Myranda didovic shit on the toilet

Myranda didovic shit on the toilet
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Mrs Theresa was a teacher in an English secondary school in Brooklyn, N.Y. It was the end of a particularly hard few weeks because as the summer holidays approach the workload for the teacher doubles, with parent's evenings, thousands of reports, after school events and end of year exams Mrs.T was glad of the fact that it was now Friday. The male members of all her older classes however only really noticed one thing.

They were fixated on her breasts which tended to look a size too big for Mrs.T's choice of top. Today Miss T's tits were tightly held in a white bra and blouse which, as was often the case looked a size to small for her, a hint of cleavage temptingly peeked through the neckline of her blouse.

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It was no wonder she was one of the most popular teachers in the school among the older male students. Mrs.T was about to close her bag and put her coat on when she heard some voices coming from outside the window of her classroom.

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Mrs.T stopped for a minute and slowly walked over to the window to see a view of the abandoned school playing fields and a public park beyond. She opened the window and leant out slightly looking to her right as the sun shone into her eyes.

She could now make out the source of the talking, the shapes of three boys, the early evening sun shining from directly behind them "What are you doing still in school?

Haven't you got homes to go to?" called Miss T to the shapes.

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"Oh. hello Mrs.T" replied a slightly surprised voice. The boys walked over to the open window and she recognised them as 3 of former sixth formers, Shameek Russells, Rich Stubbs, and Studdamire Cockran!

"So you're all doing well then?" said Mrs. T with a smile.

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"Its good to hear, means we must have done something right." She added with a laugh. "So 2 years of university education under your belts and you still haven't got anything better to do that loiter on your old school field and drink cans of beer?" said Mrs.T with a Laugh.

"Pubs too expensive, we are penniless students now" said Studdamire with a smirk. "Yeah I'm sure you are." Said the boy's former teacher sarcastically. "How much beer have you got in that sports bag Shameek?" exclaimed Mrs.T after catching sight of the bag which was too full for the zip to close and looked like it was about to burst at the seams. "Should last a little while." Shameek replied, grinning. "Well since you're all big boys now and quite at liberty to buy beer instead of text books if that's what you choose I won't confiscate them" Joked Mrs.T, "on condition that you chuck one over here, I'm dying for a drink, you can't even begin to imagine the week I've had." "Jump out the window then, come and sit with us" said Shameek!

"Hmm, you 3 had better jump in here, I don't think it's a good image, a teacher sitting outside her classroom in full view of everyone with a can of Old Gold!" answered Mrs.T. Shameek started throwing beer at the others a little over enthusiastically, Tim missed the catch and the beer landed on the floor after hitting a desk on the way.

He picked it up and opened it just as Mrs.T screamed "Don't open that now".

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Fizzzzz! It was too late, Mrs.T caught the full spray of the excited beer can and most of it went over her white top exposing the shape of a white bra and what Studdamire thought was the out line of her left nipple.


"Sorry Mrs.T" he replied in a sheepish tone, although he to was struggling to contain a grin as he, like the others could not believe they had just been staring at their ex teacher, a wet white blouse clinging to her heaving breasts leaving very little to the imagination. Mrs.T turned her back on the boys, slipped her coat off and, to the amassment of the three started to unbutton her blouse, slipping it down her back, her dark brown hair fell over the back of her shoulders as she tossed her hair and pulled her coat on over her white bra.

Smiling to herself Mrs.T sat on the edge of the teacher's desk, and leant back on one arm while she used the other to continue to drink beer. "Ok, would you boys like me to slip my bra off?" All three mumbled something that didn't quite form a word but was clearly an answer to the affirmative. "Well I need something form you then." She pondered. "You guys look like you could do with taking off some clothes as well", "Tell you what, I'll take this bra off if you take your trousers off and let me see those bulges properly." Theresa let out a sigh as the straps slipped over her arms and the bra fell to the floor completely exposing her shapely breasts, they were all the boys imagined them to be, full and far more than a handful but pert and shapely.

As she exposed them, all three boys were fixated for a moment on Mrs.T's amazing tits, perfectly formed with cute nipples that were standing to attention, with the darker areola surrounding those sexy nips by about an inch.

A mole decorated the top left of Mrs.T's right breast, seeing this almost had all three boys blowing their loads right there and then! These were the kind of breasts that were just calling out to be kissed and sucked! Rich and Steve repositioned themselves on the floor on ether side of Miss T and took it in turn to feed their ex teacher their hard cocks while the other enjoyed her soft hand gripped around the shaft, caressing the tip with her thumb as she firmly but slowly moved her hand up and down.

Tim had pulled Mrs.T's white knickers to one side and exposed a perfect shaven pussy; her clit was becoming swollen as her pussy wetter as her excitement grew.

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Tim let his tongue run round Mrs.T's eager clit in circular motions, stopping every so often to kiss and suck it for a couple of seconds.

"Mmmmmmm, Young Mr. Cockran!" purred Mrs.T. Slowly she stood up and slipped her knickers over her thighs and let them fall down her legs to the floor. Mrs.Theresa was now completely naked, her soft skin glistening with tiny beads of sweat as the temperature rose; she sat on one of the smaller desks and beckoned Studdamire over who knelt down in front of her. She had one the most unforgettable moments time and time again with these young confidants, total loyalist!