Rough fuck for teen Charlyse Angel

Rough fuck for teen Charlyse Angel
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Fbailey story number 271 Too Advanced For Her Age I'm a very smart girl. I skip grades all of the time and I got into high school when I was only ten years old. By the time I was a senior I was still only twelve however by Thanksgiving I had turned thirteen and went to my first party. It was a drinking, dancing, and sex party but I didn't know that at first. By the way I'm Peggy Sue. As I said before I recently turned thirteen. Finally I'm a teenager. I'm quite average for a thirteen-year-old at four feet nine inches tall and eight-five pounds other than that I have very little in common with other thirteen-year-old girls.

I wear an A-cup bra, get straight A's in school, and I play the violin quite well too. I have also been told that I am cute.

Anyway the rest of the seniors think that I am special.

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They all talk to me and are very nice. I was even invited to a party on the Friday after Thanksgiving otherwise called Black Friday. Bambi the head cheerleader invited me because it was taking place at her house. She told me to bring a bikini because she had an indoor swimming pool.

It was going to be a pool party for seniors only. Almost everyone there was going to be eighteen or nineteen years old.

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When I told Mom that I had been invited to the party she thought that we should go shopping. We bought a nice bikini and a whole outfit for me to wear. I got a blouse, miniskirt, shoes, and even a new bra and panties from Victoria's Secret.

I felt pretty. Mom dropped me off and told me to call her when I was ready to come home. Bambi answered the door when I rang the bell. She looked gorgeous. I felt like a little kid next to her…I was a little kid, I was just too advanced for my age.

The party started out slowly with kids dancing and some swimming for about an hour. Then the booze was brought out and things really got going. Kids were kissing and making out, others were fooling around in the pool, and yet others were just standing around talking. As one of guys handed me a glass Bambi took away from me. She explained that he was just trying to get me drunk so that he could fuck me. What! I was astounded at her comment but she explained that he was noted for fucking unconscious girls and that his goal in life was to become an undertaker so that he could practice his necrophilia tendencies.

I knew the word meant an erotic attraction to corpses and then I put two and two together. Bambi had saved me from him and I thanked her for it. Bambi then took me to the kitchen and showed me how to make a 'momosa' using two parts orange juice and one part Champaign.

She told me to go easy on the Champaign and that I should just sip it for at least an hour. That way I would fit in and I wouldn't get drunk. Again I thanked her. She told me to go get my bathing suit and that we could change in her bedroom. I went with her. Her bedroom was fantastic, she was fantastic, and I wished that she were my older sister.

When I told her that she just smiled at me and said that she would like that very much too. Then she suggested that I call my mother and ask permission to spend the night with her. I did and mom wished me a good time. Bambi undressed in front of me as if she did it all the time.

She really was gorgeous, she had fantastic breasts, and her pussy was shaved into the shape of a heart on her pubic mound while the rest of it was shaved bare. She just smiled at me as I got undressed. I felt so embarrassed as she watched me remove my clothes. I have almost no tits and my pussy had just a little bit of peach fuzz on it.

Bambi smiled and said that I had the perfect body. For some reason I believed her. Then we embraced. My head fit right into her cleavage. I was staring at her erect nipple just inches in front of my nose.

I inhaled and she smelled so good. She too must have inhaled because she told me how good my hair smelled. She rubbed my back from my shoulder down to my ass cheeks. I just kept my arms around her waist.

I could hear her heartbeat and it was so soothing that I felt like I was in my mother's arms. Soon I realized that we were still in each other's arms and that Bambi was massaging my ass cheeks and that she was rubbing one of my nipples.

I felt the urge to take her nipple in my mouth, so I did so. She seemed to like it, so sucked on it more. Right then I felt so close to Bambi in a way that I couldn't explain. Her rubbing of my ass and my breast made a funny feeling deep in my tummy.

Suddenly Bambi shuddered and released me. We put on our bikinis and headed down to the pool area where the rest of the party was taking place. Along the way Bambi asked me if had enjoyed hugging her and I told her that I had.


She told me that we could hug all night long in her bed afterwards if I wanted too. I told her that I would like that very much. Bambi kept a close eye on me and I on her. The party started to get really wild and girls were topless, boys were grabbing them, and I saw couples go off together. I knew that they were going to have sex. Several boys tried to get Bambi to go with them but she wouldn't go with them. I was pleased because for some reason I was jealous.

I wanted her myself. A few boys asked me to go off with them but I told them that I didn't want too. Some of the boys tried to kiss me, some felt my ass but not like Bambi had, and one even grabbed my little tits from behind. Bambi smacked him for his efforts. He apologized and then he left me alone. The party was scheduled to end at midnight and Bambi made a couple of announcements to that effect.

Her fellow cheerleaders helped her get the others out. Then they had one last drink to the end of a perfect evening. One at a time each cheerleader told the rest of the cheerleaders who had kissed them, who they had let feel them up, and who they had let fuck them that night. When it came to me I told them about Rob grabbing my tits.

Bambi was last and told the other girls about our nude hug in her bedroom and that I had agreed to spend the night in her bed. For some reason I was pleased when they told me that they had all slept with Bambi too and that she was the nicest girl that they had ever slept with. Then Bambi removed her bikini and then mine. One at a time each cheerleader kissed me on the lips, rubbed my nipples, and fingers my wet pussy before doing the same thing to Bambi.

They wished us both a good night and then they left us alone.


Bambi picked up our bikinis and took my hand. We went up to her bedroom and right into her bathroom. There we took turns using the toilet and then we took a shower together. Bambi washed my body and I got to wash her body. She liked my little tits and I liked her big ones.

She liked my pussy and fingered it. I liked her pussy too and I fingered it. Then Bambi played with my clit and gave me my first orgasm. Oh my God! That was fantastic.

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I had tried it once when I was eight years old and taking advanced biology by apparently my mind was way to advanced for my body at the time because my clit was not developed enough for me to stimulate myself. We dried off and got in bed together. She turned the light out and kissed me. She had the softest lips, the nicest tongue, and the best tasting mouth that I could ever imagine. In the next hour she kissed every inch of my body, she made love to my tiny breasts, and she ate my pussy until I had orgasm after orgasm.

I had never felt that good in my entire life. Finally after Bambi had her fill of me I was allowed to do whatever I wished to her. I loved her big boobs and sucked on her nipples forever.

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I cautiously went down to her pussy and started to use my fingers and lips on her like she had on me. She tasted wonderful and I realized why she spent so much time eating my pussy. She was very juicy from our lovemaking. I inserted one of my fingers in her moist pussy, then I inserted two, and then I tried to get my whole hand inside her.

Surprisingly it started to slide into her and then I got scared. Bambi said that it felt good and told me to keep going so I did. Because of how tiny I was and the fact that I had tiny hands too, I was able to get it all the way up inside her pussy. At her request I made a fist and started fucking her.

Bambi had multiple orgasms and said that she loved me. I told her that I loved her too. I fisted her until I fell asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night Bambi woke me up and asked me to take my hand out of her pussy so that she could go to the bathroom. She had to pee because of all the drinks that she had at her party. I went in with her. She sat on the toilet and had me sit on her lap facing her.

We peed together at the same time. I peed all over her pussy as we French kissed. We took another shower together then we went back to bed. That time she fingered my pussy with one and then with two fingers.

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Bambi went to her drawer and took out a dildo that was really long and had a head on each end. She said that she loves to put one end in her pussy and one end in her ass. Wow! I got that thing shoved into my pussy very gentle before she fucked me with it. It was the very first thing to ever enter me but after that terrific feeling it wouldn't be the last. Bambi said that no boy yet had felt that good inside her. She admitted that she very much liked girls but that she had let six different boys fuck her in the past.

They were all members of the football team. She and the other cheerleaders had passed them around. Some of the girls had allowed all twenty-six members of the football team to fuck them, including the two coaches and the equipment manager too. Bambi on the other hand had made love to all of the cheerleaders on the Varsity and on the Junior Varsity teams along with all four coaches. It was quite obvious that Bambi liked girls more than she liked boys and that I liked Bambi.

Soon Bambi was on the other end of the dildo and we were fucking it back and forth between our pussies. She let me keep it in my pussy and then we cuddled and fell asleep again. The next morning we woke up late and I helped Bambi clean up the house.

Her parents knew that she was going to give the party and that was why they had gone away. All she had to do was make sure that the house was presentable when they returned. We were swimming in our bikinis when Bambi's parents came home.

Bambi introduced me to her mother as her 'girlfriend.' I blushed at the way that she had said the word girlfriend. Her mother smiled at me and said that Bambi had good taste in girls, then she surprised me when she asked her if I tasted as good as I looked.

Bambi told her that I did. Her parents knew that she went both ways but that she preferred girls. Bambi's mother said that she would get hid of her husband and come back to join us for a nude swim.

Bambi told her mother not to bother because she was not going to share me with her. I was shocked at the mere thought of Bambi's mother wanting to have sex with me.

But then again she was a very pretty woman. I realized that I was now considering having sex with other girls. However, at that moment I enjoyed being Bambi's girlfriend. The End Too Advanced For Her Age 271