Horny asian beauty fucking in a mansion

Horny asian beauty fucking in a mansion
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Cato arrived at the battlefield as the sun began to set. Hundreds of dying women were strewn across the field. They laid scattered across the ground, slumped over dead horses and carriages, piled up on top of each other and hanged in the trees. The scene was a complete mess and a perfect opportunity for Cato to loot the dead and act out his darkest desires.

He quickly came across a dead rider with an intact set of chainmail panties. He pulled the rider from her dead horse and started to remove her armor. The small chains had got stuck to her pussy hair so he had to simply rip it off by force from the dead woman.

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Cato imagined the screams she would have made if she were alive and thanked god she was already dead. He continued to wander through the field and peeking at dead pussys when he suddenly heard a voice. "Boy, come here!" Cato flinched when he heard the voice among the dead women and looked around. A young Noko woman was looking straight at him as she stood slumped against a cart with her hands tied behind her back.

A small iron spike was shoved up her meaty pussy and she was drooling blood on the ground. Cato stepped over several dead bodies and kneeled beside her.

"Be careful boy! If this little iron spike detach I'll spill my pussy juices for good." Cato slowly slid in underneath the girl and carefully laid her down on his chest with her legs straddled over him. The iron spike was hanging from her pussy just inches from his cock. She looked down on her impaled cunt and groaned. "I need you to quickly plug my pussy with your cock.

That should keep me from bleeding out. Go ahead boy, plug my pussy. I am too young to die like this!" Cato took a light grip of the iron rod and pulled it out with a jerking movement. "Nyyahh! God dammit boy, plug me for fucks sake!" She screamed as a small stream of blood erupted from her pussy. Cato pressed his cock inside the young scout who shivered like a leaf.

"Uuugghhh! Boy… You fill me up so good with that cock of yours." Cato had never felt such a warm pussy before, it was like it was on fire and he started to get even more aroused.

When the scout saw his horny eyes she froze in fear. "No boy! Don't you dare fucking me! If I cum I'll flush my pussy and die." She warned. But it was too late. Cato's cock was already swelling inside her and he instinctively started to rock her back and forth on his cock. "Oh god no! Your cock is gonna kill me! DO SOMETHING! Cato cursed himself but couldn't help to get even more aroused by the young scout's groans as she was slowly pressed down on his swelling cock.

The scout was absolutely furious and panicked. "You fucking perv, stop getting aroused by my dying pussy! What the hell is wrong with you boy! Oh god please! DON'T MAKE ME CUM!" Cato couldn't hold her weight back anymore.

He tried to grab her chest and tilt her to a more upright position, but it was too late. He could already feel her cervix wall on the verge of collapsing on his cock.


Her heavy breathing was driving him crazy. He tried to make one final adjustment but accidentally scratched her clit with his nail.

This proved to be too much for the exhausted scout who bit her lips as she started to shiver. "Oh god, I must fight this, I must… NOOOOHH!" She gave up a scream of anguish as her pussy lost its grip around Cato's cock. With a squishy burst she impaled herself and flushed her pussy juices all over his body.

Rivers of blood and cum was flooding out of her exhausted pussy and her whole body started to shiver in uncontrolled cramps. Cato wrapped his arms around her waist and started to slowly thrust her collapsed pussy. She let out one last moan that sent chills down Cato's spine. "Too. Naughty." Her breathy gasp faded out as her bleeding stopped.

Her vaginal walls had collapsed upon his cock and was squishing loudly as he thrust her dead pussy a few more times before he rolled her stiff body of his cock and continued to search the field. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cato saw something glimmering between the legs of a dead woman.

He knelt down beside and discovered a golden Elysium Rod in her pussy. These wands were filled with Necro Emulsion, a powerful poison that triggered a neural shock and intense orgasms. Priest and soldiers used them as social status markers and if necessary in war. He untied the woman's stiff fingers from the rod and pulled it out.

The golden wand slid out with a gushing sound followed by an intense stream of white liquid pouring out between her dark pussy lips. He put the shiny rod in his bag and was just about to leave when he heard a voice calling him.

"Booooyyy…" A massive muscular gladiator was dying beside a dead horse. She looked at him with tired eyes and slowly spread her legs open. "Help me boy… Please…" Her deep and raspy voice was too weak to talk but she pointed with her finger towards her pussy. Cato knelt down and slid his finger inside her withered pussy, it was all dry and rough. He wouldn't be able to fuck her like this. Cato removed his finger from her pussy and prepared to leave when the big woman suddenly grabbed him by his arm and pulled him close.

"Just do it boy… Mommy needs that cock inside of me before I die. I can take the pain." Cato obeyed and gently shoved his cock into her dry meat cave. The gladiator groaned as her dry vaginal shaft was ravaged by the swollen boy cock.

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"Gyyyahhh… Oh boy! Don't stop, keep fucking mommy. I don't care if ill bleed, just fuck me until I am dead!" Cato got incredibly aroused grabbed her by her shoulders as he slammed the gladiator harder and harder. "Good boy, don't let mommy go gently into that dark night. Make my pussy gush with life one last time!" Cato was impressed by the woman's resilience and how she let him pound her dry pussy without moving at all.

It was like fucking a giant doll. He wished he could fuck her forever. It was such a shame she was dying like this. Cato took a bite of her big tit and could almost feel her intense heart beats. Suddenly Cato felt a flush of warm liquids running down his cock as the big woman started to shake his arms. Cato began fucking her in a frenzy, each thrust gushed out new fluids and after a few minutes he came inside her with a meek groan. Cato stopped and looked at the pounded gladiator.

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Her dead eyes stared back at him and her limbs were frozen stiff. How long had she been dead for? Did she die before he came inside her?

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He felt a sting of sorrow as he pulled out from her dead pussy. He gave her massive pussy one last lick before he closed her eyes and left to search the battlefield. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cato was astounded by the pure carnage.

The strong Amazon women were all dead and reduced to meat bags. Cato watched piles of women stapled on top of each other with knives and arrows stuck in their pussys. Dozens of dead women sat curled up in a flooded trench with their eyes staring into oblivion. Across the fields many warriors lied frozen with spread legs, their hands covering their impaled pussys in vain attempts to remove the weapons.

A group of executed archers were lying slumped over with their arrows shoved up their pussys. Cato scanned the scene for any valuables or survivors. He suddenly made eye contact with a Waka priest lying slumped over doggystyle.

When she realized he had seen her she tried to move her legs but was too weak. Instead she just had to wait like an injured prey for the boy to take her. Cato snuck up on her and spread her ass cheeks to reveal a marvelous pussy. The priest snarled at him with furious eyes. "Don't even think about it boy!

Get the hell away from me! You must respect my faith!" Cato was too horny to care about her warning.


In fact he was even more aroused by her reluctance. A woman of faith stuck on the battlefield with a boy. He had never fucked a believer, but he had heard their virgin pussys were tight and strong. He slowly slid a finger into her asshole.

"Boy! Don't you dare poke around in my pussy with that boy cock of yours! I'll fucking kill you if you try! My pussy is reserved for the gods, not a fucking boy robber!" she screamed and tried to close her pussy. Cato started to caress her sensitive clit and watched how she began to shiver. Her fingers were clasped but she refused to give up a moan.

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Instead she continued to scold him. "Damn you boy, if they found out about this you will be hanged!" Cato knew no one would hear her hot screams and pulled out a knife and pressed it against her pussy.

"Do it boy, stab me in my fucking pussy! I'd rather have cold steel inside me than your filthy cock!" Cato put down the knife and instead forced his finger into her tight pussy. It was soaking wet and full of thick mucus.

"BOY, DON'T! Stay away from my pussy! Get your fucking finger out of there!" Cato didn't listened but instead grabbed her by her hips and started to force his cock inside of the warrior. Her pussy was rock hard and impossible to penetrate without an opening. "You are not getting inside of me boy, I will not let you.

I'd rather die than dishonor my gods." Cato decided to get drastic and pinched her clit hard. "What the HELL are you doing boy?! You can't touch that, I will fuc&hellip. AAAIIIEEE!" Cato took advantage of her pained confusion and thrust his hard cock inside of the general. She screamed in pain and anguish as he slammed through her virgin pussy, ravaging her delicate vaginal shaft.

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"YYYIIIIAAARRRGGHHHH!!! This can't be happening. Aargh!" She tried to shake him off but he had an iron grip around her hips. He started to pound her relentlessly, so aroused by her screams and reluctance. ""You fucking rapist, you FUCKING RAPIST!

Get the hell out of my pussy! She was panting heavily and clasped the ground with her nails. Cato gripped her ponytail and pulled her head backwards. "His boy cock is driving me crazy, god please help me!" She was turning increasingly deranged as the boy drilled deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Cato felt how her pussy slowly relaxed as her mental resolve weakened. "God help me, its… its… its… ITS SO FUCKING GOOD!" She finally gave in and went into a sexual frenzy. Cato was rock hard and continued to thrust even deeper into the crazed woman. "Rape me boy, rape me up good!

I need that dick in my pussy, pussy, pussy!" She started to hump her pussy against his cock to make him go deeper. "Don't stop boy, RAPE ME UNTIL I DIE! Deliver me with your fucking cock! I am a sinful fucking slut!" She was panting hard and started to contract on his cock. Cato knew this was it, she was about to impale herself on his cock once and for all.

He tried to slow her down but she was too horny and kept humping him like an animal. Suddenly her eyes rolled back and her body froze as she gave up a haunting scream. "GYYYYYIIIAAAHHHHIIIEEEEE!!!" Her body shivered in desperation as he slammed into her cervix and impaled her petite pussy with a loud squish.

She squirted blood and white cum all over him before collapsing in his arms. Cato slowly pulled out and as his cock detached her ruined pussy she let out one last groan. "Gaahhh… Destiny… Awaits…" She then emptied her last fluids on the grass and faded into oblivion.

Cato took his sack of loot and left the dead women on the field. It had been a truly productive day.