Teen ftv girls Emma blonde vagina masturbating toy pink hard

Teen ftv girls Emma blonde vagina masturbating toy pink hard
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Show some love for more and it's just a story nothing more. There's some things you should know before you continue. My mom (Eva) is only 36, she had me when she was 18. Her and my dad grew up together and they got married once she turned 18. My dad died two years after they got married because of skin cancer and ever since his death my mom has dedicated her life to making my life the best it can be.

My mom hasn't had any boyfriends or lovers that I knew of since my dad's death. I asked her about getting a boyfriend once. She told me that "She wasn't ready yet." When she told me that I could see sadness in her eyes. My mom is 5'1, 90 pounds with dark blue eyes and dark brown hair with a slim body.

I'm 18, 5'10, 172 pounds with green eyes and brown hair, I'm also very muscular. It all started on a hot October day. I was in my room playing my PS2 but there was one huge problem my mom was playing her T.V a little too loud and I could barely hear my game because of it. I couldn't take it anymore I marched out of my room and walked right to her bedroom door and stopped. I stopped because I heard moans coming from the other side of the door.

My mom was pleasing herself and I couldn't believe I was getting turned on by it. I felt my 6inch cock spring to life, my whole body felt like it was burning, I was also breathing heavy now.

But I heard her moans picking up and I backed away slowly to my room and I shut my door very slowly. I sat down on my bed and for the first time in my life I started to think of my mom in a different way. It's been two months since I heard my mom moaning and ever since thin I've been obsessed with her. For two full months, for 60 days all I did was check out my mom. I started to notice her superb body, I noticed that when she walked her big beautiful ass jiggled. She also had these supremely perfect tan legs, one time she bent over facing me and I had a clear view down her shirt.

The sides and top of her breast looked flawless. I was lost in lust when it came to my mom. My mom became my fantasy, she also became the victim to most of my late night masturbation sessions.

Two months passed and like I said I was totally checking out my mom all the time. I just couldn't handle it any more, I had to see more of my mom.

I took a risk one day and tested my mom. We were both in the kitchen and she was doing the dishes, she was wearing a black shirt with tight blue jeans on. I was wearing nothing but boxers like I always do around the house. I walked up behind my mom and reached up and pulled a cup out of the cabinet but when I reached up to get the cup out of the cabinet I grinded my crotch into my mom's huge ass covered by her tight jeans, it felt so damn good.

I wasn't fully hard but I'm pretty sure she still felt it. I heard her gasp, I stepped back and then I poured me some soda and left without saying a word.

Now my mom has the thought of me in her head or so I hoped. A few days went by since that happened and I probably jacked off to the thought of my cock grinding on her ass at least five times in that few days. But still nothing, she didn't try to make a move on me.

So I guess I had to take things a little further. I heard the shower cut on from down the hall from my room. We lived in a small house, so there was only one bathroom and we could pretty much hear anything that goes on in the house since it's so small. I tiptoed out of my room and towards the bathroom door.

My heart was beating really fast and I was nervous as hell. With shaky hands I knocked on the door. I heard her say "What's up?" through the door. I came up with the perfect plan while outside the bathroom door. If I acted like I couldn't hear her she'd just let me in. "Mom I can barely hear you." "Okay hold up, I'll unlock the door and you can come in." I had a huge grin on my face, my plan has worked. I heard the shower curtain open and I heard the door unlock.

I opened it right away hoping to get a small glance at her bare ass, and I did. Right before she got back into the shower I saw her huge wet tan bare ass in it's full glory. It was b-e-a-utiful! I couldn't see her through the shower curtain because of the steam in the room. My 6inch cock went rock hard in seconds and it was pointing straight out.

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My whole body was getting hot and I was sweating, I was still very nervous too. Good thing she was behind the shower curtain and there was steam in the air because if there wasn't she'd surely see my boner.

My mom broke the weird silence in the room. "So what is it you need?" Oh shit I wasn't ready for this, I didn't think this far ahead because I was thinking with my other head. I just said what came to my mind first. "Hey ma I was wondering if I could uh." "What, you wanna get in here with your lonely mommy and make her happy?" She started laughing like she just said the funniest thing in the world. But she was right of course I wanted to get in there with her but I couldn't tell her that.

"No mom that's sick (I lied) I just wanted to know if I could use the bathroom really fast?" "Of course you can, just make it fast." As I got closer to the toilet I noticed on the ground my mom's sweat pants and yellow shirt but inside her sweat pants there was a red thong.

Holy shit I just hit the jackpot, if I sniffed those then I'd pretty much know what her mature pussy smelt like. I just had to know if I could get my hands on them. "Hey ma I can't use the bathroom with you in here but do you want me to put your clothes in the laundry room for ya?" "Sure, why not.

Hey before you go what do you want for dinner, hotdogs or tacos?" "Tacos mom." I picked up her clothes and I was off, I shut the bathroom door and ran to the laundry room. I knew I wouldn't have much time to jack off because my mom would be out of the shower soon. I dropped all her clothes in the laundry basket well most of them. I held on to her red thong and ran back to my room for a speed jack off.

I had to jack off and put this red thong back in the laundry basket before she got out of the shower. I finally got to my room and I shut and locked my door. Heart beating fast, shaking in fear, sweat rolling down my cheeks I yanked down my boxers letting my cock free.

I shoved my mom's red thong in my face and I took a sniff and I got a big whiff of strong musky pussy, I started stroking my cock brutally. I was also thinking of her big wet ass. I kept sniffing and stroking I had a pattern going, I'd take a big sniff and stroke my cock a few times very brutally.

I then stuck my tongue out and licked the inside of her red thong. It tasted different from other pussies I've tasted.


It had a much stronger kick to it, it was very tangy tasting. I then changed my pattern up, I licked the inside of her thong then I'd stroke my cock a few times or I'd just lick and sniff her thong. I just kept changing my pattern up until I felt my balls get tight.

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My breathing picked up and my heartbeat was blasting. My eyes glazed over and I shot load after load of sticky wet white cum all over the floor, while smelling her musky mature smelling thong and thinking of her big wet ass.

I took one deep breath and I tried to calm down. Sweating badly, breathing loudly and with my heart pounding I couldn't waste anymore time because my mom would be out of the bathroom in seconds.

I pulled my boxers up, unlocked and opened my door and ran to the laundry room. I put her thong back in her sweats pants then I put her sweat pants under some clothes.

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I was almost in the clear all I had to do now was get back to my room. I walked back to my room still breathing faster than normal and sweating. I was right about to walk into my room when I heard the bathroom door open and I looked towards the bathroom. Steam flooded out of the bathroom and my mom walked out wrapped in a red towel looking like a goddess that fell from the heavens.

Her soaking wet dark brown hair looked gorgeous. I looked her up and down and she looked so damn good. The top of her wet perky breast looked so good that I'd suck on them for hours if I had the chance. She looked at me right in the eyes and her dark blue eyes were amazing looking. I looked away fast, she turned around and started walking to her room. I looked back at her and I saw the bottom of her stunning huge wet ass cheeks poking out from the bottom of the towel.

She turned around and said "Take care of that you might hurt someone." What was she talking about I thought for a second and then I looked down and noticed I had a hard on. As fast as I could I walked in my room and shut the door. I cleaned up my cum mess from earlier and then I jumped on my bed and fell asleep. Even tho I was rock hard I was still was very tired so I took a nap.

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I woke up still very sleepy, I looked at my alarm clock and it was only 2am. I tried to go back asleep but it just wasn't happening because of my piss hard on. I stumbled out of bed like a drunk man, then I opened my bedroom door up and I was off to the bathroom, the moonlight was all I had for light. I had this piss hard on and I just had to get rid of it.

I opened the bathroom door and I saw the greatest thing ever! My mom was sitting on the toilet wearing a red tank top while using the bathroom with her purple panties around her waist and I had a clear view of her crotch. It was a hairy mound of perfection, I stared at her hairy rain forest for about two seconds. My face went red and my heartbeat went up. I saw her eyes look right at the tent in my boxers. I turned around as fast as I could and said "Oh shit, sorry ma!" that's all I could think of.

"It's okay, do you have to use the bathroom?" " Yeah, are you gonna be long, and why are you just wearing underwear and no pants?" "All done and why should I wear pants at night when it's just me and you in the house?" I didn't say anything and I heard her stand up and flush the toilet, I thought it be okay to turn around but when I turned around she was facing away from me with her purple panties around her ankles.

I looked at her beautiful huge ass and it looked amazing in the moonlight, I was lost in her ass. She then bent over to pull up her purple panties, her magnificent ass cheeks parted and I had a perfect view of her little light brow anus.

I also had a perfect view of her hairy pink slit. I was burning up all over, she could probably hear my heartbeat. Once she pulled her purple panties back up covering her treasure land I turned around. "Can I turn around now mom?" "What do you mean can you turn around I saw you looking at me when I bent over." My body froze and I was feeling guilt all over I was about to say sorry and beg for her forgiveness but I then heard her let out a big laugh and she said.

"I'm joking, take a joke. You can turn around now." Thank God she was joking but I turned around and saw that my mom had her purple panties back up, but I could see her cameltoe through her purple panties I looked at her face and smiled, she passed me while I was standing in the doorway and I felt my rock hard cock grind against her purple pantie covered mound.

I couldn't help it and I let out a little grunt, I heard her let out a soft moan. As she was walking back to her room my eyes were glued to her purple pantie covered ass. Her ass jiggled with every step and I was lost in her ass again. I turned away before she could see me looking at her beautiful ass, I walked in the bathroom and shut the door. I no longer had a piss hard on, I now had a hard on that meant I wanted to fuck. Just jacking off to my mom wasn't going to be enough for tonight, I had to have the real thing.

I opened the bathroom door and walked over to my mom's door and knocked while my cock was still rock hard. "Hey mom, can I come in?" I didn't hear anything so I just walked in her room, the moonlight was the only light in the room. My mom was on her belly with her huge purple pantie covered ass in view. I could feel my cock getting harder. I was breathing heavy and sweating, my heartbeat was getting louder too. I walked over to her and called her a few more times. "Mom, mom you okay?" But still nothing, I was getting worried so I reached out and pushed her and she said "What are you doing!?" "Holy fucking shit mom!!" I fell back on the floor and nearly had a fucking heart attack.

She just scared the shit out of me and she was laughing like it was so damn funny. "Mom, that wasn't funny." I stood back up and she was still laughing like a horse.

She's always been like this, making jokes and scaring me for a good laugh. I was no longer hard because of the playful mood I was in.

I smiled at her and jumped on the bed with her while she was still laughing. "You wanna scare me like that, I thought you were hurt." She was still laughing like it was the funniest thing ever, so while she was on her belly I mounted her upper thighs and started tickling her sides.


She started squirming under me but I just kept tickling her but while she was squirming under me I could feel my cock getting rock hard again.

I could also feel my cock rubbing against her purple pantie covered ass. It felt like I was rubbing my cock on a pillow, it was so soft. I'm sure she could feel my rock hard 6incher rubbing on her huge perfect ass because I was only wearing boxers and she was only wearing panties. It was confirmed that she felt my cock because she stopped squirming and just laid there. I started to grind my cock into her purple pantie covered ass a little harder. I leaned down and whispered in her ear "Lean up." she did what I said.

When she leaned up I yanked her purple panties down her legs. I pulled my boxers down while I was still firmly mounted on her upper thighs. Finally I had my mom's huge bare ass in front of me and I could do anything I wanted to it. I smacked her beautiful huge ass a couple of times and it jiggled, it was so beautiful.

Then I cupped both of her ass cheeks with my hands, one hand for each amazing huge ass cheek. Her ass felt so soft, it was softer than a pillow. Then I squeezed her ass cheeks and they just melted in my hand. I leaned down and kissed her ass cheeks. Her skin smelt so good and her huge fluffy ass cheeks tasted better than anything. I licked her ass cheeks all over while I was still squeezing them with my hands. I heard her let out a soft moan. I stopped squeezing her huge perfect fluffy ass cheeks and I slid down her body.

I was pretty much laying on her legs and my face was right behind her ass. I parted her ass cheeks and I was hit with a strong musky scent of wet hairy pink pussy.

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I took one big sniff and then I looked at her flawless light brown anus, all I wanted to do was shove my tongue deep inside her brown love tunnel but I wanted to take my time.

So I looked down a little more and saw her pink slit, her wet slit looked so inviting in the moonlight. I moved my face a little closer to her wet musky smelling ready to be fucked hairy pussy and took a long and deep sniff.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my nose was flooded with the sweet smell of mature wet hairy pussy. I was in heaven!!! The smell of any pussy would make me go crazy but there's something about my mom's pussy that makes me even more crazy. I stuck my tongue out and licked the outsides of her pussy, it tasted so good it was very tangy and I heard my mom moaning a little.

I licked her wet tangy tasting pussy lips up and down without penetrating her pussy with my tongue. She was now moving around and moaning a lot more. I licked her anus a few times and the smell of her wet musky hairy pink pussy got much stronger, I heard my mom say "Stop teasing me!" Her whole body was moving, she was moaning loudly and her skin was getting sweaty and sticky. My body felt like it was on fire, my heart was beating faster than ever and I was sweating like a fat pig.

I stopped teasing her pussy with my tongue and I stabbed her sweet musky smelling hairy pussy with my tongue. The inside of her pussy tasted so damn good, I'm surprised I didn't jizz right there on the spot. It tasted very tangy, my tongue was deep inside my mom's wet warm mature 36 year old tight pussy for the first time.

I could hear my mom moaning loudly and her body was jerking around. My tongue was surround by two wet pussy walls and my mouth was filling up with her sweet tangy tasting pussy juices. I was moving my tongue around in her sweet tasting pussy while she was moaning and moving like a fish out of water. I heard her moan really loudly and her whole body started to shake and the inside of my mouth was being flooded by her pussy juices.

Me and mom were both sweating and breathing loudly. (I knew she was cumming) My mom started to squirt load after load of her sweet tangy tasting pussy down my throat and it tasted better than anything. I started gurgling and gasping for air because I had so much pussy juices in my mouth that I was drowning in them. Her tangy juices started leaking out of my mouth but I just kept swallowing her juices while I was still moving my tongue around deep inside her wet warm tight mature pussy.

All you could hear in the room was the sound of my mom moaning and me gulping down her sweet precious juices while we both were breathing heavily. Once I knew for sure she was done cumming I fell over beside her and she saod while still breathing heavy "That was so good." She fell asleep next to me and I feel asleep too. I woke up and the sun was just coming up.

I looked over to see where my mom was and she wasn't there. I then felt a hand on my foot, I looked down and saw my mom standing at the edge of the bed eyeing my hard erect 6inch cock. My mom was dressed for work, she was wearing a red dress with her spectacular dark brown hair in a ponytail, the top of her perky breast were showing too. I didn't say a word I just got out of bed and walked over to her while looking right into her perfect dark blue eyes.

I kissed her on her soft pink lips and our tongues started to dance in my mouth. I could hear her breathing picking up, but she pushed me back and said. "We can't do it right now, I have to go to work." She looked at me with those puppy dog eyes but there was no way she was leaving just yet.

I looked down towards my 6inch rock hard cock and she got the hint. She got onto her knees and she licked my tip and I almost lost it right there. Her tongue was so wet and slimy but warm, she then grabbed my shaft with her soft cold little hand. She started jerking my cock up and down while licking my tip, then with her other hand she cupped my balls. The feeling of her soft cold hand touching my balls felt so good.

She wasn't done yet, she then took all 6inches in her mouth all at once. The inside of her mouth was wet and warm.

Then she started to lick the tip of my cock with her tongue while my cock was inside of her mouth. She started sucking my cock like it was a lollipop while she was still cupping my balls.

I couldn't last much longer, I reached behind her head and I pressed her head closer to me and I was deep throating my mom. I heard her gasping for air and that made me even harder. I let her head go and she continued to suck my cock. She started to roll my balls in her hand and I lost it. I grunted and shot load after load of wet warm sticky white cum down my mom's wet throat.

I was breathing heavy and sweating badly, when my limp cock fell out of her mouth it made a pop sound. I heard her gulping down my cum, load after load. By the time she was back on her feet I was hard again, I picked up her phone and called her work. Before my mom noticed what I was doing I said to whoever picked up the phone."Hey this is Eva's son and my mom isn't feeling too good and she can't come in today." The person said "Oh, well let us know when she feels better." I hanged up the phone and my mom was looking at me like I just killed someone.

"Why did you do that?" "Mom, just think of it this way, no work for a day means that I can pleasure you all day. She smiled back at me and said "Sit on the bed and I'll be right back." I did what she said and when she was walking out of the room I checked out her huge ass cheeks in that red dress.

I was just sitting there, sweating and breathing heavy while stroking my cock slowly. I finally heard my mom's footsteps walking back towards me. I heard her say "Lay on your back and close your eyes." I scooted up the bed and laid down and I shut my eyes.

"Okay I did it ma." I felt her get on the bed and I felt her cold hand grab my shaft. I thought it was going to be another blowjob but then I felt something much tighter and wetter and warmer surround my cock. Then my mom said."Open your eyes." When I opened my eyes I was shocked, my mom was fully nude with my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

Right when she saw my eyes look at her hairy mature pussy she impaled herself on my cock. My mom moaned super loudly and I said "Oh fuck!" and my cock was now all the way in my mom's super tight warm wet mature hairy pussy.

It felt so fucking good, I looked up at her perky tits that had to be a C cup with dark pointy nipples. I reached up and cupped both of her tits one hand for each tit, then I squeezed her perky C cup tits. They were so soft and her tits melted in my hand just like her ass did.

Once she was use to the feeling of my 6inch cock in her tight warm wet hairy mature pussy, she started to lean up a bit and then she'd slam back down. She kept doing this over and over again, she then started to move her hips back and forth. She was rocking back and forth on my cock while I was squeezing the holy fuck out of her tits. She stopped rocking back and forth on my cock and then just started to go back up and down my 6incher.

The feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her wet tight pussy felt amazing. She was now going up and down my cock really fast, what she did next blew my mind. She leaned up just leaving my tip in her pussy and then she'd slammed down taking all 6inches back into her tight getting wetter by the seconds pussy.

Every time she did that I grunted and she'd let out a very loud moan. She was moaning like a wild animal, I let one of her tits go and I put that hand on her huge stunning ass and squeezed it. I was in heaven but I needed to be deeper into my mom. I let go of her tit and ass and rolled over while still deep inside her we were now in the missionary position.

We were face to face and her face was red as red could be, I could also hear her heavy breathing and the heat of her body under me. We looked at each other right in the eyes, her dark blue eyes and my green eyes were locked on each other. I leaned down and kissed her soft lips and then I leaned back up. She put her arms around the back of my head and I pushed my hips into the air a little and then I slammed back inside her wet warm tight mature hairy pussy with all my strength.

She let out a loud moan and I could feel her pussy squeeze my 6inch hard cock and I knew she just cummed. The air smelt like wet pussy. I also felt her pussy juices pouring out of her sweet pink tunnel of love.

But I was far from done I kept slamming in and out over and over again. After every thrust it felt even better, I fucking loved it. I just kept slamming into her tight warm now wetter hairy pussy over and over again. She was now moaning non stop and I felt her dig her fingernails into my back. All you could hear in the room was her moaning, me grunting, the sound of skin pounding skin and both of us breathing like big scary monsters I kept pounding in and out and then I felt my balls get really tight.

Then I shot more loads at one time than I ever did before. I grunted very loudly and shot eight maybe ten loads of sticky white wet cum deep inside my mom's wet pink hairy mature tight warm pussy.

I was breathing very loudly and both of our bodies were on fire. I pulled out of her cum filled pussy very slowly and fell over beside her. I hope you liked it.