Young twink sucks on his daddys tit and strokes nice cock

Young twink sucks on his daddys tit and strokes nice cock
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This story isn't gonna be hardcore or anything, I'm just cranky and bored. Girl point.of.view.--- It's Finals Week, and everyone is stressed.


"What's a better stress reliever than sex?" I joke quietly as I walk to my friend Miro's house with him and our friend Trevor. Miro grins and hugs me, groping me and then lets go. I smile and push him away. "Perrrrrrv," I say, then glance over at Trevor.

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"Don't you agree though?" I ask him, smiling softly. He blushes and looks away, muttering, "Umm, well I'm a virgin, sooo." My grin widens and I say, "Well, I gotta fix that." The look in Trevor's eyes tells me he's not sure if I'm serious or not, but Miro quickly says, "Use my bed!" and then we arrive at his house.

We all walk to his room, and I pull out my pipe and weed, loading a bowl and taking a hit before passing it to Trevor.

He takes a hit and passes it to Miro. We rotate a few times til the room is smokey and we're all pretty high.

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I take Trevor's hand and move it to my inner thigh as I ramble about howFinals are bullshit. I smile at Trevor and his eyes meet mine before wandering down, to where his hand is. "Hot!" Miro yells, reminding us he's still there. I laugh and change the way I'm relaxing, my head on Trevor's lap, pulling his hand to my chest as I close my eyes, giggling at how high I am. But not too high to cloud my judgement. I know what I want, and what I want is.Trevor. "Miroooo, go 'way," I mutter.

"This is my houseee though," he whines, but walks out and shuts the door after him. I quickly get up and pull off my shirt and bra, straddling Trevor's lap as I start to kiss him, my tongue gentley sliding against his upper lip, asking for entry. He kisses me back eagerly, his hands sliding down my bare skin.

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I push him down on the bed and kiss him again, rubbing my hips against his as I feel myself get more aroused, wet. Trevor slides his hand down my pants, under my panties, quickly sliding between my lower lips to play with my pussy. I moan quietly, kissing him before sliding down and undoing his jeans, then pulling them down with his boxers. I hear his gasp of surprise as I lick the tip of his dick, and I smile to myself before I start to suck it, taking it into my mouth and rolling my tongue on it's underside.

Trevor moans and his hands go to the back of my head, guiding my mouth on his member. I keep going for a while, but pull away and grab something from my backpack. "Safety is sexy!" I giggle, pulling out a condom and tearing the wrapping carefully.

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I look at the condom for a second before putting it on the desk so I can pull off the rest of my clothes, suddenly a little bit shy. I glance over as he pulls his clothes off, and then I grab the condom and unroll it onto his member, smiling, my heart racing. "This is real," I mutter to myself as he gets on the bed and I get on top, closing my eyes and breathing for a second, biting my lip, trying to hide my eager but nervous smile.

Trevor smiles at me, and I position myself over his dick, then slowly slide down on it.

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We both let out moans of pleasure. I giggle to myself, realizing this is my first time, too, in a way. I've never done it on a bed, let alone in a house.


My knees won't get all messed up this time! I think to myself. I start to lift and gently drop myself on his dick, riding him, slowly building up a rhythm.

We're both moaning, and his hands are on my hips, guiding them.

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I slowly pull away, then look at Trevor. "You should be on toppp now," I murmur, smiling. He gets on top of me, positioning himself at my snatch's entrance, and pushes in, leaning down to kiss me.

We kiss as his hips move, pushing innnnnn and outtttt, my legs wrapping around him and my hands tangling themselves into his hair. We keep going, until his breathing changes more, and he pulls out all the way before pushing back inside me, my pussy tightening as we both climax, my legs tightening around him and my hands trying not to pull his hair too hard.

We both lay there for a moment, breathless, before he gets up and pulls off the condom, tying it and throwing it away. I reach my arms out, gesturing for him to come back and cuddle with me. "That was." he mutters, but I kiss him, cutting him off. We lay together for a while, and then I get up and slowly get dressed.<3 ------------------------------------------------ Trevor smiles as we quickly scamper into the girl's bathroom much after school, so nobody will see us.

With barely a few words, we kiss passionately in the small confines of the stall before I reach down to un-button and zip his jeans.

In situations like this, I tend to have a small joking manner to hide how excited I am, so I make a comment about how annoying zippers can be. He puts a little physical pressure on me, telling me with his hands what he wants. I get on my knees and pull his delightful cock from his boxers, licking and sucking the head, looking up at him a couple times.

I take as much of his thick manhood in my mouth as I can, bobbing my head as I suck.

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One of his hands moves to guide my head, and I try to take his dick into my throat, barely able to before I pull back and keep sucking. His other hand goes to my head as well, and I love when a guy can take a little control like that, and my lower region starts to get wet.

I keep going for a while, wondering why I can't make him cum.

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I give up. for the time being and come back up to kiss him eagerly, our tongues touching and bodies pressed together. Wanting to be pleasure as well, I move one of his hands to the front of my jeans, and his slides his hand in, fingers touching and stroking my pussy as my nails dig into his jean jacket. His fingers move in a glorious way that only a guitar or bass player could move, and I bit my lip to keep from moaning aloud.

As I get near my climax, I realize I need to be leaving soon. I pull away and check my phone, then grin weakly from my almost fully pleasured fatigue, telling him the time, and that we have to go. We both fix our pants, and I look around before we both walk out of the bathroom, kissing softly before we emerge back into reality.