Making of lorraine martins sensual

Making of lorraine martins sensual
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2:45 am Derrick layed silently in his unkempt twin sized bed. His legs and arms flayed in every direction as he let out a deep, long sigh.

His dad came over for a visit yesterday afternoon. Only for about a half-hour so he didn't really get to spend as much time as Derrick would like him to.

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But he does sincerely appreciate the time his dad squeezes out from his busy schedule. About two months after he split up with his mom and moved out, he got a good position as a car salesman at the used Auto-mall.

Derrick's dad, Aaron, had a million dollar smile and a wonderful, outspoken personality that would coax any gullible young lady into a car sale. He had smooth dark hair and charming brown eyes. His skin was also dark, and usually had a little stubble growing under his chin. He was extremely good looking and always dressed smartly. Even at the pool, Derrick had noticed, his body was really toned and muscular. Seeing his dad ascend out of the pool, with a dripping wet, sun-kissed bod made Derrick look away almost blushing.

He really missed the time he used to spend with his dad.

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He missed HIM. So much to the point where Derrick would tear up, and sob with his face in his hands. He especially missed sitting with him, watching movies. Probably their favorite past-time. They'd flop on the couch, flip on a favorite show of theirs and just enjoy the silence and bond they felt with each other.

Derrick could sometimes see, out of the corner of his eye, his dad slowly start to fall asleep. His chest would gradually fall up and down to the rhythm of every long, deep breath. He was a beautiful man, with strong arms that sometimes Derrick wished he could just fall asleep wrapped up tight between them.

Derrick was almost 16, and had already become strongly aware of his sexuality. He was a homosexual. He was very close to his dad, but not close enough to reveal such an astonishing and precious secret. One instance, about a year or so ago. Derrick lounged with his dad and watched some comedy that he had chosen for them that evening. Aaron liked to be comfortable around the house, so he usually walked around without a shirt on. His rock hard abs were nothing to be ashamed about.

He had on black boxer-like shorts that reached almost to his knees. His small, muscular ass could clearly be seen through the thin material, and Derrick couldn't help but stare.

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His dad looked amazing. And yummy. His dick would sort of lean to the left, the head penetrating the soft cloth a little. He popped open a can of cola and sat on the couch, rather close to Derrick. He swooped his arm over his shoulders and squeezed him playfully. "So, what movie you got for us tonight?" He said with a handsome half-smile. Derrick cleared his throat and said with a loud voice that surprised even himself, "UHHH, well. I thought maybe Shaun of the dead or something.

I dunno.

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What do you feel like, dad?" "Yeah, sure. Pop it in, D." Aaron's voice was deep and soft. Another great quality he had. Derrick quickly lifted off the couch and put the movie in, returning to the previous spot he sat at, maybe a few inches farther from his dad this time. Derrick felt so good around his father, and so accepted. Aaron treated him as an adult, unlike his mother, Becca, who was constantly baby-ing him, and treating him like a child.


The movie started and in no time, Aaron's eyes slowly came to a close. His arm was still up as if it were around Derrick's shoulders revealing a bush of underarm hair. His other hand held the empty cola can, while his legs were crossed at the ankles like they usually were.

He had fallen into a deep sleep after about twenty minutes. Derrick stared. And stared. He looked like an angel, his perfect muscular chest, covered with just a thin layer of dark hair was at a peaceful breathing pace. Derrick looked him up and down, over and over again. He had inherited his dads colors, from his hair, to his skin. He wasn't nearly as beautiful though.

The movie played on as Derricks eyes met with the bulge that peeked up from under his dad's underwear. The material was thin and limpy enough to show the exact shape of his cock. The size seemed perfect, he wondered what it looked like when it was completely hard. The thought made Derricks heart beat quicken.

Aaron moaned something, startling Derrick. He quickly moved his eyes back to the tv. His mind was crowded with wrong, dirty thoughts of things he wanted to do to his father. Right then and there. It was horrible, just the idea of being madly in love with a family member, Derrick knew that. But with another MALE family member, it was all so fucked up.

He could never explain to anyone exactly how he felt: How this passionate lust he felt for his own father clouded up his brain almost every second of every day. How every time they'd have a conversation, Derrick couldn't help but smile at how adorable his dad was.

How he wanked off basically every day to the thought of touching and playing with his dads rock hard prick. Just as Derricks mind wandered off and a confused, worried daze swept over his face, his father stirred. "What's wrong, D?" Aaron finished off with a tired sigh. Derrick jumped to the sound of his fathers whisper, "What?" He shrugged, "Ya look mad or somethin'." Derrick shifted his direction away from his father, placing a pillow over the huge boner that had been aroused by viewing his father's figure.

"Uh." Aaron set the soda can on the floor, reached for the remote, and muted the movie. His body movements were gentle, yet strong.

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"You don't talk to much anymore." He scooted closer to Derrick as he sat back, with a concerned look. Derrick let out a soft sigh, "It's nothing." "Bullshit" He grinned. "Really, dad." Derrick did everything he could not to make eye contact, he felt he was on the verge of tears. Aaron placed his warm hand on Derrick's shoulder, he carelessly shrugged it off. Even though his very touch made his stomach turn with emotion.

"Come on, D. Tell me. I'm all ears." At that moment, Derrick had never wanted more in his young life just to wrap his dad in his arms and passionately kiss him, mouth to mouth.

He stuttered, "W-well, I guess it's just. You and mom." A dark, sad look suddenly jerked at Aaron's face. "I'm sorry. I know it's hard. Things just haven't worked out they way I wanted between us, ya know?" Derrick nodded. He didn't know what to say. He knew the reason he gave his dad for his sadness was untrue and actually silly.


He was glad they were splitting up. He was too good for her, anyway. He didn't want his dad to think he was troubled over this situation at all, but it was the quickest excuse he could think of at that moment.


His dad patted him on the thigh, closest to his crotch. This sent a wave of intense sensation throughout his body, he was really turned on.

And his cock was so hard, begging for attention from his dad. Aaron got up, grabbed his empty can and walked out of the room. Derrick had never felt so in love. His dad was so simple-minded yet so incredibly intelligent, he's everything Derrick would ever want in a man.

He removed the pillow to reveal his now throbbing monster of a cock, still hidden beneath his sweat pants. It was completely hard, and Derrick couldn't help but rub the tip a bit.

It felt so fucking good.

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He wanted to continue, but he knew his dad would be back any second. He returned the pillow, and turned up the movies volume. Moments like these were painful reminders of what lead up to the days ahead. As Derrick stared up to the dark ceiling, almost 3:10 in the morning now, a sudden powerful tiredness swept over his body.

He closed his eyes and pictured his dads face, inches from his. His warm breath and body musk so sweet, and wonderful. He couldn't take this anymore, he had to tell someone.

And soon.