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LilyMay McCarthy was her birth name, although now she was an Evans, and had been for fifty years or more she still thought her birth name suited her better. She had considered reverting to it when her husband died all those years ago but in deference to her children, she had remained an Evans. She had two daughters and a son, all married with children of their own.

They lived close by and one of them came to visit every day, just to make sure that she was ok and do a few chores for her She had lived a long and interesting (well that was one way of putting it) life. She was born and brought up in Co Cork in Ireland near to the sea. She had lived with her Mother and Father in a small croft on the headland more than four score and ten years before.


Oh, how she had loved her parents she just wished that she could have spent more time with her Father, but he was a merchant sailor and was away on his ship for many long months. That meant she and her Mother were alone together, but what wonderful times they were. Her first real memories although now blurred with time, were from when she was about five years of age.

Now well into her ninth decade of being on this earth her greatest enjoyment, besides her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, were her memories.

One or more of her children visited her every day, but in the evening when they had all gone home she loved to sit on the porch on a warm balmy night in her rocking chair wrapped in a warm blanket enjoying her memories. This is what she was doing when a kind joyful sounding mild warm Irish voice called her name, "Lily-May McCarthy, how are you this fine evening". No one had called her by that name for many a year and it brought warmth to her heart and a lump to her throat.

She had never seen or heard this man before, yet she knew him, she somehow knew he would come one day. He was familiar and he seemed to radiate warmth and confidence.

She instinctively knew she could trust this man and tell him anything. "I am fine and comfortable", she replied. "Especially now you are here, has it taken you long to find me?" "No Lily-May McCarthy" was the reply "I have always known where you were, but I have waited many a long year for this day. Would you like to come for a walk with me and tell me your story?" All her aches and pains had gone; she arose out of her rocker-linked arms with the man and walked spritely down the path asking where he would like her to start her story.

"From the beginning Lily-May McCarthy, from the beginning where all good story's start", was his reply. She was five years of age, as she had no real memory from before then so that was where she began. She had finished her chores, and after listening to her mother's tales of the magic people fairies, goblins and the leprechauns, she could not wait to be on her way.

As usual, her mother put her hands on her hips and said in a mock stern voice, "Now you listen to me Lily-May McCarthy, you be kind to people, respect your elders and above all don't forget to leave food for the magic folk and they will look after you.

Now be off with you and make sure you are home for tea". It may have been light hearted banter for her mother and a way to keep Lily-May entertained, but to the little girl it was gospel and she loved to hear the stories of the magic folk and they had remained fresh in her mind all her life, as had the deed of leaving food for them.

If it were not a school or church day, after she had finished her chores she would race to the headland and gaze out to sea waiting for her father's ship to appear over the horizon. Thinking and daydreaming, but above all wishing the magic people would make her dad's ship appear.

Of course, her dad always came home and they would all have a wonderful few weeks together until it was time for her father to return to sea. However, to her young mind the magic people brought her dad home, so she would leave extra food and treats out for them for looking after her. She spent many an hour sitting on the headland daydreaming, occasionally someone would walk by. She was always polite and would talk and answer any questions, also offer to help if needed.

The priest from her church came by one day and he sat and spoke with Lily-May. She told him that she was watching for her father's ship, and hoping the magic people would bring him home soon.

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She told how she left food for them hoping they would look kindly upon her and bring her dad home safe and soon. The priest leaned in close to Lily-May and swore her to secrecy, he then told her that the church knew all about the magic people and was very friendly with them, and that if she was good and kind and helpful that he would talk to them and ask them to help her.

Oh, she swore until her dying day that she would keep the secret and be kind and helpful, she was so excited to have a good priest to help her she would do anything for him. The priest came more frequently after that, they would talk and he would ask questions he would hold her saying he was cold and needed to cuddle to get warm.

He also told her to keep his visits secret because the magic people would not approve of the priest telling anyone that the church and the magic folk were friends.

If they knew, the magic people would desert her. She was to still come to church and speak to him because he thought she was a very special girl and loved talking to her. However, these meetings on the headland would have to remain a secret, if anyone found out they would want to come to the headland in the hope of getting help from the magic people and they would only spoil everything.

On one of his more frequent visits, he told Lily-May that he had a problem and that he had talked to the magic people about it, they thought she was the only one who could help him. He did not really want to ask her because he knew how kind she was and did not want to take advantage.

LilyMay in her childish innocence was eager to help such a kind man, him being a priest and friends of the magic people and all. He explained that when he was cold they cuddled and rubbed each other to get warm. His problem was that he needed to cuddle and rub again but he needed rubbing in a special way because part of his body was stiff and painful, the only way to relieve the stiffness was for her to rub that part of his body.

It was stiff she thought, it was warm and stiff but at the same time it felt soft. It must have been very painful because the end of it was purple and something was leaking out of the hole in the end. It was too thick to hold in one hand so she used two. It looked funny as skin slid over the purple end, it must have been hurting the priest as he was moaning and writhing about, then he started to pant. It frightened Lily-May so she stopped, but the priest begged her to continue explaining that soon it would be better.

No sooner had she got hold again and started rubbing when his body stiffened and he moaned loudly and all this thick white cream spurted out of the hole in the end.


Lily-May continued rubbing but the priest grabbed her hands and stopped her. He was breathing heavily and thanking Lily-May, He went limp and the end lost its vivid purple colour, the priest used his handkerchief to clean the cream up. He then asked Lily-May not to tell anyone explaining that she was a special girl and had to keep this a secret. After all the magic people did not want everyone knowing, they were good friends of the holy church priests and nuns.

Lily-May swore she would never tell and that she now hoped the priest was better. The priest would visit Lily-May at least once a week after that, he must have been in a lot of pain, as she always had to rub him to get the stiffness out of him. She enjoyed doing it, as she liked to see the funny faces he pulled just before the white stuff would shoot out.

One time when she did it some of the white stuff splashed on her face and lips, she could not help but lick her lips clean. It tasted funny, warm and creamy but very salty, but a very interesting taste nothing like anything she had ever tasted before. A couple of weeks after that the priest came, this time sister Theresa from the nunnery was with him. They sat and talked to Lily-May and Sister Theresa asked her about the priest's stiffness.

Lily-May did not know what to do as she had sworn secrecy, but the priest said it was ok as the nun was of the Holy Church. Lily-May started to tell but the nun said she did not understand and that it would be better if Lily-May showed her. As she was rubbing him, she remembered tasting the white stuff, so when the priest started to pull funny faces she leaned in closer to get some on her face. Sure enough, she did but this time she opened her mouth to get some right inside Lily-May thought that it tasted much better and it felt good on her tongue.

They both praised Lily-May saying what a wonderful girl she was and that the magic people were very pleased with her. Sister Theresa told Lily-May that she now had a terrible ache, that needed rubbing and would Lily-May do it for her. The ache was in the nun's front bum as Lily-May called it in them days. It was different to her own; it had hair all round it, long pieces of skin hanging and was so wet that water was running out, only it did not feel like water. It was slippery and thicker than water.

As Lily-May was rubbing it, the nun spread her legs wide and a big hole appeared between the hanging skins, Lily-May was frightened as she thought she had done that.

The nun said that it was ok and that if she put her hand inside and rubbed fast it would make the ache go away. Nearly her whole arm went in, half way to her elbow. It felt soft, warm and squishy inside, and more liquid was coming out. Lily-May was fascinated and leaned in for a closer look, the nun went stiff and screamed for Jesus Christ, (Lily-May thought she was praying) then a jet of liquid spurted all over Lily-May's face and in her mouth.

The force of it made Lily-May choke and it stung her eyes. Lily-May started to cry from shock and thinking she had hurt the nun. The priest and Sister Theresa would visit Lily-May regularly after that. The nun showed her how to put the priest's stiffness in her mouth and rub it to get the white stuff out and how to swallow it.

She also showed how the priest would rub his stiffness inside her front bum to get the white stuff out. Then she showed Lily-May how to lick and suck her front bum to get all of the priest's white stuff and the liquid that made her ache out of her. Lily-May enjoyed that summer helping the priest and the nun of the holy church, and knowing that the magic people knew how kind and helpful she was being. She kept her promise of secrecy and never told a soul.

When her father was at home, she could not have been happier, although she did not go to the headland and did not see the priest or the nun, but she knew she would see them after her father went back on his ship. One morning she got up went to the bathroom and her father was in there, he did not see or hear her. He had the stiffness just like the priest; Lily-May loved her dad and had to help him. When she took him in her mouth, her father jumped and shouted at her to get out of the bathroom.

Lily-May ran to her room crying broken hearted her father had never shouted at her before and he sounded very angry. Shortly after her mother came to her hugged her and carried her downstairs, her father hugged her and apologised for shouting at her but he needed to talk to her and she had to tell him the truth.

After that, she had great fun with her father and had the best few weeks of her life until he went back on his ship. However, in all the time her dad was home they never went to church in fact she had never been since not even when she got married. She did go to the headland to watch for her dad's ship wishing the magic folk would help her and leaving food for them. However, she never saw the priest or Sister Theresa again. Lily-May became great friends with Mary a girl in her class who lived with her Mum and Dad in a croft just over the hill.

They were inseparable; they went everywhere together even took turns at having sleepovers at each other's. They would sit for hours on the headland talking and playing games. They found a sheltered spot out of the wind where the sun could shine on them all day, it was out of sight of people who walked the headland and it felt like the girls were in a world of their own there. As the girls grew, their conversation would turn to boys; they talked of how stupid they thought they were but not all of them, some they liked and some were better than others were.

They both had particular boys who they really liked. One day they had gone walking in the local woods and had heard shouting and laughing they had soon come upon a few boys playing in the lake. The girls watched them from a distance and noticed they were all naked. The girls crouched, hid and watched the boys in fascination. Mary had never seen anything like it before, but Lily-May could not tell her that she had.

They were now about thirteen years of age lying in the sun in their hideaway on the headland talking about it. Mary had never seen a naked boy since and wanted to go back to the woods hoping to see and find out more. Lily-May told Mary she would tell her a story if she would swear to secrecy.

Mary crossed her heart and promised to die if she ever told a soul. After Lily-May had told her about the priest and the nun, Mary was stunned to say the least, and she had a million questions to ask, not giving Lily-May the time to answer one before asking the next.

A couple of days later Mary was still full of questions, especially about the nun's ache as she thought she was suffering the same and wanted to know if Lily-May suffered it. "Sometimes," answered Lily-May. "What do you do about it?" Mary asked, "Do you rub it, like you did Sister Theresa's?" "Well, yes but then after a while it gets tender and the ache spreads all over and I start to feel funny, so I have to stop." "Mine starts to ache when I think of them boys we saw naked" Mary said, "Do you think that I am being punished by God for thinking about them?" "No", answered Lily-May.

"Sister Theresa is a holy nun; she would not be punished by God. But she got the ache." "You used to rub her to make her feel better when she got the ache." "I know, and she would scream and thrash about and all this liquid would come out. Then she would lie still breathing heavily for a few minutes before she was better." "What did you do then?" "The priest used to put his stiffness inside her, and I would have to put my hand inside as well and rub his stiffness until the white stuff came out.

Then I would have to lick them both to make sure everything was clean and to make sure they were better for at least a few days." Mary said that now she had heard all that her ache was worse, Lily-May had to agree that her ache was bad as well. "Lily-May" Mary said, "Do you think that if we rubbed and licked each other it would make our aches go away?" "Do you really want to?" Lily-May asked her. Mary tasted so sweet compared to Sister Theresa, she did not have long pieces of skin hanging down and the hole was not half as big.

When Lily-May tried to put her finger inside Mary stopped her, complaining it hurt. She said that it felt good when she first put it in but it hurt when she went deeper, she asked if Lily-May would just lick her. Lily-May was enjoying licking her much more than she did Sister Theresa, and when Mary started screaming and thrashing about Lily-May did not worry, as she knew the ache was leaving her friend. After Mary had got her breath and sat up with a big smile on her face, she told Lily-May that she had gotten scared as she thought she was going to burst and that she wanted to stop.

However, she had not been able to stop what Lily-May was doing to her, and then when she did burst it was the most wonderful feeling she had ever had, she offered to do the same for Lily-May.

However, when Lily-May lifted her skirt Mary screamed and moved hurriedly back, "You're bleeding," she said. They both started crying, worried something was dreadfully wrong. Lily-May did not want to tell her mother, as she was scared she would know what they had been doing. However, Mary insisted as she needed help and she had to go to the hospital. They concocted a story that she had fell and knocked herself and had started bleeding and hoped her Mother would believe them.

Her Mother hugged and reassured her that everything was fine, it was just a sign that she was growing up, she would have this regularly now and she just had to wear pads and everything would be fine. She then sent Mary home to tell her Mother what had happened and told Lily-May that they now had to have a long talk.

A couple of days later as the girls were on the headland talking and comparing notes on what their Mothers had told them. Lily-May had thought it was the oddest thing that she had ever heard and imagined she was like a chicken and laid eggs. However, when her Mother had explained fully she realized that was not the case. She asked if the reason why Sister Theresa had not had a baby was that, she had licked her clean afterwards.

This was the first time her Mother had heard this detail and after she had gotten over the shock, she explained that it was not and that was the first time Lily-May knew that what they had been doing was wrong.

Her Mother told her that she was in no way to blame and that the priest and the nun had abused an innocent child Mary asked if she had abused Lily-May by getting her to do what she had. They talked about and decided between them that it was not, as neither of them were adults. Anyway, Lily-May had really enjoyed doing it, Mary had to agree that it was the best thing she had ever felt and wondered if it would always feel as good. The girls remained good friends and lovers and were inseparable for the next few years.

When Lily-May was sixteen both her parents died in a tragic accident, she had to move to London England to live with her Aunt. Whom Lily-May had never met; she was her father's sister but he never spoke about her. With the pain of losing her parents, leaving her best friend behind and living with a stranger in a strange place Lily-May was confused and frightened.

Lily-May had only been in London for a couple of days when her aunt Phoebe took her to a party. She had a new dress, bonnet and shoes. Her aunt had insisted on helping Lily-May bathe and had made sure she paid particular attention to the area between her legs, had even trimmed the hair there. The party held in a house down a dark street in a part of London not too far from her aunt's house but unknown to Lily-May was, nothing like she had ever seen before.

It was a dimly lit room, with lots of soft furnishing with big cushions on the floor, men were sitting in the chairs and settees and girls with not much clothing on were sitting on their knees. All were drinking and laughing, men were openly fondling the girls. There were two girls laid on a cushion with their heads between each other's thighs other people were cheering them.

One girl was kneeling naked in front of one man sucking his penis while rubbing another in each hand; another man was behind her pushing his penis in and out of her. Lily-May did not know where to look or what to say, her aunt did not even seem to notice she was looking around the room as though she was looking for someone in particular.

She smiled and took hold of Lily-May's hand and said there was someone she wanted her to meet and led her across the room to a very well dressed man; just the look of him seemed to ooze authority and power. There were scantily clad girls knelt at his feet and men trying to attract his attention. When Lily-May and her aunt approached, he looked up then waved his hands dismissively and all the others stood and moved across to the other side of the room.

Aunt Phoebe said, "My Lord, I would like to introduce my sweet innocent sixteen year old niece, Lily-May McCarthy. Who has recently arrived from Cork after the tragic death of her parent's? My Lord she is in need of help and guidance and knowing of your benevolence I was hoping that you would take pity on such a soul and help her".

He waved her aunt away looked at critically at Lily-May and the smile on his face showed he approved. Lily-May possessed the beauty that all sweet innocent sixteen-year-old girls have. Enhanced by her long wavy blonde almost white hair, sparkling big wide blue eyes small full mouth with little button nose framed in a peach coloured flawless round cheeked face.

Lily-May was confused, frightened, overwhelmed but intrigued by what she had witnessed in the five minutes she had been in the room. His Lordship spoke in a surprisingly soft voice for a man who seemed to demand respect and obedience. She stood and turned under his command as he studied her, then told her to fetch her aunt. He whispered a few words in her aunt's ear then dismissed them both. They left the party then Lily-May was full of questions but, her aunt told her to shush, they would talk in the morning but now she needed to get a good night's sleep ready for the next day.

The following morning, Lily-May awoke early and her aunt made her bathe and dress quickly, as they were going shopping. Aunt Phoebe bought her dresses, slips, shoes and stockings. Then took her for a manicure and hair do, Lily-May was overwhelmed she had never known anything like this before. Aunt Phoebe explained that within the next week Lily-May was to move into an apartment of her own provided by Lord Bennet. She would live there rent free as long as she catered for Lord Bennet every need when he came to visit.

Lily-May was frightened and did not want to go, she begged her aunt to let her stay with her. Aunt Phoebe told her that if she did not, then she would have to live in the house of the party and help the other girls look after all the other men who went there. On the other hand, she could live on the street and try to survive by whatever means she could. Alternatively, she could live in luxury and look after Lord Bennet. Lily-May was frightened but she agreed to, as the alternatives were even more horrifying.

Looking back, she now wished she had taken the chance of living on the street. Lily-May spent the next few days preparing to live in her new flat and as Aunt Phoebe put it learning how to entertain Lord Bennet. Aunt Phoebe bathed Lily-May then she examined her to ascertain that she really was a virgin. Lily-May laid back and put her legs up and wide so that Aunt Phoebe could have a proper look at her vagina.

She rested Lily-May's bottom on her knees and pushed her feet behind her head so that she could have a good look inside. With a finger and thumb of each hand she spread Lily-May wide and peered inside, undoubtedly; she was a virgin there was a small hole which never been penetrated and the type of hymen she had would make it almost painless with little blood when she was penetrated for the first time.

Aunt Phoebe leaned forward and licked her vagina, explaining that she need to make sure that she tasted proper saying that diet was very important in helping with the taste, then she proceeded to lick and suck until she brought Lily-May to orgasm. Then she made Lily-May do the same to her, as she would have to do it to other girls for Lord Bennet's entertainment. Lily-May went to the brothel to watch and learn what the other girls were doing to entertain men, so she could entertain Lord Bennet in the way that he wanted.

However, under no circumstance was she to allow anyone to touch her.

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After a few days of watching cocks sucked, wanked and fucked up a pussy and arse holes, gallons of spunk swallowed and spread over women's bodies, even watching men fuck each other. Aunt Phoebe considered her well-schooled and informed Lord Bennet she was ready.

Lily-May had not seen him since she was first presented to him and was apprehensive about moving into the apartment, but the alternatives were dreadful. How could a sixteen year old, brought up in the countryside hope to survive alone. A horse and carriage arrived a footman carried Lily-May's bags and off she went to begin a new adventure and life. Dreading what was to come but unable to see an alternative. She did not want to be a sex toy; she knew she would be a prostitute even if she were for the sole use of just one man and maybe a woman or two.

She had a dreadful thought; she was glad her parents were dead and would not know. However, Lily-May had not the least idea of what was to come. The carriage stopped in a wide street, the footman helped her out and guided Lily-May up some steps to an ornate double door, and they opened on to a large foyer with a desk and a man behind it.

He said, "Good afternoon Miss McCarthy, welcome to Williams Towers your new home. I am Henry and I will look after you, in your apartment is a bell pull for you to use should you require anything. Just one pull and either James my colleague or I will answer. This young woman is Rose; your maid and lives in the apartment with you.

Rose will show you to your apartment and I will bring your luggage shortly". Lily-May was dumb struck, she followed Rose silently, and this was the poshest place she had ever seen, marble staircase, crystal chandeliers, ornate wooden balustrade and plush thick carpeting.

Rose opened an ornate door and beckoned Lily-May inside. She was in awe, if she thought the stairway was posh it faded in comparison to the apartment she was now in. "Please come in and make yourself at home", said Rose. Lily-May looked at her in disbelief and could only mutter. "Yes Miss this is where you live now would you like me to show you around or would you like to explore by yourself and I will make you a nice cup of tea.

Afterwards we will have a long talk and I will tell you what I can about Lord Bennet". The furniture in the living room was large, big cushioned settees and armchairs, large dining table and chairs. Huge picture windows, paintings hung on the wall a plush carpet with rugs, large marble fireplace and large mirrors hung on each wall. There were two bedrooms; both had very large comfortable looking soft beds, walk in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms and toilet. The walls and ceilings covered in mirrors.

The kitchen was modest compared to the rest of the apartment but Rose assured her it was fully equipped.

Lily-May had never seen anything like it and had no idea what they would cost or even how anyone could buy such things; Lord Bennet must be the richest man in the world.

As they sat drinking tea, Rose told her about another room she had not yet seen. Behind a hidden door in the living room was a room that both frightened and intrigued Lily-May. The ceiling and walls were padded, racks on the walls with ropes and manacles, a large wooden table with manacles, chains hanging from the ceiling with manacles on the floor beneath. There were whips, canes and wooden penises of all shapes and sizes.

Lily-May asked what it was all for. "They are for you; Lord Bennet likes light bondage and punishment. He will not hurt you very much in fact you will come to love it, it is all part of his love making. However, beware miss, if you disobey him he will punish you and you will not like that. You will have to do exactly as he wants without question. If not he will punish you severely and throw you out on to the street".

Lily-May and Rose drank tea and talked; Rose was eighteen and had been in the employ of Lord Bennet since she was ten years old. Where her parents were she did not know, one day a carriage had drawn up outside her parents little home a man had given them an envelope and led Rose away and she had been with Lord Bennet ever since. Lily-May thought she was a pretty girl with long curly auburn hair, same height as herself slim but with very large breasts. She told Lily-May that she was to obey Lord Bennet immediately with no exceptions.

The first transgression punished with a light whipping, after which the punishment will get more and more severe. Lily-May will not be able to leave unless Lord Bennet orders it. Rose was to be with her on her first meeting with his Lordship and any other time he wanted, to make sure Lily-May knew what to do. "Do not look so worried," said Rose, "It is not that bad; Lord Bennet only comes here once or twice a week, and throws a party for his friends about once a month.

If you can put up with lots of sex on those occasions with men, women and whatever else you will be ok, as for the rest of the time, you will live in luxury and will want for nothing. He will be here this evening, I will have to make sure you are ready and I also have to check that you are still a virgin". Lily-May was terrified and started to cry, wondering what she had done to deserve this, she was certain that somehow she had hurt the magic people and they were punishing her.

She promised she would be good from now on, take her punishment, and do whatever was necessary to make amends to the magic people. She would start by leaving extra food and drink out every night.

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Lord Bennet arrived that evening; the girls were ready Lily-May was very nervous and stood clasping her hands in her lap and head bowed praying for the floor to open and swallow her.

Lord Bennet spoke quietly and introduced himself to Lily-May shaking her hand. Lily-May curtsied and said pleased to meet you My Lord. (As instructed) Lord Bennet sat; Rose brought him a drink and knelt on the floor at the side of his chair hands folded in her lap and head bowed.

His Lordship instructed Lily-May to stand and turn so He could have a good look at her, then she was ordered to disrobe; after turning slowly full circle she turned her back to him opened her legs and bent forward at the waist exposing her pussy and arse hole, reaching round she spread her cheeks as wide as possible. This was actually turning her on and juice was leaking from her pussy. She peered between her legs and saw Lord Bennet looking intently at her whilst Rose was sucking avidly on his cock.

She then had to lie on her back and Rose knelt with her knees either side of her head and lowered her pussy on to her mouth, Lily-May ate her out and Rose came with a gush, soaking Lily-May's face and hair and filling her mouth with sweet juice there was so much she had problems swallowing it all. Rose pulled Lily-Mays legs up and open making her hold her legs behind her own ears. She then opened Lily-May's pussy wide as possible while Lord Bennet looked inside confirming her virginity.

Both girls sucked and fondled his cock and balls Lily-May thought it was massive as thick as her forearm and easily as long, she had problems getting it in her mouth.

However, after a few attempts Rose took it all in her mouth and licked his balls at the same time. Rose then sat on his cock with her back towards him; Lily-May licked her pussy and his cock, sucking it when he withdrew. Soon His Lordship was groaning and pushing himself into Rose forcefully, then he came filling Rose to overflowing, Lily-May licked it all up and cleaned his cock and Roses pussy until instructed to stop.

After Lord Bennet had gone Lily-May asked why he had never touched her, Rose told her he was saving her for a special occasion and that would be in front of his friends. Rose asked her if after all they had done, was she feeling horny, and would she like her to suck her pussy.

Lily-May lay on her back with her legs wide open, her feet behind her ears and a big smile on her face before Rose had finished talking. Later Rose explained to Lily-May that Lord Bennet would not have sex with her until he has a party, there will be women and men maybe six of each to witness her defloration, which Lord Bennet will have the pleasure of doing. However, before then all the guests will be able to examine her without touching. She however will have to perform oral and hand sex for those that want it.

Believe me Lily-May they are a perverted lot and you will have to do things you have never even imagined. In addition, after taking your virginity and Lord Bennet has rested he will have anal sex with you. Until then nothing is to penetrate you except a tube I will have to put up your arse.

If you do not follow these simple rules, there will be severe punishment. Until then, after, and in between you will live like a Lady and want for nothing. Lily-May had a million questions to ask, but the tube up her arse she could not understand so that was the first inquiry.

Lord Bennet will give us a week notice before the party as that will give us enough time to make sure you are clean and ready. Rose explained she would be giving her enema's it would give her an upset stomach and a sore arse, her stomach would get used to them but she had some cream to help with her arse. The next week Lily-May and Rose spent their time walking around the shops or in the park, men would doff their caps and women would smile as they passed.

Rose explained that they know her and that they had heard Lord Bennet had a new ward, suspected Lily-May was she, and would be hoping to meet her soon.


They then met two young girls, they said how lucky Lily-May was, and their Master was cruel. Only last night Jane the youngest had spit when he was peeing in her mouth. He had then caned both of them severely and roughly fucked their arses, as had four of his dogs. Later Rose explained that the girls who are sisters could not leave their Master, how two girls would age ten and twelve survive on the streets. Lord Bennet came again that night, once again he had Lily-May pose for him while Rose sucked his cock.

Then he took them into the punishment room as Rose called it. Rose lay down on the floor and attached manacles to her ankles, then to her wrists, raised feet first so that she hung upside down, legs spread wide and hands shackled to the floor. Lily-May instructions were to use a light cat of nine-tail and whip Rose across her back and front hard and to make sure she left marks upon her body.

Lily-May wondered what rose had done to deserve this punishment; she then noticed Rose's pussy was pouring with juice and she was moaning with enjoyment and not pain. She then whipped Roses pussy the juice was now pouring out, running down her body soaking her face and hair. Rose was screaming and writhing in ecstasy, lowering her to the floor Lord Bennet fucked her arse hard soon filling her with his seed.

Lily-May avidly cleaned them both with her tongue orgasming strongly with the pleasure of it. Later Rose explained that she had slowly come to enjoy the punishment and now she loved it and she would sometimes disobey Lord Bennet so that he would punish her and sometimes she craved punishment so severe that she was unable to move for days. She told Lily-May that there would be a party for a few guests the next week and Lily-May needed to be prepared, but that could wait until the next day as Rose had other plans for the night.

The girls spent the night stroking, licking and sucking each other's bodies until they fell asleep in each other's arms exhausted. The next evening after having spent a lazy day relaxing, Rose told Lily-May it was time to start her preparation for the party. She watched Rose fill a large bottle with warm water, collect a long tube and some cream and towels.

In the bathroom Lily-May lay on her back her knees bent up to her chest while Rose used her finger to liberally spread cream on and just inside Lily-May's anus, she lubricated the tube and inserted three or four inches into her bottom holding the bottle up and turning it upside down the water ran into Lily-Mays bottom. She was to let as much water in as possible and hold it in for as long as possible.

She had to stop a couple of times and Rose massaged her stomach until the pain had eased, eventually the bottle was empty and Lily-May held the liquid in for about fifteen minutes. Eventually she had to relieve herself, she had never evacuated so much in all her life. She thought she was going to be sick and her anus felt on fire. Rose had prepared a warm scented bath and the girls soaked in the water together, Lily-May had to use the toilet a couple more times that night, each time Rose would clean her with a soft warm cloth and spread more cream on her anus.

Carrying out the same procedure a couple more times that week, Lily-May grew accustomed to it even helping Rose with her enema. The rest of the time, the girls would walk exploring the shops and park, or making love to each other. Saturday night was the big party, Lily-May and Rose looked beautiful in their gowns and stockings, their lithe bodies showing through the gossamer thin material, no under wear but the thin material diffused and lent a mystery and allure to their young firm bodies.

Their hair was loose and lightly curled, hanging down almost to the waist. Some of the hair was hanging down the front of their body's, hiding their nipples. The dresses gathered slightly at the crotch area, hiding their pussies. Both promising yet denying the exotic pleasure both young girls possessed.

There were six men and six women plus Lord Bennet sitting in chairs around the outside of the room, a dais in the middle. Rose knelt next to Lord Bennet, Lily-May stood on the dais which was slowly turning so everyone could get a could look at her.

She slowly disrobed and after a couple of revolutions spread her legs, bent double from the waist and held the cheeks of her bottom as wide as possible, holding that pose while everyone looked and applauded. Then she lay on her back, lifted her legs so her feet were behind her head and opened her pussy wide, all the guests came close and peered inside her trying to see her hymen. They all sat and Lily-May went to each one in turn and performed oral sex, four of the cocks were about six inches and not too thick, one was about nine inches and very thick, the sixth was only three to four inches and thin but as soon as Lily-May put it in her mouth he came.

There was so much of it she had problems swallowing it all, but she knew she would be severely punished if she did not. There were many differences with the pussies, hairy ones bald ones, some with long lips and one with none at all.

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One woman had a clitoris about three inches long and looked like a cock; her lips were long and her hole huge. Lily-May sucked her clitoris into her mouth as she would a cock; she put her hand inside up to her elbow.

Lily-May sucked and fucked her until she screamed in orgasm; she squirted what seemed like gallons all over Lily-May. Lily-May knelt by the side of Lord Bennet and she and Rose fondled and sucked his cock and they watched the guests fuck each other in a frenzied orgy. Men were fucking men, women were fucking women there were threesome's anal and vaginal sex. The woman with the big clitoris had the arms of two women in her pussy, the man with the biggest cock was fucking her arse and another man was sucking her clitoris, while she alternated between sucking cock and pussy.

After an hour, everyone cleaned themselves had drinks and rested. Rose placed a large pillow on the dais Lily-May laid on her back upon it, legs wide open and Lord Bennet invited all his guests to have a good taste of a virgin pussy. Lily-May was soaking wet and almost bursting with the need to orgasm, but no one would let her. When Lord Bennet stepped forward all the guests took turns in sucking his cock, preparing him to enter Lily-May.

The man with the small cock and the woman with the large clitoris were the only two who managed to get all of his cock down to his balls in their mouths. Rose held Lily-May legs and pussy wide open, one of the women guided Lord Bennet's cock to the opening and held it as he slowly pushed forward entering Lily-May. She felt a pressure building inside her and she groaned in pain, not able to hide the look of fear on her face, she saw that Lord Bennet was watching intently.

He smiled and withdrew slightly, Lily-May relaxed and he pushed forward again this time a little deeper. Lord Bennet watched Lily-May's face closely and when he saw pain he withdrew, when he saw her relax he pushed in slowly. When he felt the resistance of her hymen and the look of fear on her face, instead of withdrawing he pushed forward harder for another inch. As he pushed through the look on Lily-May's face changed from fear to a look of agony to a look of relief and then to a look of wanton desire.

She pushed her hips forward trying to get more inside her. She had never felt anything so wonderful, she did not want it to stop she wanted more. When he was fully inside her and started to withdraw, she pushed her hips forward trying to keep him in. He pulled most of the way out, then slowly re-entered. Oh, it was wonderful she never wanted this feeling to stop; she did not think that this much pleasure was possible. Then Lord Bennet sped up his movement all the time increasing the thrilling feeling spreading through Lily-May's body, and then he pushed hard every bit of his huge cock forced inside bruising her insides.

Then he came with a force that rocked her, soothed her with its heat and force pushing her beyond all pleasure and she exploded in orgasm, thoroughly exhausted she lost all strength, unable to talk only mutter incoherently until she passed out with immense pleasure the likes she had never felt in her short life before. When she came round, it was to the feeling of licking and fingering of her pussy, she opened her eyes to see all the guests trying to lick her and Lord Bennet clean.

Some had cum and blood smeared on their lips and faces which others were trying to lick off. They seemed to be in frenzy, they were taking it in turns to suck and lick Lord Bennet's cock and balls and her pussy and arsehole. She had fingers in her pussy and tongues licking her arse, her legs lifted and spread for easier access, a woman planted her pussy on Lily-May's mouth; she licked and sucked at it as the woman moaned above her.

Lily-May felt a probing at her anus. The woman lifted off her face and she was able to watch as a man guided Lord Bennet's penis to the opening of her arse, he gently entered her it was quite pleasant. Lily-May hoped she would get the same amount of enjoyment, as when he took her virginity.

She knew it would feel different but she had seen so many other people enjoying anal sex she hoped she would as well. Then with a push, Lord Bennet forced every inch of his cock up her arse.

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Oh, it hurt, it burned and stung, he had ripped her in two. She could feel thumping deep inside her stomach, she tried to scream but the woman shoved her cunt back onto Lily-Mays mouth gagging her. Lord Bennet fucked her arse hard and fast, thankfully it did not take long for him to cum. She could feel him squirting his hot seed deep in her bowels; he was just as rough withdrawing. Lily-May sighed around the pussy covering her mouth when another cock forced up her arse and fucked her as hard again.

She sat with a cock up her arse and another up her pussy, she sucked cocks and cunts, and from head to toe covered in spunk and pussy juice, feeling she had swallowed gallons of the stuff. Lord Bennet had gone leaving his guests to use Lily-May and Rose in whatever way they wanted. At last, it was over everyone had gone, Lily-May lay on a cushion crying, Rose trying to comfort her. They both soaked in a warm bath and Rose applied soothing cream to Lily-May's bottom.

They lay in bed cradling each other in their arms, Rose explained that now they would not see anyone for a week, it would give time for them to heal ready for the next time. She further explained that the night had been relatively gentle, as the next party would most probably involve bondage, whipping and caning, or maybe even dogs or both. Lily-May swore that she would not stay; Rose told her that if she ran away she would not be able to go back to her aunt or work in the brothel.

She would have to live on the street where she risked starvation, rape or murder, or abducted and sold into slavery and abused and punished every day. Alternatively, she could remain there and be used as a sex slave once a week and live in luxury for the rest of the time.

The two girls spent a pleasant week strolling around the shops and park, they would have afternoon tea and cakes they met other young girls and boys who lived as they did. They had been to Lord Bennet's parties where they had lost their virginity, taken by Lord Bennet ably assisted by their Masters and Mistresses. Lily-May had no idea that her situation was as common as she now knew, she also believed that Lord Bennet must be a very powerful man.

The two girls went shopping for new dresses and when they had chosen them Rose spoke to the shopkeeper who duly bowed and assured the two girls of the delivery of the clothing that afternoon and thanked them profusely for their custom, holding the door as the girls left. Rose explained, Lord Bennet paid all their living expenses and their personal allowance was for them to do with as they pleased.

Lily-May decided then that she would save as much as possible so that she may one day have enough to leave and have enough to money to open a shop to earn her own living. She had no idea how long that would take, only that if Rose were willing she would take her with her.

The evening Lord Bennet arrived both girls fondled and sucked him, made love to each other Lily-May sat on his cock while Rose licked and fondled his balls he then fucked her arse with Rose cleaning them both with her tongue. Lily-May was suspended upside down rose whipped and caned her pussy and arse, raising wheals and drawing blood. Lily-May was in agony but Lord Bennet fucked her hard and long, then fucked Rose's arse. Rose squatted over Lil-May's face as she licked her clean. Later as the girls soaked in a warm bath Lily-May spoke of her plans and inviting Rose to share in them, Rose was eager saying they would have to leave London, maybe they could even go to America.

That night they slept peacefully in each other's arms with the warming thoughts of escape. This was their life for the next four years, used and abused, made to perform deviant sexual acts with each other, dogs and even young children all for the gratification of Lord Bennet and his guests. Lily-May's twenty-first birthday was approaching plans were afoot for a special party to celebrate. She was not looking forward to it but what could she do. Hints made about bestiality, bondage, torture and very young children.

The afternoon before the party a knock upon the door and a small nervous man wearing a bowler hat introduced himself as Mr Evan's of Brown, Filch and Evans solicitors to Lord Bennet. He bade the girls sit, they sat nervously on the settee Mr Evans paced nervously and coughed, "I am sorry to inform you, but your Patron Lord Bennet has met with a tragic accident.

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He died after falling from his horse whilst out riding two days ago. I am in the process of settling his affairs; within a week, I will be able to inform you of his wishes. I cannot say at this moment how this will affect you, but I urge you to prepare yourselves for anything.

If you have any questions I can be reached at my office, I bid you good day ladies". He handed them his card and left. The week passed, slowly the girls filled with fear, and they did not have enough money saved to start a new life.

They were going to try to get work in a brothel as they had no experience of anything else to try to make a living, they did not want to end up living on the street with all the dangers and terror that held. They had plenty of visits from former guests of Lord Bennet's parties offering to become their master or mistress, that prospect left them with more terror than living on the street. They tried to console each other by making love more often, but their hearts were not really into it, they could not dispel their fears.

One week later Mr Evans knocked and asked the girls to sit as now he was in a position to be able to inform them of Lord Bennet's last Wishes. The apartment and all contents now belonged to both equally; they would also receive a thousand pounds per year for life.

Mr Evans also informed them that they were both now able to do exactly as they pleased. He further explained that arrangements were well along to transfer everything to their names and that he would visit again soon for signing of papers, in the meantime if they had any questions he would be available at his office, he then bade them goodbye.

The girls were dumb struck, just sat, and stared at each other in disbelief, they both screamed and ran into each other's arms, dancing and hugging, kissing and fondling they made love and it was the most satisfying they had both experienced for a long time.

The following few weeks were spent making plans for their future, they were both now worth a small fortune. They had great pleasure in that time refusing to see any of the former guests from Lord Bennet's parties.

All legal papers signed and property deeds and required identification papers issued, the girls were now definitely free and they set about finalising their plans. The apartment sold; the girls sailed to America to start a new life as far away as possible from everything they knew.

They settled in Boston, bought a small house together and began to mix with the social set. They met and married local businessmen, settled into society and had children, but it was not enough. They decided to open an orphanage they wanted to help children and did not want any to suffer what they had, over the years they helped about three hundred children. Lily-May's husband passed away ten years before and Rose went five years later. Lily-May thought she had led a good life since leaving London, all of her memories since were happy ones.

She wondered what would have become of her had she not experienced the life in London. Lily-May realised she was still walking arm in arm with the kindly Irish man; they must have been walking a long time as it was getting lighter.

The tall red haired Irish man had not said a word, Lily-May realised she had told him everything, things she had never told anyone before. She also realized that she remembered everything as though it had happened yesterday. They had stopped walking and Lily-May realized everywhere was pure white, in front of them were seven identical doors. The Irishman thanked Lily-May for her story and said she had one last decision to make.

She was to choose a door to go through; this would lead her to a place she had earned through her decisions and choices made during her life. Lily-May was at a loss and asked for help, the Irishman explained that he was only a guide and that she had to choose for herself. He further explained that the purity of her heart would determine her fate, but he believed that Lily-May would be very happy.

With trepidation, Lily-May opened the door furthest to the left. There was her Mother standing in the doorway to their croft in Cork wiping her hand on her apron. Lily-May McCarthy you hurry along now or your dinner will be cold.