Beautiful Ebony Lesbian Seduces Friend

Beautiful Ebony Lesbian Seduces Friend
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I have been reading some graphic novels lately for one of my graphic design classes at university and one of the major novels studied is DC comics Teen Titans. While reading them it occurred to me that the writers had made it too unrealistic. Its not the superheroes, aliens and monsters that struck me as being unrealistic, it's the fact that a bunch of teenagers left alone in a tower every weekend don't have more sexual attraction to each over.

This is what would really happen at night in Titans Tower, enjoy. I have used one of the later versions of the Teen Titans, made up of Cyborg Starfire Beast Boy Robin (3rd Robin) Wonder Girl (2nd Wonder Girl) SuperBoy Kid Flash (2nd Kid Flash) Raven Speedy (2nd Female Speedy) The sun was setting over San Francisco as the Teen Titans relaxed in Titan Tower.

In the TV room, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Robin where sitting watching the latest news report for that day, detailing their fight against Deathstroke. Kid Flash was getting impatient. He wanted the others to leave so he switch over to a porno and wack off before going to bed. He had been watching some of the hottest female superheroes fighting, flexing and sweating all day long and was in desperate need for some relief.

He looked over at Starfire and Wonder Girl and felt his cock throb. Wonder Girl was the perfect vision of a teenage slut. She was laying down, wearing a pair of skin tight pants that showed every curve, making it hard for him not to reach out and grab her tight little ass. He top was barely covering her tits and showed the tight muscles of her chest.

The magical lasso that hang at her belt give her a kinky stripper look this, combined with her innocent looks and her blond hair was a major turn on for anyone, and Kid Flash was regretting letting Superboy get to her first.

Starfire was just as much of a turn on, wearing her usual outfit an armoured harness that barely covered her body. The sight of the Starfire's nearly bare breast, her long flowing hair and the mass of visible orange skin was putting a real strain on the spandex. Kid Flash continued to glance at the superhero sluts for another half hour, occasionally shifting uncomfortably to hide his hard on (guys you know what I'm talking about). Kid Flash glanced up as Wonder Girl shifted, putting more weight onto her tits and revealing even more of a cleavage.

He quickly looked away, but he could have sworn Wonder Girl had looked at his hard on. That was all Kid Flash needed, if that slut wanted to glance at a hard on then he as going to have some fun with her tonight. He waited another ten minutes and watched as Wonder Girl sat up and started talking to Starfire. It was only then that he activated his super speed, going as fast as the speed of light, so fast that several hours to him seemed like a second for everyone else. He walked over to Wonder Girl staring at her amazing body, admiring how toned and perfect it was.

Kid Flash's plan was simple and had worked many times before. While talking to a chick that you want to enjoy, go as fast as you can and touch and tweak any part of their body. From experiments Kid Flash had learnt that sexual acts performed on women whilst he was at light speed made women extremely horny.

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They would feel what was happening to them for a fraction of a second and not even release what it was they were feeling. The more that was done to them the hornier they got. The women would assume that the guy they were looking at or talking to was making them hot and they wanted him. Eventually two things could happen, they would give in to their body and begged to be fucked or they would leave the room on wobbly legs and try to go some where private to relieve there feelings, in that case Kid Flash would get a private little show.

As Wonder Girl was a horny teenager, desperately going after Superboy, it probably wouldn't take too much to get her going. Kid Flash decided to start off slow; he lightly caressed the bare skin around her navel, enjoying the feel of her toned and muscled stomach.

He walked back to his seat and sat down in the same position he had started from making sure he could see Wonder Girl, and went back to normal speed. He glanced at Wonder Girl and noticed how her eyes widened momentarily and she shook her head slightly. He sat for half a minute before returning to his task, this time his stroked her skin harder, for a longer time before giving her tight ass a squeeze.

When Kid Flash resumed his seat, Wonder Girl started to breathed in hard and looked a little shocked. Starfire stared at her with some concern, "are you alright Cassandra". Wonder Girl shook her head "its nothing" she said briskly before continuing her conversation. Kid Flash got to his feet and walked over again. This time he slowly lifted up her top to stare at the treasure barely hidden by her tight shirt.

She had some of the best tits he had ever seen. They were milky white and perfectly rounded, her nipples small and erect, red as cherries. He could just get a hand around each tit.

He squeezed her globes, kneading them, feeling how young and firm they where. They were by far the best pair of tits that he had ever played with. He continued to squeeze her tits for several minutes before rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger before pulling Wonder Girls top back down.

He sat down on his chair again, wedging his cock under his belt to make it less obvious before resuming normal speed. Wonder Girl gasped at the brief feeling of pleasure, her breaths getting shallower as she stared at Starfire who looked surprised but continued on with her conversation. Kid Flash sped towards wonder girl again.

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He slowly pulled her skin tight pants down her legs so her panties where exposed. Due to his early ministrations Wonder Girl's white lace fringed panties were already soaked, the outline of her cunt lips could be clearly seen through the flimsy material. Kid Flash slowly ran his finger along the soaked outline of her slit. Back and forth he ran his finger before slowly peeling back her panties to reveal her wonderful pussy (I know bad word play). Kid Flash took one look at her pussy, "total slut" he murmured.

She had recently shaven all her pubic hair, only a slight trace of blond stubble could be seen. Her cunt lips where slightly parted, he peeled them back and was ran his finger around the inside of her pussy She must have been really aroused, her clit was already engorged, peaking out from her hood.

Kid Flash slowly licked up and down her slit, savouring her sweet juices. He stuck his tongue into her hole and licked up and down, poking the tongue in and out. He continued to eat her out for several minutes before bitting down hard on her clit.

After pulling her panties and pants up he retook his seat. This time Wonder Girl actually groaned, her eyes rolling momentarily. Before anyone could say anything she grabbed Starfire's arm and pulled her off the couch. "I have to show you something" was all she said before they exited the room. Robin stared at Kid Flash critically, "that was odd, wonder what's up with them". "Don't ask me dude" replied Kid Flash, who hoped his face looked as surprised as he felt.

Wonder Girl wasn't suppose to take Starfire with her, she was suppose to run off alone so that Kid Flash would have fun with her. Then it struck him, Wonder Girl was looking at Starfire the whole time he was pleasuring her, she must have thought the feelings of sexual desires was for Starfire.

Another thought struck him, Starfire was always horny because her boyfriend, Nightwing (the first robin), was hardly around. Kid Flash, running through Titan Tower at high speed had often seen her pumping a giant dildo into herself or going at her clit with a vibrator.

It wouldn't surprise him if she went down on Wonder Girl. Kid Flash got up as fast as he could, (which is pretty fast) "I'm just going to run around the world before bed, see you" he blurted before running out, leaving a perplexed Robin blinking with after images.

Kid Flash ran straight to Starfire's room and opened the door a crack. Wonder Girl and Starfire were both sitting on the bed talking, and to Kid Flashes disappointment, they still had their clothes on. His must have got there halfway during their conversation, as Starfire was already talking to Wonder Girl "look its natural for a girl your age to feel horny, even when talking to girls, it doesn't mean you're a lesbian." Wonder Girl looked up embarrassed, "Its different tonight, usually I get a little turned on when I see Conner (SuperBoy's real name) but tonight I got soaked just by talking to you." Starfire smiled, "I know I can smell you from here, look it's probably nothing, just go to your room and have a little fun with yourself." Wonder Girl looked at her in embarrassment, "ok, but, do you have, you know, something I can borrow, just for tonight, to ahhh, help" she said barely in a whisper.

"I normally wouldn't ask" she continued, "its just tonight; I might need something a little bigger then my finger to go a couple of rounds with." Starfire smiled bent over, and pulled out a small chest from under her bed, "take your pick." Inside was a large collection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and a variety of other items Kid Flash didn't recognise. Wonder Girl looked shocked, "wow, umm, do you use all of these." For the first time Kid Flash could remember Starfire looked embarrassed, "yeah, well Dick (Nightwing) isn't here a lot and I need a little release, anyway take your pick." Wonder Girl took a small skin coloured dildo and turned towards the door, "thanks again" she said.

Kid Flash acted fast, he was determined to get the two of them to go down on each other. He sped across to Wonder Girl, pulled down her pants and panties and stuck 2 fingers into her cunt. He was amazed at how tight she was, "ever SuperBoy has a pin dick, or he hasn't got around to ploughing this yet, sucks to be him either way". He fingered her for five minutes, her juices coating his finger before he pulled out. After replacing her clothes he snuck back to the doorway.


Wonder Girl actually stumbled on the way to the door. She turned back red faced, "well I never, really used one of these before, umm can you give me some pointers." Starfire looked shocked before giggling, "I really shouldn't, and its pretty easy to work out, you know stick it in take it pull out, repeat." It looked like Wonder Girl was going to falter, so Kid Flash went in again, this time using three fingers to explore her moist caverns while he wriggled his little finger into her anus.

When he had finished, Wonder Girl moaned out loud, her face was red, her breathing was deep, "please" she begged, "just a little help." Starfire relented, "ok I'll give you a little help, but I want something from you later." She started to remove her battle harness, first she removed the armoured straps covering her tits.

He glorious melons, were the same orange colour as the rest of her skin, but with a difference, she had two green nipples on each breast. She slowly removed the armour from her waist.

She wasn't wearing any panties underneath, although this was obvious even with the armour on. What was surprising was how similar her pussy was to a human's pussy. It was orange, but it was similar to Wonder Girls, slightly open cunt lips, moist and inviting, with a small engorged clit sticking out from within an orange hood.

She also had pubic hair, she had shaved it and left only a small tuft just above the opening, however the purple pubes where a major turn on. She searched in the chest and pulled out a variety of toys. "Put that little cock away, I'll show you what will really get you off" said Starfire, "and why do you still have clothes on, come one strip." Wonder Girl slowly took off her clothes, her face burning red as she did so, although this only made her look hotter. First her top went off then her pants.

"I want the bra and the panties off as well, or else no deal." Wonder Girl slowly obeyed revealing her breasts and pussy to Starfire. Starfire got up and started to walk around Wonder Girl, examining her from every angle. Then she grabbed one of her tits and started weighing it with her hand, :"hmmm, good size, that will do nicely" she muttered. She then leaned down and took a closer look at Wonder Girl's pussy.

She stuck a finger into Wonder Girl's cunt and started wiggling it around. Wonder Girl moaned and pushed her thighs down, grinding down hard on Starfires hand trying to get more in. Starfire laughed, "slow down, you'll be getting a lot more in a few moments." She continued to move her finger around, causing Wonder Girl to writhe in pleasure, moaning loudly, Starfire smiled at her expression and pushed even harder.

Starfire eventually pulled her finger out, she looked critically at her juice soaked digit, "wow" she said, "you weren't joking when you said you were soaked." "Before we start" said Starfire "these are the rules, you do what I tell you, and you don't leave this room until I say you can, if you disobey, you will be punished severely, do you understand?" Wonder Girl just nodded dumbly, "good" said Starfire, "now lie down on the bed and do what I tell you" Once Wonder Girl was lying down on the bed Starfire licked her lips, "now I want you to finger yourself, get as close as you can to an orgasm but do not cum until I tell you to".

Wonder Girl blushed and redder and started to argue, "do it now you little slut or I will make you bleed" Starfire snarled. Wonder Girl, a little startled started to tweak her nipple, getting them nice and hard.

She put a finger into her mouth and started to wet her nipples, she kept pinching them, moaning to her self. She then moved her right hand down to her cunt and slowly ran her finger along her slit.

She gave her pussy the lightest of touches with her finger tips, she lightly brushed her clit, all this to build up anticipation. Wonder Girl kept brushing her slit before gently easing 2 of her fingers into her twat. She started slowly finger her self, pushing her fingers in and out. She increased her speed, her strokes getting faster as the pleasure built up. Her other hand found her clit and started to rub it hard. Her fingers jabbed in harder and harder as she neared her climax.

Just when it seemed she was about to explode Starfire grabbed both her hands and pulled them away. Wonder Girl groaned and stared at her, "I was so close, please I need to cum". Starfire smiled, "you will don't worry". She then knelt on the ground in front of Wonder Girl.

"Now I want you to move forward a little, that's good, now spread your legs apart good". Starfire then picked up a fair size Perspex dildo from her little pile of toys. "Lets start with the basics" said Starfire, holding the dildo in front of her "do you want me to start the lesson?" "What are you talking about just fuck me with it already" moaned Wonder Girl, clenching her fists. Starfire slowly rested the tip of the dildo at Wonder Girls entrance "you wanted pointers, your going to get .pointers, what are you going to do when you get this horny again and I'm not here".

Wonder Girl just looked at her oddly, "if it means I get to cum then do the teacher thing". Starfire smiled in victory and continued from where she left off. "Usually I would use a little lube to get it in smoothly, but I don't think your going to need that" Wonder Girl looked down at her soaked cunt in embarrassment, her face getting even redder.

Starfire smiled and continued, trying to sound like a strict boarding school teacher "Now lesson one, the dildo, slowly ease the dildo into your twat like so." Starfire slowly inserted the dildo inside Wonder Girl, who moaned all the way "ohh god that is good". Starfire kept going until the entire length of the dildo was inside Wonder Girl and then let go. Starfire just sat in front her, as if she was taking in the view, her hands grabbed Wonder Girl's arms, denying her attempts to move the dildo.

Wonder Girl groaned again, she could feel the dildo but she couldn't get any pleasure from the inanimate object. She looked down at Starfire and begged, her voice filled with pleading, "just let me cum, please, I'll do anything".

Starfire grinned, her face filled with triumph, "anything?" she asked evilly. Wonder Girl nodded, panting slightly "please I need to come so much", "in that case" said Starfire, "you are now my bitch and we are going to have so much fun".

Starfire grabbed the dildo and pulled it out fast and placed it on the bed. "Before you get off, I think I need a little attention" she said as she got up onto the bed with Wonder Girl spreading her legs.

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"Eat me out now you little bitch" she commanded. Wonder Girl looked shocked, "no I'm not a lesbian, I'm not doing that". Starfire looked enraged, "you come into my room soaked, beg me to fuck you with a dildo, and you think your not a lesbian, eat me out now you little tease or I force this down your ass". She held up a 12 inch long dildo, it was thick, veins ran along the side, the entire surface was covered with small metal ball bearings. Wonder Girl went white and started to back away, "you can't do that" she said.

She was about to open the door when a solar blast hit the wall next to her, "the next one will hit and stun you, and then I will march you out and ass rape you with this in front of everyone, and no one will stop me, now get back here and eat me out". Wonder Girl, her face full of terror slowly moved back and knelt in front of Starfire, "I don't know how to do it" she wined. "I'll show you my little bitch" said Starfire stroking her head. Starfire slowly pushed Wonder Girls head down onto her pussy "Now lick up and down my slit".

Wonder Girl slowly did, her tongue slightly penetrating Starfire's honey pot. Starfire groan slightly and let go of Wonder Girls head, "that's good, how do I taste?" Wonder Girl took another lick and looked up surprised, "you taste amazing, do I taste that nice?" Starfire picked up the still wet dildo, "why don't you tell me", she said holding it up to Wonder Girls face.

Wonder Girl gave it a quick lick and smiled, and put the whole dildo into her mouth, sucking all of her juices off it, "I taste so nice". Starfire put the dildo down and forced Wonder Girls head back down, "keep licking my slit, ooooooh, that's good, get your tongue in a little deeper, aaah good". Wonder Girl kept licking up and down Starfires slit, her tongue getting in as far as it could, collecting as much of the sweet nectar as possible, savouring the taste.

Starfire groaned, "Now put a couple of fingers into my cunt, ram them in for all your worth". Wonder Girl stuck her tongue in one more time and pulled out. She slowly eased 3 fingers in and started to finger fuck Starfire, shoving her fingers in as far as she could before pulling them out.

Starfire groaned even harder, her hips grinding against the fingers. "Is that all you got? I thought you had super strength, push them in hard you little bitch" Starfire screamed.

Wonder Girl kept pushing her fingers in harder, and harder, the phut phut sounds of Starfires cunt juices added to the moans coming out of the alien princess. Starfire looked at Wonder Girl, and slapped her in the face, causing Wonder Girl to gasp, "I said harder". Wonder Girl, her cheek still red, redoubled her efforts, shoving her fingers in hard and fast. "Harder, harder you slut" Starfire yelled taking another swing at Wonder Girl.

Wonder Girl pounded her for all she was worth, her fingers would have gone through a wall at the strength she was using, she wasn't sure she could go any harder and was worried Starfire might hit her again. Wonder Girl was lucky, a few seconds later Starfire exploded into a huge orgasm, she writhed and shook for half a minute, "oooooooooooooohmygooooooooooooooooooooooooood" she screamed before she squirted half a litre of blue liquid right into Wonder Girls face.

Kid Flash wished he had a camera at the moment, it was the perfect picture. Starfire laying back on the bed panting and sweating, with Wonder Girl in front of her, drenched in blue cunt juice. After a few minutes of panting Starfire propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Wonder Girl"That was good for your first time, that super strength really gives you and edge".

She sat their, waiting for her eyes to focus properly before looking at Wonder Girl properly, then she giggled "By the way, you got a little something on your face" she added. Wonder Girl ran her finger through the juice on her face and licked it, "do you do that every time you cum, if you do I want to go another round and get more of this, it is so nice." Starfire glanced up, "yeah, that happens every time, but your going to have to wait a moment" she said crawling over to Wonder Girl.

She pushed Wonder Girl over so that she was lying on her back "now its your turn to cum, a promise is a promise". Starfire placed her mouth over one of Wonder Girls nipples and started to suck and nip it managing a groan from Wonder Girl.

Starfire then slowly ran her tongue down Wonder Girls stomach towards her cunt. Starfire moved her mouth down and started to stick her tongue into Wonder Girls pussy. Starfire licked her slit for all she was worth. After a few minutes of sampling, she was forced to agreed with Wonder Girl's self assessment, Wonder Girl had one nice tasting pussy. She kept eating her out, the tongue sliding in to every crevice it could, achieving a large trembling moan from Wonder Girl.

Starfire then moved onto the clit, she licked it hard achieving another groan from Wonder Girl. She then bit down hard on the clit, achieving a cross between a yelp and a large moan from Wonder Girl. In one swift movement Starfire picked up the discarded dildo and shoved it hard into Wonder Girls cunt, causing Wonder Girl to gasp in pleasure. Starfire pulled it half out before ramming it in hard again. Starfire picked up the pace and slammed it in again and again.

Starfire continued to pound Wonder Girl with the dildo for five minutes. Wonder Girl was panting heavily, her juices were pouring out of her pussy, her moans filled the room. Wonder Girl was in ecstasy, the dildo between her legs was her life. All that mattered was the 8 inches of plastic in her pussy. Wonder Girl started to ram her pussy down hard onto the dildo, trying to get more of it in. She looked down at Starfire, "harder, ooooooh, harder, make me cum" she begged.

Starfire redoubled her efforts with the dildo and shoved it in as hard as she could, before wrenching it out. She pounded Wonder Girls pussy hard, all of the strength that she had was forcing the dildo into Wonder Girls cunt. Wonder Girl's hands gripped the sides of the bed hard, her knuckles going white, she screamed on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her life. "oh shit oh shit oh shit, oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Shiitttttttttttttttttttttt".

Starfire could see that Wonder Girl was close so she kept shoving in the dildo for all she was worth. When Starfire was sure that Wonder Girl was seconds away from climaxing she let go of the dildo with one hand and lodged 2 fingers straight up Wonder Girls shitter. Wonder Girls eyes bulged, her mouth dropped open and she emitted a long drawn out scream of pleasure "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH".

Her pussy clenched the dildo hard as she orgasmed. She kept tossing and turning screaming out in pleasure. Starfire had to let go of the dildo and roll off the bed to avoid being kicked.

Wonder Girl's pussy clamped down hard snapping the dildo in half as Wonder Girl had the biggest orgasm of her life. After 5 whole minutes of screaming and thrashing Wonder Girl collapsed spent. She lay still for a while, breathing heavily. Starfire placed the hilt of the dildo onto the bed and slowly pulled the other half out Wonder Girls pussy laying it down on the bed next to her. "So do I know how to pleasure a girl or do I know how to pleasure a girl" whispered Starfire, slowly stroking Wonder Girls head.

Wonder Girl just moaned in response, still not over her orgasm. Starfire nudged her, "hey don't wear out on me now, you still have last the rest of the night". Wonder Girl groaned again, her face still vague. Starfire sighed "guess I'll have to wake you up". She crawled down the bed and her head between Wonder Girl's legs and started to 'revive' her. After a minute of this Wonder Girl was comprehensive and moaning again.

Once she was satisfied that Wonder Girl was ready, Starfire moved up the bed and sat on her lovers head, "now lets start round two" she whispered as she leant down, and started to eat her out.

Kid Flash was still watching this from the door way, the wall opposite him was covered in cum, he had jacked off that much from watching, his super fast metabolism enabled him to stay hard and still be able to cum multiple times. He was so enthralled with the site in front of him that he didn't even see Speedy fire the tranquiliser arrow at him. Speedy hoisted Kid Flash onto her shoulder and opened the door into Starfire's room. She opened it in time to see Starfire send another gush of blue liquid into Wonder Girls face.

She put Kid Flash onto a chair and glanced up at the couple, "is this a private party, or can I crash it". Both of them yelped in surprise, and Starfire rolled off Wonder Girl terrified at getting caught, "we were, we were" she gabbled trying to think of an excuse, any excuse.

"You were cumming all over Wonder Girl, or did you forget that" said Speedy smiling. "Look I'm not going to tell anyone" she continued much to the relief of Starfire and Wonder Girl. "However, I do expect you to let me join in these little sessions from now on". This surprised the others, they had always considered Speedy a bit of a slut, they had always seen her throw her self at men, neither of them would have picked her as being into other women. As the thought about it, they noticed Kid Flash propped up on the chair.

"Why is he in here, and why is he unconscious" asked Wonder Girl. Speedy glanced down at Kid Flash, "I found our little friend outside your door, enjoying your little show". Wonder Girl and Starfire's eyes widened in anger as Speedy continued "he was, how do I put this, giving you multiple standing ovations, you may need to repaint the wall".

Speedy continued to stare at him "tie him up, I say we have a little bit of fun with him". While Wonder Girl used her magical lasso to tie up Kid Flash, Speedy glanced around the room, noticing the toy box, the blue puddle on the bed, the broken dildo and the scorch marks on the door, "yeah this is going to be fun" she muttered.

Kid Flash woke up groaning a minute later, "ahh, what happened" he muttered, after a couple of seconds he asked a much more important question " where are my clothes". He then glanced up to see, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Speedy all in front of him.

Speedy was still wearing her clothes and had an evil smile, while Starfire and Wonder Girl where obviously confused, and had forgotten to cover themselves up, Wonder Girl still had Starfire's cum over her face.

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Speedy grabbed one of her trick arrows out of her quiver and jabbed Kid Flash in the side of the neck. "That was a concentrated shot of truth serum, now your going to tell us how you knew these two were going down on each other". Kid Flash answered at once, "I aroused Wonder Girl while she was talking to Starfire by fingering her and doing all sorts of crap to her and made her think she was horny for Starfire then I stayed and watched the whole thing" he said in one quick sentence.

Wonder Girl bunched her fist and was about to punch Kid Flash in the face when Speedy stopped her. "Wait don't punch him, we have him tied to a chair, lets have a little fun with him." Speedy leaned forward and smiled evilly, "now the three of us are going to have a little fun, and the bad thing for you is, you can't touch yourself".

Speedy slowly took off her clothes. First she lifted off her top, revealing her small tits with her long nipples, then she pulled down her pants to reveal her pussy.

After one glance at it Kid Flash's dick gave an uncomfortable throb, she was completely shaved, her pussy looked so small and inviting.

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Speedy turned around so that Kid Flash could get a look at her ass. She gave her left cheek a spank and made a groaning sound. She then started to run her finger along the slit.

Speedy kept running her finger along the entrance to her cunt, "you know, my pussy is just starved for attention, no matter how many times I stick a finger in there, it just demands more and more, it really wants a cock". Kid Flash noticed his throbbing hard on for the first time and groaned even loader, desperately trying to get his hands close to his cock. Speedy noticed his discomfort and lowered herself so her cunt was just above Kid Flashes cock, "wow I really need a cock up there, hmm, I wonder where I could find one?" She glanced down again, "oh look there's a small one down there, I think that will do" she looked up at Kid Flash," why don't you fill me up" she said sweetly "come on you I really need this".

She glanced down, apparently noticing the ropes for the first time, "oh well, I guess I'll have to get something else". She moved away, smiling at the various swear words emanating from Kid Flash and glanced at Wonder Girl and Starfire, "so where shall we start". Speedy walked over to Starfires toy chest and started to go through the items within "ooh these will work great". She picked up 2 strapons and threw one to Starfire, "lets have a little fun with your bitch".

Wonder Girl stared as Starfire and Speedy both tied on their strapons. She started to back away as they advanced on her, "what, what are you going to do?" she asked, her voice filled with terror. Speedy smiled, "oh nothing, we are just going to make you feel so good". Speedy looked over at Starfire, "scissors paper rock for the pleasure". They both closed their fists and moved them up and down, Starfire chose scissors while Speedy chose rock.

"Sweet" said Speedy, "I get to take the little bitches butt cherry". Wonder Girl looked so shocked it was comical, well comical for anyone who didn't have a raging hard on and was tied to a chair. "Wait, you can't stick that up my ass, its too big" she begged, Speedy looked at her evilly as she walked towards the bed, "that's what makes it so fun". Starfire tackled Wonder Girl and dragged her still screaming to the bed.

Speedy sat down on the bed her phallus pointing up. Starfire positioned Wonder Girls ass directly above Speedy's plastic cock. Ignoring Wonder Girls punches and cries of rage, she parted her butt cheeks and moved her closer to Speedy's new appendage The tip of the strapon entered her anus going in about and inch, Wonder Girl groaned and continued to struggle in an attempt to get off.

Starfire slapped her hard in the face, "stop fighting it you little bitch, your only make it worse for you". Wonder Girl, her eyes still watering, ignored her and continued fighting, until Speedy leant down and whispered something to her. Kid Flash couldn't hear what Speedy said, but Wonder Girls face went white, her eyes were opened in terror and disbelief and she started to tremble.

Speedy kept turned Wonder Girl head so that she could look her in the eye, "that's only the first thing I would do to you, now lower your ass onto my cock".

Wonder Girl with a fearful look back at Speedy, slowly lowered her ass onto the strapon. Inch by inch it slid down Wonder Girls anal cavity.

She groaned in discomfort, "it hurts". Starfire leaned down, "keep going sweetie, take your time, it will feel better in a moment." Wonder Girl took her time, slowly pushing herself down the plastic rod, whimpering slightly. With Starfire and Speedy's gentle coaxing Wonder Girl's ass was completely impaled upon the plastic cock. She sat on Speedy's lap her eyes vague, her face in a slight grimace, "I thought you said this would feel good, please let me get off".

Speedy looked at Starfire, "make her feel a little better before we start" she commanded. Starfire grabbed a vibrator from her toy chest and knelt in front of Wonder Girl. She started up the vibrator and ran along the length of Wonder Girls slit. She settled the vibrator on Wonder Girls clit, and held it in place.

After a minute of this Wonder Girl gave a groaning of pleasure. As Starfire continued to work her clit with the vibrator, she moved up and down on Speedy's cock, her anal invader feeling more inviting.

She started to move up and down on the cock, her groans getting louder.

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Starfire turned off the vibrator and put it down. Wonder Girl continued to move up and down on Speedy's cock "please, fuck me" she begged. Starfire moved forward and positioned her strapon at the entrance of Wonder Girl's cunt and slowly started to push in.

Wonder Girls eyes popped open as Starfire forced her way up her cunt. Once she had managed to push the entirety of her cock into Wonder Girl she paused, giving Kid Flash, desperately trying to wank off, a scene he would never forget.

Starfire slowly drew out before ramming it back in getting a yelp from Wonder Girl. She pulled out again, and rammed in hard again. Again and again she continued to pull in and out of the blond heroine, picking up speed. Whilst Starfire was going, Speedy pulled out slowly and rammed her cock hard up Wonder Girl's ass and was rewarded with an even louder yelp.

Speedy and Starfire continued, both getting faster, find each others rhythm. When Starfire pulled out of Wonder Girl Speedy would slam in hard and then pull out, at this point Starfire would slam harder.

Wonder Girl couldn't believe how good she felt, "ooh God, this is ooh great" she moaned as Starfire and Speedy kept up their joint poundings. This continued for five minutes until Wonder Girl screamed in pure ecstasy. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GOD I'MM CUMMMMMMINGG", "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH SHHHIT". Wonder Girl was jerking around in the midst of a huge orgasm.

She continued to bounce up and down on the dildo's impaling her whilst screaming in pure pleasure. Her orgasm lasted for another minute before collapsing, still impaled on the plastic cocks. "That was amazing" she panted glancing up at Starfire, "what the hell are you going to do to me next". She sat gasping, trying to regain her composure "actually, who cares, hurry up and do it". The girls all jumped when a bright flash went off, (Kid Flash had managed to get a hand free and was otherwise engaged) and looked up to see Robin holding a camera.

"I think it's more the matter of what your going to do to me" he said closing the door. Starfire pulled out of Wonder Girl and run towards Robin, "give me that camera".

Before she reached him, Robin casually flicked a button on the camera. "I really wouldn't hit me if I was you". Starfire grabbed him by the throat and held him up, "give me on reason why I shouldn't" she snarled.

He smiled, "because I just sent that picture to a private e-mail account and I can send it anywhere I want to". Starfire kept glaring at him, not quite believing him "how would you like it if I sent that picture to your boyfriend, he is quite the jealous type, how would he take it if you were cheating on him with two girls, it might make him feel less like a man".

He looked over at Wonder Girl who was slowly pulling herself off the strapon still lodged up her ass, "now think, do you really want everyone seeing that photo, because if you do, all I have to do is press this button".

Starfire slowly lowered him to the ground, "what do you want" she asked resignedly.

Shave A Little For Later

Robin just looked at her, "I'm a horny teen and I'm in the same room with three naked chicks, what do you think I want?" He walked over to Kid Flash and untied him before he turned o the girls, "we get to join in your fun, or we show these pictures to everyone who you know". Robin sat down on a chair and looked at the girls, "get those strapons off, and line up".

He turned to Kid Flash, "after you dude, which one do you want". Kid Flash looked straight at Speedy, "let me think, I might take that bitch knocked me out and tied me up, I think its time I showed her who is boss". Robin nodded and looked at Starfire and Wonder Girl, "now why don't you two attend my dick while we watch". With that Kid Flash ran towards Speedy and pushed her towards the bed and bent her over the edge. He ran his hand down her ass and then gave her a hard spank.

Speedy yelped and tried to stand up, "if you stand up those pictures get everywhere" warned Robin. Kid Flash shoved her down again and spanked her other cheek, getting another cry. He began alternating between cheeks, slapping them for all they were worth.

As he continued to spank the crap out of Speedy he smiled down at her "that's for shooting me, that's for tying me up, the next hundred is for fucking Wonder Girl up the ass before I could". While Kid Flash was punishing Speedy, Starfire slowly pulled down Robins pants gasped. Robin's dick was 9 inches long and very thick, long veins ran along it, a drop of precum oozed out of the tip.


Starfire looked confused "your younger then Nightwing, how is your dick so much bigger than his" she asked as she, grasping the long rod. Robin smiled at her "luck of the draw". Starfire continued to eye it hungrily, "you have got to fuck me with that" she begged, "please fuck me". Robin grinned "I'll think about it". Starfire was taken aback, "what do you mean you'll think about it, your a guy you shouldn't have to think about fucking something".

"Well, I'm not really in a giving mood at the moment, if both of you sucked me off I might think about it a little harder". Starfire grasped the base of Robin's cock and forced the tip into her mouth. Her tongue worked around the head of the dick, savouring the taste of his precum.

She continued to lick and suck the top of his cock, bobbing up and down, trying to swallow as much of it as she could. After another minute of sucking on his cock Robin commanded her to stop.

"I think it's time that Wonder Girl had a turn". Starfire reluctantly took her mouth off his cock and offered it to Wonder Girl who blanched away from it. "Look getting fucked by you girls is fine, I don't think Connor would mind too much, hell he'd probably want to watch, but I am not sucking off his best friend".

It was at this moment that Starfire slapped her hard in the face knocking her back. "You actually think you have a choice" she snarled forcing Wonder Girls mouth open. "I want to fuck that cock, and if you have to suck it off first so be it, you will suck it for all your worth". She forced Wonder Girls mouth down onto Robin's cock.

Once Robin's cock was in her mouth, Starfire grabbed the back of Wonder Girl's head and started bobbing her head up and down. Robin groaned in pleasure, "that's good, keep sucking, wow she is really good at this".

Starfire kept her hand on Wonder Girls head and smiled at Robin, "is this worth a good fucking". Robin thrust more of his dick into Wonder Girls mouth and gave another groan of pleasure, "only if you can get her to deep throat me." Starfire looked down as Wonder Girl whimpered on Robin's dick, "imm annt eeep throaaat".

She continued to whimper as Starfire gripped her hair painfully, "well your going to give it your best try". "Relax your throat" commanded Starfire as she slowly forced more of Robins dick down Wonder Girl's throat. She brutally pushed Wonder Girl's head down more, forcing more of the cock into her throat. She kept pushing until Wonder Girl's mouth was touching Robin's pubes, "is that good enough" she asked sweetly holding Wonder Girl where she was, ignoring the gagging noises and frantic arm movements.

Robin groaned again, his eyes rolled back into her face in pleasure "it will do" he agreed. Starfire let go of Wonder Girl, who desperately pulled Robin's dick out of her mouth, gagging she collapsed on the floor. Robin started to work his hand along his shaft, "hold her up" he said to Starfire. Starfire grabbed Wonder Girl by the arms and held her up in front of Robin's dick.


Wonder Girl looked up at the member in front of her "what are you doing?" she asked disorientated, Robin looked down at her "why I'm just marking my property".

Before Wonder Girl could comprehend what he meant Robin had worked his shaft hard until he came. A shower of come hit Wonder Girl in the face and her breasts.

She sputtered as a huge amount of cum hit her in the nose and mouth, a small amount even got into her eyes. She barely noticed Robin take another picture with his camera, "do you know what this means?" he asked the sputtering Wonder Girl. "I'll tell you what this means, it means that you are now the property of Robin" he said as Starfire dropped her onto the ground.

"Nicely done mate" said Kid Flash taking a break from his work. He was leaning on Speedy, who was panting on the bed, her ass spanked bright red. "Haven't you started yet" asked Robin, Kid Flash looked down at Speedy, and then at his own hard on. "I'm just getting to it" he said, "was having too much fun". He knelt down behind Speedy and stuck all of his cock into her cunt in one thrust.

"Bitch is tighter then I though she'd be" he commented as Speedy groaned. Robin glanced at Starfire, "get me hard again, I want to watch this" Kid Flash lent down and whispered to Speedy, "this is going to be the fastest and longest fuck of your life". Kid Flash went into super speed and started to fuck the crap out of Speedy. All that Robin could see of Kid Flash's dick was a blur, as he penetrated her 50 times a second.

Speedy's entire back arched, her hands gripped the bed hard, her knuckles white, "HOLY SHIT" she screamed, "ooooooooh, ooooooh, oooooooooooooh, that's impossible, aaaaaaaah". Her entire body rocked as Kid Flash fucked her at the speed of sound. Kid Flash came within 10 seconds, but his super fast body allowed his cock to become instantly hard again and he continued to super speed fuck her.

Within 20 seconds Speedy came hard, "OOOOOOOOOOH SHIT" she screamed, the friction caused was to much. A minute later, Speedy had came 5 times and Kid Flash was showing no signs of letting up. Kid Flashes cum was leaking from Speedy's abused cunt as he continued to fuck her.

Needless to say, between this display and Starfire's ministrations Robin was as hard as a rock. He looked down as Starfire whined, "please fuck me, I really need it". He smiled and stood up; he dragged Starfire's head down to Wonder Girl's exhausted pussy and then moved back behind the orange alien. "We don't want her missing out do we?" he explained to Starfire as he kneeled down behind her.

As Starfire started to penetrate Wonder Girl's pussy with her tongue Robin slowly eased his rod in. Starfire groaned into Wonder Girl's pussy, "so fucking big".

He slowly started to fuck her, pulling in and out to a full accompaniment of appreciative noise from Starfire and Wonder Girl. Robin started to thrust faster and faster into Starfire's cunt as she started to focus on Wonder Girl's clit.

Within a few minutes Starfire's skilled mouth had brought Wonder Girl to another climax before she collapsed, her face still covered with Robin's cum.

Starfire barely noticed as Robin's dick fucked her in places her previous lovers had never been able to reach. "Harder, harder it is so fucking big" she screamed as Robin increased the power of his thrusts. Finally she came hard, the walls of her cunt squeezed Robins dick like a vice, while warm blue juices started to squirt along his shaft. This was all Robin needed; he pulled back quickly one and shoved his dick back in one last time as hard as he could before erupting hard inside of Starfire.

As Robin pulled out of Starfire and sat down on the ground, Starfire crawled over and started to lick their combined juices of his dick.

It was then that SuperBoy walked in. The first thing he saw was his girlfriend, naked, her pussy and ass, soaked and abused, her face covered in cum, still recovering from her last orgasm. Next he saw Speedy, who had nearly passed out from pure pleasure while Kid Flash fucked her like there was no tomorrow, a pool of cum at their feet. Then he looked at Robin and Starfire, Robin looked up and smiled, "good you got my email".

To be continued