Teen amateur private blowjob and sex

Teen amateur private blowjob and sex
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My summer is ruined. I was hoping to have a great summer fishing, reading and enjoying myself. The problem was my uncle had become very sick and needed to spend a few weeks in the hospital. They had two children and now they were spending the summer with us.

The cousins were one year younger and the other the same age as me and both girls. Worse yet they were city girls and not into fishing, hunting or outdoor stuff.

The last time they came which was three years ago they brought Barbie dolls to play with. My parents both work in the summer so now I was to be in charge of them. When they arrived I did notice that they looked older and no dolls came this time. They brought a boom box, mp3 players and a bunch of CD'S and movies and their phones.

Maybe this would not be so bad. On day four I said I was going to go fishing after lunch. The girls, Jill and Jan said fine.

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They would get some sun and listen to music. Well I went fishing but after an hour with no bites I decided to go home early.

It was only a 15 minute bike ride but it was a hot day so I headed in the house for a drink. I could hear the music outside behind and house. I got my drink and headed out there but stopped dead in my tracks at the back door. Both girls were sunbathing nude with no idea I was back early.

Jill had nice tits and Jan had a nice little bubble ass. They were dancing around to the music totally out of sight of the road or front to the house. My hormones kicked in and I headed upstairs to get binoculars and peek out the upstairs bedroom window. I figured they would never look up and I could get a great view.

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I was right; I checked out both girls and could get a good close-up of their tits. I could see their pussies also but they were now lying with their feet pointing away from me. Jill had some bush but Jan only had some fuzz. I was deciding whether I could sneak around the lawn for a better peak but my hard dick won and I decided a good jack-off was needed. Wow it was great and I shot a bunch of cum.


I cleaned it up and went back downstairs and out the front door. For some reason the music was off so I yelled Jill and Jan and went into the house. I found them outside in their swimsuits in the sun. I could not help picturing them nude and soon my dick was rock hard again. After several minutes we all went inside to start dinner. I tried to hide my boner but the girls saw it and giggled. Jill asked if I had a problem. I just turned red and said no.

I was geeky and had no experience with girls. Today was the first time I had ever even seen real tits much less nude girls. Over the next couple days there was a lot of low talk and giggling between the girls. Finally they ask if there is any where to go swimming. I said yes we have a pond with a small dock about a half mile from the house. It should be warm enough for swimming. They said great and started planning a picnic lunch for the next day which was to be quite hot.

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When I saw all they wanted to bring I knew I would need the 4-wheeler. I loaded the basket of food and Jill and told Jan I would be back for the blankets and her in about 10 minutes. Jill got on back and put her arms around my waist.

I liked this so I went slow and took my time. Jill's hands were very low on my waist and brushed my dick a few times through my swim trunks. Soon I was at the pond and got off to unload. I again had a tent in my trunks that Jill noticed. I could feel myself turning red again. I got back to get Jan and the blankets and had the same thing happen as if they planed it. Jan's hands were half in my crotch rubbing around as we went slowly over bumps in and path.

Once again I had a massive hard on by the time I got to the pond. We unloaded and I hit the cool water. This helped with my dick shrink. The girls just watched me from the blanket. I ask if they were swimming but they wanted to get some sun first. They then just pulled off their tops while looking me as if it were nothing. I ask them what are you doing and they just said they didn't want tan lines.

They invited me to lay down with them which I did. After some awkward small talk Jill who was next to me, asked if I ever saw or touched a girl's boob before. I said no and did not know what else to say. Jill asked if I wanted to touch hers. Thinking I may not have a chance again for a long time I reach over and put my hand on her boob. It was very soft. Jan sat up and watched which made her boobs look bigger. Jill ask me to just rub them because it felt nice. I rubbed both of her boobs and she just lay back with her eyes closed relaxing.

'That feels very nice' Jill said. Jan now ask if I could feel her boobs so I move in between the two topless girls and start rubbing Jan's boobs. They were a little smaller but still very nice. I was getting pretty worked up at this point and had a massive hard on. Jill finally reached over and put her hand around my dick and ask if she could see it.

She rubbed her warm hand up and down it a few times and that was all it took for me to drop my trunks. I ask Jill if I could rub her pussy if she rubbed my dick. She said sure and peeled off her bottoms. I didn't really know what to do but run my finger up and down her slit.

I was afraid it would hurt her if I pushed my finger into her soft pussy. She seemed to like what I was doing and I very much liked what she was doing.


After a minute Jan wanted a turn at rubbing my dick so I lay on my back and gave Jan a turn. Jill leaned over me and asks me to suck her tits like I was a nursing baby. I thought it was weird but I did like the idea of a soft boob hanging in my face. Jan was really jacking me and I knew I could not last long. Soon I let out a big moan and both girls turned to watch my cum fly up into the air and land on my chest.

They both giggled and thought it was great. Jan peeled off her bottoms and we all went skinny dipping in the cold water. After we came back out to warm up we talked about boys cuming and girls cuming. I really didn't know much about how girls cum. Jill said she would show me because it was her turn to cum. Jan protested but said she would wait until last because she is the youngest. Jill had me run my middle finger up and down her slit.

She had me push my finger inside her which was really cool. She then took my finger and found her clit. She told me that rubbing her clit feels really good like getting my dick rubbed. After lightly rubbing her clit for a few minuets Jill warped her hand around my dick again. I could hear her breath getting quicker. I leaned over and started sucking on her boob again.

Jill moaned and pulled my hand tight to her pussy as she orgasmed. Jan was watching the whole time and seemed pretty turned on. I turned to her and she said she would give me a blow job if I would lick her clit. I said OK I would try. I got between her legs and started searching for her clit with my tongue. It seem a little weird at first I after I found that little bump and started licking it I could tell Jan loved it.

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I then stuck my finger in her pussy and with that she orgasmed. I could feel her pussy squeezing my finger.

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After resting for a minute she said she would give me a blow job but didn't want any sperm in her mouth. I told her I would warn her. She started bobbing up and down on my dick while Jill watched. It felt great and after a couple minutes I groaned and said cummmming. Jan pulled off her mouth and continued to jerk me off. The first rope hit her right in the mouth. I saw her cringe but she kept jerking me until I stopped cumming.

Jan then ran to the pond and rinsed off her mouth. Jill wanted to know how cum was.

Jan said it was not that bad. We decided we should get dressed, hop in the water to cool off and get home. The next day I was up early. It was Friday and going to rain all day but still be hot. I told mom we would do house work and cleaning today to help her out. She thought that was great and said she would bring home a pizza at 5pm. The girls were up at about 8am and came down for some cereal. They looked out at the rain and ask what I was going to do today. I told them that I told mom I would work around and house doing some cleaning.

They offered to help but I said that they could only help if they played music and put their bikinis back on. Well they told me that their bikinis may still be wet but they would work in panties if I worked in briefs.

I said ok because I wanted to see them in their panties. What I did not realize is they were going topless again. After about a half hour of me having a boner in my briefs I suggested we work nude. Both girls said OK and they watched my boner when I striped. Then they stripped and we continued wash counters and the table in the kitchen. I loved watching Jan's ass as she bent over wiping off our large table. I could easily see her slit as she bent over.

After about 20 minutes I could not take it anymore. I said I need to cum who wants to help. Both girls raised their hands. Jill wanted to try a blow job and Jan wanted me to lick her clit again. After trying a couple positions we ended up with me on my back with Jill between my legs and Jan sitting on my face. This was great as I could lick Jan while getting a blow job from Jill. I promised Jill I would finger her after the blow job. This worked great except I could not warn Jill who got a mouth full.

It took a few minutes for Jan to cum but it helped when I reached up and played with her boobs and nipples. Jill thought sitting on my face looked like fun and wanted to try. Jan and Jill traded places and I licked Jill while playing with her boobs and nipples while Jan tried giving me a blow job again. It took me a little while to get hard again but Jan was determined.

I got Jill off licking and squeezing and Jan did get me off again. The girls put their panties back on and I my briefs and we cleaned our way through the house. We got dressed and were waiting for mom and the pizza like nothing happened. Mom was very happy with the house cleaning and we were happy with the pizza. The next week would be our last together.


We had decided that there would be no real sex as we were cousins and it would be weird. Funny that fooling around and oral sex seemed OK. We talked about what to try. No one wanted to try anal.

I did straddle Jill and fuck her boobs. She just held them together and I put my dick between then and shot my load on her neck and chin. Jan had not had a period yet and was safe. I wanted to fuck her but she did not want to.

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What we did was have me lay on my back and then she straddled me and slid her pussy up and down my hard dick. It was great and felt like lips sliding up and down my shaft. Jan liked it also because her clit would rub against my hard dick and she would get off quickly.

We were afraid to get my dick that close to Jill's pussy in case I came and she got sperm in her pussy. I also had Jan stand in front of me while I put my hard dick in between her legs and held her ass cheeks. My dick would slide along her pussy and poke out between her ass cheeks.

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When I blew my load it just shot out three feet and hit the floor behind her. She liked feeling my dick pulsate against her clit. I liked hugging with her and my hands on her ass. I loved rubbing her ass even when she had panties on, it was just so cute. Jill was sexy but Jan was so cuddly and friendly always wanting to please. We were all very sad when my aunt arrived to get the girls but happy my uncle was well enough to go home.

When we said our good byes Jill grabbed my crouch when we hugged but Jan just hugged extra-long and tight. It really brought tears to my eyes to see her go.but go they did. Oh I saw them from time to time but it was never like that summer again.