Im auto pissen

Im auto pissen
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I got some messages saying to do some "My Babysitter's a Vampire" sex stories, but because I only saw the first episode, I don't feel comfortable righting one just yet. I found two on the internet, and this is part one. I DID NOT write this. Original link here: So go there for the original. I didn't like the ending, because I felt the ending was quite weak compared to the amazing beginning, complete with many line like "so I did and it was awesome".

I'm changing the ending so it works better, and thats the only part I take credit for. I'll let you know when that is, so enjoy. See the original for the actual ending to this part, as this is only part one.

I'll keep the storyline the same, as to not upset the original writer. Sarah's POV Ethan and I had just got back to his house from our third date. We finnaly told each other how we feel and he kissed me and thing's got very heated. No Ones Prov Ethan didn't resist. He didn't know how long it would last, so he took the chance. He kissed her back passionately. He held her waist in his arms like he always wanted to, this time without any thoughts of being rejected.

Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her hand through his hair. Ethan, seeing no signs of being rejected at all, he took it one step at a time, not going too far too quickly.

His tongue pushed forward lightly, begging for entrance. Sarah opened her mouth a little wider, giving Ethan full access.

His tongue massaged hers lightly, challenging her to the battle of tongues. To his surprise, Sarah played along and moved her tongue in sync with his. Enjoying himself, Ethan moved his arms lower, and into Sarah's shirt, playing with her soft breasts. Sarah moaned quietly, not resisting his touches. He slowly pulled her shirt up, giving him a full view of her amazing body.

He started at it for a few seconds, before getting interrupted by the feel Sarah's lips on his neck. He took the chance to unhook her bra. He pushed her to his bed. He planted kisses on her neck, trailing down to her now exposed breasts, taking one in his mouth, moving his tongue over her nipples, making her moan in pleasure.

"Ahh… Ethan… Mmh…" Ethan got one of his hands busy, and kneaded her other breast, playing with her nipple between his thumb and finger.

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Sarah held onto Ethan's shirt, gripping it tightly. Her heavy breathing caused her chest to move up and down as Ethan moved lower to her stomach, leaving a trail of his saliva moving down to her jeans.

He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down slowly. To his surprise, Sarah sat up and pushed him down. "You don't get to have all the fun, that's not fair." She kissed him on the lips, and their tongues played with each other for a brief moment once more, before she started biting his ear. Her hands seemed to be busy undoing Ethan's pants as his were busy rubbing Sarah's ass through her tight jeans. Sarah slid Ethan's pants down to his ankles. "You better calm junior down, Ethan," said Sarah, seeing the huge bulge in Ethan's boxers, that had been hiding.

She smirked, moving down, kissing right below his belly button. Sarah pulled his boxers down, seeing Ethan's big erection. "Someone's excited," Sarah smirked, kissing the tip of his member, making Ethan moan in pleasure.

She licked it slowly up and down, teasing Ethan and making him impatient. "God, Sarah, just— Ohh…!" Ethan's words were stopped when Sarah took him all in her mouth, starting to bob her head up and down, sucking harder every time.

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"Ah! Sarah!" Ethan was about to cum, when Sarah stopped. She put her face close to Ethan's again, "Not yet." She winked.

Sarah gasped, as Ethan turned them over again.


Sarah's back was on the beanbag once again, as Ethan quickly pulled her jeans down. "My turn again." He smirked. After successfully getting rid of Sarah's shoes and jeans, she now lay bare with nothing but her white panties, which seemed darker at the bottom. "Someone seems to be really wet." Ethan caught her in another steamy kiss as he rubbed Sarah through her underwear. She moaned and breathed hard between their kisses, taking Ethan's shirt off, not caring if she'd ripped any buttons off.

"Ethan, take me now." "Not so fast, I need to have a little more fun first." Ethan slipped her panties down and had his head by her lower part. He licked her inner thighs and made his way to her womanhood.

"Oh God, Ethan… Ah!" Ethan's tongue found its way to Sarah's wet spot, making her back arch, and her fingers dig deep into the beanbag.

"Oh, Ethan just do me now! Ah! Please!" Sarah screamed. "Ready now, are we?" Ethan smirked. "Ah… Ethan— mmph!" He caught her mouth in a full kiss once again. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" Ethan pulled away and asked with concern in his voice.

"Yes… Please, Ethan. I want you in me now," Sarah breathed hard, waiting impatiently for her virginity to be taken away by her geek of a boyfriend.

Ethan nodded, and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

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He entered her slowly, breaking the thin barrier. "Aahh!" Sarah screamed in pain. "Shit!" Ethan looked at Sarah's face, "Are you alright?" "I'm fine." Sarah's arms wrapped around Ethan tighter but not to tight becase of her vampire strength. "Okay, just let me know if you're hurt," Ethan continued to push further in. "Aaaahhh! Ethan!" Sarah's face showed that she was in deep pain, and her fingers dug into Ethan's back.

"Just go, Ethan." "Are you sure?" Ethan asked with concern in his voice once again. "Yes! Just do it, please!" Sarah screamed. Ethan nodded. He started kissing her neck, trying to ease her pain. He moved in further, and pulled out. And he moved in once more, hearing another cry from Sarah, except this time, with less hints of pain in her voice, but with more lust and pleasure.

Ethan moved slowly, afraid he might hurt her from the sudden change of pace. "Oh! Ethan… Ahh… Aaahh! Uuuuuhhh! Faster!" Sarah's eyes were shut tight, her nails digging deeper as ever into Ethan's back. Ethan quickened his pace.

He pulled her leg over to his waist so her legs were open wider. "Faster! Aaahhh! Ethan, faster! Harder! Ugh! Aah!" Ethan got up and stopped kissing her neck, leaving a hickey near Sarah's collar bone.

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With less tasks at hand, he concentrated more on satisfying Sarah. His right hand held Sarah's leg, and he positioned his other hand beside Sarah's head to balance himself.

He moved himself forward and back, up and down. He pushed in as much as he could, faster and harder.


"Oh God, Sarah," Ethan groaned, "I'm almost there." "Me, too. Faster, Ethan! Faster! Just a little bit more! Ahh! Aaahhh!" Sarah arched her back and moved her hips along with Ethan's movements. "Oh God!

Ethan! Aaahh! AAHH!" Both Sarah and Ethan reached their climax. Then Sarah laid her head on Ethan's cheast and they fell asleep in each outher's arm's.

----this is where I take credit for---- Ethan's POV We woke up at about noon. I gently ran my fingers through her hair, until she awoke. We stayed in that position for some time, until we heard footsteps. "Crap! My parents are home!" "Sara tried desperately to get dressed, but was only able to pull on her panties, pants, and just barely her bra. I was able to pull on my boxers, and cower like a pussy under the blankets.

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"Did you too have fun last night?" My mom asked. "What the hell?! You knew?!" I asked, scared. "I'm the mom of the house. Nothing get by me." She said with a smirk. "So. Are you-" Sarah started, but was cut off by mom.

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"If I wasn't okay with it, it wouldn't have happened. I know you too are in love, so as long as I don't end up with some kid to raise, I'm fine with it." Mom said. "Does dad know?" I asked. "Yep. And he's okay with it too. You too pull off those clothes and share a shower together." Mom said with amusement. "Eww. I don't want to hear this from my mom!" I screeched.


When your out, put your clothes in the hamper, and I'll wash them. You too Sarah.

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You can borrow some of my clothes." Mom said as she walked out. Sarah's POV I texted Erica, and she was happy for us. End of part one And remember, comment, rate, and enjoy! Part two will be out ASAP :)