Juicy and randy oriental deepthroat japanese and hardcore

Juicy and randy oriental deepthroat japanese and hardcore
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Silence pervaded the two lovers, while they committed themselves to this symbiotic relationship to each other. No words are exchanged, nothing. Just kisses of passion full of lust and desire.

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The grasping of skin, soft sweet skin; kissing the neck and shoulders, biting lightly when a move was done right. The fingers groping and massaging the breast, her head, leaning back and a soft moan of pleasure ignited and she moved her hips into his. Her arms wrapping around his torso, kissing any reachable skin.


Teasing him with her gently but na? movements, and with her unconscious want of it. His fingers, graced her skin and then entered her-she moaned and sighed as she begged for it.

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Begged for his touch, his kiss, and the deeper thrust of his fingers. Oh, how the mind goes blank during these few minutes, filled with moans, kisses, and passion filled eyes. As she climaxed her first, she felt ignited and ready to go.

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She kissed him, harder this time, her tongue reaching into his mouth and teasing him, slightly taking a bit of control. She was on top now, grinding and touching herself to please him, to tease him from where he was forced to lay, unable to touch her legs or waist or to reach up and kiss her.

She created a trails of kisses from his lips to his neck, down the length of his body to his member.

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Where she let her tongue slide down its hard length, his strangled moan was heard, to tease and she continued, taking it into her mouth for a few minutes, her tongue doing the work as well as the mouth, till the moans grew stronger-then gently breathing.

Then slowly, inhibition took hold, and she trailed her kisses back up his torso, to his lips and kissed him, holding herself back a little.


Then she reached towards his hands, tied in a green ribbon, and pulled on the bow to release them. It seemed like his eyes alit with a fire as he took her into his arms and kissed her, the lust taking over as he touched her teasing her back, with as much as he could.

Holding her down so she couldn't reach him to touch or kiss him.


Making her beg audibly for his touch and kiss, she really wanted it, and begged for it too, but this time, she wanted more than just his fingers. Her eyes glinted, as she made him pause.