Lexxi lockhart pounded by bbc

Lexxi lockhart pounded by bbc
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Chapter 1 Four years of college and now I'm out. Yes, I knew better than to think I was going to change the world. Teachers make a difference but it's a slow, gradual difference. Nearing graduation, I applied all around and got an offer from Samuel Adams Middle School in Harrisville.

LIke any new job, I guess, you start out not knowing anyone, well, the people you interviewed with, sure, but often you don't really work with them day to day. So, I had started really not knowing anyone, just meeting other teachers in the faculty room or at lunch or in faculty meetings. I was getting to know a few people in this new town I had just moved to and was renting a place from week to week, planning on looking for a more permanent place, not sure if I really wanted to stay here or not, not even sure if Harrisville was the place I wanted to make my home.

I did like the size of Harrisville, it was a little larger than the town I grew up in, which was pretty small. I was twenty-two, not very experienced in dating and sex and stuff, the few girlfriends I did have during high school and college were kind of 'hands-off' for the most part.

So, I expected my life to be rather spartan and, indeed, it did start out that way. It was a rather warm afternoon in August on my fourth day of teaching; the last bell had rung and I was clearing up my things. A few younger kids were running down the hallway as I heard one of them yell, "Hurry up, Mom," and a woman went running by my door, a rather wonderful-looking woman with long blond hair trailing out behind her. I stepped out to take a better look (I'm male, after all) and she was turning around at the end of the hall and had begun running back my way as two children ran by.

When she got to my room door, she stopped as her kids ran outside through the side fire door. "These kids are really a handful. They'll be the death of me, for sure. You're new. I'm Erica Wayne." "Um, yeah, I am new. Adam Francis. My fourth day." "Oh, wow, really new. Great. Oh, are you the new math teacher?" "That's me. Wanna ask me about prime numbers?" I asked this lovely creature as I smiled by best smile.

Not wanting to let this beautiful lady out of my presence, I asked her, "Well, would you join me in a soda, something cold?" "Oh, that would be nice," and I led her down to the faculty room and got us two cold drinks from the machine and we sat down at one of the tables.

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I'm not exactly sure what we talked about that afternoon, I was rather distracted by my new friend's appearance. Erica was about five-five, nice, slim figure, pretty blond hair down to well below her shoulders, creamy skin, light blue eyes.

As we talked, my eyes were drawn to her clothes. At least to what clothes she was wearing. She wore a tube top and a short skirt. So, the vision before me was mostly bare arms and shoulders, bare tummy, and lovely, lovely bare legs. Probably more than half her skin was uncovered.

And, such nice skin it was. While we talked, she told me that her children were six and nine and that I would be getting them eventually. Then, she shifted in her seat and as her skirt rose a bit, I became aware that she didn't seem to be wearing any panties under her rather short skirt. I would be very less than honest if I didn't admit right here that my interest in her changed dramatically from 'Mother of Future Students' to 'Future Partner in Bed,' when I realized that she was bare under her skirt.

I supposed I was not too subtle about my discovery as she said, with a smile, "Ahem, am I distracting you, Adam?" I was barely able to squeak out, "Uh, well, it's kind of hot in here," and she smiled, got up, went to the door and twisted the lock.

She came back over, sat back down and said, "Now, let me welcome our new teacher," as she reached forward and pulled down my zipper and reached inside. It really sounds lame but I was just frozen. I simply couldn't or didn't move. She wrestled my now very hard cock out into the open, bent down and I felt the most wonderful feeling I've ever experienced.

And experience, it was. I've watched a lot of porn of women sucking guys off and watching Erica Wayne working me over was the equal of all those porn videos rolled into one. She was a master. When she started sucking just the tip of my cock while she circled it with her tongue and jacked me back and forth with her fingers circled around my shaft, that was all I could take, I began spurting her mouth full.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," as she sucked and sucked and swallowed and swallowed. I was just limp. No, my cock was still pretty hard, I was limp. Just drained.

All in all, it couldn't have taken but two or three minutes. She looked up at me, smiled, and said, "Welcome to Harrisville, Adam. We know how to welcome newcomers properly." "Oh, wow, Erica, you sure do. I don't know what to say." "Just say you'll come to dinner tonight. I'm a single mom, in case you hadn't figured that out yet. And, I'll promise to get the kids in bed early." My verbal response was a "yes," my physical response was my cock rising up just at the thought of this delicious woman naked later in bed.

"Good, here's the address," as she wrote out a slip of paper, "say six-thirty, no need to bring anything, I'm on the pill. Here's a preview," and she pulled down her tube top exposing two beautiful, full, round breasts. Her dark pink nipples were very erect, just waiting for my lips later.

Just before she turned to leave, she lifted her skirt. "Dessert, Adam, and, yes, you can have seconds," turned, unlocked the door, went outside, collected her two children and drove off. I just sat back down, then realized that my cock was still outside my pants and quickly zipped up before I caused a major scandal on my first week.

I gathered up my stuff, still in a daze, a happy daze, but a daze nonetheless, and went back to my rental. My lesson plan got done, somehow, and I changed shirts, splashed on just a bit of fragrance, grabbed a bottle of red wine out of the pantry, then set off for Erica Wayne's house.

"Right on time, Adam. I take that as a good sign for things to come later, come in, come in." This time, I got introduced to her kids and we chatted in the kitchen until everything was ready.

We all four had a nice dinner, then the kids were sent off to do their homework while I helped Erica clean up in the kitchen. She was wearing the same wonderful outfit and had given me an open-leg flash or two during dinner which surely aided my digestion immensely. Then as she was putting our plates in the dishwasher, she turned toward me, smiled and pulled down her tube top, again introducing me to her most lovely breasts which I reached out to hold and fondle as she stood before me.

"Mmm, that feels nice, Adam. You can do more of that after the children are in bed. And so are we," the last with a big smile. She pulls her top up, then leans forward, puts her arms around me and we kiss for some time, deep, hot kisses as her hand roams the front of my pants and mine are up under the back of her skirt rubbing her warm, smooth butt.

"Mmm, yes, it's nice having a new teacher at school. Maybe you can teach me something, Adam, maybe later," she teased as she gently pinched my bulge. "Oh, Erica, I think you can teach me a lot more than I can teach you." "Well, I can sure try," as she gave my cock one more squeeze. She was true to her word, she had her children in bed by eight-thirty. "Now, for a proper welcome to Harrisville, Adam, follow me," and I follow this lovely creature down the hall as she reaches behind her to pull up the back of her skirt revealing two of the most beautiful half-globes imaginable.

Oh, I couldn't wait. We round the corner into her bedroom and she closes and locks the door behind us. "Well, now I can get to see all of you, Adam," and she pulls off her tube top and pulls down her skirt as I just start to unbutton my shirt. She stands there in front of me as I clumsily try to disrobe and finally I'm tugging down my plain white briefs as we stand there naked in front of one another.

She reaches down and lifts my cock, "Well, we meet again, how nice," and kneels down in front of me and takes the tip of my dick in her mouth and begins softly sucking as she smiles up at me. Oh, that feeling again. That feeling above all feelings.


So warm, so sensuous, so erotic, oh, so wonderful. She goes on for a few minutes, then leans back and stands up in front of me as we embrace and kiss deeply, our four hands mapping out where we want to go, where we want to explore further. Our lips part and she leads me to her bed, "In the spirit of full disclosure, Adam, I'm thirty years old. Just so you know." "You look perfect to me, Erica, just perfect." "Oh, Adam, I'm going to love getting to know you better, lots better," and she pulls the covers back and lays down, her legs parted just enough to hint at things to come.

"I know I kind of dress provocatively. I never used to when I was married, but now, I just want to feel desirable. I just decided I was going to do what I wanted to do and went out and bought a whole new wardrobe.

It makes me feel good and I like feeling good. You're gonna find that out. Actually, I guess you've already found that out," as she turns toward me, puts her arms around me, then pulls me over and up between her outspread legs.

I've dreamed about my first time for a long time. I just never dreamed this particular dream. I raised up, led my dick right up to her widespread legs, to the beautifully shaven slit, shiny with moisture and pushed as I watched me enter a woman's pussy for the first time ever.

As I slid inside her, the feelings were simply wonderful.

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So warm, soft, slippery, oh, this was heavenly, I thought as I pulled back, then pressed in, over and over. "Oh, Erica, this is just wonderful. You are so beautiful. I never thought it could feel this good." "You've had bad experiences?" "Um, no, no, um, well, it's really my first time. Don't laugh, it's true." She reached up, pulled me down and kissed me long and hard as she bucked her hips up and down just fucking me furiously.

I guess my being a virgin must have pumped her up. "Oh, Adam, I didn't know. Oh, how wonderful. I'm your first. I hope it's good enough for you. Is it good?" Chapter 2 "Oh, Erica, you have no idea. It is just wonderful being with you. It couldn't be better." "You're so sweet, Adam, I'd like to keep you around," and she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my back and pulled me tight into her. "I'll never forget tonight, me being your first.

It's a first for me, I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've never had a virgin guy before. That's lovely," and I continued going in and out of her, the feelings getting better and better. I might have gotten a blowjob from this lovely creature just this afternoon, but I was still a very horny guy. As I went in and out of her, I was surprised that I was lasting this long.

Her pussy was simply wonderful. I have no other to compare, but it was wonderful. Then, all the fantastic feeling seemed to culminate in the head of my cock as I bolted forward, shoving deeply into her, my legs stiffened as I cummed into this beautiful woman. "UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, oh, Erica, oh, it's so good, oh, you've made me so happy," and I dropped down over her as her arms surrounded me and she kissed my face and lips over and over.

"Oh, Adam, I'm so happy. So happy we're together like this. I want us to be like this, it just feel so right." "Yes, Erica, I want us to get to know each other better, lots better. What a wonderful way to start," and I leaned down and kissed her as romantically as I knew how.

"I can come visit you, too, Adam. Where are you staying?" "Oh, just a place I'm renting week by week, I don't plan on staying there, I'll get a better place." "Well, I have a garage apartment in the back.

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It's empty. It's pretty nice, too, I don't really try to rent it, you could stay there if you want. I'll show you before you go." "How much do you want for rent?" "Well, I think I can figure some way for you to make it up to me, Adam.

Let's say, help around the house?" "I guess it depends on the kind of help I might be able to give." "Oh, you've already helped a lot. Would you like to help some more? Is your nice 'helper' ready?" she asked as she reached down to feel my cock. "Mmm, pretty much. Let's see what we can do to help," she said as she got down and began sucking me, it was that wonderful feeling again.

Every suck got my breathing pumped up even more. "There. Oh, yes, that's perfect. Now lay down, it's my treat," and she swung a leg over me, reached under between her legs, took hold of me and lowered herself, wiggling and twisting as I disappeared up inside her wondrous body. "Mmm, oh, yeah, oh, this is nice, really nice.

Feel good, Adam?" as she twists back and forth as she presses down on me. "Oh, so much better than good, Erica, so much better. Simply wonderful," as I massaged her beautiful breasts and rubbed her nipples between my fingers. "Mmm. I love my boobs played with.

You can do that all you want." "Is that part of the rent?" "Could be, Adam, could be." Well, I was no longer a virgin. But I've only had sex once. It was just wonderful and here we were doing it again, now with Erica up on top and it felt rather different.

Still wonderful, still very sexy and erotic but different. I really liked this, with her on top. Not because I'm lazy or anything, just because it felt so good.

And, I got to rub her nice boobs as she fucked me.

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As she moved up and down over me, my hands kneaded her breasts and she put her hands over mine and massaged along with me.

My cock was feeling so good.

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I'm not far from another orgasm by the feel of it. "Mmm, this is so nice, Adam. You feel so good inside me right now. Oh, so good," as she began twisting her hips around back and forth as she pressed down. This was going to do it, oh, yes, for sure. "UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh," as my semen flooded into her depths and she fell over me, kissing me over and over, now, bucking her hips up and down faster and faster.

"Oh, OH, OH, Adam, Oh, it's so good, oh, you make me feel so good," and she stopped with me still deep inside her as I could feel her contracting deeply around me, gripping, then releasing me over and over. This was exquisite. Nothing I'd ever imagined before. I just lay there, my cock still up inside Erica, her head resting on my shoulder, awash in the most lovely feelings I'd ever had.

We just lay there for a long time, my dick slowly relaxing, our kisses keeping ourselves awake, a thin film of perspiration over Erica slowly cooling us both.

Every once in a while I felt her pussy contracting around my cock, squeezing it, then relaxing. Oh, it was heaven. "Mmm, I've really missed that, Adam. I just love having you here," she said as she nuzzled my neck. "That was just spectacular, Erica, I just never thought it could be that good. You are a wonder." "Well, we'll have lots of time to have fun together, Adam. Especially if you decide to move in the apartment in back. Let's go look at it, shall we?" and she got me a robe out of her closet and put one on herself.

We went out through the kitchen and to the garage out back, up the stairs, where she unlocked the door and flipped the light switch on. The apartment opened into the kitchen which was nice enough, especially for my style of cooking, then into a living area and to the bedroom in back. Erica then turned to me, slid her robe off to the floor and pushed mine off my shoulders where it fell to the floor. She then took a step forward toward my erection, put her arms around me, looked up and we kissed once again, her hand down between us, her fingers encouraging my cock.

"I wouldn't want you to consider the apartment unless you had tried out the bed first," she said softly as she led me to the bed, sweeping the bed linens aside and getting down on her all fours facing away from me. She turns her head back toward me and asks, "See any place you'd like to put that thing, Adam?" and wiggled her butt a few times. What a sexy woman. I waddled right up behind her beautiful butt with that pretty pussy winking back at me, placed my cock head right on the moist crevice and began rubbing myself up and down, then pushed my hips toward her watching my cock slowly go up inside her.

"Mmm, yes, oh, now that feels good. Oh, yes, Adam, just go in and out while I…mmm, oh, that's good. You like me going round and round while you do me from the back?" "Oh, it feels heavenly, incredible, just incredible." I can't believe I never tried harder to have sex with some of the girls I had dated.

Now that I knew how great it was, I just wanted to kick myself for always being the gentleman. Even with Erica, I probably would never have made a pass at her, now look at us. "Just push in, Adam, push into me real hard and just stay there nice and still," which I did as she pressed back against me.

Then, I felt her contracting her vaginal muscles around me, alternately squeezing, then relaxing around my cock. I just couldn't resist, it felt so, so good.


"UNNH, UNNH, uh, uh, oh, Erica, that is fantastic. Oh, you do that so well, It just feels fabulous when you do that." "Now go fast, Adam, try to get me off now," and I began pumping back and forth, not trying to take too long a stroke, worried that my dick, now being a little soft, might slip out of her at a crucial point. But, I suppose, I did the right thing for she started pushing back on me, dropping her head to the mattress and moaning, "OH, OH, Adam, OH, more, Adam, oh, fuck me more, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, mmm, oh, so good, yes, so good," and I slowed down just pulling back slowly, then pressing in, just letting her enjoy her orgasm as much as she could.

I could see my semen dripping down the bottom of her pussy lips. What a night. "Oh, Adam, that was lovely. Did you like it that way?" "Just wonderful, Erica, that was doggie-style, right?" "Yes, woof, woof," she said laughing.

I turned her over and we kissed for quite a while. We both knew it was getting quite late, that she had kids to get up and going in the morning and that I had a full school day as well. So, on went our robes and we went back inside her house to her bedroom where we stood kissing all nice and naked, she, again, fondling my cock which was, yes, getting hard again. "I think you'll just have to come back over for dinner again tomorrow night, Adam. And bring this, please," as she gives me a squeeze and a smile.

She then helps me get dressed, I accept her lovely invitation and leave to go home to my lonely room. I lay there, unable to sleep, thinking back over the sex-filled evening I had just had. I have simply fallen into a paradise of sexual pleasure. Who would think that Harrisville would harbor such a wonderful and sexy creature. And I drifted off to the happiest sleep of my life. The next evening, I was greeted at her door with an embrace and long kiss as she fondled my cock.

Then, as she turned to go inside, she flipped up the back of her skirt revealing to me, once again, the lovely half moons of her ass, turning her head back to me with a smile. Our evening was much the same as the one before, a nice meal with her children, then some television and sending them off to bed so we adults could be adult. I was fucked and sucked more than I ever thought possible. I had decided to take her up on her offer of the apartment out back and I got an excited kiss which was very nice indeed.

"I'll give you the key before you leave, you can move in any time. I'm looking forward to having you this close by, Adam, both you and your nice cock, here," which she bent down to kiss. What have I ever done to deserve this?

Then, about one in the morning as I was leaving, Erica said, "I'm having some friends over on Saturday evening, just a few women friends of mine. Could you come? You could get to meet a few new people." I graciously accepted, not that I had any other plans, hoping that after the women left, maybe we could be together again. Chapter 3 So, on Saturday night, I brought a bouquet of flowers and two bottles of wine and a very hard penis strapped down in the tightest briefs I had.

"You must be Adam, I'm Susanne Franks, come in, Erica's in the kitchen," and I follow this tall, willowy blond inside to the delicious-smelling kitchen. "Oh, Adam, good, you've met Susanne, this is Sharon Willoughby, and this is Heather Knowles. Oh, and flowers, how sweet," and she came over and gave me a big, warm kiss.

"I love your apron, Erica," I commented. The apron was a cartoonish-looking naked female body. "You seemed to like the real thing, Adam," she whispered. I looked around and asked her, "Where are the kids?" "Oh, at Mom's for the night. This is just us grown-ups." It seems that all of Erica's friends are attractive. Sharon is the shortest of the four, long, brown hair, athletic figure, she's wearing a very short skirt and a tube top which is very nicely filled.

Heather is a freckly redhead, tanned like a tennis star, long, slender legs, short shorts and a silk blouse which showed the nipples on her small but obviously youthful breasts.

Nice friends, Indeed. So, we had some wine, mine, that I brought, was soon gone, several more were opened, had our dinner of stuffed cannelloni and a Greek salad. After we all helped clean up, Erica had us all convene in the living room. "Adam is new to our little get-together. I haven't explained to him yet about why we meet every month so maybe I should start with that." Hmm, okay, this seems interesting. Every month? "Well, Adam, each of us is college-educated.

Sharon is even a PhD. And each of us is single. I'm divorced, as you know, so is Heather, Susan and Sharon have never been married." As she spoke, I'm starting to wonder if this is some kind of 'invite that bachelor' party or something. "Also, you've seen Harrisville by now. It's a nice place but, for us, there's a definite lack of unattached males. Especially those who know how to uncork a champagne bottle, if you get my drift." Now, I'm sure I was on the right track with my guess about why I'm here.

"There are so few eligible men here filling our wants and needs that we, um, well, we four get together once a month and have a little girl-party. To make it as clear as I can, we all get together for sex. Um, with each other." Did I hear that right? That's lesbian sex.

Why am I here? Um, why was Erica so hot in bed with me? She must be 'bi.' "Now, don't get the wrong idea. None of us are lesbians actually. We've made this arrangement because, otherwise, we just wouldn't be getting much sex at all. We've all looked, we've all tried. The guys just aren't here. So, we do the best we can do. I know it sounds strange but we all love each other, no, not permanently or anything, we just care about each other and try to give pleasure to each other under a situation that is rather difficult.

I hope you can understand." "Well, sure. I can see that there probably aren't many eligible men around here. Especially like you might want to be with. Sure, I understand." "See, girls, I told you he was a treasure. Now, you are welcome to stay, Adam, if you do, I can guarantee you will find out, first hand, just how heterosexual we all are.

You will also see us having fun together, after all, there's only one of you, no matter how nice you are. Do you think you want to stay.

We usually go mostly all night." A few days ago, I thought I was the world's oldest virgin stuck in a small town all alone with just my own hand to keep me company. Now, oh, my, four pretty women, all wanting to fuck me crazy. "Oh, ladies, it would be the greatest honor of my life to stay with the four of you," and as I said it, they all jumped up off the sofa and chairs they were on and I was inundated with hugs and kisses (and several anonymous gropes).

"Okay, girls, shall we see what our wonderful new guest has for us?" Erica asked. They all yelled, "Take it off, take it off," like it was a strip club. "Now, ladies, Adam is a bit new to all this, shall we each remove an article of clothing from his lovely body? I get to go last, of course." They all agreed and Erica had me stand in the middle of the room. Sharon went first, standing in front of me unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my chest as it came into view.

"Oh, nice nipples, Adam," as she bent down to suck my right nipple. I never thought my nipples were sexy or felt good but this was really erotic.

As she sucked, her hand pressed against the bulge in my pants, a promise of things to come. Then, she slipped my shirt off and sat back down. Susanne now got up, put her arms around me, and kissed me, her tongue flicking in and out of my mouth. She, also, reached down and rubbed her palm over my bulge. Then, she stood back, looked at me up and down, and said, "The pants, I think," and began opening my belt and zipping down my fly. Then she tugged down my pants to my ankles.

"Heather'll have to take his shoes off. Then, Erica can do the grand unveiling. What we're all waiting for," and she bent down and kissed my left knee and licked up my leg to the bottom of my straining briefs, then over to the other side, licking back down to my other knee.

As she started to stand back up, she placed a soft, wet kiss right on the outlined head of my penis still hidden in my briefs. Then Heather got up, knelt down and, as I lifted each leg, tugged off each shoe. She also planted a single, wet kiss right over Susanne's. Oh, this was going to be a night to beat all others, for sure.

Then Erica, stood up, put her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss that was unforgettable. She then knelt down and put her fingers under the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down an inch or two, just enough that the head of my cock, which was laying straight upwards against my abdomen, peeked out above the elastic. "Oh, nice, Adam," said Heather.

"Yeah, nice and pink. Yummy," added Sharon. Then, Erica pulled them down maybe another two inches and ran her fingers across the tip end, wiping off a bit of precum and holding it up for examination. "Look, girls, he's all excited." Then, she leaned in and licked the two or three inches of me that was uncovered so far and swiped her tongue back and forth across the tip, then pulled my briefs all the way to the floor and stood back for all to see.

"Oh, welcome to Harrisville, Adam. We're sure glad you're here. No wonder Erica said we'd want to meet you," said Susanne. Then, Erica bent down and slipped her lips over the end of my cock and began to suck me in front of the other three.

"God, this is making me so horny," said Heather. Erica got back up and said, "Okay, I think it's time for Adam to see who we are. Have a seat, Adam, we can start with, um, how about you, Susanne?" "Well, Adam, on these occasions, after dinner, we usually get naked and start having some fun.

So here's the first part," and Susanne reached her arms up behind her neck, untied her halter-top and let it fall down exposing two very full, round breasts, each with a large pink nipple, each center popped up full of excitement. I'm no expert, yet, anyway, but my guess would be C-cups, they were very nice-sized.

Then, she turns around bends away from me and tugs down her shorts to the floor and kicks them away, presenting me with a beautiful, round butt, then spreads her feet, bends down further and looks back through her legs at me intently watching her pussy lips as my heart beat faster and faster.

I looked down and there was a large drop of milky white fluid standing on the tip of my cock. Then, Susanne went over and sat down, making sure her legs were apart just enough to hold my attention as Sharon got up. Sharon, with the Ph.D.

and the generously-filled tube top which she pulls up over her head. Her breasts are quite large, lovely globes that extend out on the sides of her chest some. She has small brown nipples that are very erect, really pointing out. She shakes herself from side to side for a second, sending her boobs back and forth, then pulls down the little skirt she was wearing down to the floor and steps out of it.


She steps over to my chair and puts a leg up on the arm, exposing the open pink slit, glistening with moisture and expectation. I resisted the urge to wipe my finger across it and wondered if she might be disappointed.

Perhaps they all expected me to touch what was so provocatively offered. Well, I was still new to town, wasn't I? She went over and sat down; next was Heather, our tall redhead.

She reached down, pulled down her tiny little shorts and let them fall to the floor. Her silk blouse covered her pussy, except for just, maybe, a half inch of the most perfect slit imaginable. Then she slowly began unbuttoning from the top, finally parting the shirt just enough to see the rest of her slit when she loosened the last button.

The silk was still covering her breasts which were the smallest of the four women but when she pulled the shirt off, I saw that she was certainly equal to any of the women here. Oh, was I hard. Next, Erica stood up and quickly pulled off her few clothes, then they all stood up in front of me.

"Now, we can each give Adam a proper 'welcome to Harrisville' kiss, ladies," Erica said and one by one I was embraced and kissed by each of the four wonderfully naked women. My virginity seemed ages ago as I kissed each one, my cock pushing eagerly at each one's middle and I explored each lovely, firm ass with my hands and they slid their hands between us gripping what made me so stand out in this particular crowd. "Well, I suggest we start with a 'circle-lick and suck.' This time, there's five of us and, lucky for us, one of us is equipped differently.

How can we decide who gets Adam's nice cock?" Erica asked. "Well, Erica, I suppose we can all assume that you've already had it in your lovely mouth, how about one of us?" offered Sharon.

"Okay, why don't the three of you give Adam a sample of your oral skills while I go cut some straws. You'll draw straws for Adam in the circle." The other three guests lined up in front of me, Susanne, Sharon and Heather, and Susanne got down on her knees and led her open mouth over my wavering cock and closed her lips and began sucking me right to heaven.

Oh, I was hoping she got the short straw. Then, Sharon knelt before me, gripped my dick and began sucking and licking all around the head of my cock. Oh, maybe she'll get the straw. Then, it was Heather's turn. I looked down as I saw my entire cock disappear into her mouth. Every bit, her lips were right on my pubic hair.

Then she began going up and down the full length, oh, I had never even dreamed about something like this. Unfortunately, Erica came back with the three straws about that time and Heather slid off my wet, very happy cock which was left dangling there cooling off in the air. Sharon won my cock in the drawing and I kissed her as we all got down on the floor in a large circle, each one's head right at pubic level.

I had noticed that Heather had positioned herself to be the pussy I would get. Truthfully, all four of these women were very pretty and very sexy, I could be sublimely happy with any of them and hoped that I would eventually savor them all.

As I was positioning my self between Heather's legs, the most wonderful sensation came from my cock being sucked into Sharon's warm mouth. It was so sensual that it made it a bit difficult to concentrate on the lovely pussy that my lips had started kissing. Heather opened wider and I began to lick up and down her open pink slit as she reached down to stroke my face as I pleasured her.

I reached up to rub her clit a little as I licked and heard her moan when I did it. So far, so good. Down below, my cock was tingling inside Sharon's mouth as she worked away at me, she was so good, so hot after my cock. There were non-stop moans in the room as five people sexually pleasured one another, I had just never dreamed of such a thing happening in my life and here it is, right now. How could Harrisville be this good?

And how could I ever be so lucky? I knew that Sharon had me close to cumming, I could feel the tingling sensation in the tip end of my cock, oh, I was close. I think I was doing Heather pretty well, she was writhing some when I could get my tongue up into her.

I tried pulling her pussy lips apart to tongue up inside her even more and the way she moved when I did, I could tell, she was enjoying it, I sure was. After about a half hour or so, there was still some licking and sucking going on but I was pretty sure everyone had an orgasm, maybe two for some of the women.

It was just nice laying there, licking Heather's pussy, feeling my cock softly sucked by Sharon, what a way to live. Then, Erica got up and, soon, the rest of us were all up off the floor, some sitting, some standing, everyone with a glass of wine in their hand.

Everyone naked. I did have a semi-hard cock at the time, while it did feel a bit strange to me to be standing in a room full of naked women, they seemed quite at ease with it. I was standing next to Erica who was sitting as she reached up and took hold of my dick just like she was reaching to hold my hand.

"Hey, girls," Susanne said, "We all shave our pubes, why don't we shave Adam if he wants. He can be all nice and bare just like us." The four all seemed to be in agreement as I nervously tried to think when my next physical exam was scheduled and if there would be enough time for it to all grow back out.

I just didn't want weird looks from my doctor. "Um, are men shaving these days?" I asked? "Is it something women like now in their men?" "I've only seen pictures, but I think it looks nice," said Heather. "I did know one guy, well, I liked it, it felt nice when we were together. I mean really together," Susanne said with a wink. "Well, I guess I can shave it, then." "Oh, no, Adam, we'll do it, oh, let us.

I bet it'll be more fun for you and for us," Erica offered. "Gosh, how could I turn that down. Just how do we do this?" Erica said, "I'll be right back, just hang on," and Heather, who was sitting next to me, reached over and took hold of my cock and said, "I'm hanging on," as everyone laughed. She was soon back and led me out to the kitchen followed by the other three women. "Up here, big boy. This is like Samson and Delilah," and she motioned for me to sit up on the kitchen counter.

I got up and they all crowded around, ready to see me lose my pubic hair. Erica took a small comb and gently combed out my pubes, then bent down and kissed the end of my penis. "I hope the razor doesn't slip," she said grinning up at me. Then, she sprayed some shave foam all around my dick with a dollop right on the tip of my cock, hopefully as a decoration, then took my penis, held it down as she shaved the upper part of my pubic area, rinsing off the razor under the faucet next to me.

"Mmm, so far, so good," and she pulled my cock over to the right and shaved the left part of my pubes, then pulled me left and did the right. "Now, Adam, put your heels on the coulter and spread open. We do it all the time for our OB/GYNs. Go ahead," and she spread some lather up under my dick and over my balls.

Then she began carefully shaving being sure to gently stretch the skin so she got a smooth area to shave. Then, she was finished. Not a nick. Whew. Now, she ran warm water all over a face cloth, took it and pressed it over my crotch. It was nice and warm, felt nice, really, not real erotic, just nice. Then she gently wiped the lather away and whisked the cloth off in one deft movement revealing my newly-bared loins for all to see. "How about it, girls? Nice?" "Oh, I really like it," said Heather.

Sharon said, "Geez, it makes his cock look bigger. Oh, and it feels so nice. Feel him, girls," and they each ran their hands over my newly-bared crotch assuring that my erection remained good and hard. Susanne took hold of it and said, "I bet it's more fun to suck," and she then bent over taking my cock into her mouth and sucking me for a minute.

"Oh, yeah, nice to suck. That's the way.

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Every guy should shave, I bet we'd suck them off more." Hmm, maybe I won't grow it back. Chapter 4 "Okay, it's dessert time, follow me," said Erica as she began walking toward her bedroom. Once we were all in her room, she announced, "Well, we had a nice dinner, then some fun, now dessert.

In honor of our new member, who has a very nice member of his own, he's our dessert. Adam?" and she waved me to her bed. I lay down, my bare cock ready for whatever may come as Erica produced two cans of whipped cream.

Aha. I thought this was only in porn flicks. She leaned over me, sprayed a dollop on each of my nipples, one right on the tip of my cock, a line right down the center of same cock and a glob right in my navel. "Oh, doesn't he look pretty?" said Sharon. "Well, I mean, handsome, he is a guy, after all." Then my new lady friends each began licking it all off as Erica kept replenishing it.

"I really like your shave-job, Adam," said Susanne, "It's really sexy and so smooth. See, I can just lick you all over," which she proceeded to do.

Then, the other three took turns licking my whole pubic area. My cock was hard as steel. I have never been so sexually stimulated in my life. Then Erica came in with a jar in her hand. "I warmed up some chocolate fudge sauce, girls. Cocks just go so well with chocolate," and she dribbled a little over my cock where it started running down my shaft.

Sharon and Heather both began licking up catching it as it ran down. I was breathing hard and I felt like I could cum just from this. Then she poured some more on which was quickly licked off again. Then some more went on and Erica and Susanne began running their tongues up my shaft as I felt my body freeze and cum began spurting up out of me like a fountain as they continued to lick me.

"Oh, oh, wow, oh, that feels so good, oh, I've never felt anything like that, oh, wow," and I let out a big sigh and they each came up and french kissed me. Wow, it's wonderful being dessert. Susanne and Sharon joined me on the bed and we all played with each other's bodies, I was in the middle and they each played with my bald cock, making little jokes about it, giving it little sucks and I felt them, sucked a nipple now and then, fingered a pussy or just lay back and enjoyed being petted and caressed.

Erica and Heather were on the floor, Heather over Erica and they were eating each other rather energetically, moaning, giggling, just having a fun time, it seemed. I was very relaxed with girl-on-girl action, I'd never been around it before and didn't know how I would feel about it but now, it just seems normal for these women to swap among all of us, I can see the pleasure they take in each other and in me.

We heard Erica climax as Sharon was softly sucking my cock and I was licking Susanne. Sharon lifted off me, looked at my dick and said, "I think this lovely cock is hard enough to fuck" and she swung her leg up over me, squatted, reached under, and lowered herself down sliding so smoothly over me.

Oh, did that feel good. She was so wet, so slippery inside that she just glided up and down on me. It was like an oily silk glove masturbating me. Well, I'd never had that done to me but it was how it might feel if it had. She just kept scissoring up and down over me, her body not even touching me except for the inside of her pussy sliding up and down.

Oh, it was ecstasy. "Oh, Adam, oh, this feels so good, you are so hard. Is it good? Does my pussy feel good to your nice, beautiful hairless cock?" "Mmm, Sharon, your pussy just feels incredible.

I have just never felt anything so smooth and silken. You are gonna get me off big time doing this." "That's what I want Adam, that's what I want. How's this?" She was hovering over me with just the tip end of my cock inside her as she took very short little strokes up and down over me, just keeping me inside, just rubbing up and down on the head of my cock, then, once in a while, she would plunge all the way down, then pull all the way back up, her pussy tightening around me.

Oh, it was wonderful. Unforgettable. "Oh, Sharon, you should patent that. It is the most erotic feeling I've ever had. It feels truly wonderful." "Well, here's some more. I just love getting guy's off like this," she said as she moved up and down in those succulent little strokes on the tip of my cock.

Then down all the way, twisting her hips, pressing me up inside her, way up in her, then a nice, slow pull back up. "Oh, Sharon, oh, so good, feels so good." She just kept that up, she seemed to sense when I was close to cumming and would slow down to keep me just on the edge.

She would tease me to the brink of an orgasm, then let me cool down just a bit, oh, it was breathtaking. Literally. There were times when I practically quit breathing. She kept this up as I saw that Heather, Erica and Susanne were all together on the floor writhing in each other's arms. Then, Sharon plunged down, then back up all the way, just kept it up, all long strokes, one after another, over and over and my cock exploded its cum all over her insides with the strongest and longest orgasm I've ever had.

It was enormous and went on and on. It felt like I had cummed gallons. My cock was wilting, so as I hugged Sharon, thanking her for such a wonderful fuck, I asked her if I could get her off licking her so she rolled off me, spread out and I got down and began a wonderful tour of her pussy which was shiny with my semen.

The other three women were also busy, they never stopped really, they were on each other down on the floor the whole time. Sharon stuffed a pillow up under her, raising her pussy up so I could get a better angle and she pulled her legs as far apart as she could. I began licking all around under her, all over her inner thighs, all around her pussy, not on it, not even real close, just all over underneath her.

"Oh, Adam, you are making me so hot. My pussy wants you so bad. Lick my pussy, please, hon, I'm so ready." I still just circled around her pussy, licking and licking, keeping the whole area wet, sometimes just dragging my tongue flat around her sensitive skin all along her genital area, then making my tongue into a point and just running the tip around and around. Did that make her squirm. "You're teasing me, Adam, you want me to beg, don't you.

Well, I won't. Not yet. It does feel wonderful, so wonderful. I am so hot. Mmm, just keep doing it, Adam. Oh, you are so good." The others were still enjoying themselves on the floor, I spotted some dildos and vibrators in use, I was beginning to see that women can pretty much go nonstop with each other, lucky them.

I was teasing Sharon, still not licking or tonguing on her pussy, just all around the area just not quite on target. I was loving it and, really, I think she was, too. "Adam, I'll give you ten blowjobs if you lick my pussy, you just can't keep avoiding it like this. You're making me crazy." Maybe I should move to her pussy now, after all, I bet it's been over a half hour now, and I pull back a bit and see that her juices are all over her slit, so I lean in, open my mouth, suck on her pussy as I probe her over and over with my tongue.

She starts bucking up and down, "Oh, Adam, OH, OH, OH, OH, oh, oh, Adam, oh, Adam, oh, more, more, more, oh, I haven't had one this strong in a long time, oh thank you, Adam, oh, thank you so much. You make me feel so good.

I'll never forget you, oh, never, ever," and she wrapped her legs around my head and scissored me into her pussy. Chapter 5 I got up and lay down with her as we hugged and kissed over and over. "Oh, Adam, honey, you were so good.

That was the best. I am so glad you came to Harrisville. Don't ever leave, promise, promise?" "I'm not leaving the four of you, ever.

No way," and we kissed some more then just snuggled in each other's arms just enjoying the sex-charged atmosphere in Erica's bedroom. I even think I might have fallen asleep for a time, it was hard to tell for sure, but the next think I knew, Susanne came over to my side of the bed and whispered, "Let's you and I go in one of the kid's bedrooms for a bit.

I want you all to myself for a while, okay?" I knew of no rules that might prevent that so I got up and followed Susanne's lovely butt into the next room, a boy's room with posters and such. She pulled the covers back and we both lay down in each others arms, kissing and fondling, feeling all the nice parts we wanted to feel. As she rubbed my cock, it was coming back to life, having had so much excitement, it seemed now eager for more.

Then she bent over and sucked it directly back to life.

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"Wow, Susanne, I really thought I was down for the count but look what you brought back to life." "Yes, and it's all mine, too," as she got up over me and reached behind and under to lead me into her as she dropped down over me. The feeling of her warm, lovely vagina sliding down encasing me was exquisite, I gasped slightly as she dropped onto me. "Mmm, oh, yes, this is what I want. Oh, I love my three girlfriends but they don't have one of these. Oh, they don't have a nice, long, hard cock like you do, Adam.

Oh, does it feel good," and she pushed down then twisted her hips back and forth as I felt the tip of my cock being rubbed deeply up inside her. I'm really not a lazy guy but I have come to adore being fucked by a woman on top of me. I love the fact that my hands are able to roam over her body, especially now that I know where a woman's clit is, I just love to rub from her slit right where my cock is going in and out of her right up to her clit, spreading her juices up and over her clit, rubbing it softly round and round.

And, it just seems that when the woman is on top, as Susanne is now, that when they raise up, their pussies tighten around me making it feel so good. And, a week ago, I was a virgin. What a week! "Mmm, oh, Adam, I'm sure glad you're here tonight.

Am I making you feel good, is this nice?" "Oh, Susanne, you're making me feel very nice. Really wonderful. And you have such beautiful breasts," I said, rubbing them as she rose and fell over my cock. "Mmm, I just love fucking you, Adam. You're my favorite teacher." "I think I've got more to learn from you than I can teach you, Susanne." "Well, we'll have lots of time to do it.

You can always come give me lessons whenever you want. I just love this kind of homework." "Susanne, this is so good, you are such a beautiful woman, so sexy, oh, you really know how to make a guy feel good, You've really got me close." "Mmm, I love making guys cum. Oh, it just makes me so hot," and she pushed down on me as she twisted back and forth, back and forth, pivoting around my cock, so deep inside her, oh, the feeling was just wonderful.

"Oh, Adam, oh, oh, oh, this is so good, oh, oh, UUNH, UUNH, uhh, uhh, oh, Adam, oh, you are so nice to have, you feel so good inside me." She pumped up and down on me a few more times and then it was my turn, "OOH, OOH, OOH, uuh, uuh, oh, Susanne, oh, you are so good, mmm," and she kept going a few more minutes until my well was surely pumped dry.

Then, she dropped over me as we kissed and I roamed her back with my hands. She felt so good and I could feel her pussy continue to throb from our lovemaking. Soon, we were side by side, holding each other, lightly dozing off to sleep. I suppose a few hours must have gone by when I heard a bit of movement in the room and opened my eyes. It was Sharon standing there, all beautifully naked, next to the bed looking down at us.

When she saw my eyes open, she knelt down and slid her hand up under the sheets directly to my cock, just like a heat-seeking missile, right on target.

As she gently squeezed my hardening cock, she bent over and kissed me, tonguing me as her thumb circled the tip of my dick. I was sleepy but not so sleepy that I didn't know what she was wanting.

She motioned me to get up from the bed as she knelt down resting her head on the mattress as she reached behind her and patted her pussy. I knelt between her legs and slid right up into her with ease. She was so wet, so ready, that there was no resistance at all. I began sliding in and out of her, she felt so good and she was turning her hips around making it feel even better. Sharon looked back smiling at me as I arched into her over and over, my cock a little sore now from all the wonderful activity it has seen in the past few hours, more than my lifetime before this evening, I couldn't help but have a smile on my face.

"Mmm, you feel so good in me, Adam, so good." I reached up under her and rubbed her breasts which were swaying in time with our lovemaking. Her nipples were hard and extended, I twirled them between my fingers and could feel her tightening her vaginal muscles as I stroked in and out of her.

"Oh, Sharon, oh, this is so good, you are such a hot woman, really so sexy." "Go nice and slow, Adam, just like that, oh, yes, that's so good, yes, yes, mmm," as she moved her hips up and down as I went in and out of her.

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It just felt so good even if my cock was a bit sore. Who cared at this point, certainly not me. Then Sharon started pushing back on me trying to drive me deeper into her as she began moaning, "Mmm, mmm, mmm, oh, Adam, mmm," and then, her orgasm took her over, "Oh, Adam, oh, Adam, oh, I'm cumming, oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes," and I just kept going, not wanting to cum but also knowing I was going to cum, then it happened. "OOOH, oooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh, Sharon, oh, you feel so good. You make me feel so good, oh, so good," and I leaned over kissing her back as I slowly continued stroking in and out of her.

It just felt so good. Well, the rest of the night and into the morning was a continuation of our fivesome orgy. None of us got dressed until just before noon when we all prepared to leave our wonderful tryst. Having breakfast with four lovely naked women was a highlight of my life, one that I have now experienced any number of times since. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have sex with one of these beauties, often with Erica, she's just steps away but each of the others visits me regularly and I visit them as well.

I came to Harrisville a twenty-two year old virgin and there's no question in my mind at all that I now have sex more frequently that any other male in town, maybe even any other two males combined. I've settled here in Harrisville forever, you do understand, don't you?