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Hiep Damm CUC manh nuoc ra ao ao
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Fbailey story number 275 Now She Likes It Rough At thirty-five years old my wife looks like a teenager's wet dream. She is very pretty, nicely built, and has absolutely no stretch marks from childbirth. She has the perfect 36C-24-34 body of a love goddess. She has an hourglass shape. With her dark blonde hair down to her waist, her long legs that go all the way up, and her smile she turns heads wherever we go.

In a tight T-shirt, tight jeans, and a pair of high heels no one can resist looking at her. We have two daughters that are four and five years old. My mother-in-law lives just a few doors down the street, and she always says that she can baby sit for us anytime, and that she loves doing it too.

So about once a week we go out to dinner and a movie for our 'alone' time. Then one day right after our tenth wedding anniversary my wife said to me, "I want our sex to be rough, spontaneous, and exciting. I don't want to know when, where, or how you will take me as long as you take me." Now that was certainly something different. I had no idea what had led up to that remark. I was thinking about questioning her, psychoanalyzing her, or trying to figure out want brought this on…then I decided to just say 'fuck it' and enjoy myself.

So of course I replied, "Okay." Then I smiled at her as if to make her wonder what I was up too. I walked into the kitchen, looked in the refrigerator, and found a can of whipped cream. I walked up behind her as she sat in her favorite chair in the living room.

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Our two daughters were lying on the floor at her feet watching television. I just leaned over her kissing her neck as I did so and then I shoved the nozzle of that can down her neckline and bent to nozzle. The shock on her face was priceless. She let out a scream that attracted the attention of our daughters who started laughing hysterically. Her dress was expanding from all of the foam. She shouted out that it was cold and tried to push my hands away but I didn't give up until the can started spitting and sputtering.

Then I just grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs to our bedroom. She started to get out of her dress but I just pushed her onto the bed, lifted the bottom of her dress up covering her face, and then pulled her panties completely off. I pulled my cock out of my pants and shoved it right into her pussy. When my chest pressed onto the whip cream bulge it fluffed up onto her neck, chin, and her pillow.

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She started to scold me about making a mess that she would have to clean up. I grabbed a handful of whipped cream and filled her mouth with it and held my hand there. Then I repeated her statement, "I want our sex to be rough, spontaneous, and exciting." With that said I released her mouth and grabbed both of her breasts in my hands and kneaded them as I fucked into her just as roughly as I could.

Soon I was forcing her dress up higher and higher until I got to her bra. Then I pushed her bra up with her dress until it was lodged under her armpits. I rubbed that whipped cream all over her exposed body and pinched her nipples knowing that she didn't like it and that they were super sensitive, especially the week before her period was to start…like now.

Every time she cried out I shoved my cock into her harder. I have to admit it, I was very excited, and I cum like crazy. I didn't care if she had an orgasm or not but as it turned out she did and she enjoyed it too.

We took a shower together and then I helped her change the bed. That night while lying in bed she tried to add some ground rules to the game. I simply reminded her of what she had said. "I want our sex to be rough, spontaneous, and exciting. I don't want to know when, where, or how you will take me as long as you take me." There were no more rules…period!

The next day at work I thought about what I could do to my wife. She is a secretary at a company not too far away from where I work so I called her up and told her to be at her front door at about five minutes after noon and that I would take her to lunch. When I arrived and she had gotten in the car I told her to slip her panties off as I drove away.

She looked at me for a moment and then she lifted her fanny up off the seat and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She pulled her panties down to her knees and then pushed them down to her ankles. She picked them up, held them up to my nose, and then hung them on my rearview mirror. I was very pleased. She also left her skirt up around her waist and spread her knees for me. I reached over and poked my fingers between her legs.

She was very wet. As I massaged her clit she tilted the seat back until it was almost flat. I just drove to the far corner of her parking lot and looked for security cameras. Upon not seeing any cameras I backed in between two big vans for some protection from being caught. I lowered my pants and my underwear and then I rolled over on top of her.


My wife wrapped her legs around me and gave me encouragement. It was much calmer than the whipped cream incident the night before. That was actually quite daring for us even though we were semi concealed. I fucked into her at a nice steady pace. I kissed her constantly because I loved her so much. She rubbed my back through my dress shirt and I just held onto the seat. When I cum in her she released her fluids too from her orgasm. Together our combined fluids ran down onto my passenger seat and started to soak in.

I didn't even care. When I rolled back over behind the steering wheel she cleaned herself up with some left over Burger King napkins and then she asked me if we were really going to eat lunch.

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I handed her a can of soda and a box of donuts that I had gotten at the Convenience Store on the way over. She laughed. We sat in the car and ate as we talked. When I drove out from between the two vans and headed toward the building I looked in my rearview mirror. A woman got out of one of the vans. I smiled wondering if she had seen us. She probably had. What did she think about it? I decided to tell my wife about her and then I drove past her entrance and back around the parking lot to point the woman out to her.

She said that she didn't know her so I told her to find out who she was. I dropped her off at her door just ahead of the woman and then went back to work myself. That evening at home she told me that the woman's name was Jill, that she was a secretary too in another department, and that she had a reputation for being loose.

I told my wife to invite her to go out to dinner with us on Friday. I was not sure if she would ask her and I wondered if she would just lie to me and say that Jill had said, "No, thanks." The following day after lunch I got a call from my wife. She was very excited. She had followed Jill out to her van and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with us on Friday. She had said yes and then they made love in her plush van. Oh my God.

I got hard instantly but I was at work, damn it. My wife had not been with another woman since her college days and apparently she had missed it. She said that Jill had very nice tits and that her pussy tasted like honey. She said that she would tell me more at home later because she had work to do. Damn it that phone sex would have been great. That afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about her and Jill being together. I envisioned them in a steamy sixty-nine together.

I wanted Friday to come quickly. Work dragged on. Finally I called my wife and told her to bring Jill home with her that night. We could get rid of the kids, order some food to be delivered, and have sex for the next six hours together. She liked the idea and got all excited too but then she called me right back to tell me that Jill had other plans for the evening. Damn it! However that Friday was still on. Okay! When I got home I sat a pizza on the floor of the living room, popped open two sodas, and put in a cartoon for the girls to watch.

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I then took my wife upstairs to our bedroom. I had her strip naked and get on the bed face down. I blindfolded her and attached her ankles and wrists to the bedposts.

I slipped a ball gag into her mouth, a big dildo into her pussy, and a butt plug into her ass. Then I started smacking her bare ass with my hand until she stopped squirming. That was about a hundred whacks. I then pulled the butt plug out of her ass and put my cock in. She was very tight with me in her ass and that big dildo still in her pussy. I removed her ball gag and her blindfold. She told me how much she loved me and then she asked me if I was going to keep her tied up like that all night.

I took her double meaning as a suggestion and said yes. She smiled at me. When I finished cumming in her ass I just pulled out and took a shower. That evening I took care of the girls. I gave them their baths and dressed them for bed. Then I proudly walked them in to kiss their mother goodnight. They had questions but my wife told them that she was sick and couldn't tuck them in. They wanted to know why their Mommy was tied up and why she smelled.

She told them that she was sick and that I was curing her. I thought it was so cute. After tucking them in bed I went back into our room and butt fucked my wife again before I cuddled up to her and fell asleep. In the morning I got up, butt fucked my wife for the third time in a row, and then I took my shower. After my shower I released my wife and let her get cleaned up. Meanwhile I got the girls ready for the day. My wife came to me in the kitchen still naked and told me that she had enjoyed her night tied up and that she would remember me all day long whenever she sat down.

I kissed her, slapped her bare ass, and then I went off to work. She had to really get going if she didn't want to be late for work herself, besides she had to drop the girls off at her mother's house. On my way to work I couldn't help but think about dinner that night with Jill and my wife after all it was Friday.

I was wondering if I could talk them into buying the same dress to wear. It was worth a shot. I really like tight dresses that cling to every curve. You know the kind of dress that you can't wear a bra or panties in. White was the perfect color to me. A plunging neckline, a bare back, and very short would do it perfectly.

I was already hard just thinking about it and I hadn't even got to work yet. That day at work I had an entirely new outlook on life. I checked out every woman as if I had never seen her before. I eliminated the ones that I would not fuck from the thirteen that I would like to fuck.

I then tried to rank them from one to thirteen in the order that I would want to fuck first and who after them. That occupied me for most of my day.

I started a spreadsheet with their names, employee numbers, and their birth dates. I added their marital status then I started making notes as to what they were wearing and how good they looked, whether they were wearing a bra or not, and if I could see any tattoos or piercings. My secretary was not on my list of fuckable women but she was nice and had been with me since I had joined the company. Oh I would fuck if I had a chance, don't get me wrong, but she was not someone that I would lust after.

I confided in her about my day's work and she just smiled at me and shook her head. Then she started filling me in on all of the office gossip that I had never wanted to hear before. She knew who had fucked whom in the office, who had boob jobs, and who had children out of wedlock.

She also knew who was happily married and who fooled around. Then she asked me if I was happily married. I told her what my wife had said after ten years of marriage. "I want our sex to be rough, spontaneous, and exciting.


I don't want to know when, where, or how you will take me as long as you take me." I told her about my wife and Jill two days before on their lunch hour, and that the three of us were having dinner together that night. My secretary then told me of a very special place to go where each customer is in a private room and sex abounds.

I had her call for a reservation for me. Just before quitting time my secretary brought over the girl that was at the top of my list. It was quick and to the point. She told the girl that I wanted to fuck her something soon.

Then she told me that the girl was married but that she fooled around, that she wore a 36-C bra, and that her nipples and pussy lips were pierced. I could hardly believe it when my secretary then lifted up the girl's skirt to show me her pussy piercings.

The girl was not wearing any panties and the four silver balls shined very nicely. I didn't know what dirt my secretary had on that girl but when she slipped a finger into the girl's pussy and played with her clit I knew that it was something serious. I then got to smell the finger and the girl's panties were placed on my desk. Finally the girl spoke, "You can fuck me whenever you want too." I smiled and said, "How about noon on Monday here in my office?" She replied, "I would be honored." Then the two women left my office.

Moments later my secretary was back in my office. She was smiling from ear to ear. "Well that worked out better than I had planned." She said. "Can I have her after you're done with her on Monday? I don't want her to think it was my idea so what if you order me to eat her pussy out after you fuck her?" I asked, "Are you a lesbian?" She replied, "No, but I have been with a few girls and she makes my tongue hard." I laughed and said, "Okay." Then I walked her out to her car.

On the way she told me that if we worked together that she could get most of the girls on my list to let me fuck them in my office. But she wanted them after I was done with them. It was a deal. Oh, and she wanted a raise too. I told her to fill out the forms on Monday and put them on my desk. I told her that I would be pleased to sign them. She smiled. My wife and Jill were waiting for me when I got home. The kids were gone for the entire weekend. The girls liked the idea of matching sexy white dresses, so off we went to a shop that Jill knew.

The owner of the shop knew exactly what I was looking for and handed each girl a dress to try on. I waited outside the dressing room. When they came out I couldn't believe my eyes. Those dresses looked like they were painted on and they were absolutely perfect. All nipples were perky and I was hard as a rock.

The owner packaged their street clothes and let them wear the dresses out of the store. From there we went straight to dinner. I gave my name to the attendant and we were walked through a maze of hallways with lots of doors.

In our private dinning room there was a table set for three, a queen-size bed freshly made, and a bathroom with both a shower and a bathtub.

There were two bottles of wine on the table and our host said that our waitress would be right with us. I kissed my wife, she kissed Jill, and then Jill kissed me. I opened both bottles of wine.

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One girl liked red and the other liked white. I just smiled hoping that they would each drink a whole bottle and get a little tipsy. Our waitress was topless and just wearing a pair of white panties when she entered.

She handed me one menu and then told me about a tray of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and other sexual delights. She suggested the sloppy spaghetti with sauce so runny that the ladies would have to eat it in the nude and shower afterwards.

Jill liked both suggestions so I ordered the sexual tray and the sloppy sauce. Then she offered to help my girls off with their dresses. Jill told her that if they needed any help that they would ring for her. Personally I wished that they had let her help them undress. The girls drank a glass of wine and then helped each other out of their dresses while I watched.

The dresses were placed in a closet. The girls were on the bed in a steamy sixty-nine when our waitress returned with the tray. She smiled at the girls and said that she would love to join them. I handed the can of whipped cream to her and told her to go for it. She squirted some whipped cream right into my wife's pussy for Jill to lick and then squirted some into my wife's asshole for herself to lick.

I took the can and gave my wife something to lick out of Jill's pussy. Then I got behind the waitress, pulled her panties down to her knees and squirted some of that whipped cream into her pussy before shoving my cock into her. I had been so excited from watching the girls before the waitress had come in that I didn't last too long before I filled her with some organic cream as well. The waitress removed her panties, washed herself off, and then put her panties right back on.

The girls and I had a good half-hour before she returned with one big bowl of spaghetti and sauce. They were covered in no time at all, as were the walls the floor and even the bed.

I sucked sauce covered nipples, I fucked pussies full of spaghetti, and I enjoyed watching the girls make love to each other. Our waitress came back later and joined in again. Eventually I was drained from fucking all three of them and we took a nice long shower together. The waitress even gave the girls a douche to get the spaghetti out and an enema to get the whipped cream out.

Our bill was outrageous but worth every penny of it. After we were dressed and just about to leave our waitress opened a locked cabinet to reveal five DVD recorders.

She removed each DVD and put it in a separate case, handed them all to me, and said, "These are the only copies, I swear. Your privacy is our utmost concern. Keep them, destroy them, do whatever you wish with them. Please come back and see me sometime." We each got a very nice kiss from her then she escorted us to the front door.

As I walked out with my two girls on my arms the host just smiled and nodded, suggesting that we come back again real soon. I took the girls to our house and we talked for quite a while before going to sleep.

The next morning was Saturday so we watched one of the DVDs in our bedroom. It was from one of the upper corners of the room and showed the table and the bed.

I popped in the next one and it was from another corner. As I checked out the five DVDs I found that all four corners of the main room had cameras and that there was one in the bathroom too.

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There were no close-ups but they captured our entire time in there. What a fantastic memory! Now, I knew why our bill was so high.

My wife said that she would not have wanted to clean up the mess that we had left and Jill agreed. We rested all morning and then the girls put their tight white dresses back on and demanded that I take them out for lunch. I smiled as I contemplated on just where to take them. Burger King crossed my mind, a restaurant that I knew with tables out on the street, and even Hooters with those high stools to sit on. I imagined my girls flashing their pussies at total strangers and then I imagined them flashing their pussies at friends.

Before I took them out I had them invite four men they knew to a party at our house that evening, just men, no wives. They did as I had instructed and then I took them out for a very nice lunch. After that it was time to go shopping again with the intention of flashing the eight men that were coming over to party with them. They knew right away that they wanted to start with Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood.

Apparently sexy underwear was where to start. My wife picked out the tiniest pair of white thong panties that she could find and a tiny black strapless bra. Jill picked out a black bustier. It was strapless and resembled a girdle. It slimmed her tummy and held her breasts up. It just barely covered her areolas. She too picked out white panties but see though.

From there we went to a dress shop.

Jill only needed a tiny black stretchable miniskirt. So she went right to the little girls section. My wife wanted a similar skirt but in red with a white transparent top to go with it so she headed to the neglig?department. Soon both girls were very pleased with their selections.

I suggested that they get their hair done, their fingernails, and anything else that they needed to feel special that night. They both went for a bikini wax, but they wanted a complete hair removal. I wanted to watch but the girl doing it wouldn't let me. After that they wanted a manicure, a pedicure, and to get their hair styled.

It was getting on toward dinnertime so I took them to Red Lobster. After that they would still have an hour to change and greet their guests. There was no doubt in their minds that it would not stop at just flashing. They thoroughly intended in getting completely naked and to let all nine of us fuck them all night long. Jill had phoned two guys that she works with, the husband of her closest friend, and her own brother.

My wife also phoned two guys that she works with but they were both of her bosses. Then she phoned my two brothers. Oh my God! This was going to be so good! I had stopped off at the liquor store on my way home from dinner and bought a dozen bottles of assorted alcohol.

I also bought several cases of assorted beer too. When the doorbell rang both girls looked shocked as the moment of truth had finally arrived. They got up and together they went to the door and greeted their first guests. It was my two brothers and were they ever pleased to my wife in the white neglig?

black strapless bra, and that tiny red skirt.


The girls brought them into the family room were the bar was set up. Just then the doorbell rang again and the girls excused themselves. That time they were gone for quite a while but when they returned they were accompanied by the other six guests.

Introductions were made and the drinking began. The girls were the entertainment in every sense of the word. They talked with everyone, danced together, and made it generally clear that they were there to satisfy the men.

After just a couple of drinks my wife removed her little white neglig?and her red skirt to remain in just her skimpy white panties and her strapless black bra. Jill removed her black skirt to remain in her white panties and her black bustier. Jill order a double anything from me and my wife told me to make two of them.

Instead I placed the salt shaker and a bowl of cut up lime on the bar and started filling shot glasses with tequila. The girls downed two each rather quickly. Leave it to my two brothers though to grab my wife, lay her up on the bar, and use her for body shots. One took her exposed upper breasts and the other took her inner thigh right next to her pussy. Then they changed places and did it again.

After the other six had a taste of my wife I removed her bra and used her nipples for my two shots. Then Jill was placed up on the bar and her bustier was removed right away.

Everyone enjoyed their drinks to the fullest. Next the girls removed each other's panties, sat back up on the bar again, and then leaned back on their elbows to watch the fun. The nine of us guys enjoyed licking salt from their slits as we did some more body shots. Then it was time to fuck. The girls pulled out two thin mattresses that we had used for camping in the past, got down on them on their backs, and invited us guys to fuck their brains out.

My wife invited her two bosses to be her first fucks while Jill asked her brother to be first. Incest at it's best. I couldn't wait for my two brothers to fuck my wife. It is something that all three of us had dreamed about for years. All we needed to do now was convince their wives to go for group sex too. It certainly would make for a terrific family affair. My brothers were right after my wife's bosses while Jill's best friend's husband and her two coworkers were right after her brother.

After a couple more drinks the girls traded men. I hadn't taken a turn yet but I sure was going too. Actually I was planning on sharing Jill with her brother, I figured that he might want her ass after fucking her pussy already, and I had always wanted to double team a woman. I suggested the same thing to my brothers with me wife later. Her two bosses overheard our conversation and thought that if they double dipped my wife that there might be a raise in it for her too.

All right! Once again we took a break to drink and rest our pricks. I placed two brand new tubes of K-Y Jelly up on the bar and the girls just looked at me. I leaned over and whispered to me wife, "You wanted it rough, spontaneous, and exciting. Here's your chance." She asked, "Who do you have in mind?" I replied, "My brothers first and then your bosses. After that it's up to you." Jill asked, "So who did you have in mind for me?" I replied, "Your brother and me followed by your co-workers." Jill smiled and asked, "Does he get my ass?" I just nodded to her in the affirmative.

The girls took the tubes and grabbed the guy that would be on the bottom. Then they grabbed the ass man and started lubing him up along with each other's asshole. It was great watching those two women shove two greasy fingers up the other's ass. It certainly made all of us hard. As the girls looked around and saw all of the hard cocks they decided to do four of us each. So my wife sat down on one of my brothers, allowed the other one to slip his cock into her ass, and then jerked her two bosses off…all at the same time.

Jill sat on my cock, let her brother slip his into her ass, and then she grabbed her two co-worker's cocks. Looking up she smiled and took her best friend's husband's cock into her mouth.

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My wife looked over and said, "No fair! We ran out of cocks and I still have my mouth available." Not for long because one of her bosses shoved his cock into her mouth just to stop her from complaining. At the end of the night we all agreed that it was the very best time that any of us had ever had. The End Now She Likes It Rough 275