Young horny slut girl spreads her pussy

Young horny slut girl spreads her pussy
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As usual, after a game played against such a terrible football team as the Flippers, the Lighting Bolt cheerleaders were in a great mood. Not only did their team easily win the game, but now, they were going to "play a few games" themselves. As they easily passed through security (which wasn't necessary because the Flippers had so few fans), they went directly to the locker room of the Flipper Cheerleaders.

Suzy, the Team Captain of the Lighting Bolt Girls, stopped and smiled at the others, then kicked the door to the locker room open with a loud BANG! "All right you worthless bitches, she yelled.

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Time to pay up for today's loss!" Most of the girls who had been Flipper cheerleaders for a while obediently lined up in front of their lockers. A couple of the new girls started to resist until their Team Captain told them to shut the fuck up, pull their panties down and "present" themselves to their "betters". Once every one was in position, Suzy walked up behind Sarah, the Flippers' Team Captain. Like all of the others, Sarah was leaning with both hands pressed against her locker, her skirt flipped up over her back and her panties pooled around her feet.

Running her hand over Sarah's smooth ass, Suzy leaned forward and softly said, "Is that pussy of yours still sore from our last game? If not, it will be in just a couple of minutes, bitch!" Then with no further ado, Suzy made a fist and began to work it into Sarah's pussy.

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This wasn't as difficult as it might have seemed, because Sarah's juices were streaming down her thighs in anticipation. If it had been in their power, the Flippers would have lost EVERY game they played against the Lighting Bolts because the entire Flipper cheerleader squad loved what the Lighting Bolt Girls made them do.

In no time, the locker room was filled with the sounds of girl fists slamming in and out of hot, wet lesbian pussies. Backs arched to offer deeper penetration and the mixed moans and gasps were a nonstop calliope of pleasure.


"Oh, gawd, Suzy. I love it when you make me your bitch, moaned Sarah as she neared her first orgasm. The only thing better than your fist buried in my pussy is when you drive that big strap-on cock of yours into my ass!" With a huge smile on her face, Suzy pulled her fist from Sarah's distended pussy with a big slurping sound.

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Sarah moaned from the loss, but her face brightened when she looked back and saw that Suzy had removed her own uniform and was strapping on a huge plastic cock. Resting her head against the locker door, Sarah used both of her hands to reach back and spread her ass for Suzy.

Taking the head of the big strap-on cock in her hand, she rubbed it up and down Sarah's slit until it glistened with her juices. Suzy then lined it up with Sarah's little brown pucker hole and drove the dildo deep into Sarah's ass. Sarah initially cried out from the pain of such a large plastic cock being driven into her, but was soon pushing back on to it; encouraging Suzy to drive it deeper and deeper.

It didn't take long for Suzy to establish a fast, even rhythm as she held Sarah's hips and drove the big cock in and out of Sarah's ass. For her part, Sarah was in heaven.

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There was nothing in the world she loved more than having her ass reamed by a Lighting Bolt Girl! "Mmmm, fuck my ass. I'm your fuck toy. use my ass and make me your bitch.," she moaned as Sarah orgasmed over and over. The rest of the Flipper Cheerleaders were equally involved servicing their "betters".

Some were getting fucked in the ass like Sarah, others were moaning with desire as girl fists hammered in and out of their abused pussies and others were busy sucking and licking the pussies of the Lighting Bolt Girl that held them in place by their pig tails. * * * * * A beautiful Lighting Bolt Girl named Jennifer was holding Gabby, one of the new Flipper cheerleaders, like this.

"Lick my cunt, slut" she sternly told her. "But I've never done this before! I've only had sex with my boyfriend Jim before" said Gabby.


"Do you come when he fucks you?" "Well, no. He really isn't very well endowed." "You mean he has a needle dick?" "Ummm, yeah, I guess you could say that." "Well, girl, you are in for a treat!" said Jennifer as she yanked Gabby's legs open and slid two fingers into her tight pussy. After less than five minutes, Gabby was gasping and moaning as Jennifer's fingers sawed in and out of her pussy, which was now thoroughly soaked.

"Ummmph, moaned Gabby. Jimbo would have come and fallen asleep by now - I've never felt anything like this before!" Seeing that Gabby was close to coming, Jennifer pushed her down on her back on one of the benches and then straddled her face, pushing her own wet pussy down on to the girl's face.

"I'll let you come when I come" Jennifer told the girl.

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Desperately wanting to have her first orgasm, Gabby began to avidly lick and suck Jennifer's hot, wet cunt. Soon, both women were rocked with massive orgasms. Jennifer moved off of Gabby's juice covered face, as Gabby said "Oh my gawd! I'm NEVER going to have sex with a man again!" Jennifer just grinned at her as she fondled Gabby's breasts.

Sadly, for the Flipper cheerleaders, all good things have to end.

After being sucked, licked and having had fucked and fisted their sister cheerleaders for over three straight hours the Lighting Bolt Girls showered and got dressed just in time to catch the team plane back to San Diego. * * * * * As they were leaving, Gabby ran up to her new lover Jennifer and gave her a hug as she asked when she would be able to see her again. "After being with you I've decided that I'm going to tell Jimbo and his little needle dick to take a hike and I'd like to spend as much time with you as possible.

You see, I think I've fallen in love with you." Jennifer smiled and said, "I'm going to be back here for a visit on February 14th. When I do, do you want to be my Little Lesbian Valentine?" she asked. When Gabby nodded an enthusiastic yes, Jennifer kissed her hard on the lips, much to Gabby's delight.