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Mom and son big titis
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Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music, and fertility. Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water Mut - Queen of the goddesses and lady of heaven Isis - Goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom (wife of Ra) Ra God of the Sun, the major god of Egypt Epaphus Greek Mythology demi-god Son of Zeus, Io, and a King of Egypt Ephus - the man, husband of Bast and all her sisters at present Thoth - God of knowledge Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet Horus - Ancient God of the sky and kingship Karen - neighbor of Ephus Tina - Karen's daughter Dr.

Quinn Markov - Doctor of ancient Egyptology and Mythology ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ephus was staring at the spot where Bast had just been, then turned to stare at a widely smiling Thoth. "With the exception of Sobek I think that this test won't be much to you." Thoth was telling Ephus. "Let's see, first there is Anhur. He has been trying to free both of his sisters for a long time.

I don't think he will object to you freeing Bast. Then there is Shu I have felt his displeasure at having Bast confined to his realm of the sky. He is all for freeing her" "Yes, I was a little unsure of him." Ephus told Thoth. "Then there is Min he is far too busy with his females to care. Khonsu and Apophis were close to Bast and they also would like her freed. Horus," here Thoth sighed. "Horus has always done what." There was a commotion of light and sound then Thoth backed up and sighed.

Suddenly a tall man with a falcon on his shoulder appeared. "Is this him Thoth?" The man's deep voice boomed out. "Yes that's him, what are you." Thoth started. "You know why I am here, as long as I have been, I would not like an unworthy to be with our sister. Either one of them, though," here the man took a deep breath and sniffed Ephus. "I can tell that both of them have had him.

It appears several times. You must be worthy if you have had Sekhmet more than once." Leaning close he whispered, "she is a strange one our sister Sekhmet!" There was a rumbling outside the building then they heard Sekhmet, "I heard that Horus! Don't think you can worm yourself back into my body anytime soon!" Horus shook his head then smiled at Ephus. "Indeed you are worthy brother to be!

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I look forward to seeing more of you and this ritual you have that has Isis bragging about you!" With a wave of his arm Horus was gone. Thoth's smile increasing he said, "I think we can safely say that we won't have any trouble from Horus either." "So that only leaves Sobek." With a heavy sigh Ephus sat in his nearest chair.

"I am finding it hard to even guess what he might do." "I am afraid I am at a loss also. I may possess all knowledge but I cannot predict everything. People and gods are usually predictable. In rare instances there are a few that are almost completely unpredictable. You are one of the few humans, now a part god that I have much trouble predicting. Sobek is one of the few gods that I have trouble with also. Even given his love of a fight and war, he still can confound me most of the time." Thoth imparted to him.

Ephus was nodding his head as Thoth was explaining.


Though he felt he was in rare company he was still at a loss as to what Sobek might do. "So any chance you might know when this test will be?" Ephus asked.


Thoth's face fell as he shook his head no, "I am afraid I don't have an answer for you yet. As Ra said it will depend more on you and what energy you collect. The mere fact that Ra actually had the power to leave the God's realm means that it won't be long now." Thoth was suddenly serious as he stared at Ephus.

"Brother you have seven of the eight gods that are giving the test on your side. I feel that many of them have already decided what their test for you will be." "So you think I have most of this test beat already huh?" Ephus asked.

"Yes brother. I also think that they will make Sobek go last. I believe so that they may be with you when Sobek gives his part of the test. I feel there is more going on here than meets the eye. Something about when Sobek was here doesn't add up. I will figure it out soon have no doubt brother." Thoth told Ephus then with a nod Thoth also disappeared. Ephus shook his head, just like he thought before they were starting to come out of the wood work!

Suddenly he heard the giggling laughs of six female voices. Sighing he thought it was going to be a long day it seemed.


Ephus had just finished eating when there was a timid knock at his back door. Timid? Slowly he walked toward the door when it opened! Shaking his head he thought this had to be the work of one or more of the goddesses.

Suddenly Tina walked in with several young women behind her. "Hey Tina! Where is this love god you were talking about I only see." A tall blonde was saying then Ephus made the mistake of looking at all of them. "I. I must undress we all must." Ephus's mouth dropped open there had to be at least ten of them with Tina!

"Stop!" He said as all of them stood still half of their clothes on the floor. "Tina! Where is your mother?" "Sir, she said she had to go somewhere today but will be back in time for her union with you tomorrow.

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You can therefore take me again without her interfering. I have felt so empty for you! Please I need you to fill me with the seed again. I brought all of my friends that I could so you had a good quality group." Tina said though she was trembling as she thought Ephus might be mad at her. Sighing Ephus thought it was a good thing he finished eating.

"Alright I will take all of you but I want it understood. From now on if something like this is in your mind you are to ask me first. No more just bringing people here without my permission." Tina hung her head thinking that Ephus might make her watch and not touch her at all. "Yes sir," Tina said as large tears began to fall from her eyes. "I will take any punishment you merit I deserve." Shocked a moment Ephus gently lifted her head. "I am not mad at you Just remember so this doesn't happen again ok?" A genuine smile lit up Tina's face as she nodded vigorously.

For the next hour and a half Ephus was a revolving door, for as soon as one finished another would climb on. Finally Tina was the only one left. "I know the last time it hurt you Tina. I want to go slower this time ok?" Ephus asked her. "Yes sir, I am wanting you so badly it is almost aching inside please sir hurry!" Tina panting voice told Ephus. As Tina climbed on, Ephus felt her tight hole slowly loosen up. Then she ever so slowly slid deeper and deeper upon him. With a deep satisfied groan she was finally resting on Ephus's pelvis.

In a low whispering voice Ephus could hear her saying more to herself than anyone else, "Oh god! It has been far too long! I have been craving this pain and all for the last week!" It was then that Ephus noticed the tears falling from her eyes.

"Am I hurting you Tina?" He asked. "No sir," she said between little pants and sniffles.

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"I am so happy that you allowed me to have you again. I have been needing you so desperately. Thank you I thought I was going to lose my mind if I didn't have you again!" Ephus was taken aback then he looked into Tina's eyes and saw, she wasn't under the spell! What in the hell was going on? <She needs husband,> Ephus heard Bast's thoughts.

<Bast can share, love husband. Many need husband, Bast help. Husband belong Bast remember!> Shock wove its way onto Ephus's face, he really needed to lose his human thinking! Even with the tears of joy falling from her face Tina began to move slowly at first. Finally relaxing Ephus felt her vagina start to take him easier. Trying to hold back with one like Tina even with her not as tight, was proving to be a monumental task.

Just the heat alone from her was about to set him off, then again she was still somewhat tight. Finally almost two hours after he had started with all the women, Ephus, erupted deep into Tina. Tina's eyes opened wide as she screamed out her orgasm. Getting up several of her friends began to tongue her clean kissing her at the same time.

Finally they all got dressed stopping to deeply kiss Ephus and thank him. Damn he thought this was new, they were thanking him? Finally Tina was the only one left. "I am so glad I had another chance to be with you. I will try again soon mother can't keep me hidden all the time, not now. I'll see you again sir." Kissing him deeper and more passionately than the others Tina gave him a smile that reached all the way to her eyes.

Then she too was walking out the door closing it behind her. Ephus whirled after he'd made sure all was locked up. "Alright! That will be the last time! Hathor! Sekhmet! Maat! Tefnut! Serket I am sorry but you too! You also Mut!

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Finally Bast! Appear now!" There was a sudden thunder clap outside and each as he'd called them appeared before him. Each had a shocked look on their face. Hathor looked around with a slightly pissed look. "Who has done this? Only a powerful god can." Ephus looked at Hathor a little pissed his self, "shut the fuck up Hathor!" "What!? Who." Hathor started. Ephus waved his hand and she suddenly couldn't open her mouth! Most of the rest suddenly clamped their mouths shut as they waited.

"Better thank you. I wasn't going to tell anyone 'til after the test but I see now I have no other choice. My ancestor was a demi-god. I am finding that though I don't know which powers I have those that I do have are quite effective. I am also sure that all of you have noticed that you can't leave." Almost all of the goddess's eyes went wide then they all slowly nodded to him.

"This will be the last time you bring a group of females to me. I am more than capable of finding them myself." Whirling back toward all of them Ephus asked, "Am I making myself clear?" All of them nodded though Bast was trying her best not to smile. "Serket I am sorry that you are here also.

I know you weren't doing this but I thought it best to include all of you." Ephus told the young goddess. Nodding she bowed to Ephus, "I thank you; I am often left out of things. To be included, makes my heart soar with elation!" "As most of you know I am to take a test to allow Bast to be free again.

I have been told that this will also allow Sekhmet limited freedom. It appears that though your father loves the both of you this fight that occurred before will not be allowed to happen again. Therefore neither of you will be allowed to touch each other again." Ephus explained to the two of them.

"You mean we can't destroy each other anymore. That ought to be fair enough." Sekhmet said. "Bast also happy. No more fight. Tired of. Bad sister, no more." Bast replied. "There are other things that will happen but they will be explained later. Now then I have a test to prepare for." Turning to Bast and Sekhmet Ephus said, "It appears that your brother Sobek wishes to take the test all the way out.

I am hoping that I do not hurt him." "Bast more worried about her Ephus! Careful!" Bast said. "He can be a sneaky asshole; he is our most unpredictable brother. Watch out for him, I'd like to be with you again!" Sekhmet said with a sexy smile. Ephus sighed then waved his hand as each of the goddesses vanished.

Bast was still there when they others were finally gone. "Bast be there when test. Many of realm there." Bast told Ephus with a worried look. Ephus wanted to hold Bast so bad. He was so tired of these fleeting moments they got then he had to wait. Reaching out to her ghost like appearance Bast's eyes flew wide when she could feel Ephus hand!

Not only that, but there was energy flowing from him to her! Looking at her arm she was becoming more solid! How? It was day time!? A smirk starting to form on his face Ephus grabbed Bast's arm and drew her to him. Giving her a long, deep, lingering, passionate kiss he was surprised when she fainted!

Smiling wide Ephus nodded his head. It was as he thought; he was the main part of how she was to be solid again. It was strange he thought that the energy had been drained from her. Ra must have exhausted himself doing it to both of them. Hmmmm Ephus thought if Ra was able to leave the god realm, then Thoth had been right. It wouldn't take all that long before the realm was back to normal though. No Ephus thought he couldn't do that not if this had to be a fair test.

Laying Bast down, he needed to think a bit. An hour later he had made his decision he had to do this it was the right thing to do. They might not always do things that seemed right but the gods were always honorable. Taking a deep breath Ephus thought I hope I am right about this if the powers that I have shown are any indication. Holding Bast to his chest he closed his eyes concentrating.

A moment later Both Ephus and Bast winked out. A few moments later Ephus appeared in a large throne like room. Around the room were countless Egyptian symbols on the walls.

Nodding his head Ephus thought ok I'm here now what?

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"Ah!" Came a loud voice, "I see you made it, very good! I take it you are ready for the test then?" Ephus started to turn a grimace on his face, well he thought here goes!