Amateur lesbo kittens get their spread fuckboxes licked and shagged

Amateur lesbo kittens get their spread fuckboxes licked and shagged
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2 months later. . me an katie burst through my bedroom door after just arriving home from a party. undressing each other as fast as we can.


i lift her up an throw her on the bed. i jump on her and force my dick into her tight wet pussy, she lets out a loud moan of intense pleasure. i start pumping in and out of her as she grabs me an scratches down my back "oh yes baby, faster" she moans out. i continue to go faster, then i stop, flip her over, and continue fucking her from the back.

pounding up against her as fast as i can. i stop and pull out, she spins around and puts my dick in her mouth, she starts sucking me while stroking me.

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i can feel myself getting closer so i grab the back of her head and thrust forward as i cum in her mouth.

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. . The next morning i wake up, i look beside me and notice katie is gone. then i smell bacon in the air so i climb out of bed and throw some pants on. i walk out to the kitchen, and there stands katie cooking bacon and eggs. "damn that smells good babe" i say.

"well your just on time baby, breakfast is just about done" she replies. i hear a door open and look over an out walks jake from his room. "dude you look like you aint had no sleep" i tell jake.

"who the fuck can sleep having a room next to yours" he jokes. "ah you just jealous you aint getting laid every night" i laugh an reply.

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"aint that the truth" katie smiles and chimes in. "yea both you shut up" after we finish breakfast katie gives me a kiss an says shes going to get in the shower "you boys behave" she laughs and calls out as she walks away.

"alrigh well danny im headin out, got some shit to take care of. oh and dont worry i wont be here tonight, mikes throwing a party and hes got some strippers for tonight haha" jake says. "yea we know you could never turn down drinking and strippers" i laugh.

"hell yeah you know me, alright well im out" jake says as he walks out the door. later that day katie tells me that her friend ashley is showing up for dinner, i say ok thats fine. dinner comes along, ashley shows up and we all sit down and eat dinner, afterwards the three of us go to the living room to watch tv. "so wheres jake?" katie asks. "oh hes over at mikes, i guess mikes got strippers for tonight" "oh really" katie says then she whispers something into ashleys ear.

next thing i know they are both standing in front of me. . STRIPPING. oh hell yeah i thought to myself "but, there is one rule" katie says. "no touching ashley at all" son of a bitch, this girl was a fucking tease! they are now down to nothing, ashleys body is damn fine, nice round ass, and firm tits.

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not as great as katie, but pretty close, and ashley had blonde hair, other than that the girls were almost identical. they start dancing up on each other, and start making out, im now starting to get an erection witnessing this. katie starts carressing ashleys boobs, she goes down and puts her mouth around ashley left nipple, swirling her tongue around and licking it every which way, about ten minutes later ashley had katie on the floor with her legs spread eatin the hell out of her pussy, she flicked her tongue across her clit, and circles her pussy with her tongue, she slides 2 fingers into her pussy, katie starts to moan and arch her back.

i was now fully hard, but they didnt notice, they were too busy with each other. they swithed positions, and katie was now eating ashelys pussy, and to my amazement katie was a pro at it. horny as hell, with katies ass in the air, i decided to get behind ashley, throw off my pants and slide my dick into her tight pussy, i slowly start pumping in and out of her ass.

i gradually increase speed, going faster and harder, until im pounding in and out of her pussy. katie slides 1 finger into ashleys pussy, damn i could tell she was tight, i wanted that pussy, but knowing i couldnt have it, i fucked katies pussy even harder.

ashley started to shiver and so was katie i could tell they were cumming, i couldnt take it anymore, i gave a few more hard thrusts, and came inside her.

we lay there for a few minutes out of breathe. then ashley gets dressed and says "well i got to get home to my boyfriend, see yall" as she walks out the door. "boyfriend?" i look at katie. "yes, thats why you werent allowed to touch her, her rules not mine baby" she laughs.

"but maybe when her an her boyfriend break up" "who says they ever will tho?" i say. "oh they will break up eventually, they are already starting to have problems" she says.


"so i can tell you have had threesomes with a guy and girl before, so im afraid to ask, what about 2 guys?" she laughs. "dont worry baby your safe there, ive never done that and probably never will" "oh ok, i feel better now" i smile shes lays on her back so i climb on her again, and slide my dick into her pussy, her tits bounce as i start pounding her as hard as i can, she grabs her tits and squeezes her own nipples as i continue to fuck her going as fast as i can, i lay on my back an she climbs on me.


she slowly slides down on to my dick, she starts bouncing her ass up and down on my dick, i grab hold of her ass and make her slam down harder, she winces in pain a little but keeps going anways, an continues slamming down on to my dick.

i grab her hips again an thrust into her as fast as i can as i feel myself getting close, i then release and cum in her again. afterwards we jump in the shower real quick, then into bed.

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"so did you have fun tonight?" katie says as she props herself up on her elbow an looks at me. "no you bitches teased me" i put on a fake pouty face. she laughs.

"well maybe one day you will get your wish" TO BE CONTINUED: Look for the next chapter in the series: The girlfriend saga: the party. It involves jake getting laid, danny getting his wish, and sombody dies. also this next chapter is mostly made up, mainly the death sequence. have fun and hope you injoyed it -prince1991