Gay boys putting on diapers I think that as you witness this I think

Gay boys putting on diapers I think that as you witness this I think
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Fbailey story number 638 Mommy No Tits I thought that my mother was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She was a very good cook, she cleaned the entire house from top to bottom twice a year, and she gave my father sex whenever he asked.

He asked often too because I had figured out their system. Anytime he kissed her his hand would rub her chest. That was his way of saying, I love you. If he wanted sex his hand would go up under her skirt to her pussy, and if he wanted a blowjob he would place her hand on the crotch of his pants. I knew what was going on because I would follow them up to their bedroom and listen at the door as he fucked her.

He would call her his slut, his fuck toy, and his sperm bank. Often he would tell her that he wanted to bring another woman home…one with tits…big tits. One night I heard Mom say okay to his request.

Dad told her that he wanted her to suck the woman's big tits, to eat her pussy until she had an orgasm, and then he told her that he wanted her to eat his cum out of the woman's pussy after he had fucked her. Mom said okay again but I could tell that she was really upset. Finally I heard Mom ask, "Why did you marry me if you wanted a woman with big tits?" Dad answered, "Because you had the tightest cunt of any girls I had fucked and I thought that your tits would grow as you got older.

Especially if you had a kid but that didn't work did it Mommy No Tits." The next morning at breakfast Mom could not look Dad in the face. After he had left for work I had another twenty minutes before I had to go to school. I asked, "Mom, why are you going to do what Dad wants you to do with that woman?" Mom turned white as a ghost and asked, "How do you know about that?" I said, "I was listening at your bedroom door last night." Mom looked totally exhausted and slightly depressed as she said, "Because I don't have any tits." I looked at her in disbelief and boldly said, "Show me." Mom looked at me as if I had slapped her face.

Then she stood up and unbuttoned her dress letting it fall to the kitchen floor. She had an old discolored white bra and a pair of pale blue panties. Mom then reached back and unhooked her bra. As she lowered it to her elbows and then dropped it to the floor I got my first look at Mom topless. The bra was the kind that women with mastectomies wear. She was definitely 'Mommy no tits.' I had only seen little five-year-old girls that were that flat chested.

But Mom had great nipples. They were fat and long. Her areolas were the size of the old silver dollars in Dad's coin collection. Her nipples were as big around as my little finger and almost three-quarters of an inch long.

They were very hard too. I liked the dark color of her nipples and areolas. After I had looked at them for a minute I said, "Wow!

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Mom you are beautiful. I'd give anything to be able to make love to you like Dad does." Mom said, "Oh you are just saying that because I'm probably the first girl that you have ever seen topless. Your father wants some real tits to play with and to look at." I walked closer to her and gave her a big hug. I whispered in her ear, "So why does he want you to kiss her, suck her tits, and eat his cum out of her pussy?" Then I placed my hand between her legs with my palm up and cupped her warm panty-covered pussy.

Mom asked, "What are you doing?" I replied, "This is what Dad does when he wants to fuck you, I want to make love to you…right now." At first Mom looked shocked then she actually smiled at me. "Do you really like my flat chest?" I leaned in and sucked on my very first nipple. According to Mom she had breastfed me for the first six months of my life but of course I had no recollection of that. Mom rubbed my back and said, "I had better call the school and tell them that you won't be coming in today.

I think it will take me all day to satisfy you, young man. I remember when your father was your age. He could do it a half dozen times on a date." Mom made the phone call, picked up her padded bra and her dress and then she led me up to her bedroom. She said, "If your father can fuck another woman in our bed, then I can let you fuck me in it too." I undressed completely and then I slipped Mom's panties down her legs and tossed them toward the door.

I was going to keep them. Mom had nice thick dark hair on her pussy. She noticed me staring and said, "Your father won't let me shave it.

He says that I would look too much like a little girl to him." I said, "I like it. All of the girls I see on the Internet are shaved. I really like seeing hair on it." Mom smiled at me, sat on the edge of the bed, and then turned to lie along the front edge.

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She smiled at me and then she slid over to the center of the bed. I got on the bed next to her and started to suck on her nipple as I searched for her clit. When I found it she gasped.

I gave it a really good rub until I felt her tense up and shutter slightly. I asked, "Was that an orgasm?" Mom giggled like a schoolgirl and said, "Yes it was.

It was a good one too. Your father hasn't given me an orgasm in years. He just fucks me and then rolls over and goes to sleep." I said, "I'll try not to go to sleep after we make love." Again Mom giggled and said, "Oh I don't think you'll go to sleep until I have drained every drop of cum from your testicles.

But you will sleep like a baby tonight." She pulled me on top of her, she reached for my cock, and then she slipped it into herself. Then before I knew what was happening she was humping up into me.


I just sort of hung on until she settled down. I felt her clinch her pussy tight as she had a second orgasm. Dad was right, Mom did have a tight pussy. Not that I had anything to compare it too. We made love a half-hour later, then an hour after that, and every hour until I couldn't get it up again. Mom sucked me hard the last two times. We made love seven times that day and we got cleaned up before Dad came home from work.

He walked in, kissed her and placed her hand in his crotch. I followed them up to their bedroom, at a reasonable distance of course. Mom must have known that I would be listening at the door. Mom said, "So I'm supposed to suck your cock. Who was it in?" Dad replied, "Peggy, the woman with the big tits. She has a big fat pussy too. I fucked her in the supply closet just before I came home. I wanted her juices to be fresh for you. By the way, she is coming over later for some fun." I heard some sucking sounds and Dad groaning a little.

Then Mom asked, "If you can fuck other women can I let other men fuck me?" Dad laughed and asked, "Who would want to fuck Mommy No Tits?" I almost died when Mom said, "Our son!" Dad laughed and said, "Yeah!

Right! Like you would let him fuck you. Miss Goody Two Shoes herself." There was a slight pause then Dad said, "Okay! If you want him to fuck you then its okay with me." I crept away after that and went to my bedroom.

Moments later I heard Dad go out. Mom came into my room. She was still naked from giving Dad a blowjob. Then she asked, "Were you listening?" I replied, "Yes. He said that I could fuck you." Mom smiled and said, "Yes he did. Can you get it up again? I want your cum in me when he brings his big busted bimbo back here. He went to get her." I was hard from thanking about what Dad had said so I slipped it back into Mom and filled her for the eighth time that day.

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I was down in the living room when Dad came back. Mom was in a short summer dress watching television with me. Dad introduced Peggy to us and then told Mom to take her upstairs. He told me to watch television. I did for all of one minute then I was sitting on the floor right outside their bedroom door. All I heard was Dad giving orders. "Get naked, both of you." "Peggy, let her lick your pussy.

I want her to suck out all of my cum from earlier and I want her to give you an orgasm. Then after I fuck you she can lick it out again." Come on, I want to see your tongue get right into her hole." That's it." After that, things got kind of quiet.

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Eventually I went to my bedroom. An hour later Mom came into my room. She was naked and she had Peggy with her. Peggy was naked too and she did have huge tits and a shaved pussy. Mom said, "Honey, you remember Peggy. She wore your father out. He's sleeping. Could you get it up one more time for her? She is still horny. Your father isn't very good in bed. I told her all about you though." Peggy asked, "Have you really fucked your mother eight times today?" I nodded my head yes.

Then Peggy and Mom got up on my bed.


Mom was up high on my bed, Peggy was kneeling between her legs, and Peggy was eating Mom's pussy. Mom said, "When you feel the urge, just slip it into her." I watched the most incredible thing that a young teenage boy could imagine.

Watching Peggy eat Mom's pussy made me rock hard so I slipped it into her moist pussy and started thrusting. I was in a hurry but my pecker wasn't. After all it had been totally satisfied already that day.

I could hear Peggy moan into Mom's pussy, I could feel Peggy wiggling her ass around, and then I felt Peggy have an orgasm. Her pussy wasn't as tight as Mom's pussy and she couldn't tighten down on my cock like Mom could either but I did give her a good amount of cum. Mom swung around under Peggy into a sixty-nine and started eating Peggy's cream filled pussy while Peggy went after Mom's pussy.

In the morning Dad found the three of us in my bed. He was not very happy either. Mom said, "You told me that I could let him fuck me." Dad huffed and puffed but kept his mouth shut.

Then Peggy said, "He fucks a lot better than you do. He likes older women and I like younger men.

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I'm his girlfriend now." Mom said, "You had better look for another sex partner. Mommy No Tits is keeping her legs and mouth shut for you." Peggy just giggled and kissed my cock right there in front of Dad. A few minutes later we heard him go out. It was a Saturday so Mom figured that he went to play golf with his friends. Instead Dad moved into a small apartment and filed for divorce. He claimed adultery and named me as the other man.

Peggy said that he couldn't prove a thing. It turned out that Peggy was a lawyer for the same company that Dad worked for. Eventually Dad lost his job, Peggy moved in with Mom and I, and Mom got her divorce. Me, I got to sleep with both women every night.

The End Mommy No Tits 638