Twink movie Hot fresh Dutch fellow Aiden Riley fucks Mylo Fox in this

Twink movie Hot fresh Dutch fellow Aiden Riley fucks Mylo Fox in this
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Jamie and Danielle lived with their mom in a two bedroom single family house in a quiet neighborhood. Their dad left the family some years ago and moved out to live with his girlfriend. Jamie, who is now eighteen went out with some friends and told her mom that she would be back at about midnight, which was her curfew.

It is now a quarter to twelve. Mom is asleep and fourteen year old Danielle has tossed and turned for the last half an hour, unable to sleep. It is too warm in here, she thought, and opened up the two windows. The house has two levels with the bedrooms on the upper level, so on warm nights the windows are opened up if it is not too hot. Danielle got up and took off her panties and bra which she found to be choking her as she tossed and turned. She remained in her oversized tee shirt.

As she got back in the bed and pulled up the sheet, she heard a car pull up in front of the house. It must be Jamie, she thought, as she turned one more time.

After a few minutes, not hearing any noise in the house she looked out the window and saw the car at the end of the driveway. She did not see anyone in the passenger seat. She saw no movement in the car and looked once more through the other window.

Danielle smiled as she saw Jamie on Jeff's lap kissing him. She could see his hand on her thighs as they kissed.


As she looked on she thought they kissed for eternity and his hand moved further up her skirt. Danielle saw Jamie move back to the passenger seat and pulled on Jeff's pants and opened it up and went down. She could not see much but she could tell that she was giving him a blow job. She had heard about this but had never seen someone do it. She was shocked to think that her sister was doing it.


She could see Jamie's head move up and down, up and down. Then Jeff pulled her up on him and had her sit on his lap. She was not sure that they were having sex because Jamie did not take off her panties.

Jeff got his hands under her shirt and pulled on her bra and sucked on her breasts. Jamie had biggish boobs, she thought.

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Danielle could not believe what she was seeing. This has to be a movie, she thought. As Jeff sucked on the breasts in his hands she could see Jamie moving her body on top of his as she held on to the car's seat. She pulled away her breasts from him and kissed him again, then went back to his dick. She sucked on it and then held on to it and she could see her pumping it up and down, up and down faster at first, then she slowed down until she stopped.

She could not tell why but Jeff came in her hand. His warm love juice was streaming down her hand and Jamie pulled herself up, kissed him on his lips, fixed her clothes and left the car and headed toward the house. Danielle was stunned. It took a moment before she quickly tip toed back to her bed and pretended to be asleep.

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Jamie came into the house and went to the bathroom; took the light off, and came into our room. I looked at her through the darkness and saw that she was naked. She looked over at me and thought I was asleep and she turned her side table light on. She stood in front of the full-length mirror on the back of the door and looked at her body turning from side to side.

She ran her hands up and down her side, down her thighs and tuned as though she was a model. Then she took her breasts in her hands and looked at them in the mirror, still turning from side to side. Then she cupped them and rubbed them around and around, then she rubbed the nipples with her palms, She picnhed them as they were hard and sticking out.

Then she threw her head back.

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She was hot now and felt the little explosion between her legs. Jamie moved one hand down between her legs and squeezed it there with her thighs. She could feel the moist warm juice from her cunt run between her fingers. Danielle had never seen anything like this and just looked intently at what was going on before her.

She felt a tingle and warmth between her legs. It would not go away.

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Jamie moved over to her bed and laid on her back and spread her legs apart. She raised her right leg up and continued to massage between her legs, and Danielle, from where she was, could tell that her hand was on her vagina and saw the pleasure it brought Jamie. Jamie continued to rub her now hot burning clit and moan softly from the pleasure she was bringing to herself.

Soon enough, Danielle moved her hand down her own stomach till it reached her soft hairy mound and felt the tingle in her fingers. Her hand went further down as she spread her legs a little and as her fingers rubbed on her clit, she felt as though a bolt of lightening had hit her in the stomach. Her mouth flew open and she felt a moan making its way up her throat and fought it back.

He had never experienced this before and it was exciting and gave her a thrill she never felt. She felt warm all over now, but it was not the summer's heat. It was her own temperature rising from her cunt. She had never felt this way before. Jamie was feeling really hot now as she remembered the feeling of Jeff's warm, hard cock in her mouth and the sensation of it moving up and down. She remembered too, how it felt in her hand. Big, hard and soft at the same time.

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She wanted him to fuck her but she was afraid of getting pregnant. She wanted him take his hard six-inch manhood and drive it up into her hole so she could feel the explosions she experienced from fingering herself. She wanted him to fuck her hard and make her moan and ask for more. She imagined him on top of her pushing his cock into her ramming it into her cunt.

It felt good in her imagination. She wanted it but was afraid. Instead, she moved one hand slowly over her clit as the other reached for the bed sheet. She clutched it between her fingers as though in pain. No. It was not pain. It was pleasure. Pleasure, as she fantasized during this moment of masturbation.

Danielle on the other hand, was enjoying the new pleasure she was introduced to. She could not believe that her own hand was doing this to her. She looked over and saw Jamie on the other bed and saw the look on her face.

She too, was feeling that way but did not know how to react. All she did was rub her fingers along her clit and enjoyed the sensation she felt.

As Danielle masturbated on the bed across the room, she looked over to see Jamie turn over on her stomach, hand still between her legs. Then she began pushing her mid section down on her hand. Jamie was humping her own hand. But in her fantacy, Jamie was fucking Jeff; taking his hard long cock into her cunt hole.

Pushing herself down on him; opening her legs to get all of his six inches inside of her hole. Danielle, through the dim light could see Jamie's face as it changed expression.

Her mouth was open as she humped harder and harder; faster and faster as she grabbed the side of the bed almost out of breath. Jamie had an orgasm, she felt the surge of pleasure in her groin and the juice oozed out of her now hot wet pussy. But Danielle did not know that. She had never experienced one herself. She too was close to that point, but felt a weakness coming over her. Soon she felt an explosion in her lower abdomen that she did not understand and she felt like she was out of breath; breathing hard; heart racing, tingling in her legs; and was forced to stop.

She just laid there - as did Jamie - naked on the bed across the room; body glistening in the light streaming through the window.

Danielle left her hand between her legs a minute or so and then slowly brought it out to her side. It was her first time.