Que rico se coje a mi esposa

Que rico se coje a mi esposa
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Who Me. A Wizard V Aden flew high but with her keen sight she was able to keep track of where they were taking her friends. She attempted to go lower to get a look inside the shack where they took them. While she was still 50 feet above the shack, arrows began flying past her. Aden got the hell out of there, she didn't want to get shot by accident She flew almost all night to get back to the Western Wizard.

She was worried about her friends.

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He would know what to do she was confident. Camp I was worried … I am sure that was Slinky and she was in trouble. I walked out of the tent and called everyone together and told them everything I knew. I asked Cherg and Twil if they would carry Linda and Roli to the area near the village. Barf would escort them and Rowrf and I would follow with the cart. I have to wait for Harper to return then we will be following. I heard a Chirp and there was Aden she morphed and almost fell over … she was exhausted.

I took her into the tent an laid her on my bed. She told me what had happened and tried to get up.


she was ready to go back. I held her and told her we were waiting for Harper then we would be on the way. Until that time she was to rest. I looked down at her she was already asleep. I paced and planed and thought I had a few ideas but still nothing firm.

A short time later Harper flew in … She also was extremely exhausted as well. She handed me a slip of paper it was very exact as to how to break the control it seemed he was aware of the Drow Mage. For the spell to work there had to be one to maintain it. This meant the first move in canceling was to killed the Mage.

While the girls caught up on their rest Rowrf and I moved the cart along. It would have been a pleasant trip if it hadn't been for the circumstances waiting at the end.

I asked Rowrf how he became part of all this. His answer kind of surprised me. Rowrf's Story I am from the Red Wizards domain. When I was born I was the runt and was abandoned as was the custom in poor family' s I never saw my siblings or my mother.

I was told my father was was a changeling human and never even knew about the pups. The Red Wizard's familiar is a beautiful German Shepard, her mother, Rena, had given birth to a small litter of four pups.

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Unfortunately two of the pups died at birth the third died two days later. Rena was disposing of the third pup when she heard a mewling sound. She looked behind a rain barrel and she found me and only because she was sad from losing 3 pups.

She took me in. Sheba and I became Tit siblings. We grew up together and when The Red's familiar was injured. He approached Rena about Sheba, Rena said we would both have to be trained. I was introduced to books and writing. The Red always said he got the best of both worlds when he took us both.

I am Court recorder and the nations head librarian. The Brown had me find the two identical spell books for you and Linda. I hope they have helped.

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Oh and don't think I only know books I am a champion at hand to hand combat. The girls wake up. Both were starving I crawled into the tent and prepared a cold lunch for us. I conjured up a loaf of bread and made sandwiches. They thought them to be novelties until they tried them. Then they were a hit. We ate on the go, I was hoping we were getting close.

We kept going all night meeting up with the rest of our people about 2 hours before dawn. We relaxed and waited. Linda was on one side and I on the other. Linda was ready in case I missed with my pistol as back up the centaurs had their bows ready and Roli had a sword to protect Linda.

The door of the Mage's shack opened The Drow Mage walked out with arms out stretched. I said 'Hey'. He looked at me in surprise and he started to reach. I know not what he was reaching for but he didn't get it before the hole appeared in his forehead. I put my pistol away and Linda and I began to chant. ELVES OF LIGHT LIMBS UNFOLD SEE THINGS RIGHT GOME IN FROM THE COLD SHED YOUR PLIGHT BE FREE FROM CONTROL.

The Elves were coming out of the shacks holding their hand up to shade their eyes. They had no idea where they were nor how they got here. Rowrf and Aden rushed to the shack holding our people. They found Ciel and Slinky not only in cages but the cages were wrapped and tied. Linda cast a spell to counteract the magic wards on the cages. It looked like she was flipping invisible switches.

There was a lot of kissing and hugging going on. Then we sat down with Elves, Ciel had found two of her brothers and numerous cousins and an uncle. We talked to them about Ambrose the Green wizard. We talked of the control spell that had been cast on them by the Drow Mage. The Elves said they were going to let their Elders know of the atrocities the Drow had used on them.

They promised the Drow would no longer bother us on our quest. Ciel had met with a couple of Arms Masters and tried to explain what had made the hole in the Drow Mage' s forehead. They came to me asking to see the bang stick.

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First I took all the bullets out of the pistol. I handed the pistol to one of them. I was quickly glad I had removed the shells when they began pulling the trigger and pointing them at everything. I tried to explain how they worked but they were like kid with a new toy. which in essence was true. That started to worry me when I remembered that I had never had to reload. I apologized but quickly took them back.

I told them they could be dangerous. They asked for a demonstration, Without reloading I drew and fired at a piece of fruit hanging from a tree limb. There was a bang and the fruit blew apart. I broke one of them open. it was full of unfired bullets. It took less then an hour for the Elves to gather food and water and prepare to leave. They had no claim to anything in this village.

In fact Ciel had to explain to them just where they were and the direction they had to go to get home. Linda called to me. She was having trouble opening the Drow Mage's door to his shack. I ran my hand over the door and removed a number of Wards including one that was kneecap high. It was designed for two sledge hammers to swing in to a persons knees and smash them. They seem to all be clear. I reached for the door. there was a blinding white light More Confusion A voice came out of the light.

"Hey Al What the hell are you?" I recognized that voice. It was my friend Roger it was his party I was on my way to a few days ago. I was back. Oh no what the hell. now what will happen to my group. what about the Queen. I covered quickly with a hearty laugh.

"You see before you the Western Wizard Little Al the Black!" He replied, " Nice touch with the mini dragon around your neck." I put my hand to my neck sure enough Slinky was wrapped around my neck but she felt more solid. "This is Slinky my Familiar. She changes to a beautiful girl in my bedroom.".'You think I am Beautiful?' drifted into my mind 'Slinky you are there.' … 'Of course.I go where you go.' Roger pulled me inside and closed the door.

"Hey gang may I introduce the Western Wizard Little Al the Black." Different comments were made and a lot of laughs a couple of girls even smiled at me. I made my way to the table filled a plate, got a Dr. Pepper and made my way to a loveseat on the patio. While I ate I mentally spoke with Slinky.

'What happened to us? Did I miss a ward' … Slinky replied, 'Yes and no. you removed the wards but they were tied to a go banish spell. They had to be removed in a certain order.' Gracie a girl in my class came over to speak to me.

She was dressed as Jeannie of I dream of Jeannie fame. She looked very nice. "Hi Al I like your costume How did you ever com up with it." "Aw you know me can't make up my mind, I liked being a cowboy but also wanted to be Harry Potter" Another classmate Lisa as Vampira with lots of cleavage her dress was having troubles keeping those squirming puppies inside I think they were DD's.

Smiled and said, " I like your dragon" she reached a finger toward Slinky. I said careful, "She bites." I laughed Lisa automatically yanked her finger back. realizing what she had done she laughed with me and Gracie. They squeezed into either side of me, I felt a hand under my robe on both legs. Gracie whispered in my ear.

"Al is it true what they say. that you are packing a third six shooter under your robe." Just out of curiosity I made a move with magic. Both of Lisa's DD's popped right out of her dress. She screamed and began attempting to stuff them back in her dress. She was very red in the face as she ran out in the back yard with Roger right behind her.

Gracie was laughing so hard then she went quiet. she had found my other six shooter. She froze. I mean literally she froze like a statue.Slinky said 'You have enough females in Goshen you need no more here.' 'But we are not in Goshen, can you change and are you doing magic?' 'No I can't change, yes I am doing magic, I am sorry I forgot where we are and how long we might be here.' 'Can all familiars do magic?' 'Yes some are stronger than others, one to watch is Roli she is very strong but usually compliant and she likes you.' 'Have you figured how to get us back to Goshen.' 'No, not as yet but I am in contact with Streek The Blue Wizards familiar, we have a chain of information from me to a crow who gave info to the Brown.

The Brown added his input and the crow flew to the Green's Castle and gave the info to a common rat who dispensed the information to Streek.

'Streek shared to Blue, Red and Yellow as well as their familiars and the Queen. All of them were confused none knew how the Black had been sent back to his home land. The Brown thinks it was a Drow spell woven into the protection wards.' 'Send word to Linda for her and Roli to accompany Ciel to meet with the Elf Mages and to look for an answer to woven wards. We know the why, we must know the how and what we must do to counter the spell,' The Group Everyone were just wandering around reaching for a lifeline or for someone to tell them what to do.

Ciel was still in a discussion with the Elfin Arms-masters. Linda was sitting on a stool out side one of the shacks. Her face was a blank stare, Roli was squatting on the ground next to her.

As usual no one could ever guess what she was thinking. A brown colored Crow lit on the ground next to Roli, Hopped up to her and pecked on her toe. Roli looked up smiled and went in to a trance. Linda's Head popped up and her Face lost its blank stare and she looked as she was listening. She yelled for Rowrf. Rowrf arrived with his clipboard.


Everyone gathered around as Linda began speaking. "The Black sends his regards and he is working to return, Slinky is with him. He will now speak thru me" "Barf you are to remain in the village as a base of operation and to protect Aden.

I think she is a target Cherg I ask that you and Twil transport Linda, Roli and Ciel to meet with the Elfin Mages. Harper I would ask that you act as liaison with all. Princess Aden please assist the Elves in returning to their domain or for any who wishes to re establish this village. I will contact you when I can. If the need arises for you to pass info to me.

Pass it to Harper or the Crow." Linda's face showed the strain she had been under and Roli led her in the shack and had her lay down. Roli told them they would leave the first thing in the morning and for all to get some rest. Back to Earth 'I am going to release her now.' … "WOW they didn't lie it is big.", Gracie exclaimed, "Lets get out of here … my parents are out of town we can go there." Gracie on lives three doors down the street, She led me in and up to her room.

I carefully unwrapped Slinky from around my neck and placed her on a bedside table. Gracie wasn't waiting for me she had already shed her costume and was standing at the foot of the bed in her Bra and panties.

She was laughing "It is odd to see a boy that has more clothes to take off then a woman has." I dropped my Robe and was left wearing my boots and gym shorts I removed them and walked to the foot of the bed took Gracie in my arms and placed my lips on hers.

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I played with the tip of my tongue darting in and out of her mouth. It was almost like she melted in my arms I reached around feeling for the bra clasp. Gracie laughed in my mouth as she reached between us and undid the front clasp. I continued to kiss her as I lay her back on the bed. I rubbed and squeezed her titties and rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I kissed down to her tits and popped a nipple in my mouth and rolled it around then switched to the other and did the same.

I stuck my face between her tits put a hand on either tit and just wallowed for a time. I kissed down her stomach and rimmed her naval with my tongue and on down to her pantie line. I licked along the top of her panties I placed my hand on her mound and ran a finger through her slit. I sucked her fat lips through her panties and followed that with my tongue through same path that my finger had traveled.

I grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them off her hips and down her legs. I licked my way back up and her legs began to spread wider and wider. I arrived at cleft I took a deep breath she gave off a tantalizing aroma.

I licked the full length of her crack and licked her smooth hairless lips. I slipped my tongue in her slit and wiggled it then closed my lips on her clitoris her hips came up off the bed and she shuddered with a mini climax.

I licked and sucked her thru two more climaxes. I move up her body and slid the tip of my cock in her pussy. I stopped" Gracie are you on the pill?" I heard a tiny voice saying, "Yes" I pushed a little deeper and she shoved her hips to meet me. This forced me in all the way. We wrestled back and forth and her velvet glove fit so well I was straining to stay with her. I was settling down for a good session when Gracie started moaning and her head was bouncing back and forth.

She slapped her hands on my butt and pulled me in deep and she exploded. I held on to her and let her settle down.

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I heard her ask if I had finished and I told her no. She said for me to turn over and let her get on top. I did and she crawled on and took aim and it felt like her pussy was sucking my cock inside of her. Inch by inch I felt her pussy muscles pulling me inside Finally we were pubic bone to pubic bone.

She began to grind her hips I reached down and rubbed my finger on her clit she started bouncing and twisting till she began another climax. In the middle of this one I unleashed a a gusher of cum to bathe her insides completely.

She lay on my chest and whispered, "I hope I don't get pregnant." What … you said you were on the pill. A tiny voice said, "I Lied. I didn't want you to stop." "Wonderful &hellip. Just Wonderful." I got up and made my way to the shower. I finished in the shower and dried off.

I re entered the bedroom to get dressed. I was angry. She was sitting on the side of the bed. " What would you have done if I had answered no I am not on the pill." I looked at her and answered truthfully.

"I would have redressed and left." "That is why I lied I didn't want you to leave." "But you didn't consider that I might not be ready to be a Daddy." I shook my head. "Gracie I am sorry but I have other things on my plate and this kind of hassle I don't need." I heard a giggle in my mind as I walked out the front door.

'Don't worry she is not pregnant. I killed the sperm.' 'You can do that.' 'Of course … you can too.' 'I can. hmm I wonder if I can clear you so you can morph?' 'I don't know if that would be to smart.' I walked back to the party.

I walked around to the back yard. I heard a noise in the bushes, I peaked in and answered a question that had been bothering me.

Yes Roger caught up to Lisa and they were connected. very deeply connected. I left them alone and found my seat on the patio available.

I sat down and thought about things. I wonder what is next.