Vibrator And Pussy Fingering Makes Big Ass Latina Very Wet

Vibrator And Pussy Fingering Makes Big Ass Latina Very Wet
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Most people would think travelling the world would be exciting, you've done it for so long you can only think of it as boring. Another flight another, crowded airport, another meeting, another identical hotel! You sometimes even lose track of which country you're in, this it you've returned to England and you're able to use the flat you own in London, after a long day of meetings you return home and feel as if your life has stopped dead you wish something exciting would happen just to relieve the sameness!!

Later that night you wake up on the sofa, 'god I did it again!' you think, falling asleep on the sofa is getting to be a habit! You decide to have a shower to see if that will relax your aching muscles before you go to bed. 15 minutes later as you get out of the shower you hear a noise, you stay quiet but don't hear anything else and thinking it was your imagination you stroll into the living room without turning on the light, there you see a shadowy figure move quietly round the room.

'Fuck I'm being burgled you think' and then you have an idea!! Slowly you creep up on the figure. and before it knows what's happening you grab the first thing that comes to hand and push it into the figures back. 'Don't move or you'll be sorry' you say and the figure freezes!

As you both stand there you realise you have no idea what to do next!! Feeling the figure tense you push the thing in your hand harder into its back, and as the TV comes on you realise it's the remote!!! The figure spins round and grabs at you forcing you back and you both fall on to the sofa struggling.trying to get a stronger grip on each other to stop them moving. Suddenly you're looking into the blues eyes you have ever seen. and you can feel his hard body against you, neither of you are moving.

'he's just realise I'm naked' you think.slowly without making a sound he lowers his mouth onto yours and kisses you lightly, you feel like an electric shock has just gone through you.

and then you feel yourself kissing him back and your arms are circling his neck holding him there. Without you holding his arms he's free to move and with you still kissing him he raises himself onto his knees pulling you along and lifts you to the sofa, then you feel his hand brush across your stomach and up to cup your breast. gently squeezing it and his thumb finds your hard nipple and rubs across it and back.

a slight moan escapes you.

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he does it again. another moan. His other hand is behind you and you feel it caress the small of your back. as he lays across your still wet body you feel a hardness pushing at your thigh, dropping a hand to his leg you manage to slip it between you and feel it there.

getting harder as you touch!!


Suddenly you feel your pussy start to tingle. you know if he doesn't do what you hope you'll just scream!! Feeling your body moving he kisses down your neck and another moan escapes your lips. still he moves further down. across your chest, and now you can't believe he's kissing you breast! You feel his lips on your nipple, he lightly brushes it and moves away. you can't help it a soft 'Nooo' escapes you only to find he's kissing your other nipple and this time he's sucked it into his mouth.

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You feel his teeth round it and as he sucks and lick it you feel him bite it gently at first and then harder. Each time you moan louder. You're breathing faster now almost panting. it's been so long since you've had anyone pay attention to you. so much travelling doesn't help. you feel the man move again and you groan as you understand where has going. kissing and licking down your stomach.

slowly so slowly he reaches your thighs and shocked you feel him carry on kissing down!! Your body is tingling hard now and you can't help massaging and teasing your nipples. not caring that the man whose doing these things to you is a stranger and was going to rob you a few minutes ago!!


He's kissing up the inside of your thighs now. you can almost believe he knew it was one of your most favourite turn ons!! Closer he kisses to your now pulsing pussy lips. and he stops just before touching them and kisses above your pussy mound!! You groan so loud and look down to see him staring at you as you pull hard on your nipples.

He slowly leans down and plants a soft kiss right on your pussy. you gasp and can't stop your legs from opening. inviting him to do more. inviting him to do whatever he likes. he leans down again and you can see in the flickering light of the TV his tongue slowly slipping out of his mouth and onto your pussy lips. another gasp and groan!! You feel his tongue gently lick up and down your pussy you feel it getting wetter and pulse again.

he does it again this time slipping the tip inside and you know he can taste how wet you are and how your pussy juices are flooding you. again another lick. Another gasp. this time he doesn't pull his tongue out but finds your clit and licks across it and around. you can't believe how hard it suddenly becomes.

A solid lump pushing out to be used and teased. you're panting hard now. and couldn't stop him even if you wanted too. Suddenly he stops and is standing in front of you looking down at you. as you look back you start to get scared. what's he going to do?? Am I going to be hurt?? Are the only thoughts in your head. slowly he leans down and takes your hand. raises it and ever so slowly places it on the huge lump you can see in his trousers. with relief you know what he expects.

you move you other hand up and trembling you undo his belt and trousers slipping them down his well muscled legs, before you is a tight pair of boxers and a large bulge. you can only stare at it for a second before trailing 2 of your fingers down it and feel it twitch. you must have it!!. Slowly almost reverently you peel the boxers down so the tip appears.

you can see it's shiny from his juices in the light from the TV, again you touch it with your finger and feel the stickiness as it twitches again. you hear a noise and realise he moaned. You feel him tense as you hear police sirens but they disappear off into the night. you reach out and take his hot cock in a trembling hand and feel it throb. slowly you move you face towards it and let your tongue flick out and over the tip.

you pussy twitches and you feel yourself burn with the desire to have this wonderful thing in you. again you flick your tongue over it and you feel more of his juices flow out of it. you move close as you hear his breathing quicken and lightly surround the tip with your lips.

another groan from him and you realised you answered his with one of your own. you take more in and start to greedily suck taking as much as you can in to your mouth as you move your lips up and down his throbbing shaft. you can feel the pressure building in his cock by the harder and harder throbbing and his moans and gasps of pleasure. Suddenly your pussy throbs in unison with this monster cock and you feel it jerk. seconds later you feel him flood your mouth with his cum.

Shooting and shooting as you hungrily swallow every last drop.

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You lean back with your eyes closed savouring the taste and feeling of what you have just done. then you feel him again between your legs and again he licks across your pussy lips.

sending yet another electric shock through your body. pushing his tongue hard against your clit he starts to lick faster and faster as you juices flow out and into his mouth.

your holding on to the sofa back and panting hard now. you feel wave after wave of pleasure with each lick and suck. you can't help but cry out. 'Oh fuck yes please. please don't stop.' he renews his efforts and pushes harder sometimes sucking your clit in to his mouth and licking it.

your trying to bury your face in to the cushion beside you now.

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you almost shouting continuously. Suddenly you stiffen as he pushes 3 fingers inside you as he licks. There no ways you can stop it. you know you're going to cum now and cum hard!!!. With a final lick and thrust of his fingers you scream!! And the biggest hardest orgasm you've ever felt hits you.

Your bodies throbbing and shaking. your pussy has trapped his finger inside you and won't let go. now he's using his thumb on your clit and the waves of pleasure aren't stopping your almost crying with pleasure. Your body feels like its burning as you cum. As your body relaxes you feel him still between your legs. looking up in to his eyes you know he hasn't finished with you yet. your eyes move down to his stomach and you see his huge cock still hard and pointing at your pussy.

your body trembles from your continuing orgasms. and you look back at him.

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Slowly he moves towards you on his knees and you feel the tip of his cock on your now burning throbbing pussy lips. 'Please no. not yet' you gasp as you can't take your eyes off his face.

he gently places a cum covered finger over your lips and you can smell his cum on it. you body reacts and you feel another orgasm coming. now you feel him start to push in to you. feeling like he's splitting your pussy you moan and beg 'Please no. Not now.


please' he continues pushing until you know he has as much of his cock inside you as you can take. slowly he starts to pull out. you feel the jolt of another orgasm hit you.pushing you over the edge.

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you feel him entering you again and cry out!!!! Again he's pulling out and again another wave. this time he stops. now you can't take it. you need him to fuck you and you don't care how.

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'Don't stop. please fuck me. use me I'm yours.' your horrified to hear yourself utter those words. with a slight smile he thrusts hard in to you and you scream again. losing yourself in the feeling as he fucks you harder and harder. your body's shaking uncontrollably as you feel his cock start to tighten and throb even in your hot throbbing pulsing pussy. You feel him cum inside you. long and hard. you can't believe someone can cum that much!! Then your own powerful orgasm hits you and you feel like you losing yourself.

your body is on fire and all you can feel is the pulse of your pussy and the thrust of this man's cock deep inside you. you feel like you're going to faint and collapse onto the sofa. when you recover you realise the man has gone. staggering to the bathroom you find the window open and a ladder underneath it. without another word you shut the window and all you can do is fall on to your bed.