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Tragor's Treasure By Will Buster A cheerful and boisterous crowd had assembled in Layut town on this particular market day. Chained slaves were briskly exhibited before the impending sale. Several very strong looking guards clad in ring male were carrying leather whips to control the human and partly human chattel. Naturally, the townspeople always enjoyed the drama of purchased flesh bidding. It was far more amusing than ork hunting and a hell of a lot less dangerous.

Lord Tragor went to the town square like the others, more out of curiosity than anything else. The former soldier-adventurer had bought a sizable estate on the outskirts of Layut two months past. His party had pillaged the ancient richly laden tombs of Zorgon and his mind drifted back to the terrible battle with the guardian trolls and other assorted undead creatures. Two of his best friends had been killed in the desolate ruins and caverns of distant Koala. The riches had been impressive but in his mind the price had been too high.

His attention came back to the sale. There were the usual selection of dwarves, elves, half elves and assorted human scum of all sizes and ages. Some slaves had the bored look of those who are used to the trade. Others showed fear and apprehension in their faces and troubled eyes. He was about to turn away to get a drink at the Lucky Lion inn when the green eyes stopped him dead in his tracks. The slave was a half Elvin female perhaps twenty-five winters old. It was hard to tell with her kind.

They aged much slower than humans. He stared into the sad, resigned eyes and his heart gave a little jump when they looked back and made contact. Then the auction began. The auctioneer was a large elf with a brassy voice and a lewd sense of humor. He was a great hit with the locals with his judicious blend of jokes and business acumen. You never felt cheated at Ellidran's sales.

The jokes were worth the time if not the money. Sometimes a scribe would write Ellidran's wit down for children yet unborn. As it usually went some of the slaves went cheep, some went high. One thug, who looked as strong as an ox, was picked up by the wrestler promoter Ragnar, for a modest 90 silver pieces.

A bucksome human wench was purchased by the tavern keeper for 110 silver pieces, along with jeers and laughter from the crowd. Tragor muttered to himself, "I hope he gets the clap." And so it went. A dwarf was bought by Bardolf the owner of the local mines for a paltry 15 silver pieces. The crowd booed because of the ridiculously low price. The dwarf actually bowed his appreciation for the spectator's reaction and they cheered him as he was led away.

Then the green eyed half elf was dragged up to the block and her garments, such as they were, were unceremoniously ripped off to reveal a very comely body.

She covered what she could with her hand as the crowd howled with laughter. Ellidran started the bidding. "All right folks, we have a delectable piece of piece!" The crowd erupted into more laughter.

Ellidran took a long pull at a jug of ale he always had handy to lubricate his perpetually dry throat. "As I was saying, a pretty little wench good for, well isn't it obvious what she's good for?" How the town folk loved Ellidran. He was the greatest show around. Some started chanting, "Ellidran, Ellidran, Ellidran!" The auctioneer raised his hand to implore silence. The crowd quieted to a murmur. "Let's not waste time gentlemen. Just look at this firm flesh!" He deftly took two fingers and extended one of her shapely round breasts.

"She's the best looker of the batch. Do I have 50 silver?" There were some bids and the price crept up to a hundred. Tragor noticed Marco the damned tavern keeper was in the lead. Ellidran smirked, "I see Marco is impressed! I have a hundred and five going once!" Tragor was staring into those helpless green eyes again and his heart was pounding with anger for Marco and pity for those pleading green eyes. He heard himself shout, "a hundred and twenty!" Ellidran laughed, "New blood I see!

The brave captain Tragor is looking for some hot nights himself. Don't let her get away Marco!" Marco gave Tragor a dark look. "A hundred and twenty five!" Tragor decided enough was enough. "Enough of this shit, ten gold!" There were some ooohs and aaahs from the crowd and Ellidran whistled. "Tragor must be in heat!

Well Marco what say you?" Marco was visibly gnashing his teeth.


He angrily shouted, "Fifteen gold!" Tragor walked right up to Marco and said, "Sixteen gold Marco. Give it a rest!" Marco noticed the angry glint in the former officer's eyes. It was a dangerous look, a very unsympathetic look. Marco bowed and retreated with an insult.

"Let him have the slut. He obviously needs her more than I do!" The crowd went hysterical with laughter and the naked girl was dragged to Tragor. The former adventurer opened his purse and counted the proper amount in mostly gold and some silver coins. Ellidran's official carved him out a proper receipt on a large clay tablet as the next exhibit was presented for the spectators and buyers perusal.

Tragor looked in contempt at the slave guard and he commanded in his sternest voice, "Unchain her!" A guard smirked, "She might get away." Tragor gave the guard a stony look, "Take the chains off I say." The guard shrugged, "All right, she's your wench to do with as you please." The guard took a chisel and mallet and soon the chains were struck off.

The woman rubbed her wrists and shook her long lustrous black hair. Her eyes flashed anger at the guard and her lips were pursed into a thin red line. Tragor took off his rich sky blue cloak and placed it on her shoulders to help cover her.

She bowed her head a little and said in a pleasant soprano voice, accompanied with a grateful smile. "Thank you lord." All he replied was "Follow me." They were soon in a dressmakers shop and he bought her a strong serviceable butternut dress with matching brown boots and green cloak. When they were back in the street he pointed east. "My estate is a mile down that road on the right.

It's the one with the large white marble columns. You can't miss it. I have business in town and I'll be back later. When you get there you can clean your self up and maybe the cookhouse to. " She dutifully answered, "Yes lord." He smiled briefly and with that, was gone. She watched him disappear in the crowd and wondered at her good fortune.

She considered her options for quite some time then started trudging east. ******** Tragor returned just before sundown. When he entered the kitchen his nose was greeted with a mouth-watering aroma from an excellent meal prepared from an almost immaculate cook room. His new property was smiling at him as she served the food. It was a thick savory vegetable stew with chunks of mouth-watering beef strewn liberally through it.

He indicated she should get a large portion for herself and told her to sit down. "So what's your name?" He asked bluntly. "Marina." Her green eyes were looking at him intently. "Well Marina, you could have run away. Why didn't you?" She smiled with guarded humor. "And how long would it take the worthy Tragor to hunt such as myself down?

A few hours perhaps? Besides I perceive I could have been bought by far, far worse than you." Tragor answered quietly, "I'll be honest with you. My wife died in a damn ork raid a few years ago. I have a few servants here on the estate.

They have their women and the work gets done. I need you for more than washing dishes. I haven't had a woman in a very long time and there was something in your eyes.

I can't explain it. Your eyes struck me like a thunderbolt." Marina gave him a pleasant smile and she responded. "I'll be honest also.

I find you attractive even though you're not Elvin. I know many humans despise other races. I'm half human and half elf. What are your feelings about a half breed like me?" Tragor gave her a frosty smile as he replied, "I had the honor of commanding elves, half elves, dwarves and humans.

I respect them all. I find you exquisite. I wish we could have met in better circumstances. You appear to me to have a certain quality, a certain intelligence in those haunting eyes of yours." She licked her lips a little. "I believe you.

But there is a vast difference between respect and sleeping with someone different. It might be exhilarating or it might be disastrous." He gave her a rye smile as he met her level gaze.

"Well, there is only one sure way of finding out isn't there? By the way where are Ardyl and Solana?" It was her turn to chuckle a little, "They retired early. I think they suspected you wanted to be alone with me." He raised his eyebrows and replied, "Very considerate of them. Have some wine won't you?" Marina filled a large goblet with the crimson liquid.

She enjoyed the warm sweetness of summer wine. She could taste the sun and earth in its rich grapey flavor. She drank more and relaxed noticeably as they hungrily ate the excellently prepared stew. ****** After the leisurely supper, they retired upstairs to his bedroom.

Marina gave him a long inviting kiss. She was a little surprised at how good he felt against her. Her hands moved up his back and she could feel the hardness of him. She searched his mouth more and more aggressively with her tongue. He tasted of wine and meat. He returned her gentle oral probing and began to undress her. Soon she was carried to the bed and Tragor finished removing her boots and dress.

Tragor hungrily explored Marina's warm, smooth skin with his hands and his tongue. She gasped with pleasure as he gently flicked her stiffening nipples. Tragor gripped her left breast with both his battle hardened hands and sent deep throbbing sensations of passion coursing through her as he sucked and licked the luxurious mound of her eager flesh.

She stroked his hair to reassure him and her throat was starting to emit soft moans as his explorations continued. She liked his auburn hair and dark brown eyes. His beard tickled her in exciting little ways. He was sucking her other breast now and her legs spread far apart on their own accord.

Her breast tried to meet his touch and her belly felt unusually queasy and hot. Marina wanted him. "Oh Tragor! Make me your woman! Enter me!" She tried to rub her clit against him as the lust grew inside her. Her heart was beating faster and she gasped once more. "Oh, love me!" Tragor had gone without female love for a long time and he deliberately dragged out his seduction of her. He wanted to savor every magical moment.

Slowly he worked his way down, playing with her soft belly, her naval and then lapping the inside of her thighs. Her voice was trembling with torrid desire. "I need you inside me! You're driving me wild!" She arched her back as her cunt joyfully encountered the touch of his flicking tongue, his beautiful, hungry mouth that was sucking love juice out of her.

He craftily examined the inside walls of her throbbing love hole with his soft, velvety tongue. She squirmed and wiggled, letting him know her frantic need for him. Still he teased and tantalized her. Her legs were squeezing him now and her hands were pushing his face hard against her. She was breathing hard and her gentle moans became loud joy cries. Her pussy felt on fire as he kept tongue fucking her in the most delectable ways.

Marina was no stranger to love although it had been a long time. She welcomed the rapidly approaching burst of orgasmic ecstasy.

Her mouth was open wide and she cried out her extreme joy. "Aaaah, ah, yes lord! More!" To her intense surprise, he was still licking and sucking her groin and the hot lust was rising again inside her. Her legs were in the air now and she finally screamed, "Oh Tragor! Fuck me! Take me! Yes, yes! Stick it all in!" Again she was pleasantly surprised. He entered her gently and slowly.

His thrusts were circular and so painfully gentle. She reveled in the feel of her emptiness being stuffed with hot throbbing cock. Her carnal cravings were sending rippling waves of joyous lust through every part of her being. She broke a long, devouring kiss and whispered into his ear as she licked it with her tongue, "You don't have to be so gentle!

I won't break!" He slammed into her at last and really let loose. She laughed, "That's it love! Show me how much you want me! Ram it into my cunt you stud!" He pushed her legs up to his shoulders so he could penetrate even deeper and she eagerly met his thrust with her own.

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He was kissing her legs and she gave a joyous yell of another body shuddering climax as he was sensually sucking the toes of her dainty foot. He was showing remarkable control as he slammed her cunt for minute after delicious minute. His breathing was heavy and he held it for long periods of time as he put all his energy into the need to ravish this hot willing woman. He loved the way she moaned and vibrated under him.

His cock was growing itchier and itchier. Her legs were around him now, squeezing him deeper and he kissed her mouth with uncontrollable ferocity as he finally exploded deep inside her. Tragor growled and gasped as his member squirted and spasmed his milky seed all the way inside her vortex of exquisite vice. Marina moaned with obvious pleasure as his dick head kept slamming into her cervix.

She could feel the warm liquid filling her orifice and she surprised him by firmly holding his buttocks, preventing him from leaving. "You're not going to get away from me tonight!


I want you to keep fucking me! I need you Tragor! I've been alone so long!" He gasped, "Oh Marina, let me rest a moment, you she cat. Let me catch my breath." She nibbled at his ear again. "Certainly my lord, but you stay inside me.

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You're not going to get away so easy! I'm half Elvin remember? When we get aroused, we need much more love than a human does. You really shouldn't have licked me down there so long. I need much more and I want to get on top when you get hard. I want to show you all my feelings." Tragor started kissing her again and she played little finger games with his balls and ass. The new slave girl delicately wiggled her little finger inside him and he soon rose to the occasion.

As it had happened, Tragor had gone a long time without female companion ship as well. When she felt him harden to stiff attention inside her still pulsing pussy the new couple rolled over. In moments Marina was riding him using her weight to push and squeeze him in the most sensual, provocative ways. She leaned down so he could suck her aroused tits. The lovely half elf asked her new master, "So how do you like the way a half breed fucks?" Tragor snickered, "I'm sure getting my money's worth and this is just the first night.

My heavens wench, you are insatiable." Marina vaginally gripped his tool extremely hard to prove her point. ""You really aren't going to get any sleep tonight, my lord. I'm your cute little sex slave and I want you to totally possess me and make me yours. Oh Tragor I need to be your woman! Yes, yes! Harder, please harder!" Tragor watched in fascination as her wantonness had turned a quiet girl into a lust-craving animal. She screeched in adoration with another violent climax and it only served to increase her desire.

He tried to hold back. The itching had returned to his lunging dick and he grabbed her by her shoulders and forcibly slammed her down even harder on his rigid manhood.

She grinned at him." Naughty, naughty, lover boy! Keep doing that! I love it!" She eventually felt his urgency as his throbbing cock lunged to meet her devastating motions. Tragor felt the pressure build in his balls and with a loud scream he shot ropes of his cream deep inside her again.

"Oh you fucking wench! Don't stop! I want all of you!" She quickly put all her attention on the top part of his cock to keep it hard.


Marina eagerly gave him quick, succulent strokes with her inflamed cunt. She lay full on top of him and kissed him with greedy hunger. An undiminished wave of ecstasy sizzled on the head of his gorged cock. To his amazement, she wouldn't stop. The rapid movements and unbridled urges were keeping him hard. If he hadn't already come twice, he would have sprayed her yet again. He was holding her tight and his hands were forcing her buttocks apart.

He jammed a finger down her bum hole and she gasped and performed even faster. For over an hour the festival continued with marina ramming and twisting to release her lust time after divine time. She jammed each of her itching tits into his ravenous mouth. She turned around on him and frantically sought deeper penetration while Tragor grasped her breasts or mercilessly rubbed her clit.

Marina's cries increased rapidly and she finally screamed with an overwhelming orgasm. Her belly shuddered and her cunt convulsed as her passions were assuaged at long last. After she moaned from her final wave of carnal pleasure she crawled off him to show him her grateful appreciation for the joys she had thrilled to.

She greedily shoved his rock hard cock that was dripping with their mutual juices deep into her eager throat and gave him sublime oral love.

Tragor was close to the edge as it was. The swirling, sucking moist mouth of Marina kept stroking and massaging his tingling staff. Expertly she teased him with her swishing saliva and flickering tongue, until he attained an explosive climax. His eyes glazed and his scream was hoarse as he splattered her face, mouth and throat with his hot sticky love juice.

She swallowed what she could and smacked her lips as he collapsed. Tragor was exhausted in every part of his body including his limp member that was now as soft as a dish rag. They rested for a while listening to the crickets chirping in the nearby fields.

To be sure he was tired but he occasionally kissed her skin or tender mouth. He kept feeling her hips and breasts with his licensed hands. They didn't feel much like talking. They were only interested in discovering the wonders of the other.

After a long rest, the naked slave girl slid on top of him in a sixty nine position. She pushed her cunt on his mouth so he could thoroughly lick her again while she tried to revive his limp flesh once again with her soft, slurping oral tricks. He enjoyed the taste of her, the smell of her. He thrilled at the soft, juicy cavity that stank of sex and still had a pleasant trace of his cum still seeping from that tight slit that he'd been pounding for the past few hours.

It was exciting to him to realize that he was sucking on pussy that he had completely possessed. He played with her tits while lapping her slowly vibrating flesh. She was moaning again as her lusts were still burning furiously. She wanted him inside her again and she sucked and teased his sensitive cock head for over a half an hour until he was as stiff as a tall pine. She coaxed him on top of her again and he slammed her with newfound zest. She arched her slender legs.

Marina gasped with the power of his urgent thrusts. "That's it, fuck your half breed! Use me any way you want! I need you inside me!" He was kissing her legs again as he drove and drove and drove. She convulsed with sheer primal climax and she yelled, "That's right! Now, fuck my ass! Bang my bum hole! I want it all!" With difficulty, Tragor impaled her ass with his throbbing rod. Marina' sphincter resisted at first but Tragor was desperate for her tiny pucker hole now.

He had to have all of her. The tightness was fascinating. It was a fantasy of lust. He didn't want to hurt her and yet part of him did. He stuffed himself deep into a willing, eager anal orifice while he smothered her screams with torrid kisses.

Tragor churned and thrust his burning cock even deeper into the screaming, giggling wench. Her legs cramped around his back and she fiercely held him to her. She cried out, "You're not going to get away from me!

Give it to me harder! Fuck my little shit hole!

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Oooooo! Yes! Yyyyeeesssss! Fucking pound it Tragor!! You bought me now fuck me! Fuck every part of me all night!" He could feel his sap rising and he reentered her vagina for his final release. He wouldn't relinquish the kiss. Their tongues were darting and salivating in the others demanding mouth. Her legs were around him telling him that she needed every tiny inch, every lascivious thrust.

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Their mutual screams of fulfilled desire blended as they both reached orgasm at the same instant. ***** He spoke to Marina gently after his blood pressure had come back to something resembling normal. Tragor's voice was a bit husky as his breathing was still a bit ragged. "I haven't heard your story yet. You can tell me when you are ready.

But I know you have gone through some hard times. I know I bought you but you're more than a mere slave to me. I hope my affection for you can help wipe away the painful memories. I know you are lonely. I hope you'll find a home here." She snuggled against him and replied, "And you lord. I never would have guessed you needed me so much.

It's like we've waited for each other all our lives. I've never had love like this. It was indescribable." They were both satiated and they soon slept. For Marina the next few days were paradise on earth. She looked forward to the daily chores, preparing the meals and cleaning up. She thrilled at his touch and his thrusting deep inside her when she shared his bed in the comforting darkness of night.

The last two mornings she had prevented him from leaving the bed until three hours after sunup with her animalistic antic. Marina loved every part of him, especially the hard eight inches she loved to place inside her in every way. He was in the field now working with a team of oxen, doing some more plowing along with his other servants. He worked as hard as they did, at least during planting time and harvest.

Tragor owned four oxen and several horses along with the usual poultry. She watched from their bedroom as he conquered one row after another.

It was so pleasant. Warm breezes gladdened the sweating workers and it was peaceful to see the nearby woods and the blue, cloud spotted heavens. The cries and chirps of several varieties of birds brought contentment to her mind. Then her heart jumped in abject fear. To her horror, several gray skinned orks were filing out of the woods and advancing on her beloved and the others.

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Tragor didn't have his weapons. He was planting corn. He saw them also and he yelled to the others to run. They all dashed toward the house. Unfortunately Tragor wasn't a spry young champion any more. He still had strength and endurance but he could only run at a quick jog. His weapons were in the house but would he have time to reach them.

How could he fight them all? His heart was pounding with effort and fear. The evil creatures were gaining on him and they had their short swords drawn. Marina could see the grins of glee on the pursuer's faces and in a split second she made her decision. She was at an open window and she gestured and screamed, "Halgature!" slapping her hands at the same moment.

What Tragor saw next absolutely amazed him. He could see Marina looking out the upstairs window and then he saw the flash. There was the sizzling, crackling sound of electrical energy as it hissed through the air. Screams of pain and fear erupted behind him. Tragor stopped, turned and looked in astonishment. Three of the orks lay in smoldering charred heaps. The others began to run back towards the woods.

Marina's booming voice sounded like the voice of God. Another power word blasted from her lovely lips. "Kazzahn!" Four more orks were incinerated by a majestic fireball. Their bones clinked to the ground and only a few of the others finally disappeared into the shelter of the forest.

Tragor shook his head in disbelief. He wandered with a sick feeling in his stomach as his own eyes and nose testified to Marina's power. He shrugged his shoulders and walked slowly into the house. Tragor spoke briefly with his servants, "Clean up the mess. Don't look so shocked. She's a magic user, a caster of spells. By the way she's damned good." Then the warrior slowly ascended the steps and found Marina slumped on the bed.

She looked completely spent. Tragor sat beside her and looked into the soft green eyes that had first attracted him. "My God Marina, such power! You could have killed the others and me and been in Sorenda by now.

Why didn't you?

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You could have, you know. I didn't have my protective magic items on. I'm not at war." Marina looked at him solemnly, "I wouldn't hurt you.

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I knew why you bought me. Of course you wanted me. Furthermore, you prevented that slug Marco to get his clutches on me. To kill a man, simply because he desires to bed me isn't reason enough to kill. To use my spells for such a reason would be evil.

My love, in spite of what we do together in bed, I'm not evil. I thank the Gods that my power saved a kind man that I have learned to love." Tragor lifted her limp hand and whispered to her, "Sleep now Marina. You need to rest. I have adventured with a magician myself and I know how such power drains you.

Don't worry about supper I'll prepare it. My life is ever yours. Sleep my darling." She gave him a grateful smile and quickly fell unconscious. It was after supper and they were walking contentedly in the fields.

Tragor asked, "Just out of inane curiosity, what if I had been Marco or some other beast and dragged you to my house in chains and raped you for several times? If I remember correctly, iron on a magic user's skin prevents use of his or her power.

Isn't that true?" She gave him a devilish smile, "Quite right beloved. What I probably would have done is pretended to go along and eventually the chains would have been removed. At that point I could have cast a spell and castrated the bastard or changed Marco into a woman. Yes I think the latter would have been more delicious revenge. I could have even been more cruel and cast a lust spell on a few of those positively mouth watering thugs that call themselves guards and they could have gang raped Marco or should I say marca.

If you like I could do it to him anyway just for the fun of it." Tragor was laughing a gut wrenching belly laugh. "Oh you sly demon! I can just imagine Marco's face when he looks down and his family jewels are gone.

Can you just picture how the crowd would laugh at him/her on auction day?" Marina was giggling hysterically. "I can change him anytime. How about tonight? We can go to town and I can zap him, right in front of the poor girls he probably has forced to become harlots.

Oh please Tragor let me! It's so deliciously wicked! It's so appropriate!" Tragor embraced her and admonished, "No love. Marco is scum but if he were gone, someone else would take his place. I've heard he's not all that bad after the novelty of new carnality has worn off. Some say he's almost fair. I'll have to remember never to rape you." She kissed him for a long moment and replied, "The way I feel about you it would be impossible for you to ever rape me. I want you all the time.

It's wise you work outside or you'd never get anything done, except for working inside me. You really are a magnificent hunk for a human." Tragor took up the banter, "And you aren't to awfully horrible for a lowlife half breed." She attacked him with mock rage, beating his back with her fists and pinching him in very bad places.

They were rolling on the ground, the soldier and the wild cat. She was on top of him and she pinched his nose painfully, "Take it back my lord! I might be a wanton half-breed wench but I'm not a low life. And what's this about me being awfully horrible?

I thought I was pretty good, especially at night." Tragor was laughing so hard; tears were coming out of his eyes from the laughter and the pain. He gasped, "All right, all right! You're a beautiful half Elvin fox! Now please stop tickling me, you she devil!" She pretended to pout.

"You hurt my poor little feelings. There's only one way you can make it up to me." He looked into her twinkling eyes. "And what's that pray tell?" She leaned down and whispered to him with a mischievous leer on her pretty face. "Take me to bed and fuck me hard all night!" It should be mentioned at the end of our narrative that Tragor was one of those gifted individuals who had the wisdom and the good sense not to say no. In fact it became apparent to Marina in very short order that he didn't need any encouragement at all.

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