Anal sex positions from india romantic partners

Anal sex positions from india romantic partners
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Incest and Me The Proposal (MFf, conc, exhib, inc) This story is the cooperative effort of 4 women. It was developed from discussions about what might have been had their backgrounds and experiences been a bit more different and exciting when they were much younger.

Nothing in the story reflects in any way events that took place in any of their lives. That means the story is fiction and is not true. My name is Gwen, and I've been involved in incest for many years. I can truly say that I think it was of great value to me that my dad took my virginity and taught me as he did. His was a very tender method and it taught me that a man can be loving and gentle when having sex and that I should expect my needs to be fulfilled just as should the male in a coupling.

When I got older, I was prepared when some of my dates began suggesting we do more than attend a sporting event or large group social gathering. Of the 17 guys I dated only 3 got their hands on my body and only 2 were able to get into my pants. The first one was Greg and the second was my husband Martin. Martin knew about Greg and actually knew Greg in high school, then both attended the same college and became good friends there.

It was not until Martin and I became a couple when they were home from school and I had allowed him favors that I told him about Greg and what we had done. It was somewhat later that I told him about my relationship with my dad. My tender years were marked by love from both my parents This love seemed to grow when I was nearly 14 and a health emergency occurred in our family.

I was totally unaware that my parents had any ideas that might involve sex and me. One evening after supper, mom and dad called me down to the living room from my room where I was studying.

When I got down to the living room, mom told me to take a seat and suggested I sit next to my dad on the couch. This night she was in the armchair and dad was on the couch. I thought it was a little strange though since he usually sat in his recliner, but I took a seat as asked. After I settled in, my dad put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me a bit closer to him.

The three of us sat there for what seemed like a pregnant hour, but it was only maybe 30 seconds till my mom broke the silence. "Gwen," she started, "you know I've been having some health problems lately and now I need to have surgery. Your dad and I have been talking it over and we've decided that we're going to ask you to do something to help us." I was shocked that mom was that sick and was worried that she was going to die.

After thinking for a little bit, I asked her that very thing, "Mom, are you going to die?" "No, sweetheart, I'm not going to die, but some things are going to change in my body and that's why we decided to bring this to you now," she told me. "How does it involve me," I asked? My mom thought for a few seconds and then began, "The surgery I have to have is to remove most of my female organs. They found a tumor on my uterus and some pre cancer cells on the bottom of my vagina so the doctor says he needs to take part of my vagina out too." She hesitated a few more seconds then took a deep breath before continuing, "That means that your dad and I won't be able to have traditional sex any longer.

I want him to be able to enjoy what he really deserves, but I want him to be able to do it safely. Too many women in the world today aren't very selective as to who they pick as sex partners so it would be dangerous to do it with most of them." "But mom, how does that involve me," I again questioned?

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"Please don't rush me," my mom said to me, "this is hard enough for me to start with." She took another breath and continued, "Your dad and I have been talking and we want to ask you a favor.

Since I won't be able to give him sex anymore after my operation, I wondered if you would be willing to do it with him so he could have sex when he needed it without having to worry about getting something from some woman we didn't know." Now it was my turn to sit there in shock. Finally when I got my wits back enough I asked, "Well, what if I get pregnant?" Finally my dad spoke up to say to me, "Honey, before we would start, your mom would take you to the doctor and have him put you on birth control pills.

That way we wouldn't have to worry about when you're fertile and when you're not." I was still in shock about what they were asking me, but I was not totally ignorant about sex.

I had had the class about it in school in women's health class and some of my friends sometimes talked about it. Some of the things they said caused me to think about things, and when I was in the shower or in bed I'd started rubbing myself for a few months ago.

Because of that, I knew a little about the feelings girls get and liked them. "Can I think about it a little while before I answer," I asked?

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"Yes, it's going to be almost a month yet before your mom has to go to the hospital," dad told me, "so there's time before you have to make a decision." I don't know why I said what I did next, but suddenly I blurted out, "Is there any way I could watch you two do it so I know a little more about what I would have to do?" Mom looked over toward dad and both of them sat quiet. Finally, mom said to me, "Gwen, you know that you can't say anything about this to anyone or your dad and I would both be in big trouble and we would probably end up in jail." "I know mom, I promise I won't say anything to anybody, cross my heart." Mom looked over to my dad and asked, "Howard, would it be ok with you for us to do that?

At least she could see a little how to do it and what adults look like when they're mature." "If you don't mind, I guess it would be ok," he responded. "When do you want to do it," he asked her? "Why don't we all take our showers now and then we'll meet in our bedroom," she told us.

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Mom and dad went to their room and closed the door. I went to my room, grabbed a towel and my robe and then walked to the bathroom I use. Mom and dad had their own bathroom off their bedroom. I took my shower and went to my room and put a clean bra and panties on then pulled my nightgown over my head. I put my robe back on then walked to mom and dad's door and knocked. I waited for an answer then opened the door and walked in. When I got in, mom and dad were both sitting on their bed with their pajamas on.

Mom moved away from dad a little and patted the bed before asking me to sit between them. I sat down and folded my hands in my lap because I was sort of nervous. Mom looked down at me and asked, "Gwen, are you sure you really want to do this?

You know you can't say anything to anybody about what we do?" "I know I need to keep what we do here mom," I told her, "but I want to help you and dad too." "I know sweetheart, but it's very serious and we need to be sure." "I know mom, I'm sure." "Gwen, what do you want to see and know," mom asked. I thought for a little bit then told her, "I want to see what dad looks like and how it fits inside a girl.

I guess I want to see exactly how he does it," I told her. Mom then said to dad, "Why don't we get undressed and show her our bodies so she at least knows what we look like before we do anything else." Without responding, dad stood up and took his pajamas off. He was then standing there naked because he wasn't wearing anything under them.

Mom did the same, but she still had her panties on but her breasts were now bare. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off dad's penis because I had never seen a real one before. Mom looked at me and saw where I was looking. "Does it look like you expected," she asked?

"It's pretty small. I thought it was supposed to be a lot bigger," I said. "When he gets stimulated it gets hard and grows and stands up," she told me. "Right now he's not stimulated yet." She reached over and started to rub his penis a little bit, but it still didn't do anything different. Finally, dad reached over and put his hand in mom's panties and started to rub her a little.

Still it didn't start to get bigger. Finally, my mom asked him, "Howard, what's the problem?" I don't know, I guess it's having Gwen here in the room that's keeping me from getting hard," he said to her.

"Do you think that having her wait outside the door till you get hard would help," she asked him? "I don't know, maybe it just that it seems like we're both on display with our clothes off and she's sitting there with her clothes on. If she was like we are, maybe it would help me," he said. "Gwen, do you think you could take your clothes off so you're like your dada and I? Maybe that would help," she told me. I was reluctant, but since I had already seen them without clothes on, I sort of wanted to see more so I told her.

"I guess I could, but is he going to touch me," I asked? "No sweetie, I'm not going to touch you tonight. This is just going to be your mom and I," dad informed me. I thought for a little bit then stood and began to take my robe and gown off.

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When they were both on the chair by the desk, I reached behind by back and removed my bra. I didn't have a whole lot at the time, but there was enough there to make my shirts poke out a little so I usually wore bras to hide my nipples when they got hard. When it was off, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of my panties and pushed them down my legs till they fell on their own down around my ankles then stepped out of them.

I was standing sort of sideways so dad couldn't see my bush until I turned and took a couple steps back to the bed. I watched dad's eyes and saw them go down to where my legs come together.

Since I was only 13, almost 14 I only had a little hair above my pussy and when I looked in a mirror, I could easily see the crack between my lips. I know that's what daddy was looking at and I could feel some sort of tingling in my stomach, like I felt when I rubbed myself.

I wanted to touch myself, but knew I couldn't while I was there with mom and dad in their bedroom.


I sat down on the bed next to mom. Dad stepped in front of her and she started rubbing him again. This time I saw his penis starting to get a little hard and stand out from his body. Now it was starting to get bigger like I thought it should look. Moms twisted around and lay down on the bed on her back and spread her legs wide apart.

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"Now Howard, I think it will go in," she said to him. He knelt down on the bed between her legs.


Mom reached down with one hand and guided his penis between her lips. She rubbed his penis up and down a couple times then put the end of it down toward the bottom of her lips. Dad pushed his body toward her and I watched as his penis started to slip inside her and disappear.

Mom was looking up at dad and he was looking down at her. I couldn't see much now standing beside them, so I moved to the foot of the bed so I could look between my dad's legs. There, I could watch his penis go in and out of my mom's vagina. It took 4 or 5 times before his penis went all the way in.

Once it did, sometimes his testicles would smack against mom's lips making a slapping or popping sound. It was also making sort of a sloshing sound as his penis went in and out of mom's vagina. Watching them having sex was doing things to me that I had never felt before. When I rubbed myself, it felt good, but I never felt the strong tingling that was starting in me.

It was in the bottom of my stomach, my pussy, and even my breasts. While dad was pushing in and out of mom, I had to put my fingers between my lips and rub myself. Watching dad's penis going in and out of mom, made me want to reach below my clitoris and slip a finger inside my own vagina. It hurt a little at first, but soon it started to feel really good.

As I continued to watch mom and dad, I felt butterflies building inside me that I had never felt before. Finally it got so strong that I felt like I was going to pass out.


My knees felt like they were going to collapse; the feeling got so strong that I had to stop rubbing myself. It took me a little bit before I realized that mom and dad were still doing it and I redirected my attention to his penis and mom's vagina. It took dad another minute or so before he stopped going in and out and pushed hard into mom's vagina. I could see his legs jerking sort of funny. It was then that I realized that what I was seeing was him pumping his sperm into my mom.

He had his climax. I watched and finally saw him pull his penis out of mom's vagina. It was hanging limp between his legs again. I saw the glistening from their juices and something dripping from the end of it onto the sheet below them.

Dad leaned forward and lay down sort of half on and half off mom with his side on the bed next to her. They kissed a couple times then just lay still for a bit. It was a couple minutes before mom finally spoke saying, "Gwen, were you able to see what your dad did with his penis?" "Yes, mom," I said to her, "does it hurt when he does it?" "Well, it did hurt me a little because his penis was hitting close to the tumor.

The first time it might hurt you if your hymen is still blocking your vagina, but after that it won't hurt and you'll begin to really enjoy having it inside you. It will give you a full feeling up inside between your legs and make your feelings very strong. If your dad works with you, at some point you'll even feel the good feelings get so strong that you'll think you'll pass out if they get any stronger.

That's called a climax." "Do you have any other questions," dad asked?

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"Not really," I told him, "I might have some later though." "Ok, if you do, don't hesitate to ask either of us," mom said. I collected my clothes.

As I did, I intentionally bent over with my legs slightly spread to allow my father to get a better look between my legs. I then walked over to my room and closed my door. I threw my clothes on my vanity bench and flopped onto my bed. My knees immediately came up near my chest and spread to make room for my fingers.

In the next five minutes I brought myself to 2 more climaxes thinking about what I had just seen and imagining how dad's penis would feel pushing into me instead of mom. The second one was so strong that I think I did pass out for a few seconds. When I finally got my wits about me again, I rolled over and pulled my covers over me and fell asleep with my room light still on.

The next thing I heard was when I heard mom say, "She's asleep." She turned off my light and closed my door again. I looked over at my clock and saw it was just after midnight, over three hours since I watched my dad and mom have sex. Next time My 1st Time