't…and then it hit me; he's getting an erection in his sleep.

It slowly moved higher until it was at the top of my thighs. He moved forward and I felt his erection slip between my legs, brushing the lips of my pussy. Then the movement stopped but I could feel the very slight pressure against my lips.

His hips moved forward very slowly and the head of his penis rubbed against me again. He must be having a dream. After last night I could image what he was dreaming about. He began moving just a half an inch or so forward and then back; it was barely perceptible. But the sensation it was giving me was very nice. I was going to move away from him any minute now but each minute became another. I could feel I was wet.

I didn't know if it was from last night or now. It could easily be now because this felt really good; the head of his penis sliding back and forth on me. I thought he had woken when his hand moved from under my t-shirt to the top of my hip. He laid it there very lightly. Then I felt him his chest move back away from me, slowly, carefully, the bed barely shaking. He must have woken and realized where he is and is moving away from me.

But his legs were still against mine and his penis was still between my legs. His hand held my hip firm when he slowly pushed forward again. Instead of the head moving across my lips, this time I felt the head push slightly into me. He held it there for several seconds and then relaxed and it moved almost out of me but not quite; like a promise of what was to come.

After a few more seconds I felt him push forward again, this time sliding in me a little deeper. I let out a little gasp. He froze. He's not asleep. He knows what he is doing. And he knows I'm not Janine or Janelle.

He would not be moving so slowly; after last night he would just get on top of them and fuck them. What happened to that 'you don't have to if you don't want to'?

Wondering just what he would do, how far he would take this, I did not move. I let my breathing deepen, feigned sleep. It was a good minute before I felt him push forward into me again. I thought I would just let him do this for a few minutes and then I'll just turn in my sleep away from him and end it.

Yes, that was a good plan. This feels good and I'll just enjoy it for a few minutes. As Todd pushed gently into me again I wondered, were my lips spreading like Janelle's?

I noticed his hand held my hip a little tighter as he pushed into me. He's trying to keep me from moving in the bed and waking. He knows I would not want him to be fucking me. Well, I'll stop soon. He pulled back an inch and then very slowly pushed into me again.

This time, when he held it in me, at the end of his stroke I felt his penis twitch; it seemed harder, bigger than when he first entered me. I wanted to squeeze him with my pussy but then he would know I was awake. He settled into a steady rhythm; slowly moving into me an inch or so and then slowly pulling back and then back in. I'll stop soon, in another minute or so.

His cock just feels so good in me right now. When did I begin thinking of it as his cock? My brother has a penis not a cock. He continued sliding back and forth in me; never pulling out and never going all the way in.

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The movement was so slight I could just feel my cheek barely moving on the pillow. I wanted to reach down and rub my clitoris but there was no way I could accomplish that and have him believe I was still asleep.

Maybe if he got in a little deeper it would satisfy me a bit more. I pushed my butt back against him a little just as he was pushing into me. Oh, perfect; he went in an inch deeper but he froze again. He must be worried I'm waking. I didn't want him to pull his cock out of me now, a little longer please. I dug my head a bit deeper into my pillow and kept my breathing steady. He did not wait as long this time before he resumed fucking me.

It felt better, his cock sliding deeper into me. For the next few minutes he continued the slow strokes, but I noticed he was not so careful as before. I could feel my head moving pushing up on my pillow each time he pushed his cock back into me. I wonder if he cares if I wake up now and find him in me. I had finally reached the point where I was thinking maybe it's time for me to move in my sleep. I didn't want my sisters to return to find Todd fucking me after I had made such a point of not letting him last night.

I was trying to build up the willpower to move away when I felt his body shudder against me. What's he doing? And then he did it again. It wasn't until the third time that I realized he was cumming inside of me.

That thick milky fluid he has squirted on my face, he was now squirting inside of me. The thought of it had me tingling all over. I let out a little moan and pushed back against him slightly. What the hell, let him think I'm having a sexy dream.

His body relaxed against mine and he put his hand back under my t-shirt, up between my breasts. He did not move his hips away; his cock remained inside of me. His breathing gradually became deeper as he slipped off to sleep. Over the next few minutes I could feel his cock gradually shrink, partially withdrawing from me. I know it's my imagination, it felt like I could feel his sperm moving around in me; millions of little tails swishing back and forth, as they swam around in vain searching for my egg.

It's a smart girl who takes care of birth control and I'm a very smart girl. I lay there for a while thinking about his cock in me; enjoying the sensation. I wonder when I started thinking of it as a cock and not as my brother's penis. It was pretty soft now but it still felt large in me. I must have dozed off for a few minutes. I woke with a start when I heard the door from the garage to the kitchen open. I could hear my sisters moving around.

They would be here any minute and I did not want them to find me with Todd cock stuck up my pussy after my telling him no earlier. I got up slowly, being careful not to wake him. After I finished showering and dressing I left my bedroom to get some breakfast before running off to class.

As I walked past Todd's bedroom the door was open so I looked in. The twins were back in bed with Todd. They looked like they were in a game of Naked Twister; they were all in a tangle, legs and arms every which way.

I looked a bit closer and saw that Janine or Janelle, I couldn't tell which at this distance, was trying to swallow Todd's cock.

Todd had his head stuck between the legs of one of my sisters and the other sister was doing the same to her twin and hands were rubbing breasts everywhere. If I wasn't going to be late for class I would have stayed to see how it turned out. Over the next three months we dropped any pretense, if there ever had been any, of just providing some temporary release for Todd. Any time the mood hit one of us would sleep with Todd or he would come to our bed to sleep with us.

The twins usually took him together and more frequently than I did. Our time ended when we approached the end of the school term. All three of us were going to Italy for the summer to study. We had planned it for the last year and now we were ready. The four of us had a great last night in bed and then the next morning we were off to the airport. Mom, Dad, Todd and Nancy also came to see us off. It was funny to see Mom and Nancy both with big stomachs.

They were both seven months pregnant and really showing. We had arrived at the airport a couple of hours early and I was getting restless as our departure time approached with no sign of a plane at our gate.

Our gate was really crowded so I roamed around to the next gate were there were few people sitting around. I was standing by a window, looking outside when Todd walked up to me. "I'm going to miss you girls". I laughed, "I'm sure. I think I know what you are going to be missing". "That's not true. Well that's true also but I've enjoyed spending the last few months with you three.

When we were younger and at home I was always with my friends and you guys with yours and didn't really get to spend much time with you girls".

"I know. It's been nice". I reached out to him for a hug. We wrapped our arms around each other and it felt good to hug him. I looked around for my sisters. I knew they would probably like a hug from him also but they were all around the wall at the gate. I moved up onto my tiptoes to give Todd a kiss to say thank you.

Todd leaned down to meet me halfway. Our lips touched for a moment in a sibling kiss. It seemed so inadequate that I moved back to kiss him again.

It was totally unplanned; our lips moved tightly together, nothing sibling about it. Todd's mouth parted and I felt his tongue move briefly against my lips before I opened my mouth so that my tongue could move against his.

It seemed to go on for minutes though I know it couldn't have been that long. Todd pulled me tighter against him and I could feel his erection pushed against my stomach. When we finally broke the kiss Todd said, "I think you'd better go back first. I need to sit here for a minute; let things relax". I smiled and nodded in agreement. As I turned to walk away I let my hand brush against the front of his pants; pushing firmly against his hard cock. "It must be tough to be a guy sometimes".

Before Todd could answer I walked away and joined the family. It was just a few minutes later that our plane finally arrived at our gate. The family stood around and talked while passengers disembarked and the plane was readied for us. As the rows began to be called we went through our tearful goodbyes with Mom and Dad. I sat apart from my sisters; a window seat next to an older woman.

I didn't like talking on airplanes. I liked to read or take naps. I was a bit bothered when the woman began making conversation. "Was that nice looking young man you were saying goodbye to your boyfriend or husband"?

I shook my head, "No, that was my brother". The woman's mouth opened and no sound came out. She had a shocked look on her face. Great, I thought. That should keep her quiet for the rest of the trip.

Chapter 3 After my sisters had left for Italy I hung around their house for a couple more weeks working with the new guys we had hired. I could use the rest. The last few months had been hectic. It's a guys fantasy to have several girls around for sex any time they want, the reality can be draining; in more ways than one.

The twins had actually buckled down and started studying more because they could pop into my bedroom any time they wanted to work off some tension or just for pleasure. Initially I had felt guilty about fucking Lindsey; she had been asleep, and I was really careful not to wake her, so she really never knew it happened. But then over the next few days she began coming on to me, taking my hand and pulling me into her bedroom at night, or, if the twins got to me first she would slip into my bedroom after they were finished and had left.

But now they were going to be gone for months in Italy.

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Nancy will have had the baby and should have recovered during that time. Hopefully our sex life will have returned to normal by then. I knew it was time to go back home. Our new employees were ready to work alone so I didn't have any excuse to delay me. If I wasn't getting any sex here I could just as easily go home and not get any sex there.

The plus side would be spending time with my wife and daughter, the down side was my mother-in-law was there and the sight of her every day would remind me why I was not getting any at home.

Once home I was more irritated with my mother-in-law than I had anticipated. She had moved in a month ago while I was with my sisters. The excuse was to help with the baby while I was gone. I suspected it was to ensure we had no sex life. She had this crazy notion that you were not supposed to have sex while you were pregnant.

Nancy could not stand up to her mother so that meant we had no sex life. Plus in the time she had been here she appropriated my favorite chair. Nancy should deliver in two months; another month or two to help around the house and then I should be able to shoo Helen out the door.

I was roused from a sound sleep when Nancy got up out of bed early one morning. The sun was up but I was used to sleeping later in the morning now.

As she walked across the room towards the bathroom the light from the window turned her nightgown into see-through gauze. I looked up the length of her slender legs, remembering how they felt spread beneath me. Then my gaze lifted to her swollen stomach; my baby growing inside of her.

She turned on the bathroom light as she walked in but did not completely shut the door. Through the space I could see her as she lifted the nightgown over her head.

Her breasts were larger than normal, fuller: her erect nipples sticking out. She took each breast in a hand and rubbed them like she had an itch. My cock gave a twitch and began to get hard. I rose up on one arm and called out to her, "I could do that for you".

I motioned with a finger for her to come back to me. Nancy reached out for the door, "You know better than that, Mom's in the next room". She started to close the door and paused, "I'm going out. There's a new maternity store that opened in the mall and they are having a great sale.

I want to check it out before all the good stuff is gone". With that she closed the door. When I heard the shower begin I knew any remote chance was now gone.

I reached down and began slowly stroking my erection. I was so hard it ached. Maybe after she's left I'll get rid of the backlog, relieve some tension, maybe that will help. After about forty-five minutes I could hear the signs that she was finished. She turned the light off and came out. I let go of my cock but my erection was causing quite a tent under the covers. She walked over to me to give me a kiss goodbye. When she reached the edge of the bed I lifted the cover off me, exposing my hard-on to her.

She gave a little laugh, "You seem to have a little problem". She reached down to grab me and gave me a few slow strokes. "Well, perhaps not so little". As she started to rise after giving me a kiss I suggested, "Maybe a kiss somewhere else might help my problem". Nancy sat on the edge of the bed while continuing the slow stroking. "Come on. You know how Mom is". I hoped I was not letting the anger I was feeling towards her mother show, "We have not had sex in what, seven months?

And then after you have the baby it's going to be months before you will be able. You know there is nothing wrong with having sex when you are pregnant. People do it all the time". "Those people don't have her as their mother". I didn't say anything; I guess I had a look on my face somewhere between the anger and the 'sorry for myself' emotions that were running through me at the moment. I just looked back at her. She continued slowly stroking me for another few seconds and then looked down at what was in her hand.

She turned back to me and said, "Well, maybe I have a few minutes". She got off the bed and kneeled down on the floor. Our bed is a bit low so her head was at the perfect height. I couldn't believe she was actually going to do this. We had not had oral sex since we first got married. That was entirely my fault though. She was eager but I had a phobia from an earlier toothy experience. Fortunately my mother had got me over it. Nancy's hand tilted my cock towards her as she slowly moved her mouth closer to the head of my cock.

She stopped stroking me and moved her hand down to the base, cupping my balls. She leaned forward a bit closer, looked up at me and then back at the head of my cock. I lifted my hips, trying to get her to take me in her mouth but as he got closer to her lips she just moved her head back a bit. The frustration was building in me. She's just teasing me. She's going to get up any second and just leave. I was preparing myself for that when she leaned forward and gave the head of my cock a little kiss.

She turned to look at me, "There, is your boo-boo all better now"? I groaned in frustration and was about to let my head fall back on the pillow when I saw her smile, open her mouth, and then I watched as the head of my cock, plus an inch or two disappear in her mouth. She ran her tongue up the bottom of my shaft and then around the head several times.

She quickly pulled her head away and said, "Just for a few minutes. I have to leave soon". I nodded my head in agreement. I would have agreed if she had said "when I'm done I'm going to cut this off and take it with me". I don't think I was even listening to what she said. I just wanted her to continue. She took me back in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on me. Every so often she would pull me out of her mouth and lick me up and down my shaft; from my balls up to the head.

Each time she pulled her mouth away I was afraid my time had run out but she would just take me in her mouth again and suck on me for a while and then begin bobbing up and down. I reached down and pulled her hand away from the base of my cock. I wanted to feel just the sensation of her mouth on me; sucking me, licking me, her tongue swirling around the head of my cock.

The couple of minutes became five, and then ten. It felt so good I began lifting my hips to get deeper in her mouth as it bobbed up and down on me. My balls began getting that tingling feeling. I was about to cum. "Honey, I'm going to cum". I thought I should at least warn her in case she did not want me cumming in her mouth.

She never hesitated, if anything she began going even faster. I lifted my hips up off the bed, here it comes. "Nancy, do you want to wait a few minutes and I'll go with you"? I looked up and there was Nancy's mother, walking into the room in her robe. I had not even heard the door open.

She was picking something off one arm and had not looked up to see us yet. Nancy turned a bit to the side to look, my cock still in her mouth. My sperm must have ran and hid at the sound of Helen's voice. I certainly was not cumming now. Nancy's mother looked up just as Nancy began to pull her mouth away from my cock. "What are you doing"? The shock on her face was apparent. Nancy jumped up from her knees, muttered, "Sorry I have to go", and quickly ran past her mother out of the room.

I got up and followed her to the door, my erection swinging back and forth as I walked, but I was too late. I could hear the front door close as I got to the bedroom doorway. Helen had stepped aside as I walked by so when I turned she was now behind me, between the bed and me. I was in a rage. I felt like one of the cartoon characters with steam coming out of their ears.

How could she but into our lives like this? What we did was between the two of us. I took a step towards her. I don't know what I was thinking; my hands were balled up into fists at my side. I was naked in front of her but didn't even think about it. I was trying to think of something that could get us free from her. Nancy took a step backwards. "I'm sorry. I'm used to it just being Nancy and I. I forgot you are home. I took another step forward and she backed up some more.

I felt like slapping her. I wanted her to feel some pain. She looked down and I saw her mouth open and her face turned red. I looked down. My erection had not gone away and it was pointed at her, swinging side to side as I took another step towards her.

Helen inched backwards until her legs were just inches from the foot of the bed. She covered her mouth with a hand, "I'm sorry. I should go now". She looked down at my cock again and then quickly looked back up. I looked down and noticed the head of my cock and several inches of my shaft glistening from what had to be Nancy's saliva and lubricant from me.

She had to notice too. I don't know what was in my mind as I took one more step forward. We were just inches apart now. She started to take a step back but as she lifted one foot her leg hit the bed she lost her balance and began to fall backwards onto the bed.

She waved her arms around trying to stay up. I reached out to help but only got the belt of her robe as she fell backwards onto the bed. As she fell the robe came untied and fell to the side of her.

She was completely naked under the robe. She lay there for a moment while I looked from her breasts down to her curly pubic hair. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see the lips of her pussy. She frantically tried to pull the robe back around her but I reached out and pulled the sides from her hands and spread them out again.

I don't know what I was thinking. She had caused such a strain between Nancy and I that I just wanted to return some of it. I certainly did not plan what was going to happen. I always knew that Nancy's mother was good looking. She was pretty and had a nice figure for an older woman. Now I knew for certain. Gravity had taken some toll on her breasts, plus a lot of breastfeeding, but she still looked great. I moved up to the edge of the bed, still holding the sides of her robe open. "Please Todd, don't.

Just let me leave". I just stood there looking at her. She began kicking with her feet against the bed, trying to move farther away from me.

Her feet just slid on her robe without her moving. It took her a moment to realize that she was caught in her robe, preventing her from moving. She gave a shrug of the shoulders and slipped out. She began kicking again and now was able to begin moving up the bed, her breasts bobbing up and down. She had moved just a couple of feet when I reached out and grabbed her ankles. She kicked, trying to get loose but I held on and pulled her back towards me.

As she slid down the bed towards me I began spreading her legs apart. I had not even given it a thought until she said 'don't'. Then the thought began to crystallize in my mind. If she does not want Nancy and I to have sex she can just take her place.

"No Todd, don't. I'm Nancy's mother". Her voice sounded frantic, scared. She was pushing at the bed trying to move away from me but I still had her ankles in my hands, holding them spread apart. I let go and quickly moved up on the bed, putting my knees between her thighs before she could close her legs.

"No Todd. Please don't. This isn't right". I put my hands above her shoulders so she could not move up and began drawing my hips back, my cock dragging on her stomach. She must have felt it and looked down between us. She let out a drawn out 'nooooo' and reached down with one hand trying to push my cock away as it began moving across her pubic hair.

I got back to my knees and grabbed one of her wrists in each hand. I let myself fall forward, spreading her arms out spread-eagle on the bed until I was once more above her with my cock lying on her stomach. As I pulled my hips down she began to squirm under me until my cock passed through her pubic hair once more and then down past her pubic bone. She began to get frantic, repeating 'please don't' over and over. To keep her still I lowered my weight down on her, paused for a moment, I wanted her to anticipate this, feel something of the frustration she had caused me, and then I thrust up into her.

She let out a gasp and arched her back for several seconds before flattening back out on the bed under my weight. It felt so good inside of her. Her struggling against me only added to the sensation. I pushed again, wanting to get deeper but I felt blocked and she cried out in pain. "No, it hurts. Please get out of me". For a moment I had the crazy thought she was a virgin then I realized she was just dry.

I pulled my cock back an inch or so and gave her several short shallow strokes trying to spread some of the pre-cum coming out of me. I thrust into her again and was rewarded by sliding in deeper; almost there. Helen dug her feet in and bucked up against me hard, still trying to get me off of her.

Her struggles felt good. The effort was in vain but it gave me an idea. I let go of her wrists and sat up on my knees. The movement caused me to slide out of her and she gave a sigh of relief; that too was in vain. Her legs were splayed out to each side. I began digging at her thighs with my knees, trying to get under them. When I succeeded in getting under them, forcing her legs up in the air, I moved forward a few inches so my legs would hers up and spread apart.

I looked down. My cock was pointing up in the air right in front of her pussy. I reached down and took myself in my hand and pushed my cock down until I was positioned right at her entrance. I leaned forward and watched as the head of my cock slowly disappeared back into her. She cried out, "Not again". But now she was in a position where she couldn't even squirm to try and get away. "Why don't you say anything? Please don't do this. I'm your mother-in-law". I didn't have anything to say.

She was where I wanted her. Talking wasn't going to change that. I looked down; about half of my cock was inside of her. This time it had gone in smoothly. When I looked up she had closed her eyes and was just lying there; her arms still spread out above her head where I had left them. She had nice breasts, not as nice as Nancy's but then Nancy had not had as many babies sucking on them.

Her nipples were erect. She was not enjoying the fucking but her body still reacted, just the same. I leaned down to her and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it and then running my tongue back and forth over it. I realized Nancy and I had something new in common; we had both been inside of her mother's pussy and we had both sucked on her nipples. After giving both breasts some attention I put my hands on the top of her shoulders to keep her from sliding up and then thrust hard into her.

It was a smooth stroke, no resistance at all. I bottomed out in her. I could feel the heat of her body from the head of my cock to the base of my shaft. Holding her shoulders I pulled back and rammed back into her again, and again; each time she let out a little gasp but did not say anything. I could feel I was not going to last much longer.

Nancy sucking on my cock and then this had me near the brink. I let go of her shoulders and lowered myself onto her. As I began thrusting into her I could feel her legs flopping around as my thighs hit against hers; her feet occasionally bounce against my butt. Each time I rammed into her I could hear the air come out of her with a little 'unh' and the slap of my body against hers. With a loud grunt I pushed into her hard and held it. Then that sense of heat and tingle spread from my balls down to my toes and up to my scalp as I erupted in her.

It felt like I had months of sperm backed up in me as stream after stream left me to pool deep in her pussy. With each burst I pushed my cock deep in her until finally I was reduced to just a twitch or two against her. I lay there for several moments, my weight still spread across her body, waiting for my breathing to return to normal.

I could feel a rivulet of sweat running across my face before falling onto her neck. Just before cumming I had slipped my hands under her butt to hold her tight to me as I exploded inside of her.

Now I pulled them out so I could put part of my weight on my elbows. I turned my head towards the nightstand and saw the clock. I was startled, only a few minutes had gone by. It seemed like we, or rather, I, had been at it for a half hour. I took a couple of deep breaths. I could feel myself begin to soften, pulling out of her ever so slightly. My initial anger was now gradually being replaced with guilt; I had just raped my mother-in-law.

I lifted one leg and moved it from between hers to the outside of her leg and then rolled off of her onto my back. For several minutes now she had not said a thing.

I began to worry about the consequences. I had raped her. Was she going to tell Nancy, the police? I had moved from overwhelming anger, to guilt and now to fear.

Helen lay there with her face turned away from me. Still without a word she sat up, swung her legs around to the edge of the bed, sat there just a few seconds and then stood up somewhat unsteadily. She looked back at the bed just for a moment, picked up her robe and pulled it to cover her breasts before turning away; still without a glance at me. I looked down her body from her shoulders, past her trim waist to her slender legs. In spite of having several children she had maintained a good figure; not thickening like many women her age.

The top of the bed was low enough that I was looking up slightly at her butt. I glanced at the space between her thighs and saw a bead of white liquid building on the lips of her pussy.

I was entranced, enough liquid had built up that it began to lengthen, an inch, then two. She moved slightly and it swayed back and forth. Just as it was about to reach her inner thigh she pulled the robe around her body blocking my view and then slowly walked out of the room.

I wondered if I should follow her and apologize. 'Mom, I'm sorry I fucked you. Please don't tell anyone; especially Nancy'. Yes, that will go over well. Well, it's my fault. I will just have to face the music. That thought lasted about thirty seconds. The mind is a mysterious thing; I began to rationalize. By the time I was in the shower I was thinking why should I apologize?

It's her fault after all. She should have stayed out of our sex life. If she wasn't here none of this would have happened. And even if she just lay there, she probably enjoyed it too.

I know, guys are so stupid. By the time I was out of the shower and dressed I was past that phase and back to worrying; what's going to happen when Nancy gets home? Helen's bedroom door was closed but I could hear her inside playing with our daughter.

At least she was not on the phone to the police. I went into the den and began working on some presentation material. I went into the den and began working on a new seminar. Every few minutes I found myself staring off into space, worrying about what was going to happen when Nancy got home. Helen was still in her room. I would feel better if she came out and screamed at me. At least then I'd have an idea of what was going to happen.

After a couple of hours I was finally distracted enough from my thoughts to make some actual progress with my work. I had just finished a draft of a new chapter when I heard the garage door motor start; Nancy's home. I looked at the clock; she had done some serious shopping, it was just after 5 O'clock. Nancy came in with several bags, gave me a kiss, and sat down next to me. "How's Mom"? "What do you mean"? Had Helen called her? "She walked in on us with me, you know, doing it to you".

Nancy's face turned a little red. I felt some relief, "I guess she is okay. She's been in her room all day". Nancy stood, "I'll go and put these away and then check on her".

She turned and started for the door. I heard her mutter, "I don't know why she gets so upset. It's our life. We can do what we want". She walked out and went down the hall to our bedroom without stopping at her mother's room.

I sat staring at the screen of my laptop. Should I have tried to tell her what happened? Would it be better coming from me than her mother? After several minutes I heard footsteps in the hall and then light knocking; here it comes. I heard Nancy call out "Mom"? After a moment with no reply she opened the door and went in. I sat there waiting for the yelling to start, for my world to end.

After several minutes I heard the door open and Nancy walking towards me. She came back into the den and sat down beside me. I couldn't look at her face. She asked, "Do you know what's got into mom"? A crazy thought flashed through my mind. I wanted to say, "You mean other than me"? But instead I said, "What do you mean? She's been quiet all day". Nancy replied, "She's in her room just lying on the bed. I asked if she was alright and she said she was fine".

Nancy put her things away and began getting dinner ready. Nothing happened the rest of the evening; we ate, played with the baby, and watched TV. So far Helen had not looked at me at any time. I sat in the living room waiting for the storm to break.

Around ten, Nancy got up and said she was tired, kissed me and said she was going to bed early. Helen followed her just a minute or so later. I guess she did not want to stay in the same room with my. I stayed on the sofa and finished watching my show but at eleven I decided it was time to go to bed. When I got to the bedroom I undressed and got into bed Nancy turned over and put her head on my shoulder.

"I was hoping you would come to bed soon". My spirits lifted, there's hope after all. "Maybe we could finish what you started this morning", I asked, filled with foolish optimism. "No I can't. Not with Mom here. I just wanted to go to sleep with you here".

"Nancy, we can't let her run our sex life, what there is of it anymore". "Please Honey, let's just wait until she's gone. Then I'll make it up to you". I knew there was no point in continuing.

I might as well be a gracious loser. "Sure, Honey. We'll wait". I put my arm around her and lay there thinking about my mother-in-law. Things were pretty good until she arrived with her crazy ideas.

But then she could have really screwed me today and she didn't. Maybe she isn't the Anti-Christ. The next day Nancy, her mother and my mother all went out for a women's day out; nails, hair, massage, the works. They did not get home until after five. They all came in together, talking and laughing. Mom said her hi-and-goodbye, Helen put some packages away and took the baby into the playroom while Nancy started dinner.

I went over to see if I could help with dinner. "It looks like your mom is in a good mood". Nancy began pulling stuff from the refrigerator, "Yes, whatever was bothering her the other day seems to be gone. She had a great time today. We'll have to do that again soon". She shooed me away and began preparing dinner.

Good, maybe jail and divorce is not in my immediate future. I went into the living room and watched some basketball. After dinner we all sat around in the living room watching some TV movie. Around ten O'clock Nancy got up and said, "Now don't stay up too late", kissed me goodnight and went to bed.

Helen stayed another thirty minutes or so and then murmured a 'goodnight' and left for her bedroom. At eleven I turned off the TV and lights and made my way down the hall to our bedroom.

When I looked in Nancy was sound asleep. I went in and undressed. I was about to get into bed when I thought, 'What's the point? I'm going to lie there and just get frustrated'. I might as well watch some Leno until I'm tired enough to go right to sleep.

I put on my robe on, walked out into the hall. For the life of me, when I think back on it, I don't know what was going through my mind when I carefully closed the door and walked back down the hall and stopped at Helen's bedroom door.

I opened the door quietly, stepped in and closed it behind me. I walked over to the bed and stood looking down at her. She had been reading before she fell asleep.

The light on the nightstand was on and an open book was lying on her stomach. It was one of those harlequin romance paperbacks with the racy titles and cover picture. I could see a sexy woman in skimpy clothing in the clutches of a muscular man; part of her blouse ripped off and in his hand. Her arm closest to me was lying at the edge of the bed, palm up.

A thought occurred to me. I untied the belt on my robe and pulled it open. I stepped to the edge of the bed and laid my flaccid cock across her fingers and up and over her palm. Her fingers closed slightly around my shaft at the touch. Seeing her fingers loosely wrapped around my cock gave me a twitch. I stood there for a couple of minutes watching myself gradually harden in her hand; stretching longer to her wrist.

It was warm in the room and she was covered with just a sheet. I wouldn't have suspected that she slept nude but the sheet had slipped down enough to bare one of her breasts; the one closest to me. I reached down and gently touched it with a finger. The nipple was soft and pliable but began to immediately harden with my touch. I saw her eyelids flutter; I wonder what she is dreaming; probably about her bodice being ripped off by 'John the Brute' on the cover of that book.

I reached for the sheet and pulled it down a few inches, enough to expose her other breast. I was running my finger lightly over it, feeling it also begin to harden when her eyes flew open. With a gasp her eyes fixed on me; her hand tightened around me. "Todd, what are you doing in here"?

She must have just noticed something was in her hand. She looked down, saw what she was holding, let out a little cry and quickly pulled her hand away from me. She reached for the sheet and pulled it up to her neck, her hands clutching it under her chin. I was completely erect, pointing up in the air. Helen looked from my cock to my face and back to my cock again.

With a great deal of nervousness in her voice she said, "Todd, your robe is open". "I know. I was just getting ready to go to bed and I thought I would check on you; see if you are alright". "I'm fine. You should go". "You are right. I should go in and have Nancy take care of this.

You saw she doesn't always listen to what you tell her. You go ahead and get some sleep while Nancy and I enjoy a little poke". I took a half step back. Helen put her hand out towards me, "Wait, you know she should not be doing that".

I tried not to let my anger over this show, "Her doctor says it's fine. You are the one interfering with us; creating friction in our marriage".

"What do you want"? I reached out and took hold of the sheet near her waist. "You know what I want. If I can't have sex with my wife then…" and I stopped.

I gently pulled on the sheet until it was taut between my hand and hers. I could see the look of anger building on her face.

She said, "If that's the only way" and slowly let go of the sheet. I pulled it very slowly down her body. As her breasts were uncovered she lowered her arms and covered them with her hands. When the sheet moved down to reveal her pubic hair she tightly closed her legs and dropped one hand to cover her self. I pulled the sheet down over the end of the bed and let it drop to the floor.

I then let the robe fall off my shoulders and stood there in front of her, my cock aching, I wanted to be in her again. I pointed at her hands, "That's not going to really work you know". She pulled her hands away and moved her legs far apart, flat on the bed. With anger in her voice she said, "Just get it over with". She closed her eyes and moved her hands up and clasped them over her head. I moved up on the bed and moved over her on my hands and knees.

With my knees between her legs I looked down at her below me. I knew I would be more than happy to just fuck her like this but her anger at me after interfering with us gave me another idea; she was going to be a part of this, whether she wanted to or not. I let my cock lie on her stomach, "Take me in your hand and guide me in". "Do it yourself. You did fine the other night". "I said, take me in your hand".

I must have sounded serious to her. She lowered one hand between us and held me with two fingers. "I said, with your hand". She finally wrapped her hand around me.

"Now guide me into you". After a few seconds she pushed me down so that the head of my cock was poised at her entrance. I moved my hips to make it easier. With no attempt to hide the irritation in her voice she said, "Now make it quick".

I thrust forward and easily slid into her until her hand wrapped around me prevented me from going any deeper. I pushed a bit harder but she gripped me tighter to keep me from moving deeper.

Okay, I can work with that. I began stroking into her, pulling back until I was almost out of her and then pushing in until her hand stopped me. It felt so good, half in her and her hand gripping the other half. I wanted to lie down on top of her, feel her skin against mine. I began thrusting into her faster, "Move your hand away". For a minute she did not respond, then she pulled her hand out from between us and put it out to her side on the bed.

I moved my knees down, lowering myself onto her; my hips now beating against hers as I thrust deeply into her. The tightness of her grip now replaced with the slick, hot, movement through her; the slight friction on the head of my cock working to bring me to climax. I had no desire to, 'make it quick'. I lay there on her, feeling the sensations of our bodies rubbing together, my cock sliding in the full length in her, my hands under her butt pulling her tight to me as I thrust into her.

I could hear her breathing become labored in spite of herself. After slowing down a couple of times and distracting myself with thoughts of work to keep from cumming I finally let myself go and came in her. As each explosion erupted from me I pushed deep into her. When I was finally finished I waited a moment and then eased my weight up off her.

I moved one leg from between hers and then rolled off her onto my back. We lay there for a few minutes, neither of us moving, then I heard her mutter something under her breath.

"What did you say"? "Nothing". "No, you said something. What was it"? "I said, you men are all alike; climb on, fuck a woman and then climb off. The only thing you haven't done yet is go right to asleep".

Now that wasn't fair. "You are the one that said hurry up and finish". "Sure, like that would have made a difference. You men are all the same, just thinking of your own lust, your own enjoyment".

"Now wait a minute. Nancy gets all the enjoyment she wants. She has an orgasm anytime she wants to". Helen hesitated for a moment then asked, "She does"? "Sure, didn't you have them with Ed"? "Yes, I guess so". "You guess so? If you had one you would know". She did not respond.

We lay there, naked next to each other, the light still on. After a few minutes of the silence, a thought running around in my head, I decided to do it. I turned on my side next to her.

Her hand was by her side and when I turned towards her my now limp cock ended up lying across the back of her hand. She tried to pull her hand away but it was caught between our bodies.

I put my hand over on her bare hip; the bone under the heal of my hand and my fingers tips just touching her pubic hair. "What are you doing"? Helen asked, nervous again. I said, "Just relax". I let my hand gently caress her stomach, going up close to her breasts but not touching them, then down the top of her thighs and slowly back up the inside of her thighs without touching her pussy. After a minute or so she finally said, "I guess that's okay".

"Did Ed ever do this for you"? "No. He'd just come home, have dinner, watch TV and then later he'd come to bed and jump on top of me. When he was finished he'd roll off and go right to sleep". When I got up close to her breasts this time I let my hand softly glide over the top of them.

When I touched her nipples I heard her breath catch in her throat. I let my hand linger there for a while and then worked my way down to her knees again. This time when I came back up I moved my fingers lightly through her pubic hair then around her mound, still not touching her pussy.

Helen sighed then added, "You shouldn't". But it wasn't convincing. I carefully let my fingers slide down from her mound and lightly fingered the lips of her pussy.

She was very wet, though probably from my sperm leaking out of her. When I moved my fingers up to her clitoris she jerked, pulling her knees closer together. "It's okay. Just relax and enjoy the feeling" I whispered. As I began moving two fingers around her clitoris I felt her hand under my cock move. Several minutes ago I began getting hard again. I thought Helen was trying to pull her hand away from my erection but she surprised my by turning her hand over and taking me in her hand and slowly working her fingers around my shaft.

I leaned towards her and took her nipple in my mouth, running my tongue around it as I continued to tease her clitoris. We continued like that for several minutes until Helen let uttered a moan from her clenched jaws. Her hips jerked up several times and she tugged on my cock, hard. She opened her legs wider and tugged on me again. What is she trying to do? It's certainly not the best hand-job I've had. She tugged again, even harder, and I was about to say something when she suddenly rolled over on to me.

She was still holding me in her hand. She quickly put me at the entrance to her pussy and pushed back. On the first push she felt so tight I thought I would not make it into her. Then just as quickly she seemed to expand and I was buried in her. As her hips dug at me I could feel her pussy clench my cock, spasming around me; clutching me then relaxing only to clutch me again half a second later.

When she finally finished she was lying on my chest, trying to catch her breath. When she was finally able to speak she said, "I'm sorry. I just had to grab something". Just for a moment I didn't understand, "You what? Oh, yeh. Well, now do you know what an orgasm feels like"? "Oh yes. I've never had one of those before". She lay still for a minute longer before adding, "You are hard again. Do you want to get back on top of me and finish"?

"You can stay where you are. I'm fine this way". "You mean with me on top"? Helen sounded surprised. "Sure what's wrong with that"? "I've never been on top before. Ed said the only way to do it was with the guy on top".

"Well we've already decided that Ed was not the authority he thought he was". I put my hands under her shoulders and lifted her up. Helen reached out for me frantically.

"No wait, you're too deep". "Put your hands on my chest to hold yourself where you want". She put her hands where I told her and then lowered her self a few inches. "Now push back up. See if it feels better". Helen rose up tentatively, expecting discomfort but finding she had no problem.

I put my hands on her hips, "Now try rocking your hips back and forth". She did as I told her and I was rewarded with a big smile on her face. "That feels good. But what about you"? "Don't worry about me. I'll cum when it's time". I let go of her hips. "Now just find the rhythm you like; the one that feels best". Helen began rocking on me, different speeds, and different motions.

From the look on her face they all felt good. I obviously found one she liked best as it was just a few minutes before she stiffened on me, her face in a grimace. She let out a loud cry and then covered her mouth with her hand to stifle the sound.

I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as her orgasm hit its climax. She finally began to relax and lowered herself onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and began thrusting faster into her; I wanted to cum quickly while she was still in that nice place after an orgasm.

It could not have been more than a minute and I was cumming in her again. I pushed against her, trying to cum deep in her and I felt her squeeze me with her pussy; it intensified my orgasm. She held her contraction as each pulse from my cock sent sperm deep into her. When I finally stopped jerking against her she relaxed her pussy. We lay there, her on top of me, for several minutes before she finally spoke first.

"I'm sorry". "Sorry for what? That felt great". "Not that. It felt good to me too.

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I mean, I know men have needs. I know I've been a problem between you and my daughter. But I can't help that part". I started to say something but she stopped me with a finger on my mouth. "Wait, let me finish. I can't help how I feel about you and Nancy having sex while she's pregnant. But there is something I could do". She hesitated for a moment then added, "Something else".

I waited for her to continue. "We could do this, maybe once a week, until Nancy has the baby and then has time to recover". "I don't know. Once a week is not very much. Nancy and I had sex several times a week". "You did"? She sounded surprised. "I mean, well how many times a week would you want it"? "I think four or five times a week should be adequate". Helen waited a moment then said, "Agreed, but just until Nancy is ready.

And, I get to be on top at least half the time"? I had no problem with that, "Agreed". She moved her body on me slightly, turning her face on my chest so that her head was tucked under my chin.

When she moved, her hips had moved slightly and I realized I was getting hard again. All the talk about our having sex was having an effect. Then something else occurred to me, "What about oral sex"?

She shook her head and said, "No". "Have you tried it"? "Yes, and I didn't like it". She said it pretty emphatically. "Would that have been with Ed"? "Yes. He'd get on top of me and stick his thing in my mouth until he came. I didn't like it. One time I kind of 'accidentally' bit him.

That put a stop to it". "That is not oral sex. That's just getting your mouth fucked. Did you like it when I was rubbing you earlier"? She softly answered, "Yes, I did". "Well think of that only better". "You mean you would do me too"? "Of course". "Well, okay. We could try it". All of this talk had resulted in me being as horny as hell.

My cock twitched inside of her and I had to move in her a few times just to relieve the feeling. When I pushed into her the second time she pushed back to meet me.

"I didn't know you could get hard again. Would you like to do it again"? I put my hands on her butt and held her tight against me as I pushed into her again. "Yes, I would". "Why don't you get on top of me this time? I think I'll pass out if I have another one of those". We rolled over until I was on top of her. She brought her knees up along my sides, allowing me to get deeper in her and wrapped her arms around me.

She moved her mouth close to my ear and whispered, "It's Sunday, the end of the week. Your four or five won't start until tomorrow". "Agreed". Chapter 4 Over the next six or seven weeks my mother-in-law and I tested that 'four or five' several times.

Several times a week I would stay up late and once my wife was sound asleep I would go to her mother's room and we have a very enjoyable hour or so. As Nancy's time got closer it became too dangerous to continue like we had before. She had a hard time sleeping at night and would toss-and-turn. Frequently she would get up and come out to the living room and watch TV for a while. She was uncomfortable walking so she went out less.

Her mother and I were limited to several quickies each week, timed when Nancy would get in the shower. As soon as I heard the shower start and would hurry over to Helen's bedroom, jump on her and cum as quickly as I could.

On occasion Helen came to my bedroom and would get on top of me. We would go at each other while listening for the water to stop; trying to cum before it happened. It relieved some sexual tension but was rarely satisfying. Plus I knew that our time would be ending soon; the baby would be here and then not long after that Nancy would be ready and my time with her mother would end.

I was thinking these thoughts one morning just a few days before Nancy's due date. Nancy was going out to do some last minute shopping with my mother.

That should make quite a site; what looks like a mother and daughter walking around the mall with 'nine-month' stomachs sticking out. I had to chuckle. But it also presented an opportunity that Helen and I was looking forward to; Nancy would be out of the house for a couple of hours at least. I got up, put on some boxers and my robe, and went to the kitchen to see if Nancy had left yet. When I walked into the kitchen Helen was standing at the sink in her robe rinsing some glasses.

I walked over behind her. "Good morning. Has Nancy left yet"? Helen nodded towards the window, "No, she's out getting the paper". Great. We are going to have to wait a while. My mother wasn't even here yet. I looked out and saw Nancy talking with Mr. Jeremy, our next-door neighbor. Even better.

Getting into a conversation with Mr. Jeremy is like falling within the influence of a dark hole; you don't escape. It would be a good thirty minutes before she could get away. That would be plenty of time. I opened my robe and pulled my boxers down and kicked them aside.

Moving behind Helen I lifted up her robe, perfect, nothing underneath. She giggled and tried to swat my hands away. Holding her robe up with my arms, I put my on her hips and moved up tight against her. Her skin felt hot against mine in the cool kitchen and I could feel myself begin to stiffen.

"Not here, she's right outside". "Yes, but look who she's talking to". We all knew Mr. Jeremy and each of us had become trapped at some time. I moved my hands around to her stomach and then slowly moved up to her breasts, taking one in each hand.

As I cupped them she pushed her butt back against me. It could not have taken even a minute and I was completely erect now. I pushed forward and the head of my cock moved between her thighs. I pushed against her and the friction of her thighs on my cock felt so good. She moved her legs slightly apart and my cock moved up so that my shaft was rubbing against her pussy. I put my hands on her hips and tried to get her to tilt back towards me but she either did not understand or didn't want to.

She pulled her hands from the water and grasped the edge of the counter. I pulled again at her hips and she tilted back towards me. It was perfect.

I pushed forward into her, sliding deep into her. Helen gasped, I don't know if she expected this; we had never done it like this before. "Todd, we shouldn't. Nancy's right outside". I didn't say anything, just kept ramming into her, pulling her hips back to me with each thrust forward. When she began pushing back I let my hands move back up to her breasts, rubbing her hard nipples with my fingers. Her moan told me she was enjoying this. "Your Mom is outside".

The words stopped me in mid thrust. I looked around Helen's head to see my mother standing next to Nancy. I almost laughed; in profile they looked so funny. Both of them with their stomachs sticking out, their hands resting on top, they looked ready to pop any second. I was still surprised with Mom; I didn't think Dad still had it in him. Helen said, "Maybe we should wait until later". "It's okay. Just a little bit more. I'm close. They are going to be talking out there for a while".

I didn't want to get close and then get interrupted so I started moving in and out of her faster; ramming hard against her. "Not so hard, you're making my head bounce up and down". I slowed down but it was hard not to go fast; it felt so good inside of her. "Stop. They're coming".

"So am I". Helen tried to move away but she was pinned between the sink and me. I pushed hard into her, lifting her up onto her toes.

As Helen struggled to move away from me the first stream shot into her. I heard the front door open and a second and third stream of my semen was left in her. I heard the voices in the front room but I still had cum squirting out of me. I pulled out of Helen and turned towards the coffeemaker on the counter as Helen pulled her robe down. I could feel my cock twitch as little spurts continued to come out. Thank God my robe is dark. Hopefully it won't show.

I quickly tied my robe and was grabbing a coffee cup from the cupboard just as my wife and mother walked in the room. I poured myself a cup and looked over my shoulder to say 'hi' to them.

I was still pretty hard and was having trouble hiding it. My mother said hello and walked over to give me a kiss and a hug. I gave her a kind of sideways hug, using the coffee as my excuse. I looked over her shoulder and saw my boxers lying at Helen's feet. Oh, shit. I extended the hug and waved at Helen to get her attention. I pointed at my boxers and she bent to grab them, wadded them up and stuck them in a pocket of her robe.

Mom let go of me and held me at arms length, "Todd, you look flushed. Are you feeling alright"? "Sure Mom. I'm fine.

I was just doing some morning exercises and came out to be sure I saw you before you and Nancy left". Mom gave me a funny look but seemed to accept it. I had never been one for morning exercises, at least not the kind done out of bed. But she probably figured I was getting older and needed them to stay in shape. Nancy and Mom said goodbye and were gone. We wouldn't see them for several hours; after shopping they were going out for a fancy lunch.

Helen stayed by the window until she saw their car drive away. The immediate need for sex was satisfied for me, I was wondering what was for breakfast. But that was not the case for Helen. Her appetite had just been whetted. When the car was out of sight she came over, took my hand and pulled me out of my seat.

I followed her hand-in-hand down the hallway to her bedroom. Once inside she took off her robe, tossed it aside and then stood there looking at me. Every time I saw her like this I was amazed. She looked so much like my wife; an older version sure, but really sexy all the same.

When I did not move she pulled me towards the bed and pulled my robe off. She saw that I was still flaccid. "I don't excite you any more?" she asked. She stepped backwards toward the bed pulling me with her. "For what I want, I really require a hard cock. Maybe this will help". She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me closer.

She took my limp cock and sucked it into her mouth. I was soft enough that she was able to get almost my entire cock in her mouth but that quickly changed. Looking down at her lips wrapped around me and feeling her tongue wash over and around the head of my cock quickly had me getting harder by the second. As I watched more of my cock appeared out of her mouth as she couldn't hold it all. Once I was again rigid she pulled her mouth away from me and moved farther up onto her bed, pulling me with her.

She pushed me onto my back and then climbed on. There was no need for foreplay; she got me inside of her and began moving on me.

It was barely a minute later that the phone rang. Helen said several choice words regarding the timing and picked up the phone. Her "Hello" was less than courteous. "Oh, Hello". She mouthed 'your mother' to me. She listened for a few seconds before saying, "All ready? At the store"? Mom must have said something else while Helen covered the hand piece and whispered to me, "Nancy's water broke.

They are on the way to the hospital. Helen listened for a moment more then said, "Okay, we'll bring her bag. We should be coming in about thirty minutes". Well it turned out she was wrong. We came in about fifteen minutes. We might have been on time at the hospital if we hadn't taken the shower together.

I can't exactly say it was a mistake; but it did take more time. I'm not a teenager any longer. Three in a row does more than just drain me. When we finally got out of the shower we dressed and rushed out.

My only regret was missing breakfast and wondering how bad it would be in the hospital cafeteria. When got to Nancy's room I was surprised to not see Mom there.

I immediately went up to Nancy, "How are you doing Honey"? "I'm fine. They say it will still be a couple of hours. The contractions are still several minutes apart; lots of heavy breathing and panting". We settled in to wait; held her hand during contractions, reminded her to breath, talked about names again. Helen said she was hungry and was going to brave the hospital food. Before she could leave my Dad came in the room.

"Hey Dad. How are you doing? We still have a ways to go. Where's Mom"? "She's in the next room". Dad, not being a big talker stopped there. "What do you mean, in the next room"? "What do you think I mean? She's having a baby.

She started going into labor right after Nancy got into her room". "What? Right now? That's neat. They'll have their babies at the same time". "Yeh, neat". Dad did not sound particularly happy.

Well if he didn't want this he shouldn't have gotten move pregnant. "I came over here to see how Nancy is doing and to tell you your mother wants to talk to you". I told Nancy I would be right back and left as the three of them began talking. There were no names on the door next to us but I peeked in and saw my mother in the single bed in the room. "Hey, I hear your are going to be a mother soon".

Mom smiled, "Don't be a wiseass". Mom patted the bed, "Come over here. There is something I need to talk about with you". I went over and sat, "What's up"? "This isn't easy to let me get it all out without your interrupting me. Your father and I are getting pretty old to have a toddler around the house. I've talked this over with him and with Nancy". I wondered why Nancy was involved but did not say anything.

"Nancy and your Dad both agree it would be best; that is, if you agree". "Agree to what"? "You and Nancy will raise the baby as yours. I've registered in Nancy's name. We'll not use our insurance, pay cash, so there will not be a problem there. I've known my doctor for almost thirty years and he will go along with it. It's really in the best interest of the child". "What is"? "You and Nancy will be recorded on the birth certificate as the parents. Nancy will have given birth to two babies today.

That way there will be no talk from their friends; they will be your children from the beginning. I will tell people my baby did not make it". I did not say anything at first; it was a bit of a shock. I wasn't sure what to say. I could understand Mom's logic; it could be best to have younger parents but how could Dad and Mom just let go of their child? I knew Nancy would be okay; she loves children, one more, so much the better.

"Are you sure Dad is okay with this? How can he just give away his child"? Mom looked at me for the longest time without answering. Finally she said, "I had hoped to not have to say anything about this. This isn't his child". My mom looked at me for the longest time before saying, "It's yours". What was she talking about? We had not had sex in months. Then it hit me. We started having sex almost exactly nine months ago. It never occurred to me to ask. I just assumed she was on the pill or something.

Grown women knew what to do. "Mine"? It came out more as a squawk. "Yes, this is your baby". "How do you know it's not Dad's"? "It can't be your father's. He had a vasectomy years ago. That's why I was not on the pill. I hadn't needed any birth control in years. I didn't even think of it until it was too late". "Does Dad know? I mean, does Dad know it's mine"? "Of course not. I told him I had too much to drink at a bar on a business trip and some guy took advantage of me".

She smiled, "That's pretty much what happened wasn't it? Except I didn't mention the part where you took advantage of me over and over again". I still did not know what to say. I had gotten my mother pregnant.

This was my baby making her stomach stick out. It was sick. It was terrible. It was kind of cool. Mom interrupted my thoughts, "So are you okay with it"? "Sure, I think it will work out best for everyone. It's my baby. Wait, does Nancy know it's mine"? "No, she thinks it's your father's and mine. It might be best that way. It's all in the family.

Now go back to Nancy and send your father back. He gets to put up with me through this". I left and went back to join Nancy and her mother. Dad left to be with Mom.

I wondered how I would take it if Nancy were pregnant by someone else. Would I take it as well as Dad? The doctor came in and examined Nancy and said it would be very soon now.

They moved her to a birthing room. We were joined by a couple of nurses. I moved to hold Nancy's hand as the contractions continued to get stronger.

Helen moved down so she could see the baby when it appeared. Over the next few minutes there was a lot of panting, yelling at a husband for getting his wife in this condition, my wife squeezing my hand like she was Shrek. The doctor said some things, the only one I recognized was 'crowning', before saying you have a beautiful son. I turned to Nancy but before I could say anything I heard a groan and the sound of someone falling to the floor.

I looked back and could not see Helen. One of the nurses bent down and then went to the phone and called for help. The doctor said, "Don't worry. It happens more than you might suspect. We'll take good care of her". While we were looking at our new son a couple of nurses came in and put Helen on a gurney and took her away. After a couple of minutes they took our son away to clean him up while they began administering to Nancy.

While they were with Nancy I went next door to see how Mom was doing only to find out she had given birth a few minutes ago to a son. My chest couldn't have stuck out any further; I had two son's just minutes apart.

Dad was there and he seemed to be in good spirits also; holding Mom's hand and congratulating her. They looked happier together than I had seen them in a while. Mom saw me and waved weakly. I slipped out and went back to Nancy's room. She was holding our son. He was such a cutie. I counted fingers, the usual ten. I would have to go on trust with the toes, he was wrapped up pretty tight. "So how's the new Mom doing"? The doctor flew in, checking the baby, writing on the chart.

"And Nancy, your Mom's doing fine. She should really know better; someone her age". "Nancy looked up. What do you mean"? "Someone in her condition needs to eat. They can't go all day without eating anything; no wonder she fainted".

I was confused, "Her condition"? "Well she's pregnant of course. Looks like two months along. Pregnant women need food. She just got low blood sugar and passed out.

She said she missed breakfast and then kept putting it off". The doctor looked at us. Our jaws were probably on the ground. "Oops. You didn't know she was pregnant"? "How could she be pregnant?

She's too old to get pregnant". The doctor laughed, "That's what she said too. But she's barely fifty. Of course she could get pregnant". "No, we didn't know. How pregnant is she?" Nancy asked. "Of course you didn't know. What was I thinking; she didn't know.

I've said too much. I think you had better discuss this with her". The doctor quickly finished with Nancy's chart and fled the room. Nancy looked at me, total amazement on her face. "Mom's pregnant? How did that happen"? I didn't say anything; I couldn't. But I had a real good idea how it happened. Two months? That's when we started. Oh great. I've gotten my mother-in-law pregnant. Then it finally hit me, what I had done. I got my mother-in-law pregnant; you jackass, that means no sex for months.