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Holly Hudson In Free Exxxtra Small Tube Video
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Sharing My Boyfriend??? * A happy couple has a girlfriend who likes sexual stimulation, just like they do. * __Brad……It seemed kind of cruel, but it's really a turn on for all of us. Making Sandy horny was real hot fun. I'll let Trina start at the beginning&hellip. I'm Trina. __I had known Sandy since we were young. We liked many of the same things. We found both our fathers like it when we showed off our young bodies to them. It turned us on also to dress skimpy around them and wiggled our butts as we walked around them&hellip.

(when our moms were gone.) We compared these events privately to only each other. She would show me what she wore and how she walked in front of her dad. I in turn showed her my sexy clothes and my sexy walk I used on my dad. We both discovered we could turn each other on by doing this. At that age we pressed it further and during a sleep over got into touching each other under the covers. It was the experimental age girls go thru checking out each others bodies.

I was explaining all these early days to my boyfriend Brad one late night in bed. I was hoping he would not ask 'When did it end?'…but he did. I decided to tell him…'It never did.' I told him that Sandy is my best friend in the whole world and sometimes&hellip.we&hellip.like to do strip shows for each other… even today. I left it at that…I just didn't tell him 'all' of the story.

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The truth is…I love looking at her naked body and she does mine. We get turned on by it. We liked guys, but we were the exception and were the only 'girls' we liked sexually.

It very first started when we were young and we had our private times to have a hot look at a girls body we liked, hers and mine. It progressed into slowly into touching us. It went further. We both had boyfriends, but still liked our 'private' time to look and fondle each other.

We kept it a total secret from everyone. Why didn't it end?&hellip. &hellip.we think it was one afternoon after school and we went up to her room, closed the door and locked it. We were in horny mood and started the fondling. We were getting all turned on by rubbing our pussy's together.

We must have hit it just right as I could tell&hellip.I was going to have an orgasm and could tell she was too. We got all charged up and up our hands went under our shirts to feel our bare tits. We then hurried to get our panties down and rub our pussy's together skin to skin.

Now there was some real breathtaking rubbing of clits and we held each other real tight&hellip.our pussy's were very hot and with a big urge to be rubbed.

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We had never been this aroused this fast before. We held each others warm asses and pulled us tighter and tighter together&hellip.we both orgasmed together. Omg&hellip.that felt so wonderful to us… We never forgot that first time. As of today are on the verge of doing more…but haven't. Brad keeps me sexually happy, but poor Sandy hasn't found the right guy yet&hellip.so …I help out by getting her all turned on and we rub our pussy's together for a hot orgasm when she needs relief.

I keep this my deepest secret to myself, but&hellip.I get a sex high all on its own&hellip.and I also love sex with Brad. I'm not attracted to any other women, just Sandy. That afternoon it came time for our little playtime but this time, we let our 'next step' desires go forward. Brad…… …strip shows?…between Trina and Sandy?

I wanted to see them do one. Time to plan a time and let me watch them. They both have hot bodies and now was my chance to maybe have every guys dream of 'two girls' at the same time. It was time to have a little talk with both of them and set this up…… Sandy…… My horniness was nagging at me as I kept looking for a hot guy.

I needed more 'relief' than just rubbing pussy's. I needed to be held, kissed and finger fucked. I also had a very hidden desire to lick Trina's pussy. My final desire was to have great sex with a hot guy&hellip. and then there was&hellip. Brad. I envied Trina so much to have a hot guy like him.


I could have quick fucks anytime, but I wanted to be made real horny and then have sex&hellip.with Brad. Trina told me the details of how sex with Brad was. It got to the point where I had to find a way for at least a 3some with them. They could do anything to me they wanted, as long as I got to have sex with Brad. I didn't act on it, I just dreamed about it&hellip.more and more&hellip. Now back to our 'special' afternoon.

This time I had Trina lay on the bed instead of standing and rubbing pussy's. We both had on our school uniforms and short skirts. She grinned knowing something more was going to happen. I lifted up her skirt, pulled her panties slowly down and off. She watched me take mine off too. She figured we were just going to do our pussy to pussy rubbing lying down. I was on my knees and slowly laid on top of her. I ran my hands under her blouse, under her bra and felt her sexy tits.

She felt my ass and massaged it. My hidden desires were coming out. I started kissing her nipples. This was new to us and made us very horny. I felt her legs part and felt her warm pussy under me. I just knew she'd like it,&hellip. and she was. I moved my body back and forth on her pussy. Do I go further? I wanted to slide down and kiss her pussy. She began to moan and played with my hair. I inched my way down. She moaned more and twitched her body with my kisses on her tummy.

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She just knew where I was headed. Her legs opened wider. I loved the aroma of her pussy, all wet now and just begging to be licked. I felt her hands push my head down to her pussy.

She wanted me to kiss her pussy. I could just tell&hellip.I was in girl heaven. She held my head tight as she twitched and moaned. I kissed her small patch of pubic hair gently.

She jumped slightly. I let my tongue explore her clit. She let out a gasping moan, and guided my head up and down on her slit. I was finally here. I let my tongue go and do what it wanted to do. In her slit and up across her clit, over and over. Her hips joined in the slow rhythm of a building orgasm. We had to stop as we heard noises outside. We did a quick re-dress and quick made plans when to continue this new event.

I was the wettest I could ever remember. I thought&hellip.I sure would like Brad laying on top of me right now&hellip. Trina&hellip. &hellip.omg, that was a mega turn on.


Brad knew how to get me hot, but this was an extra turn on I personally liked. I guess a girl can have both…but wait…why couldn't I share Brad with Sandy?

I wonder if he'd be interested?&hellip.silly question, what guy wouldn't like two girls to play with&hellip. It's planning time. The next day I couldn't wait to tell Sandy my idea. After school we met at her house. I told her my idea. I watched her start rubbing her pussy with the thought of us all having hot sex. I called Brad and we set it up for the weekend when my parents would be out of town camping with friends. Was he interested? Oh my, was he. Sandy took the phone and said to Brad: "Hi Brad, can you handle 'two' hot girls like us?" I don't know what he said, but I saw Sandy blush, giggle and rub her pussy&hellip.

It was on. Sandy and I held each other and a hot pussy rub was on. It was risky as her mom was home. I wanted my turn at licking her pussy now. We were so horny, I decided to take a chance. I locked her bedroom door and went back to our pussy rubbing. I dropped to my knees and pulled her panties down some. She whispered: ("…we can't! my moms home!") I went for it and buried my face in her pussy.

I pushed out my tongue as far as it would go and lick up to her clit. She twitched and pulled my hair. ("…Trina!

(giggle)… Oh god…don't do that!…that drives me crazy!") I smiled, stood up and pulled her panties up. She gasp for air and said: ("…your going to get me grounded for ever!.if we get caught!") We continued our pussy rubbing as I loved doing that and making her so mega horny. Her hands trembled…… Brad…… Trina and I had slowly developed a little routine.

When Sandy was hanging with us, would start making out with each other just to tease her and make her horny. She liked this and would come and sit by us and watch. Soon she started feeling herself as we turned her on but good. We soon realized 'she' was turning us on and our sex was more intense when we fucked right afterwards. At this point I knew those two messed around sexually and I wanted that three some with Trina, me and Sandy.

It was all set and I was so looking forward to this. Two hot horny girls? What guy wouldn't be excited about the coming weekend. I had told Sandy on the phone: " Sandy babe, I've wanted to lick your pussy for a long time, so get ready to scream when I suck your clit." Trina told me her reaction from the call later.

Red faced and rubbing her pussy. ------ * All three have their own 'point-of-view' of this. For all of them…this would be their first threesome…* ----- Sandy&hellip. To say I was sexually tense about this wouldn't come close to describing it.

Trina&hellip. I had been wet all day, and now Brad was here. We went into mom and dads big bed. We all lay on the bed as Brad and I started in kissing and feeling us up.


Sandy watched nervously smiling and then slowly join in with Brad between us. I knew she must have fantasized about having sex with Brad, so I let them have at it. I joined in by feeling Sandy and unbuttoning her clothes.

Brad and I felt her sexy body all the way as all our clothes began to come off. This was over the top hot. Brad didn't know the extent of Sandy and my sex play, but he was about to find out right now. Sandy and I didn't hold back now and Brad and I&hellip.both started kissing her face.

Sandy and I had never did the kissing thing, just body kissing. I was so charged up I went for it all with Brad. Both our tongues went for her mouth as hers went for ours.

Damn this was a turn on having Brad right there with us&hellip. Brad&hellip. I think I had the biggest hardon of my life and both girls feeling it. How far had Trina and Sandy gone sexually?

&hellip.this was way more than just a sexy strip show. I sure didn't care now, this was a mega turn on&hellip. Sandy&hellip. I sure didn't expect Trina to go this far&hellip.but I liked messing with her and Brad at the same time. The more I relaxed, the hornier I got. I was now kissing Brad, and…feeling his hardon.

Trina and I were just adding to it as I wanted to get on top of Brad and get to it&hellip.so I did&hellip.but first…a little trip down his body along with Trina. We kissed our way down him as we both held his full hardon.

We kissed and kissed his big hardon at the same time. I was so hot I had to gasp for breath along with Trina. We were both just starting to take turns sucking down on him when we felt his hands on us.

He was pulling us around to place our pussy's next to his face.

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Oh jez.he was going lick both our pussy's&hellip. Brad&hellip. Every guys dream.two pussy to eat. I had them both lift one their upper leg as I pulled their pussy's together on top of me.

Oh yes. I licked one slit and then the other, back and forth as they jump when I licked each clit. They both started pushing their pussy's together. I squeezed their firm butts and hear them both moan. I pulled their clits together and let me rub them together. They liked that by their reactions.

I shoved my tongue in between them and I had a clit on each side of my tongue. Now they really got hot and both tried to suck down on my hardon at once. Sandy&hellip. I was in heaven! I couldn't talk and ask Trina if she was having orgasms like I was?…, but I knew she was. Brad had hit our joy spots with his tongue and us touching our clits together. I had no control and now I had to have his hardon in me.

I quickly moved around and got on top of him. I guided his hardon in me and let it go in deep. Trina stayed as she was, as he licked her pussy&hellip.I joined him. Our two tongues worked her clit I felt his fingers slip inside her pussy. I held Brad tight as I began fucking him deep. Trina's hips were jerking with our licks and his fingers. I felt a rising in my pussy beyond any climax I'd ever had. I began to shake and moan.

"Oh god there…" I yelled…"Oh jez Yes!" as the sexual high took me over. Trina began to squirt as he pushed his hardon up and trembled&hellip. A shot of hot cum jolted my pussy, we all moaned and squirmed with the high. My clit was on fire with it and had to be satisfied with firm digging fucking.

All our hands felt us. The aroma of hot sex filled the room as we all moaned and moved our bodies around&hellip.looking for the last bit of high in us&hellip. Brad&hellip. I carried Sandy into the shower and sat her on the floor, letting the warm water run over her.

Next I got Trina and carried her in beside her. Two beautiful girls…all spent…smiling at me. Trina&hellip. I think I passed out. I sure remember having the most intense climax of my life though…the warm water was heaven&hellip.as Brad was slowly washing me&hellip.I could barely move to kiss him. Sandy was giggling and rubbing her pussy slowly&hellip.

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Sandy&hellip. After a short rest, we all started in again. Trina and Brad start getting all horny with each other this time. Now&hellip.it was my turn to tease them and make them all turned on&hellip.something I had waited a long time for. I started talking to them, ".feel her nice titties Brad, like this, tongue kiss him Trina, he likes that. Let him feel your wet pussy Trina, oh yes… Lick her pussy Brad, like this&hellip.mmmm. They both got the giggled as they knew what I was up to.

"Move over Brad, let me show you what Trina likes.

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Brad, bring your hard on up here so we can suck on it." Brad was like a little boy in the biggest candy shop in the world. He did everything I asked. "Now Trina, watch. This is what Brad likes." Now Trina watched as Brad and I made her all horny. I pulled Brad on top of me and we tongue kissed and felt us all up. I laid it on thick, moaning and getting them all excited. "Oh Brad…oh god…you feel so good in me&hellip.fuck me baby…fuck me hard and deep baby…oh yes oh yes Oh God Yes!

Trina was dripping wet and moaning watching. I pulled on Brad's ass and fucked him fast and hard. I said: "Oh Trina! Help me fuck Brad." I pushed Brad up and pulled her under him. I put his hardon in her and let them go at it. It was beautiful to watch them all excited fuck themselves crazy. I lay beside them with my fingers in my pussy massaging my G spot.

When they finally came moaning loud together&hellip. I came too&hellip. ------ Trina…… It was Sunday afternoon as we all fixed mom and dads bed back to the way it was.

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All our hands trembled a little. We were all so fucked out, but&hellip.sooooo ready for more. Brad put his arms around both of us. I said: "So…you want me to share you with her???" We all just smiled as Sandy and I kissed his nodding head&hellip.