Hard dick for black teen Lexi Rose

Hard dick for black teen Lexi Rose
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This is my first story so it might be rusty, please be kind and give advice. Please enjoy. My best friend Angie had been friends with me for a long time.

We always had each others back. But during this sleepover, I had hers.

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We were at school doing the things we normally do, talking about how much it sucked doing all the work our teachers gave us.

To get through the day we made each other laugh to take our minds off of the classwork. Finally school ended and she asked to come to my house and of course I approved.


We had so much fun playing games we didn't want to separate. We decided to have a sleepover for the weekend, which was perfect timing because my parents left for California to visit my grandparents. It would take a couple days to come home so with that came more fun.

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For a girl she played video games very well even though she was a rookie. Like me, she was pretty young barely 18 years of age. I never considered trying to be friends with benefits but it was hard not to think about it every time I saw her legs exposed from the small skirt she liked to wear.

The night came and we decided to get ready for bed so she took a shower first.

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I was downstairs watching TV and I thought she was done so I went up to take mine. As I shortly found out she was still in there. I opened the door and saw her standing there completely naked. My mouth dropped within the first second as she shouted "Oh Shit!!" I was surprised to see she wasn't developed yet.

She had small breasts, a small tight ass, and a shaved small pussy. She covered herself quickly and commented that I was not to say a word about it. I nodded my head slowly agreeing. I had a huge bonor and asked to see her again naked.

She said "I don't want you to see me naked, its weird" as she was stuttering I interrupted to say "Why is it wierdwe both are the same age and we have known each other for a long time, so come on, no harm will come to us." With this she gave up and said "OK, if it will make you happy" and she dropped the towel slowly.

She was very hot.


After staring she suddenly said "now you." I smiled and said "OK, if it will make you happy." I stripped and with my huge bonor flinging out of my underwear, I could see the high interest on her face. A brief moment of silence before she asked "Can I touch it" she asked nervously. I said "do what you would like" trying to see how far she would go with this. She reached for it nervously, then she new it she had it in her hands, stroking it back and forth, it felt great.

I decided to grab her breasts while she jerked me off. I massaged them making them hard and all I heard was the moaning of virginity about to be taken away.

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She picked up the paste really fast and I exclaimed "Angie, I'm going to cum!" Continuing her speed she dropped down and shoved me in her mouth (taking a guess she was suppose to do this) and I came a huge load while she swallowed it hole. Within a few mins we decided to make it more comfortable and went to my room.

She pushed me down on the bed and said "I have wanted this for a long time" She stiffed my dick back up to size and started to blow me professionally. She seamed like she's done this before. She went slowly down and up my shaft starring at my eyes. Starring back I could tell she was going to make this as long as she could. My shaft and balls started to hurt more and more every time she went up and down.

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I said "come on and finish me, I can't go much longer!" She smiled and said "you will go on until I say otherwise." Kinki I thought as I couldn't bare the pain any longer. I made a dramatic move grabbing her head and launching it downwards to finally cum.


With exhaustion I shouted "FUCK!" And I sarcastically said "Ha I will cum when I want to!" But Angie pointed out one fglaw to this brilliant plan, I was sdtioll rock hard. I collapsed down and joked "Fine you win" I was still under her control. She wanted mores tastey cum so she stood over me and sat down slowly on my dick, going deep in her virgin pussy.

We both moaned but she was the loudest. She sat there a moment getting use to my shaft inside her. Eventually i started to try and thrust while she took in in slowly. As a competition a said "I bet you will cum before I do." Not a second goes by before she says "your on!" So she speeded up steadily trying to win the bet, but deep inside she could feel the cum creeping up on her pussy.

She looked at me with the look of defeat (as she showed me it all the time) and with a briefly expressed thought she announced, "Fuck! I'm going to cum" And that was my cue.

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I speeded my thrusting up to launching instead of pumping. I rammed her and we both came at the same time. With disappointment I though I would win but I had the best cumming of my life when I pelted her. She laid on top of me with the look of satisfaction and couldn't believe we had just fucked each other like pros I askedf her what we were going to do now since we deleted an hour and a half fucking. I continued "let's get cleaned up and try again tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed it and please any questions comments leave below, be kind thxxx