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Pretty blonde haley reed recieves a hard anal fucking
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We didn't get a good jump on things the next morning. Seemed like no one wanted to roll out of bed until we got really hungry. There was still alot more work to be done and after some left over roasted pig and some fruit for breakfast, I sent the girls off to collect some more reeds and elephant leaves. "How many more do you think we need?", Jessie asked. "Well, when you think you really don't want to pick anymore, you might be about a third done," I replied.

"We got at least two more rooms to do, and what you got done so far might be enough for one wall. Don't worry. I'll come get you for lunch and we can go for another swim". "You really think you can handle a swim after all that extra activity you had last night?" JoanI stuck in as she rolled her eyes.

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" you WEREN'T sleeping the whole time", Jessie said closing her eyes and turning a shade of over ripe tomatoes. "Who could sleep with you two rolling all over.

And no one invited me. I may want my own room after this". "Well, damn, then I would have to get up and move from room to room in the middle of the night" I said, going over the seems in the roof with my eyes. "Whaddaya mean move from room to room?", Jessie came back. "Yeah, you sneak in on me in the middle of the night and something might get chopped off!!!", JoanI said crossing her arms infront of her tits.

"Hey, bitch, don't be cutting off anything I might need later", Jessie shot, throwing a reed at her. "I thought we could skin it and fill it with bees and sew it up again.

Then we won't have to worry about being woke up in the middle of the night anymore. We can use it whenever we want," JoanI replied just a little to nonchalantly. "Well, ok, as long as you wash it off after you use it", Jessie said more nonchalantly. "All right, I don't like how this conversation is going at all.

I'm headed to where we came ashore and see if anything else has washed up.

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Maybe I'll find a cast iron cod-piece or something" I said making a hasty retreat. I climbed out of our tree and headed back to where we had came from. I took a different route and came across a pond with a waterfall.

It wasn't easy to get to, but there was soaproot growing in abundence and I knew that we were going to need that before too long.

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There were some ducks on the other side of the pond too. More food. I continued on my way to where we had washed ashore and started looking for anything that might be left of our boat. There wasn't much, but what there was, was good. There were some empty water jugs that were trapped with air, so didn't sink. There was a tattered box wedged into the sand that pretty much fell apart when I picked it up. It contained garbage bags we were supposed to use after we were done with the boat.

Well, that wasn't going to be an issue anymore. I could use the black plastic to rig up a water collector though. The only other thing that I could see turned out to be some of the sail from the boat. I wasn't sure how I was going to use this, but it seemed to be something that I should take back to our camp.

As it does in tropical places, it started clouding up quickly about half way back. I watched the sky and decided it wasn't going to be anything like the one that landed us here.

When I got to camp, I spread the sail out using the old ship. I took an elephant leaf and rolled it to make it into a funnel for each water jug and set them out. I took the garbage bags up to the shelter for safe keeping. The bundled reeds were going to make up the walls of the hut.


I ran whole string of them across the bottom rung of wall and then started laying the second layer on the next rung up.

They overlapped the lower bundles on the outside, so any rain should run off nicely. By the time the girls showed up, I had one wall done and the second wall started with just a handful of bundles left.

It never failed to arouse me seeing them walk naked across the beach. The were dragging bundles of reeds on a travois that they had rigged up. We used my pulleys to lift them up all at once to the hut and they helped me tie the bundles onto the walls.

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We were still short a door and though we had a large picture window and a couple smaller windows, there clearly wasn't enough light to do much. I remembered that there were some oil lamps on the old ship that looked like they would still work, Some furniture would help too.

I cut off a leg of pork and we split it up and had some fruit to go with it for our lunch. We sat down on the floor and ate off elephant leaves.

"Well. it's roomy, and dry, kinda", I sighed. "Yeah but this floor thing isn't working," JoanI groaned, easing herself down. "So we make some furniture, a table and chairs, some hammocks. Maybe some shelves".

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The skies opened up and the rain just started falling. I walked over to the window and held out my arm. "It's nice and warm," I reported, "I think that it's time for a shower. Anyone want to join me?" Jessie yawned, "I'm glad it's raining, I want to clean up and take a nap". Both women stood up.

"Yeah, two days is too long. What we really need is some soap", JoanI said. "I found some soap root so we can actually bathe when we get all this done", I said as we walked through the rain out to the opening. "What's that?" Jessie asked. "I'll show you later," I said, "Right now I just want to wash off the salt and sand". "And whatever?", JoanI Smirked. "I have no idea what your talking about". Jessie turned red. "I thought you were sleeping". "How could anyone sleep with all that noise going on?", JoanI pouted and gave Jessie a shove.

"You guys had a party and you didn't invite me". We were all rubbing our hands through our hair and and over our bodies to get all the grime off as the rain hit us. I was transfixed by the streams running over Jessie and JoanI.

Jessie had her head tipped back showing off her sleek neck and was running her hands over her tits and down her body. JoanI had streams running off her nipples and down between her tits. She bent over to rub down her legs and my cock woke up. "Why didn't you say something?", I asked. "As horny as I was, I could have taken on a whole harem last night. In fact, the harem isn't looking all that safe now. Need any help getting those hard to reach places?", I grinned.

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JoanI looked around her legs and laughed. Yeah, sure, if you don't think Jessie is going to attack that thing before you get to me. Jessie plopped down on the sand and said, "Nope, go ahead, I'm going to just sit here and watch the show," and propped herself up on one elbow with one knee sticking up. My eyes blinked for a second as I watched the water run down her legs and over her pussy lips. JoanI was still bent over when I got to her and my hands started circling her ass. I moved right in behind her and my cock bounced between her legs as my hand slid up between her legs.

My fingers parted her pussy lips and stroked across her clit and inner lips. She rocked forward and put both hands out on the beach in front of her. My hands ran over her body, smoothing the water over her skin. I felt one hand reach up between her legs and cup my balls and my cock reached full extension once again. I leaned forward and massaged her huge tits and rolled her nipples around in my fingers. JoanI's fingers wrapped around my cock and after a couple strokes, she started rubbing it between her pussy lips.

I started rocking back and forth, sliding my cock between her fingers and pussy. I straightened up and pulled back an inch more and pushed right into JoanI's waiting pussy.

She wasn't quite as tight as Jessie, but she engulfed my cock like a warm glove. Her hand continued to play with my balls as I casually worked my way deeper into her pussy from behind.

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Jessie was laying there with a smile on her face, her eyes moving over our bodies like groping hands. I leaned back a little and could watch my cock slide in and out of JoanI's pussy. Her juices on my cock shined in the rain.

JoanI was making little noises each time I pushed all the way into her. Her knees were starting to shake so I guided her down and rolled her onto her back.

I raised her legs up, holding a foot in each hand at arm's length. I rocked my hips hard into her body over and over again and she started chanting fuck over and over again. I let her legs hook over my elbows and I leaned forward and caught a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. Her other tit was covered by her other hand, pulling and twisting on her nipple.

"Hey, I can't see anything," Jessie whined. I leaned back and started pumping hard into JoanI again. Jessie leaned forward put her fingertip right over her clit and started making quick little circles as I rocked back and forth. JoanI was starting to make little whimpering noises and Jessie's hand was splashing water all over, moving her fingers over JoanI's clit so fast I couldn't see them in the rain.


JoanI let out a cry and arched her body up at me and I could feel her clench tight on my cock. My balls tightened up and I pulled out. I let my cock slide out of her pussy and I shot seed all the way up to her tits. Jessie leaned forward and licked some off the side of one before it washed away.

All three of us laid on the beach letting the rain finish cleaning us off.