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Dirty brunette babe blowing tube
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Hello everybody! I know this isn't a Brian and Joseph story, which will disappoint some, but I really wanted to write this. If you guys want, I'd be glad to turn this story into a series.

I'll also take ideas for future stories if you have something you'd like to see. As always, I love feedback. Tell me how to make these better for you. jogio: it was a good movie but the theater sucked, the floor was sticky. mykyl: nice comma splice. jogio: gah. you and em both give me the hardest time about this stuff.

mykyl: who? jogio: emily. remember? mykyl: is she the mousy girl who was hitting on me at your birthday party? jogio: no. she wasn't at my party. maybe you never met her. that's weird. you two are both always correcting my grammar over GOD DAMN INSTANT MESSENGER. mykyl: well maybe you should read more books. and I'd like to meet her. jogio: i probably read more than you. but yeah, you two definitely need to meet.

With that, Michael signed off of AIM.

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He was a wirey seventeen year old, as many of them are, with a messy brown mop of hair and hazel bedroom eyes. At least Vanessa and Allison, two girls he had dated, had called them bedroom eyes. He was excited to meet someone else his age who also made fun of Joe for his grammar. Instant messenger grammar snobs weren't all too common around these parts.

That night he got a text from Joe reading 'mall tomorrow at 4. emily will be there.' When Michael arrived at the mall, he found Joe in the food court eating some Panda Express with crossed chopsticks.

Michael didn't understand how people could misuse chopsticks like that. They talked for a bit, exchanging normal greetings and playful jibes. "So, is your friend coming," Michael asked. "You mean Em? Well, she's supposed to be. I'd give her a few minutes." With that, the boys got to talking about video games. As they were talking, a girl came over to their table.

"I guess I'm the last one here." Michael looked up and saw, well, a very pretty girl. She was about 5'3" with long brown hair and blue-green eyes, with a very cute face. She was a bit plump, which most have contributed to what Michael observed to be at least D cup breasts and some very nice thighs. She was wearing a black tank top and blue jeans. "Hey, Em," said Joe, "this is Michael, the other grammar nerd I told you about.

Michael, this is Emily." Michael stood up to shake her hand, a behavior he had acquired some years back. "It's nice to finally meet you," he said with a smile.

"And you too." Turning slightly to Joe, she said "you didn't say he was cute." At that Michael felt a bit flush, and despite his six feet of height, at this moment he felt small next to her.

"Oh my god he's blushing!" Em said that with great excitement, her eyes beaming. "Hey, leave him alone," interjected Joe. "He doesn't need the full treatment all at once." The three sat down and talk.

Michael learned that Em and Joe had met at summer camp, that she was sixteen, six months younger than Joe and a year younger than Michael, and that she was from the south, even though her accent was barely noticeable.


The only time he really noticed the accent was when she said "Michael," as she almost pronounced it "Mahchael." He found this very cute. When the outing was over, Michael and Em exchanged contact information. He put her number in his phone and got her screen name. Over the next few days, Michael found himself talking to Emily a lot. He learned that she was a very sexual girl, or at the very least, unlike most girls he knew, she was very open about her sexuality.

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She told him that she regarded herself as somewhat bisexual with a preference for men, and that she shaved her pubic hair. He also learned that those breasts were DD, not just D. One day when they were talking online, Em invited him to a pool party at her friend Lauren's house that coming weekend.

He accepted the invitation. At the pool party, Michael wore his standard red swim trunks. Emily, for her part, had on a black one piece. But in spite of it, Michael had a very good view of her large breasts.

He was sure she had caught him staring a few times, but she never said anything. The worst for him was when they were playing water volleyball on opposite teams. Because of his height, Michael played the net, which gave him an excellent view: every time Em jumped or swung at the ball, his eyes couldn't see anything other than her and those magnificent tits.

This left Michael with a pretty nasty hard-on. After they were done playing, Michael somehow managed to will his boner down enough that he felt OK getting out of the pool. He went inside the house and went up to the bathroom. Michael knew that if he didn't jerk off he would have a very hard time dealing with the rest of the pool party, what with how much he couldn't stop staring at Emily and her breasts.

He pulled down his trunks, sat on the toilet, and began to stroke his seven inch cock. He closed his eyes and pictured Emily. He imagined her crawling towards him, giving him a full view down her tits. And then she sat up and let the straps of her suit fall, revealing what Michael had been after all day.

As he stroked his cock, in his mind's eye he saw her laying naked on a large bed and imagined ramming his dick deep inside her. He moaned as he thrust into her. She called his name in that sexy voice of hers: "Michael, Michael." "Hey, Michael, are you in here?" It was her!

She had been calling him from outside the bathroom! Stammering, Michael said "Um, yeah, be out in a minute." "OK. I was worried. You've been inside the house for a while." Michael had no idea that any significant period of time had passed. Thinking quickly, Michael moved over to the sink and ran the cold water. He let it hit his left wrist and splashed some on his cock. The last thing he wanted was to walk out of the bathroom and poke the girl he found so pretty with his erection.

The cold water sent shivers through his body and was less than pleasant, but at least now Michael was ready to put his trunks back on. He opened the door and found Emily waiting write there, her chestnut hair in a ponytail. "Sorry for taking so long.

It's all yours now." Emily smiled at him, flickering as she looked him up and down. "Oh, I don't need the bathroom," she said, grinning. And with that, she grabbed Michael's arms, turned him around, and pushed him up against the hallway wall. "I was hoping to catch you alone in the house. Lauren's parents are out of town and everyone else is getting some food off the grill. "I saw the way you were looking at me today. And I liked it." She stepped closer, her boobs now touching his lower chest.

"I liked it a lot." Em took another step forward, pressing her boobs harder against Michael, and rubbing her stomach right up against his cock. Michael couldn't take it anymore.

He grabbed her sides, just below her breasts, and kissed her. She kissed him back, hard. The two stood against that wall making out, their tongues rubbing against each other. Michael was the one to break the kiss. He moved is mouth to the right side of her neck, nipping and sucking on her skin, but careful not to leave a hickey for the other partygoers to find. "Mmm, Michael," she moaned, pulling his head harder into her neck. When he resumed making out with her, still up against the wall in the hallway, he started to fondle her right breast with his left hand as he held her to him with his right.

It was soft and sexy, and immediately he found her hard nipple, massaging it as he groped her. Emily moaned into his mouth. For her part, she had her legs wrapped around Michael's slightly bent right thigh. She rubbed her pubic region back and forth on his cock, moaning into his mouth as they kissed. Michael could feel her wetness on him. "Oh my god I'm so wet," Emily said in a breathy voice as she continued to grind on his thigh. Michael's cock was now rock hard and pressed up against her, so he grabbed her sexy, juicy hips and began to dry hump her back.

The two let out small gasps of pleasure as they stood in the hallway, pleasuring themselves on each other's bodies. It was only dryhumping by name: Michael's leg was almost glistening with Emily's juices, and Emily could feel Michael's cock leaking onto her skin through both of their bathing suits.

Suddenly Emily pulled Michael into the bathroom and closed the door. Looking at him, she removed the straps of her bathing suit from her arms, allowing it to reveal those big DD breasts. Michael was almost drooling at the site.

Em smiled at the sight of Michael's lust, and slowly she stepped over to him and planted a big kiss right on his lips, before falling to her knees. She undid the drawstring of his suit and pulled it down, allowing his rock hard dick to spring free.

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"Oh wow, you're big," she gasped, wrapping her hand around Michael's cock. Michael moaned as she began to stroke him up and down. "And I do appreciate that you're shaved." And with that, she leaned forward and took the head of his turgid prick into her sexy little mouth.

Michael's head fell back slightly and his mouth fell open as he felt the pretty nymph's mouth on him. Her eyes were closed as she bobbed up and down, massaging Michael's dick with her lips and sucking. As she sucked his teenage cock, she flicked her tongue along the underside of his shaft, driving him wild. "That feels so good," Michael cried.

"You're such a good cocksucker." Slurping, Emily let Michael's dick fall from her mouth. "I love dirty talk," she said, and with that she resumed her blowjob. "I can't believe this," said Michael as he had his dick sucked. "We're in the bathroom of your friend's house, and you're on your knees sucking my dick. You like sucking dick, don't you? Mmm, good girl. I bet you get off knowing that there are so many people around." Hearing this was making Emily hotter than she could've imagined.

She was sucking harder and moving her lips along Michael's dick faster. Her right hand was down her swimsuit, rubbing and pinching her hard little clit. She moaned around the big cock in her mouth. Feeling the cum rising in his cock, Michael pulled Emily's mouth from him and stood her up.

In a swift motion, he pulled down her bathing suit, finally seeing the sexy teen girl fully naked in front of him. He grabbed her and made out with her a bit, allowing his hands to explore her body more fully. He had a handful of tit in his left hand, and he groped her juicy ass with his right.

Michael loved full, plump asses. Wanting more, Michael brought Em over to the bathroom window and spun her around so that his cock was right up against her round ass. He ground against her and fondled her breasts while he sucked on her neck.

"Baby yes," Emily moaned. The window overlooked the swimming pool. If someone had looked up, they would've seen a pair of big teen breasts. "Bend over," Michael commanded her. Em put her hands against the window pane and arched her back, wiggling her sexy ass. She looked back at him with those big, blue-green eyes.

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Michael grabbed her hips and rubbed the head of his cock against her wet, bald pussy. "Be gentle," she said in a small voice.

"It's my first time." Smiling, Michael replied "Mine, too." And with that, he plunged his dick all the way inside her. "Oh goood," she cried, loudly enough that Michael thought someone outside might've heard them. As he had expected, Emily didn't have her hymen intact, but her cunt was still so tight. "Don't move for a bit. Lemme get used to it." After about fifteen seconds, Michael began to pull out slowly before thrusting back inside of Em's no-longer-virgin pussy.

Emily made small, almost whimpering noises at Michael's initial few motions. Then she began to purr. "That's sooo good," Em moaned. "Oh my god yes FUCK ME! It's even better than I imagined! My cunt is so full." "You bet I'll keep fucking you," Michael almost yelled.

"Your little cunt feels so good on my cock. You like that, don't you, having your slutty pussy filled full of dick for the first time!

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C'mon, tell me how much you love it!" "Mmm fuck yes I love your cock in me. And I am a slut - your slut. I'll let you have your way with me, anytime, anywhere.

Oh keep pounding me! Oh I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum from having a big dick in me for the first time. Ohhhhh!" Michael could feel Emily's little pussy contract on his dick as it spilled cum onto his cock and down her legs. Michael continued to thrust into her as she came, and with every thrust her juicy ass would jiggle and shake.

This drove Michael absolutely crazy. After a few minutes of doggy style, Michael could feel himself getting ready to shoot. He pulled out of Emily's pussy, spun her around, and picked her up. She giggled at the action, kissing Michael as he carried her over to the sink. Placing her on the marble countertop, he leaned into her and looked into her eyes.

They both gasped as he put his cock into her. He resumed fucking her wet teen pussy, but now there was an obvious tenderness between them as they screwed. "Keep going," Emily cried, "I'm about to cum again!" "Em, I'm close." Emily looked up into Michael's eyes and said "Cum inside me.

I'm on the pill and I want to feel it." Needing no more encouragement, Michael began to pound into her faster until he started shooting his load deep inside Emily's young cunt. "Oh Michael," she cooed as her orgasm took her. They writhed together in simultaneous orgasm for almost an entire minute.

When they were both finished, they smiled and kissed. Emily stood up, and then immediately almost fell as her knees buckled. Michael caught her. "You did a number on me, babe," she said.


"And you have another thing coming if you think this was a one time deal." Michael chuckled. "You think I'd give you up after that??" "We must reek of sex. Here, let's shower before facing the group. The two got under the warm water, washing sweat and cum and chlorine from their bodies. Then came the knock on the door. "Em," a female voice asked, "are you in there?" Em turned off the water. Michael whipsered to her "Answer her and head out first.

I'll wait here for you two to leave." Emily nodded and gave him a soft, lover's kiss. "Yeah, I'm in here. I was rinsing off some of this pool water," she said as she put her suit back on. "It was starting to irritate my skin." After the Emily walked away from the bathroom with her friend, Michael began to put his own suit on. No longer a virgin and with a sexy girl seemingly at his beck and call, he was excited for how his future weekends would be spent!