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Horny brunette babe fucking hard a large
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Additional Tags: forced orgasm, slave girls, naked captives, cock sucking, cunnilingus, war-torn country, sex slaves, camp orgy Captured in Ajikistan 4 - Horror Camp -------------------------------------------------- The rebel truck trundled along a sorry excuse for a road - just a furrow of gravel-speckled dirt stretching like a dead snake through the rough desert terrain.

The truck was headed for General Aamir's nearest training camp, home to more than one hundred jihadi fighters, and the truck's cargo included two attractive casualties of a pointless war. The tiny, war-ravaged nation of Ajikistan had been crippled by civil war for the past six years, but few nations cared enough to do anything to help. Only fatally idealistic or naïve NGOs staffed with do-gooders from First World countries were foolish enough to think they could make a difference.

That was how poor Sandy and Layla - two beautiful girls in their early 20's who had volunteered with one of the humanitarian aid groups - had found themselves captured by General Aamir, leader of one of the warring factions. Now, as the two girls lay naked in the back of Aamir's truck, hands bound behind their backs, ankles tied together, they thought of their two closest friends who had been left behind.

Mira and Arianna had been left to the tender mercies of Musad, one of General Aamir's best soldiers, and they shuddered to imagine what he was doing to them even now. But Sandy knew that they had their own more pressing problems to deal with.

She looked over at Layla now. Layla was gorgeous, her slim, pale body framed by long, dark hair. Her expressive deep brown eyes shone with fear, her medium-sized breasts rising and falling rapidly as she breathed hard through her nose due to the gag which had been fastened tightly to her mouth. Sandy had been at least spared the indignity of a gag. She took what consolation she could from that and tried to think of a way out of this nightmare. "How are the two American whores faring?

We are almost there!" General Aamir shouted from the front driver's seat. "They are very horny and looking forward to the many cocks they will soon meet!" Kasim called from the back, his gloating filled with cruelty.

The soldier watching over them in the back of the truck was naked, his uniform thrown aside, and he had an arm draped around each girl's shoulders as they lay on either side of him frozen with dread and fear. He cupped the side of Sandy's cheek with deceptive gentleness.

He found this American girl, with her much larger breasts and perfectly symmetrical face, to be the more beautiful of the two. Sandy looked down at the man's cock, which sprang up rigid and straight. A pearly drop of pre-cum glistened at its tip. Kasim grunted. "The General promised you would be raped by 100 cocks once we reached camp, and I can tell you, infidel cunt, that he is a man of his word.

But you can still maybe buy yourself some mercy. Your girlfriend over there," Kasim grunted, jerking his head in Layla's direction, "has her pretty mouth stuffed full, but you - YOU have a perfectly good-looking mouth unoccupied.

I wonder if you know how to use it?" he asked suggestively. Taking the hint and knowing that she had no other choice, Sandy awkwardly knelt over his crotch. It was awkward because her wrists were tied painfully tight behind her back, and her ankles were tied just as tight, but she tried to ignore the discomfort.

She tried not to flinch as she felt his hands hold her lush, golden hair away from her face…or as she smelled the strong male scent of his throbbing cock right beneath her nose.

She opened her mouth and took him in, her tongue cradling the underside of his shaft as she tasted salt and sweat and the soldier's distinct flavor.

Her mouth began to slide up and down his eager shaft, but that wasn't good enough. He thrust her head down onto his lap, forcing his cock half-way down her throat. "UGGHHH!!!" she groaned and gurgled as the soldier's manhood slid forcefully between her lips, lodging itself so deep that her nose pressed against his pubic hair as the man's balls bulged against her chin.

"Ahhh yes, American slut. You suck cock properly or not at all… Ohhh, and I have less pleasant games we can play if you choose to be difficult." The scar-faced soldier had dark eyes that always seemed to glitter with a predatory gleam, especially now. Sandy's pleading blue eyes looked up to him now as she sucked and slurped desperately on his shaft. Her eyes watered as she struggled to take in air. Her chest heaved, her big, beautiful breasts rising and falling as she could barely suck in enough air to not black out.

Finally, mercifully, the soldier pulled her head up off of his lap. Her lips came off of the elongated prick with a loud POP. She coughed violently, strings of pre-cum drifting from her mouth. "You call that sucking? Worthless whore. You American bitches never learn proper submissiveness in your country. You godless and selfish sluts only think of your own pleasure.

No wonder you never learned to properly pleasure a real man's cock!" Kasim growled. "Fine, you can suck my balls while I decide how else to amuse myself until we arrive at camp." Sandy cringed inwardly. 'How can he be so cruel?' And then another thought made her stomach lurch. 'But what if he's gentle compared to some of the others?' The brutal gang-rape that she had to look forward to made her body course with adrenaline and a fresh wave of panic.

She sucked frantically, taking one of his testicles into her mouth and sucking on it fervently while he idly fondled her breasts, cupping and petting her nipples as they pebbled up beneath his fingers. Meanwhile, Kasim called up toward the General. "General, it seems the blonde cunt doesn't know how to suck cock very well after all." "She will get a crash course on cock sucking soon enough, Kasim.

Stop toying with her back there and get both of those cunts shaved!" Shaved?? What??? Layla and Sanda exchanged a fresh look of dread and disbelief as Kasim shoved Sandy's head away from his testicles with a sigh. "No more fun for me, I guess.

Well, that's not entirely true," he said with a broad grin. Then he retrieved a bag of toiletries from the bed of the truck and unzipped it. Soon he was drawing out a spray can of shaving cream and a razor. "Now we prepare you for the men. We need to make sure that you will be ready to be honored by their attentions as soon as we arrive." Sandy's heart sank. "Oh no. Please no…" she said, trembling as the man instructed her to open her legs.

"I said open your legs!" He slapped her, and she fell backward, her thighs opening for him. With her eyes squeezed shut, Sandy felt him apply the shaving cream. He began to shave her delicate sex with surprising deftness and skill.

Meanwhile, Layla couldn't help but watch her girlfriend's awful fate with horrified fascination, knowing it would soon be hers as well. Once Kasim had finished with Sandy, he turned to poor Layla. Layla had begun scooting away toward the other side of the truck bed, as if putting those extra few inches of space would do her any good.

She was acting on instinct now rather than logic. Her body tensed as he cut away the bindings around her ankles. At first it puzzled her. She thought about kicking him, but then she remembered General Aamir in the front seat, armed with a rifle and pistol.

"Open your legs for me, bitch. I have an idea that will make shaving your little American cunt both more fun and challenging." Layla's pale thighs spread for him.

"UHHH!! NNN!!" She looked into his eyes, begging for mercy as drool slid from the ball-gag in her mouth all the way down her chin. Yet he easily ignored her desperate need to be treated as a human being. Instead, as if she was just a piece of property, he knelt between her legs and thrust his cock into her bare cunt.

Then, once his length was fully encased in her heavenly warmth, he began applying the shaving cream around her pussy, very slowly and methodically shaving her pubic hair. "See, American bitch? I can fuck you and shave you at the same time. You see now how Ajikistani men are more talented than those pathetic little boys you call 'men' back in your homeland." Layla tensed the entire time he shaved her, amazed at how sure and smooth his strokes were, and his instinctive ability to pause right before the truck hit a pothole in the gravel-dirt road as if he had done this a thousand times before.

At last, once he had finished with her, the skin around her sex was now as soft and smooth as silk. He put down the razor. Now he gripped her hips. "All done. Now we FUCK," he growled, his hips slamming forward as his cock began to move in and out of her. Layla could do nothing but groan through her gag as the man raped her. What made it even worse, though, was that Sandy was watching every second of it, lying right beside her, and that part of her deep, deep down admitted that she enjoyed the man's dominance.

Layla had a fleeting flashback suddenly, a scrap of memory of her first boyfriend, Dietrich, cuffing her hands to his bed and fucking her roughly from behind.

Dietrich had gagged her too, and she remembered biting so hard into that rubber ball as he'd stretched her cunt.

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It was the gag in her mouth right now, she realized, which was reawakening that instinctual arousal, flashing her back to that happier memory. A dark yet lustful memory that confused her brain and made her wonder about the overlap between pain and pleasure, past and present. 'What's wrong with me?' Layla cringed, her eyes squeezing shut as shame flooded through her. Yet the similarity of this sensation to that long ago experience, despite her fear just now…it persisted, and Layla's eyes grew heavy-lidded with lust as she felt the cock slam into her again and again.

Her naked, willowy figure trembled under the soldier's onslaught, his cock raping her like a jackhammer, fucking her with absolutely no mercy. Kasim's tight-knuckled grip left two red marks, one on either of the girl's hips, as he plunged into her, reveling in the grip of her sex around his slamming shaft. Soon after, the truck came to an abrupt halt. It stopped Kasim's rhythm, but only for a moment.

Almost immediately he resumed pumping his hips forward and watching his cock vanish balls-deep in Layla's snatch with loud smacking sounds as she lay there helpless, drooling and looking up at him.

"Kasim, we are at the camp. Take your dick out of that whore and bring those two sluts along for our meeting with Commander Hakim!" "UHH!! Fuck!" Kasim groaned. His eyes bulged, then snapped shut in ecstasy as Layla felt the hard heat of that thick column of manhood straining inside her. Then it burst, huge spurts of cum flying toward the intimacy of her womb, filling her raped pussy until it was a hopelessly sticky mess.

She almost wanted to die when she saw Kasim draw his partly-wilted shaft out of her, its bulbous head sheathed in the mixture of his fluid and hers. "Kasim! What the fuck? We just cleaned these two sluts up for the men. What are you doing?!!" The General Aamir had stepped out of the truck and stomped around to the back. Hands on hips, face flushed with fury, he glared just in time to see Kasim standing up from between Layla's legs.

The continuing flow of jism from Layla's raped pussy, oozing onto the floor of the truck, gave no doubt to Kasim's deed as the soldier began to apologize profusely. "Forgive me, General. I… I couldn't control myself. This infidel cunt bewitched me with her --" There was a loud thwack as the General leapt up into the truck bed and pistol-whipped his trusted lieutenant, sending him sprawling facedown between the girls.

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"I am not interested in excuses, Kasim - only obedience. If you cannot remember that, then perhaps my faith in you is misplaced." "No, General, please!" Kasim begged, clutching his gashed head gingerly as he winced. "I will do better. I will make up for my failings, Sir. Whatever it takes." The General Aamir grunted, a barely mollified sound. "We will see, Kasim. We will see." He threw up one hand in a gesture of impatient disgust.

"Get that milky-white cunt thoroughly washed up and then meet me in Commander Hakim's tent. Move your ass!" "Yes, Sir!" ~~~~~*****~~~~~ General Aamir began to rummage through a lockbox in the back of the truck.

"Ah, here we go." The stocky general drew out a pair of manacles and a gold collar with a long chain. Putting them aside temporarily, he then proceeded to untie Sandy's wrists and ankles. "Step down from the truck, blonde cunt." Sandy obeyed. Then she watched with horror as he stepped down after her, picked up his new bondage devices, and set to work. First he snapped the manacles around her wrists, which were at least in front of her now instead of behind her back.

But she couldn't stop herself from stiffening further when he snapped the metal collar in place around her neck. It was surreal, the way he carefully lifted her long golden hair out so that the strands wouldn't get caught as the collar snapped into place. That he could be so considerate about a little detail like that and then treat her like…like she wasn't even human otherwise…well, it was a contradiction Sandy would never comprehend.

"S-sir, where are you taking me?" Now, grasping the chain at the end of Sandy's collar, he suddenly tugged it toward him, and the busty naked blonde went stumbling forward. "Come, American slave, it is time for us to have a nice little visit with Commander Hakim before we get you and your friend settled in for a long evening of rape." Sandy had a few fleeting moments to glance over her shoulder at Layla, and the captives' hearts reached out toward one another.

Then the moment was cut viciously short as the General's next yank on the leash pulled Sandy out of view. Sandy tried to get her bearings as her captor led. The rebel camp was spread out between two hills, with sentries posted at the high points. The valley between the hills had a main thoroughfare of sorts, with medium-sized tents lined up on either side.

Looming at the far end of the camp was a gigantic tent that must have been able to hold at least 150 men, maybe more. Sandy's bare feet felt the hot lick of the desert sand as General Aamir dragged her along, pulling brutally on her leash whenever she fell too far behind.

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The naked girl felt her face blush as she saw rebel fighters all along their path of progress stop to stare. They stared at her lush nakedness, her big breasts bobbing gently as General Aamir yanked her along. She had the urge to cross her arms over her pussy, or her breasts, or to do anything possible to hide her complete exposure from the now greedy eyes that seemed to devour her.

But she was helpless, of course. She knew it and these strange men knew it. And soon…soon she would be at the mercy of not just General Aamir, but an entire camp of these awful brutes.

Her heart sped up as claws of despair tore through her. 'Please, please, there has to be a way out of here,' she hoped desperately.

She had to have hope. She had to. The only alternative was to slowly lose what was left of her sanity. The General, muscular and stocky and pushing forward like a man on a mission, kept hustling her along until he suddenly ducked into one of the smaller tents just to the left of the enormous tent at the edge of camp. He brought her to an abrupt halt and sucked in a breath. Sandy peered to see what had the General's fist tightening on the end of her leash.

They faced a man who was sitting on a massive chair with expansive armrests. He was naked except for the turban around his head.

Tall yet rippling with hardened pectoral muscles, he had an angular face and a thin, aquiline nose. His eyes were slightly slanted from some long-ago Asian ancestry, and a harsh aura wove about him. 'This must be Commander Hakim,' Sandy thought. 'What if he…what if he is more merciful than the General? Maybe I can curry favor…' It was a desperate, nearly delusional hope, but she grasped at it nonetheless. Her mouth fell open as she looked at what this Commander Hakim was now enjoying.

At his feet knelt a naked girl with long, wavy charcoal-black hair. She was young, definitely 18 years of age, by Sandy's best guess. She was clearly of Arab stock, with a slim, curved little body, well rounded ass cheeks and a graceful-looking curve to her back. Her hands were chained in front of her, but she was otherwise unadorned. She knelt and sucked fervently on the Commander's cock.

Hakim was groaning with delight. His one hand had fisted up in the girl's hair, helping her see and pleasure his cock.


His other hand held what looked like a long, thin reed - clearly an instrument meant to punish. "UHHH. Yes, you cute little slut, keep sucking. Suck this cock and fondle these balls of mine. Your life depends on it, Kareena. You may be my favorite cunt, but ALL cunts are expendable. Ooohhh. Yes. Suck on the balls, too, little one. Suck on them like the precious jewels they are." Kareena's grey-green eyes were beautiful, just like her perfectly proportioned face.

She slid her tongue down the side of Hakim's discolored shaft, suckled on one testicle, then the other, before smothering his cock fully with her mouth once more. "UH! UHH!!" Kareena moaned.

As the petite girl sucked and slurped loudly on the Commander's manhood, Sandy noticed one other thing: A pattern of thin, red lines along the girl's back and buttocks, evidence of the brutal cane Hakim now held in his other fist. Seeing his two unexpected visitors, the Commander's brow furrowed. "General Aamir! What a pleasure," he said, words laced with sarcasm. "I am a busy man, and as you can see, right now I am ESPECIALLY busy.

What can I do for you?" General Aamir's look soured. He yanked Sandy forward a step. "Kneel and spread your legs. Show the man your pussy," he murmured. Sandy did as her captor ordered, heart racing. The General's gaze now met the Commander's. "I come bringing gifts.

Two fine new pussies, recently captured along the road to Sher'bah." Commander Hakim eyed the offering that was Sandy. His eyes lit up with a fresh surge of lust. "I have no complaints about the first specimen. What of the other?" "She is on the way. My man Kasim is bringing her." "And to what do I owe the honor of these two gifts?" Sandy's attention sharpened. She had to use her wits here, gather as much information as she could. There was something going on here…some kind of power struggle.

The General grunted. "Don't play coy with me, Hakim. You and I know full well that our alliance is still fresh. We chose to combine our forces out of practicality, but our men do not yet trust each other even as you and I do not yet trust each other." The General gestured towards Sandy's kneeling figure. "I have come to change that. To begin to change it, at least. These two new pussies are gifts. I know you are fond of initiating fresh cunts into your 'nights of delights', as you call them.

For tonight allow me to organize the men and these two girls for a special evening of entertainment. Is this agreeable to you?" Commander Hakim licked his lips and stared at Sandy's bare pussy, freshly shaved. His eyes roved upward, lingering on her ample breasts. "Agreeable enough. When do you propose to begin?" Hakim looked down as Kareena impaled her mouth almost obscenely on his rock-hard dick, gurgling as her nose pressed into his pubic muff.

She rose up off of his cock suddenly, cum dribbling down her lips, and then proceeded to lick all sides of his shaft with the fervency of a cum-gobbling slut. "Give me an hour," General Aamir said. Then, with a tiny smirk, the General strode up to the chair and knelt behind Kareena. As the girl slurped and bottomed out her mouth once more on her owner's shaft, her hands massaging his testicles, General Aamir framed her puckered hole with his hands.

"I wouldn't mind sticking my dick in this cute little ass," the General mused. "That may be," the Commander ground out, "but her ass belongs to ME, and I am not known for sharing." He grinned suddenly, then smacked the back of Kareena's head. "You've earned a reward, Kareena. Come up and ride my cock. Hurry up." Kareena enthusiastically mounted the man's lap, positioning his throbbing, vein-covered pole at the entrance to her tiny pussy before slamming her snatch down hard.

She groaned, establishing a harsh rhythm, humping that cock as if she wanted it to burst through her cervix. Her cute, sexy ass moved up and down as she impaled her sex again and again and again. The teenage captive leaned forward, her hands pressed to the tall man's chest, as she proceeded to kiss the underside of his jaw, his neck, now licking his shoulder and neck with more affection as she fucked him.

Slapping Kareena's ass with a loud smack, Hakim raised an eyebrow. "It has taken me quite some time to tame this cutie into a perfect and proper fuck-slave.

Now why would I give her to you to ruin, erasing what took so much time, training, and care to craft?" General Aamir gritted his teeth, but he took the insult without retort.

Forcing an easygoing smile to his lips, the General replied, "I understand your reluctance, Hakim. We all have our treasured pussies. Our favorites." The General shrugged. "Who knows, perhaps one day we could partake in an orgy together. I would be willing to share the cunts in my harem if you would be willing to share yours." General Aamir shrugged again. "But that is for another time. I will leave you to your pleasures." Sandy was already standing up as the General Aamir turned to leave.

He froze with irritation. "Did I tell you that you could stand up yet, bitch?" Sandy's eyes widened with fear as she realized her mistake. "No Master. Please forgive me. I was trying to anticipate your wishes." The General yanked her against his chest, her breasts crushed against the bulkiness of his torso. His one hand reached around, cupping her ass.

His other hand held the nape of her neck and brought her face to his. His mouth opened, and with revulsion Sandy realized that he meant to kiss her. Fearful of the consequences if she disobeyed, she opened her mouth, letting his tongue in, letting him give her a sloppy, prolonged kiss, and all too aware of his beefy hand fondling the curves of her ass. As the General slowly drew back from the passionate kiss, his eyes heavy-lidded with desire, he said huskily, "I applaud your efforts, bitch.

Anticipating your Master's desires can sometimes lead to surprising rewards. Keep that in mind tonight as you and your girlfriend service 100 cocks." "Yes Master," Sandy said submissively, horrified and dejected. Then, just as General Aamir prepared to step out of the tent with Sandy in tow, they heard a loud groan, like a man dying - or reaching the ultimate bliss.

They both turned back. "Fuck! Yes. Pump that pussy, bitch. Your little tight snatch grips me now, you whore. You want my swimmers, yes? You want me to impregnate you, don't you, you young slut!" Hakim roared. Kareena's teenage buttocks was a blur, rising and falling as Hakim's testicles jostled with the impact of her desperate humping, his cock vanishing inside her warmth as she moaned and slammed her pussy down again and again, stifling her moans by kissing his shoulder, then biting his shoulder playfully.

"Yes Master!" the petite brunette cooed. "Please empty your cock inside me. Please get me pregnant." General Aamir and Sandy stood and stared as Hakim's hands suddenly clamped onto Kareena's hips. He held the slender beauty down firmly, keeping their bodies fully joined, his cock fully encased in her wet sheath, as the moment of eruption came.

"UH! Take my seed, Kareena. Take it up your tight little hole, you cute sexy WHORE! UHH!!" There was a moment of violent spasms, Hakim's cock spewing its load up the girl's cunt, pumping the girl's womb completely full with what seemed like a gallon of jism. Kareena sighed, her cunt still gripping her Master's spent shaft, until slowly he eased her off of his lap.

Wiping his now sweaty brow, Hakim hissed. "Now get on your hands and knees, whore. You made me come too quickly and for THAT you deserve punishment.

I want to cane your pussy." Kareena dutifully slid off his lap and knelt on her hand and knees, her cunt facing her harsh master. As he slammed the cane into her pussy lips, she cried out. "AAAAYY!!!" "Count with me now, Kareena. Twenty lashes." SMACK. "AAAYYY!!! One, Master." Another SMACK. "AAAAYYY oh god!!!!

Two, Master." That was apparently enough for General Aamir. He turned to go and ushered Sandy out into the merciless, beating rays of the Ajikistani sun.

Meanwhile, Sandy wondered what was keeping Kasim and Layla. Suddenly another thought struck her. The most tenuous thread of hope came with it.

What if she could play the two rebel leaders off of one another? Might it help create an opportunity for them to escape, or at least send for help? The beginnings of a plan teased the edges of her mind.


~~~~~*****~~~~~ "Come here, pussy." Kasim yanked hard on the leash connected to the dark collar around Layla's neck. The pale brunette stumbled after him, away from the truck…away from her best means of escape.

'What do I do?' she thought desperately. What could she do? The tents of the rebel camp passed her by in a blur as the soldier led her roughly. Still dazed from her rape, still feeling his seed clinging to her insides, Layla didn't want to think about her future. "In here, cunt. We need to get you washed up and CLEANED." He hustled her into one of the few non-tented structures in camp. It was a low, squat building made of mud and clay.

Kasim had to duck down to not hit his head, and Layla could barely stand without her hair touching the ceiling. The bare walls were lined with a network of fissures and cracks.

Judging from the piles of ammunition and foodstuffs, this building was used for storage and not much else. Kasim pointed to a simple three-legged wooden stool. "Sit." Layla sat as ordered.

The gag in her mouth was so tight her jaw ached. She groaned through it, hoping it communicated to her captor what she was asking for: Just the tiniest bit of mercy and relief.

Kasim grunted. "You want the gag out, eh bitch? We will see. Behave yourself, I might be nice to you. Stay here and don't move." He disappeared into a side room. The naked girl didn't dare move from the stool. Her bound wrists clutched in front of her, Layla found herself wondering where Sandy was and what General Aamir was doing to her even now.

There was a perverse kind of comfort in knowing that she wasn't the only captive here. Handling these humiliations and sexual abuses with another soul to commiserate with, somehow that made it an easier burden to bear. "Here, cunt. Your pussy is slimy with my seed. Wash yourself!" Kasim had reappeared, and now he handed her a bowl of hot water, a bar of soap, and a rag.

He disappeared again, ever so briefly, and came back letting out a hiss, pressing an alcoholic wipe to the gash along his head. Layla used the soaked rag to cleanse her intimate parts as best she could. She hated that he was watching her the entire time. Her cheeks threatened to color crimson with shame. She looked down, not able to meet his stare. As she finished cleaning up, suddenly his hand caught her chin, forcing her head up. "Look at me, cunt." Unwillingly, she did.

"You want me to take that gag out?" Tears in her eyes, Layla shook her head up and down. His eyes narrowed into slits. "I will do this for you, American whore, but it comes with a price." He unfastened the gag and let it dangle at her neck. She coughed and slowly opened and shut her jaw.

It was stiff, but after a while it felt almost normal. The soldier looked furtively toward the entrance to the little storage building. "We do not have much time. The General will do worse to me if we dawdle here too long, but I must…" His eyes lit up with lust as he slipped his fingers into her freshly washed snatch. "…I have fucked your pussy, but now I want to taste it. Open your thighs for me." Appalled, Layla obeyed.

Embarrassment flooded her as he knelt between her legs. His head dipped down, his tongue tunneling into her sex. Her bound hands clenched as she felt a similar twinge inside her core. Her clit felt his tongue as he lapped at her folds.

His hands pressed her hips apart as he feasted on her sex. Unwillingly, Layla closed her eyes. She tried to imagine that this man now sucking on her clit and pussy was not some monster who had taken her captive. She tried to imagine that it was her boyfriend now giving her oral sex, showing his love and care for her.

"You like that, bitch?" Kasim growled between flicks of his tongue. His index finger pressed firmly against her pearled nub, stroking it. Layla bit her lip, a wave of pleasure coursing through her, from her clit to her core.

"Y-yes Sir." "Call me Master," Kasim growled, nipping at her joy nub with his teeth. "Yes Master," she gasped, her nipples hardening up as he continued to lick, suck, and nip at her pussy. Finally, after a while, ever so hesitantly at first, Layla gently placed her bound hands on top of the soldier's head.

She felt his wiry dark hair beneath her fingertips as he continued to suck and slurp at her quim. There were fluids dribbling down his tongue now and into his mouth. HER fluids, she realized, to her everlasting shame. He sensed her arousal now, tasted it, sensed even the increased staccato rhythm of her beating heart as traitorous feminine libido awoke inside her. "We must hurry, whore. You must come for me. CUM in my mouth, bitch. Hurry. We do not want the General to find us like this.

You may be punished too," he finished darkly. His words motivated her, had the desired effect. Slowly, at first, then with more gusto, Layla began thrusting her cunt forward into Kasim's face.

Kasim readjusted his grip, his one hand snaking around her lower back, holding her to him, his other hand inserting two fingers into her sex, pumping like mad as he kept licking and sucking firmly on her clitoris.

"MMMmm! Fuck, you taste good, American cunt. Do all American pussies taste so fine?" he growled. Layla looked down and saw that his cock was fully erect now.

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He was getting off on sensing her reactions. Her lust. She hated that…and yet partly it turned her on too. She found her arousal surging as she stared down at his head, burrowed between her legs, as she felt his teeth graze her clit. Layla's chest heaved as she felt the warmth in her core ignite into a full-fledged fire. The hand on her lower back crept lower. Then with a loud smack he slapped her ass, and at the same time nipped firmly on her little clit. "Oh god!" The moan and the words had escaped her lips without warning.

Her bound hands caressed the hair of this monster of a man, but in her lust-fueled haze Layla almost didn't care. This man had put a collar around her neck, he served the man who had forced a ball-gag into her mouth. He had treated her like property, like a piece of meat. She hated him still. She despised him. And yet…Layla couldn't despise the sensations he was awakening in her. She couldn't deny that, compared to the rough gang-bang and rape orgy the General Aamir had planned for her tonight, this treatment would be like gentle kisses.

So instead of resisting Kasim, Layla just went with it. She surrendered to the pleasure that surged inside her, the girl's cunt warming to an inferno now as her juices came streaming down his face, down his chin. "UHHH!!" Layla cooed. Her hands massaged the soldier's scalp, showing her gratitude to him as she humped the man's face, her cunt thrusting forward onto his pummeling tongue and furiously pumping fingers.

There was another loud smack, his hand slapping her ass with sudden violence, but that only fueled her lust. The gorgeous brunette threw her hips forward violently too, feeling his impaling fingertips and stroking tongue send her over the edge as he clamped down on her little clitoris gently with his teeth.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" Layla crooned, her breasts trembling as her cunt spasmed with his fingers plunging deep inside her - her fluids now spewing out of her as if she were the shameless slut that her captors kept telling her she was. Kasim's scarred face lapped greedily at the surge of sweetly-scented fluid. The pungent scent of sex filled the room. He stood up, his chin gleaming with her juices.

Grasping her by the chin, he brought his face down for a seemingly never-ending sloppy and brutal kiss. Layla could taste her juices on his tongue as it enveloped hers. She tasted her own shame. The girl's heart sank even as the afterglow of the orgasm continued to bathe her in languid, just-sated pleasure. "MMMmmm. That was worth the risk," Kasim muttered. "Your cunt is a true delicacy, bitch.

I will never forget it." Then, before she could even protest, he reached down, pinching one of her nipples savagely. "AAYY!!" When she opened her mouth to cry out, he shoved the red ball-gag back between her lips, fastening it tight. "Now let's get your cute pussy to the party. Soon it will be time for the main event.

I don't think the men will mind that I have already gotten your pussy wet for their cocks." He turned and yanked on the leash, pulling Layla upright off the stool. He had almost gotten to the door with her when a bulky shape blotted out the sunlight streaming in through the entrance, a backlit shadow with a face angrier than storm clouds. A hand flew out, the General's hand, clamping around Kasim's neck.

The soldier made a gurgling sound as the General slammed him against the wall, his grip tightening only further. "I see that you still do not learn, Kasim. I am disappointed in you. Very disappointed." It all happened so fast that Layla couldn't ever fully reconstruct the images in her head afterward.

The General released his grip, sending Kasim tumbling against the wall, falling onto his butt. Before Kasim could even croak out so much as an apology or protest, the General Aamir drew his gun and fired. One shot to the head, and the tall, scar-faced soldier sagged sideways, his body going completely still. Layla stood there, gaping at the body of the man who had raped her. She wasn't sorry to see him dead on one level, but she had never seen a dead body before either.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the barrel of the pistol now pointed at her. With an impatient, almost tired gesture, the General jerked the gun in the direction of the doorway. "Come, little slut. Your mouth-watering tits and pussy are in much demand. I will not waste them by putting a bullet in you.

At least not YET," he said with a growl. As she walked up to him, he stowed the pistol back in his belt and clasped his hand around the end of her leash. She could still feel and hear the thundering of her own heartbeat as he slid his other hand down to cup her bare, alluring ass. He licked the side of her face as she stood there trembling.

"Now come, there are many, MANY cocks awaiting you.

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Is your pussy twitching with lust at the thought of it, infidel cunt? I hope so! Now come." Layla followed dutifully, her hair streaming behind her as he led her briskly toward the unknown. 'No, not unknown,' she thought bitterly. The General led her toward certain depravity. Meanwhile Layla tried to imagine a possibility out of the nightmare her life had become.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *I hope you enjoyed the story so far. What will happen to our American captives?

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Part 5 and Part 6, the final conclusion to Captured in Ajikistan, are almost completed and will be posted soon.