Straight amateur twinks suck cock

Straight amateur twinks suck cock
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YEAR WAS 1965 Rodney this is how I became as you know…it's a true but short story.

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The year 1965 I was 12 years old. My neighbour across the road had asked if we could go to the swimming baths over the river. My mum told him that would be good as it was school holidays. Ian! Was in his 20's and his parents managed the cemetery opposite our house. We left in the morning and got the ferry, nothing but laughs and his arm around me as we left the boat.

He told me he had to pee so we went into the toilet block but I remember to this day it wasn't an ordinary toilet it was a door that opened to a cubicle that was about 10 feet long it stank of urine I remember that. We both got our cocks out and stood on the side of the toilet and pointed at the same time. He finished first and said to me "do you want to see some girlies" and I nodded. Just before I put my cock away he said "just take them off that way you'll be able to climb on the toilet ".

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I thought nothing of it I was only 12 years old! I stood on the toilet and held the window ledge He told me to watch because they didn't always come straight away. As I stood there looking out his head was against my thigh. Then his hand was on my bum and he told me "be careful don't fall over". His fingers moved between my bum cheeks and I felt them touching my bum hole I tried to move but he told me to watch for the girlies.

"Do you play with yourself" he asked and I remember to this day looking down at him and realising his shorts were off as well and his penis was FAR bigger than mine. I admitted I did and he asked if I had a friend who did it with me…seems it was the ordinary and I told him my friend Paul (true name and event) often lay on the bed and in those days we couldn't shoot semen so we called it a 'thrill' when we had an orgasm. I felt his hand move up my thigh and he asked "do you do anything else'.

"NO"I told him innocently not knowing what he meant. He moved behind me and told me to bend out further and look out of the dirty filthy broken window to see if the girls were there. I bent nearly out of the window and then I sensed my bum being opened. I looked back to see him smile and tell me "its ok I just want to kiss you I won't do anything bad to you"!!!! As soon as he said that his tongue started licking my bum hole. I moaned a bit…it WAS nice really.

"Like that". "YES"I admitted He started licking me again and told me to hold my bum open so he could lick me more. My small penis was moving so I knew it wasn't wrong…my penis told me it was ok. "OOOHHHH"I called out and he told me to hush. My head was against the wall and his tongue was pushing into my bum hole. One of his hands moved between my legs and took my now hard penis.


I jumped but he told me it wasn't naughty if my penis was hard it meant my body liked it. I DID LIKE IT but I didn't tell him.

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"Come around here there's a big hole near the wash basin you can look out" and I saw him take something out of his pants which were on the floor. There was a big hole and I later found out he made it to spy out. As I bent over and looked out his hand started playing with my bum again. This time his finger was rubbing my tiny bum hole and he was kneeling next to me. "Can I do something to you I promise you'll like".

"I think so". He flicked his tongue and touched my penis. I jumped back but my back was against the wall. "See it was nice wasn't it didn't hurt". "I guess so". "Can I do it again".

"I guess so" saying the same thing. He turned me so my back was against the hole in the wall and started flicking and then licking the shaft of my hard penis. It was nice and he wasn't hurting me so I guess it was ok. Then I felt something wet between my bum cheeks and made me jump forward which is what he wanted because my penis moved between his lips and he closed them around my hard cock. "OOOOHHHHH&hellip.OOOOWWWWW" I called out as something wet pushed against my bum hole.

"I think you like it because your penis is so hard". He hadn't pushed his finger inside my bottom just touching and rubbing it. "My grandma does that when I can't do a poo" I admitted. "So she puts her finger inside your bottom". "Mmmmm" moaning as the muscle was stretched. "Like this" and I called out as his finger slid in easier than Grandmas because he'd wet his…I later found out it was some kind of gel.

"I think you like this…it's not hurting you and your penis is still very…very hard". I was turned around to face out of the peeping hole and he put my hands on my bottom again.

I just opened them as I'd done the last time. He stood behind me and knowing now what I do now he'd stood and placed his own erection straight up between my bum cheeks in the crack. He started humping me with his shaft up and down sliding his cock against my hole. This is the moment I turned…or maybe it was 30 minutes ago! He stopped sliding and I felt his body move. Then something thicker and much harder pressed against my bum.

He wasn't hard or rough and that's maybe why I didn't try to get away. He was panting and moaning as he stood above me his hands next to mine on the window now. "Does Paul do this" and I hadn't told him but we used to lay on top of each other's bums and rub ourselves into each other's cracks until we had that 'thrill '.


"He lies on my bum and rubs me until he has a thrill "I admitted. "OOOOHHHHH YESSSSSS" and started rubbing the end of his erection harder against my bum hole. He reached in front and I was still hard. "You must like it" and started rubbing my small penis.

He stopped moving against me and continued rubbing my penis.

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I felt one of those thrills coming on and I groaned. "Going to have a thrill" he asked panting. "OOHH YES"I moaned out loud" OOOOWWWWWW" almost screaming as he stopped rubbing me and pushed his hips slightly. My bum muscles opened and the pain was quick and he just stayed there with the tip of his cock inside me.

He didn't say anything but started rubbing my penis again. I realised some time later he did that to keep me on the edge and not push him away. It was the feeling in my belly and groin that made me push back…again a well calculated move by him. Again I can remember to this day my bum opening and his erection slid inside me but only the head of his cock. I was gasping and moving my hips…it truly felt nice.

"OH MY GOODNESS&'re so tight" then he asked if he was hurting me and I told him no. "Are you enjoying it…tell me the truth". "Yes but it feels like I may do a poo". "You won't don't worry" and he began moving again.

"I'm going to have my thrill now but when I do I shoot white stuff which you will do in a few months that's called cumming". I griped the window ledge as he started as I now know…fucking my asshole. But once again he was gentle and didn't give me it all just the head.

"OOOOHHH YESSSS…here it comes just stand still". Rodney told me it felt that good I bent over more and he slid some more cock inside and then suddenly he grunted and shook and I knew he'd had his 'thrill'.

I felt hot stuff inside my bottom and as he pulled out it fell out and splashed on the floor. I turned around and gasped at the size of his penis and it had just been inside me. There was white goo all over it and he was wiping himself with toilet paper. Sitting on the toilet lid he pulled me to him and made me sit across his thighs.

My penis was still stiff and resting against his belly.

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His arms around me he looked at me and asked. "Tell me Barry was that nice or was it sore.truthfully". "it was sore but when you first put it in it hurt but the pain went away fast".

"Then you started liking it". "YES"I admitted blushing and looking away. Then he did something else he leant forward and kissed me on the lips quickly. I didn't move I wasn't angry it didn't worry me. He started rocking his legs and I put my hands on his shoulders to stop falling off. "OOOOHHHH"I groaned as yet again his fingers touched my bum hole& bum hole that was throbbing I may add.

Again remembering that I put my head back as he fingered my bum muscle not going inside but years later I understood he was priming or getting me to enjoy what he was doing to me. As I moved against his finger he kissed me once more I didn't move I just kept my eyes closed and felt them press against mine. Like a juvenile who hadn't kissed anyone yet I just kept my mouth closed and let him do the work.

Two things happened at the same time. He moved his hand under my body and pushed the finger back inside, I was in the prime position for it and the second was his tongue moving past my teeth and touching my tongue. Innocently I just opened my mouth and let his tongue me.

Suddenly he stood me up and kissed my penis. "I think you enjoyed that but we have to get to the swimming baths". As he stood his cock was level with my chest. My head was only up to his nipples. "Touch it see how he feels" and took my hand and placed it on his cock. "do the same as I did rub it…feel it" I started rubbing him now knowing it was masturbating him.

All his goo started coming out again. He scooped some and put it in his mouth "try some" and offered me some.


I didn't know better so I licked the goo but made a was new to me. The last thing he asked was "can you kiss it like I did you it won't hurt just see if you like it". I bent over and held the cock in the palm of my hand and kissed it. "Feels soft but hard" I said and kissed it once more making it bounce. "OOOHHH yes I think we'll get you to like that as well now we really must get to the baths".