Awesome brunette Alyssa caresses taco

Awesome brunette Alyssa caresses taco
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He Visits Her Bedroom (His Version) As I drove home, all I could think about was seeing her body and using her to satisfy my desires. Images of her hot young body ran through my head. The feel of her firm breasts cupped in my hand made my mind spin. I was real worked up and in need of relief, and I knew she would submit to me and my desires. My cock was hard just from thinking about it.

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I pulled into the drive and went into the house. It was around 1 AM. I removed my shoes and took off my shirt and tossed them in the corner. I then went to her room. I slowly opened the door and entered, closing it behind me. There she lay sleeping in her bed.

I approached the bed and pulled back her covers. She did not move. She was wearing pink, silky looking nightclothes. My cock began to throb with anticipation. I briefly admired her before I leaned over and began to caress her young firm mounds.

Feeling her up as she lay there quietly, my hands squeezing and molding her tight breasts through her shirt. It was then that she woke suddenly and looked up at me. I quickly put my finger to her lips and said "Shhhh, just be quiet." She lay still and did not make a sound.

I could hear her breathing heavier in her effort to relax and keep calm. Taking control, I grasped her arm and pulled on it gently and whispered, "Get up." Obeying, she groggily sat up and sat on the edge of the bed. "Stand up." I whispered again, a little louder this time.

She slowly stood up in front of me and looked to the floor. I reached my hand up and brushed her hair off her shoulders so that it lay on her back. I then stroked the side of her face a little. I was longing to see her body, her young perfect breasts. I calmly but firmly told her, "Take off your shirt." She paused briefly before she reached up and began unbuttoning her shirt for me.

One by one she worked her way down with each one exposing herself a little more with each button she loosened. I watched excitedly as she worked passed her cleavage and revealed it to me.

I watched her as she revealed her body to me, knowing she'd rather be somewhere else. After undoing the last button, she slowly reached up and pulled the shirt open and then down off of her shoulders to take it off and then tossed it on the bed. She now stood in front of me, hands at her side, as I gazed at her in her firm, frilly bra, clearly revealing her beautiful, deep cleavage.

As she stood there awaiting my next instruction, I drank in her sexy young body and wanted more. The most I had ever seen of her was her in her panties.

I had felt her nice round ass before though, but had never seen it nor her pussy. Tonight I wanted to see and feel all of her so I told her, "Now your pants. Everything." Grasping either side of her night pants and panties, I watched as she unwantingly pushed them both off of her hips, exposing her pussy to me.

She left them drop to the floor and scooted them off to the side with her feet. I reached over and began to caress her pussy, feeling her light fluff, rubbing my hand up and down her. I loved how she stood there as I had my way with her, feeling the softness of her pubic hair against my hand.

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I then reached around and grabbed her nice ass in my hands and pulled her to me, pressing myself up against her. I could feel her slight resistance as she tried to pull away but I increased my hold.

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I pressed her young pussy up against my hard cock as I used and felt her body at my pace. My hot hard cock quivered as it pressed against her. Her ass felt lovely as my hands roamed and grabbed at it. I then began to work my hands up her back to the clasp of her bra.


I pulled her up against me so that her chest pressed against me. I continued to hold her tight against me and enjoyed feeling her breasts scrunched up against me as I worked the clasp to unhook it. Once it was unhooked, I loosened my grip and stepped back and said "Take it off for me." She reached up and slowly worked the straps down off of her shoulder.

I watched as her bra slid off of her beautiful, firm breasts, passed her nipple, until they were fully exposed and she tossed her bra onto the bed. She now stood there, fully naked in front of me, sullen and silent. I gazed once again at her fully nude body.

I loved having her at my pace and in my silent, sullen control. She was like putty in my hands, responding to my every request with this helpless distant look on her face.

No wonder I couldn't resist coming back for more. She always quietly obeyed each of my sexual desires, even though she didn't like it. I suppose she knew she had little choice, and so did I. She would do what I told her, when I told her, and I would do what I wanted, when I wanted. She was my living sex doll to enjoy as I pleased. I looked again upon her beautiful, firm breasts so perfectly formed.


I reached up and cupped her perky breasts in my hands and massaged them for a while. I loved cupping and feeling them in my hands. I enjoyed sucking them into my mouth and tasting their skin with my tongue and simply devouring them for the longest time. I pull her body close to my and take her taunt, tight breast into my savoring mouth.

I suck on it and caress it with my tongue. I then move to the otherbreast and enjoy it the same. I squeeze and caress them each with my hands as I nurse them. Tonight, I had something else I desired to get to as well. I caressed the nipples one last time before moving my hands onto her shoulders. I then looked her straight in the eyes, pushed downward and said, "Kneel down." Complying, I watched as she sank to her knees in front of me.

I gazed down at this beautiful, young, helpless naked body kneeling in front of me, responding unwantingly to my commands. It was as if she were my slave, biding to my wishes. And so I issued my next command, "Take off my pants." I watched as she regrettably reached up began to unbutton my pants. I could feel her fingers they brushed up against my throbbing cock as she worked the button loose.

I felt even more triumph at the sound of the zipper as she unzipped them. She then tugged on either side and my pants dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. "Feel my cock," I ordered. She reached up and rubbed her hand on my cock. I let out a low groan of pleasure. I could hardly wait for her to touch it naked, to feel her fingers stroking up and down it.

"Now, take off my underwear." I watched as she pulled the elastic out over my cock and down, causing my hard, stiff prick to pop out in front of her. She pulled them on down and they dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them.

Here was the moment. I was standing fully naked in front of her, my rock hard penis jutting out in front of me towards her. She was sitting back on her knees with her arms to her side, gazing to the floor. I stared down at her beautiful young body, fully naked in front of me.

I looked down and gazed at her lovely dark pussy hair showing between her legs. I again looked at her breasts and thought how perfect they were jutting out. I felt my cock twitch and a small amount of cum release from the excitement. I looked at the tip of my cock and could see the small amount of cum which had emerged.

I then looked at her, reached over and put my hand to the side of her face and tilted her gaze up to me. She had a blank look in her eyes. Looking right at her I said, "Open your mouth." She opened her mouth as she continued to look up at me with that blank look.

I could see the lack of enthusiasm but with the willingness to comply on her face.

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The sight of her was intoxicating. I had never seen such a wonderful sight. Holding the back of her head I guided my cock towards her open mouth and watched as it passed her lips and entered her mouth, cum droplet and all disappearing inside.

It was an exhilarating experience getting her to do this. I continued to enter into her mouth until the head of my cock was up against the back of her tongue.

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I felt her instinctively close her mouth around my cock and said "That's it., wrap your lips tight around my cock and suck it." I felt her as she began working my cock up and down the way she knew I wanted her to.

The warmth of her mouth enveloped my cock. The slippery wetness of her saliva coated it. The tickling of her tongue was tantalizing. The suction of her mouth was captivating. I knew that she had by now cleaned the cum from my cock and it was now a part of her own fluids which she would swallow. The thought of my cum in her mouth turned me on even more.

"That a girl, you know what to do," I stated. I could feel her tongue dancing around my cock as I began to thrust in and out of her mouth. I reached down and fondled her young, perky breasts, feeling their firmness in my hands and fingertips as I cupped them.

I continued moving my cock in and out of her young mouth, watching her lips gliding back and forth on my shaft, feeling her tongue flicking all around it. The soft, gentle tenderness of her mouth caressing my cock was mounting my excitement, building towards the moment of unloading into her pretty little mouth at my will.

I stood there and enjoyed the gratification she was giving as she serviced me with her warm, succulent mouth. At long last, I could tell the end was near. I spoke. "I'm going to cum baby. You know what I want you to do. Take it in your mouth and swallow it down for me." I felt her body tense up under me and her hands grab onto my thighs as I mentioned it. I always cum in her mouth or on her face and have her clean it all up.

It's a rush for any man, and I'm no different, I just have a resource to carry it out with. I was aware that she did not entirely like receiving me, but I knew that she would do it for me, and I loved it every time. I moved more rapidly now and as I gripped her head and grabbed her hair firmly to keep her from pulling away.

Then I felt myself exploding. I grasped her head even more firmly as I bellowed "Here it is, AAAAA, take it, take it. That's it. Take it in your mouth." As I came in her mouth, I felt her instinctively pull back and push with her arms against me, struggling to get away, but I held her head firmly and my cock securely in her mouth. I watched her face wince and heard her pleading, muffled moan as I continued to spew into her mouth and fill it up.

"Urmmmph, Come on now. Swallow it down," I groaned as I continued to fuck her pretty young face. She continued to struggle just slightly under me as I held her in place. I then felt her calm down and surrender herself to me and comply to my wishes, submitting herself to me. I saw her grimace as I felt her begin to swallow, swallowing my load down her throat.

As I felt her mouth contracting I said, "That's it, that's a girl. Drink it down for me." She then continued working my cock in her mouth, swallowing as I spasmed a few more times, dumping every drop into her mouth. I held my cock in her mouth, fucking back and forth, until I was completely finished cumming. "Ummm, Yea, finish me up now. That's it, suck it nicely." I could feel her tongue gliding and constricting around my cock and she continued to gather and swallow every drop just as I wished.

I then loosened my hold and slowly stroked her hair. "Ummmm, that feels so good." I remarked as I slowly began to wind down, feeling my cock moving to and fro in her cum coated mouth. After being totally satisfied, I pulled my glistening cock from her mouth.

"You did a good job", I said as I rubbed my cock along her cheek. "You can get dressed now and go back to bed." I began to get dressed as did she. Without saying another word, she climbed back into bed as I left her room.

He Visits Her Bedroom (Her Version) It was around 1 AM and I was fast asleep in my bed when I was suddenly awakened by the touch of hands feeling my chest. I looked up to see him looking down at me.

I instinctively wanted to scream out, but before I could think to make a sound he put his finger to my lips and said "Shhhh, just be quiet." I recognized him quickly, he was here again. I knew why. I took deep breaths to calm down. I lay there, still and quiet, waiting, just waiting for whatever.

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It then registered that my covers had already been pulled back and I also noticed also that his shirt was off. He then grasped my arm and pulled on it slightly and whispered "Get up". I sat up and moved to the edge of my bed as he asked. He then whispered loud and stern, "Stand up". I slowly stood up in front of him and then looked down to the floor, knowing what he wanted, what was to come, but not knowing how it would play out this time.

I felt trapped in his control, not knowing where to go or where to turn. My only course seemed to obey him. I then felt his hand on my shoulder and then my hair being pushed back. His rough cold hands began to stroke my face. Then he said it. Calmly but firmly, "Take off your shirt". I closed my eyes tightly and swallowed. I had no choice. I had to do it - there would be consequences if I didn't. There was no other way.

I reached up and grasped the top button of the nightshirt I had worn to bed. My head felt light as I began to fumble with the button. My hands knew what they had to do and soon it was undone and they moved down to the second one.

One by one, my fingers shaking, I undid the buttons of my shirt, exposing myself a little more each time. Then, the last button was undone. I knew what I had to do next. Reaching up I grasped the top of the shirt and paused a little before opening it and removing it from my shoulders.

I took it off and tossed it on the bed. I then stood in front of him, hands at my side, as he gazed at me in my firm, frilly bra, which clearly revealed my cleavage and the roundness of my breasts. I stood there awaiting his next instruction, as he drank in my body.

I hoped that this would be all he wanted was to see me but deep inside I knew there would be more. His next request then broke the night, "Now your pants.

Everything." I had never had my panties off for him before this. I swallowed the lump and closed my eyes.

Grasping either side of my night pants and panties, I unwantingly slid them down off of my hips. The warmth and comfort they provided was replaced with the cool night air. After clearing my hips, I left them go and they dropped to the floor, my pussy now exposed to him. I scooted them off to the side with my feet.


I stood there once again, frozen for him, responding to his requests. He reached over and began touching my pussy. My body tensed to his touch and I tightened my legs together instinctively.

I wanted him to stop, to leave, but I knew he would continue. He then began rubbing his hand up and down - caressing and feeling me. I stood there, as his hands invaded me, I looked up towards the ceiling as he continued. He then reached around and firmly grabbed my buttocks and pulled me to him. He pulled me tight up against him and I could feel his stiffness pressing up against me.

I pushed away from him hoping he would let me go and stop, but he only increased his hold and pulled me tighter. There was no need to try harder, he would overpower me regardless and have his way. It would be less painful this way, to give in reluctantly. I am like his servant, giving him what he asks for and wants and saying nothing.

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He continued to grip my buttocks as he ground his cock against my pussy. His hands then left my buttocks and traveled up my back, pulling me up against him as they went. He then reached the clasp of my bra and began to undo it. My face was against his shoulder and my breasts pressed against him.

He continued to hold me tight against him as he worked the clasp to unhook it. I could feel my breasts scrunching tight against him and I was sure he felt them too. I then felt the tension of the straps release and knew that he had unhooked it.

He stepped back from me and I stood there in front of him. My bra was hanging loose, but still offering some coverage. He then said, "Take it off." I reached up, trembling, and slowly worked the straps down off of my shoulders, removing the last piece of coverage I had. He had seen my breasts before, and not that that made it easier, but this time I was not wearing my panties, which somehow made it different. He watched me as I slid my bra down my taunt breasts, passed my nipples, until they were fully exposed and erect.

I tossed my bra onto the bed. I now stood there, fully naked in front of him, hands to my side as I knew he wanted, sullen and silent. He stood there, gazing at my fully nude body in front of him. He then reached up and cupped my breasts in his hands. I stood there as he groped and felt them. I stood there as he massaged and coddled them in his hands, his hands roaming across me. He continued to fondle them for some time.

Cupping them, squeezing them. He seemed to enjoy feeling them and liked that they're so perky and firm. He pulled my body close to his and took my taunt, tight breast into his savoring mouth. He sucks on it and caresses it with his tongue. He then moves to the other breast and enjoys it just the same. He squeezes and caresses them each with his hands as he nurses them. His hands then left my breasts and moved on to my shoulders. Pushing downward on my shoulders he looked straight at me and said, "Kneel down." As he pushed, I complied and sank to my knees in front of him.

As I knelt naked in front of him, I looked up to see him gazing down at me. He continued to stare down at me for a moment and then he said, "Take off my pants." It then registered with me what he wanted me to do. I really should've known. My mind spinning, I regrettably reached up began to unbutton his pants. Although I tried not to touch him, I couldn't help but feel him as I worked the button loose. The button came loose and I then found the zipper and pulled it down. The sound of it echoed in my head.

Grabbing either side of them I pulled down on them and they dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them and pushed them aside. As he stood in front of me in his briefs, I could not help but notice his cock pushing out. His voice then came again, "Feel my cock." I did not want to touch him, I never did any of the times, but couldn't not do it, so I did it. I did as he asked, like a servant I submitted to him. I reached up and put my hand on him through his briefs.

He let out a low groan of pleasure as I ran my hand up and down him, feeling his hardness. He then asks for what I knew was next. He said, "Now, take off my underwear." My breathing got raspy as I choked back my anxiety, as I knew this was his last piece of clothing. I did not want him naked with me, but I proceeded. I reached up and grabbed the elastic band of his underwear and pulled it out over his cock and then down.

His hard, stiff prick to popped out in front of me. I pulled them all the way down the floor and he stepped out of them and I tossed them aside. I sat back on my knees with my hands to my side and stared at the floor.

I could not look up. I could not face it. I sat there, fully naked in front of him, him standing there fully naked above me, his penis rock hard and jutting towards me. He then reached over and put his hand to the side of my face and tilted my head upwards.

As my gaze turned up towards him, I noticed there was a small amount of white fluid on the tip of his penis. He continued to tilt my head until my gaze was directed up to him. Looking right at me he said matter of factually, "Open your mouth." I slowly opened my mouth as I continued to look up at him.

I knew what was coming. He had made me do this the other times, but this was the first time I would be taking him in my mouth with his fluid on the end already. I had never seen it before now. Before he had just went in my mouth and made me swallow it. Regardless, I loathed having his cock in my mouth but I felt I had to, as a servant would, and complied.

Holding the back of my head, he guided his cock towards my open mouth. I could see it as it came closer and then passed my lips and entered my mouth.

His cock continued deeper into my mouth passed my lips until I felt the tip closing in on my throat. My mouth instinctively closed and my lips wrap around his cock. In doing so I heard him say, "That's it., wrap your lips tight around my cock and suck it." My mouth responded and automatically my reflexes wanted to push it out, but couldn't. The taste of his flesh filled my mouth and mixed with the taste of cum that had secreted from his tip.

I gasped for breath as I adjusted to breathe. I began to suck. I tried not to think about what I was doing. I began to work up and down his cock as he wanted. He moaned lightly and I heard him say, "That a girl, you know what to do." I took this as my cue to work him as he wanted. I knew the consequences of rebelling. I did what he wanted. I began to adjust to the taste of his cock fluid that had now mixed in with my saliva and become a part of me.

I continued to work him back and forth in my mouth. I cupped my tongue around his underside and flicked it all around him as best I could.

I continued to draw in and suck on his cock. My mouth was now full of my own saliva mixed with his fluids and I needed to swallow. I backed off and bore down and swallowed to clear my mouth. He was holding my head still and began thrusting back and forth. I continued to suck him and flick my tongue around his cock in my mouth. He then stopped and held it still in my mouth as I worked him, my tongue dancing. He reached down and began playing with my breasts, feeling their firmness in his hand and fingertips as I sucked him.

For some time he played with my breasts, his hands tracing around the taunt skin and feeling the nipple between his fingertips. He caressed my breasts as I caressed his cock with my mouth, lips and tongue. He then reached back up and held my head and began moving in and out of my mouth, my lips gliding back and forth on his shaft as my tongue flicked all around it. He then moaned and said, "I'm going to cum baby. You know what I want you to do. Take it in your mouth and swallow it down for me." My body tensed upon hearing him and I gripped my hands onto his thighs.

Although I didn't care for it, I knew I would do it for him. He gripped my head and grabbed my hair firmly and began to thrust more rapidly. I then felt his cum burst into my mouth. He grasped my head even tighter as I heard him bellow, "Here it is, AAAAA, take it, take it.

That's it. Take it in your mouth." I wanted to get away, but I couldn't, he held me so tight. I struggled and pushed against him with my arms hoping he would let me go, no use. He held me firmly in place and his cock securely in my mouth. I had to take him in my mouth as he wished. I winced and let out a muffled plea and continued to struggle.

My mouth was quickly filling up as he continued to ejaculate his warm sperm into my mouth, coating it fully. He had had me do it before, but it was still hard to do. As he continued to fuck my young face he groaned, "Urmmmph, Come on now.

Swallow it down." I continued to struggle just slightly under him as he held me in place. I then stopped struggling and accepted it and surrendered myself to him. I had to swallow, so I did. His warm slippery glob slid down my throat.

As I swallowed down the cum that was in my mouth he continued to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I heard him say, "That's it, that's a girl. Drink it down for me." I continued to work his cock in my mouth and felt him spasm a few more times. I continued to swallow as he came and dumped every drop into my mouth. He held his cock in my mouth, fucking back and forth, until he was completely finished cumming. I continued to massage him with my mouth and he said, "Ummm, Yea, finish me up now.

That's it, suck it nicely." I continued to glide and constrict my tongue around his cock in order to gather and swallow every drop just as he wished, knowing he would not let me go until I completed the job. He then loosened his hold and slowly stroked my hair. As he slowly began to wind down I heard him remark, "Ummmm, that feels so good." His cock was still moving to and fro in my cum-coated mouth. I continued to suck and tongue him till all is gone and he is softening. After being totally satisfied, he pulled his glistening cock from my mouth.

He then rubbed his cock along my cheek and said, "You did a good job." He then stepped away from me and said, "You can get dressed now and go back to bed." He began to get dressed, as did I.

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Without saying another word, I climbed back into bed as he left my room.