Come outside and I will show you my panties

Come outside and I will show you my panties
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She woke up to the pain in her arms. Her arms were bound behind her, her wrists were tied together with her knees drawn up behind her and tied to her wrists. The weight of her body was on her shoulders. Gagged, and blindfolded, she hung there trying to make something out of the noises that were around her.

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She could hear someone moving. She moaned and attempted to struggle, but all she accomplished was making her self swing a little. She felt someone behind her and her legs were suddenly widened. Her muffled cries were ignored as He started to fondle her pussy.

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He was very gentle. He wanted her to feel that he had shaved her. He wanted her to know he was in control, and had been for a while now. She heard someone make a clucking sound and suddenly a cold nose was between her legs. Fingers held her pussy lips open and she felt a tounge start lapping at her. Screaming out the realization that someone was letting a dog lick her she tried desperately to move, her leg, arms, feet even her head.

But she was bound in a position where the only thing she could do was cause herself to sing back and forth. Even her head movements were limited. The fingers disappeared, while the tounge was still lapping away.

The sensation was overwhelming. He anchored her by tying some rope around her ankles. She would no longer sway away from the tounge that was working itself deeper and deeper into her. She cried out and groaned.


She was shaking her head from side to side, but she was held securely in place. She felt the fingers hold her open again and she screamed as the dog was now able to get his tounge inside of her. He slipped a finger into her pussy. She was wet and starting to drip.

Her vulva was swollen and he reached into his pocket and pulled out some clips. he fastened them to the lips holding her wide open, he tied them off to her toes and started to fondle her breasts. While the dog was working on her pussy, he started to probe her ass. She became more 'verbal'. He was gentle as he worked his finger in and out slowly. She screamed as the dog started to cause her body to react. His finger was rubbing against her prostate and his other hand was messaging her left breast.

His fingers playing with the nipple. He watched the muscles in her thighs twitch. Looking down he watched as the dog was burying his snout into her pussy. Her head swung from side to side and she screamed as the first orgasm hit her.

Pulling his finger out of her ass he pulled his pants down and his cock sprang forward.

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He rolled on the lubercated condom and knelt behind her. She was riding the crest of the orgasmic wave as she felt the second tounge join in with the dog. Then a finger slipped inside of her pussy, then two, and finally three fingers were exploring her, causing her to cry out again and again as one orgasm after another was ripping their way thru her body. The fingers pumped in and out of her till she was barely conscience. He put more lube on the condom and positioned himself behind her and put his cock at the entrance of her 'back door'.

He hated that term. But . whatever. Her body was orgasming and he watched as the little hole was opening and closing. He waited, reveling in the feeling as her ass pulsed and spasmed. He pushed forward and felt the tip of his cock get pulled in ever so slightly. He moaned quietly and pushed a little harder. She screamed again. He felt his cock pop past the muscle and gasped as he felt her ass suck him in. After that he gave himself to the sensation of the being milled by her orgasms.

She felt him enter her ass and screamed outrage at the violation refusing to believe this was happening to her.

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Yet her outrage was short lived as another orgasm, the 8th one in less then an hour, and she was screaming out in pleasure. That Damn dog wouldn't let up for a minute. The more he made her come, the more he tried to devour her. Reaching forward he pinched her nipples hard and felt her ass spasm around him. He groaned louder as he was pulled even deeper into her bowels.

The buzzing in his ass as the vibrator worked his own prostate was making it difficult to last as long as he was told to. He was watching the clock on the wall and waiting for the minute hand to get to the 12. 2 minutes from now, and he was desperately trying to reach the goal. She was bucking and screaming and babbling incoherently into the gag as he continued to twist and pinch her nipples. He watched as the clock was nearing the goal he was told to reach.


The buzzing in his ass was almost unbearable and he began to thrust as he watched the minute hand click into position. The Dog was having an hard time feeding on his pussy as she was being pounded into nearly knocking him away several times. But he was determined to drink every drop coming from the woman. She had an endless supply of the necter that he craved and he refused to stop. Her mind couldn't take it anymore.

She no longer cared about the pain, barely felt it anymore. He was pounding against her and she felt him pour his cum into her ass. With every pulse, every jump of his cock, the yanking on her poor nipples, the dogs tounge lapping, massaging, drinking in her cum .

it wasn't stopping. It would never stop. and she didn't care. She heard him cry out as the last of his hot cum flooded her body before she succumbed to the darkness. Gasping, he hugged her for support waiting till his legs got their strength back.

The buzzing in his ass was starting to cause another erection. He pulled out anyway. Leaving the vibrator in, he sat down and watched as the dog continued to drink in the womans cum. After a few minutes the dog turned and started to lick it's own cock. He knew his next task. Getting down on all fours, he reached back and pulled the vibrating dildo free and waited for the inevitable.

He felt the dogs nose then tounge on his ass and lowered his shoulders down to the floor. The dog accepted the invtation and mounted. Gasping turned to groans as he felt the dog slip into his own ass. The dog was fully aroused and it didn't take long till he felt himself being filled then stretched by the knot.

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The dogs thrusts were desperate as the poor animal sought relief. Soon he was receiving an cum enema. He was allowed to jerk himslef or to use the girl one more time if he relieved the dog. Laying there, waiting for the dog to finish with him, he tried to relax and think about something other then the dogs painful knot. His own cock was stiff and starting to drip. Closing his eyes he allowed his body to start to rock.

He knew that if he did this, the dog would start cumming again and he would be tied even longer. But the knot was pulsing against his prostate, and his cock was starting to pulse in time with the dog's cock. He reached down and started to pull and stroke and soon his own cum was on the floor with the drippings from the dog.

He waited till the knot slipped out. Panting, his body weary, he rested for a moment before getting ready to put the woman back. The dog was cleaning himself and started to walk around the room sniffing this and that.

He would walk up to the woman and put his nose to her pussy and give a few licks. then walked over to where the man was getting the woman's clothes ready. He had released her legs after untying and removing the clamps that kept her pussy open.

He was kneeling down and slipping on the woman's knee highs over her legs when he froze . letting the dog lick his ass. Tasting the remains of his cum leaking from the other bitch's pussy, he started to lap away at the mans ass again. Hislarge cock growing from his sheath. After a few moments, the man submitted to the dog again mounted him.

The man waited, allowing his cock to become hard again and as the knot messaged his prostate, he felt himself ready to cum again.

In 20 minutes the man was able to stand and went about his business as if nothing happened. Dog cum leaking from his ass, the man continued to dress the woman. She began to stir and he put the cloth with chloriform over her mouth and nose and waited till she stopped. He was quick about getting her arms free and fixed her blouse. He fixed her hair the best he could got himself dressed and carried her gently back to her car. He drove her to the parking lot of the office building he had taken her from and left her there.

Going back to his 'lab' he gathered the ropes, cleaned the mess from the floor. While kneeling on the floor scrubbing the cum clean so it wouldn't be sticky next weekend, the dog would come and inspect his ass.

Again the man would freeze and wait to see if he would need to get undressed. But it wasn't needed. The dog was satisfied.

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He would have to make a full report, it was morning and he was tired. But his gut fluttered as he thought what his mistress would make him do to the next girl.

She said next time she would direct him to a barn. Barns are in the country. Horses are in the country. The End.