Two insanely hot hunks in buttfucking adventure

Two insanely hot hunks in buttfucking adventure
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(I REALLY liked the plot of w1dmg's "Adam" series, and just felt it need a little something more. So the characters and some lines are directly used buy the author's permission.) ***************************************************** "You're not going to believe the horrible thing that happened!," Megan cried as she walked into my dorm room at college.

Megan and I had been dating all year now. We were both nineteen and nearing the end of our freshmen year of college. It had been a few months since Megan's little sister Abby seduced me into having sex with her on her sixtieth birthday. We were both virgins until then, and as far as Megan knew, we still both were.

Abby had kept her promised silence about our tryst since she didn't want to hurt Megan or get in trouble with her parents. "What's wrong?" I asked. "It's Abby," Megan continued. "She was raped." I about choked. Did Abby say something? Are they coming after me now? "Wha…what?" "She said she had gone to some party a few weeks after her birthday," Megan continued, "She said she didn't remember much after having some funny tasting punch.

Someone got her drunk and raped her!" I feigned total ignorance, "But that was months ago…" "Yea, well she was embarrassed so didn't want to tell anyone, only now she's missed her last two periods.

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She's pregnant!" Megan was fretting and angry. I couldn't help but be floored and thing, 'I'm a dad.' But my initial awe was replaced as Megan continued, "Her life is ruined, just like Mom's was! And she doesn't even know who it was!

It might have been any punk kid at the party! And she thinks there were college kids there too, so it might have been an asshole rapist who was over eighteen. I hope it was, and that we can find him so I can kick that bastard's ass all the way to JAIL!" 'Jail?' <Gulp> Abby was covering for me and Megan sounded so mad I bet she'd have killed me if she found out.

Well I just have to make sure that will never happen. "Bastard," I tried to chime in a convincingly angry voice. "My dad is taking Abby to stay with my Grandmother for a few days, and I want to be with her. Can you give me a ride home?" The slight tears in her eyes made Megan absolutely irresistible, even though I already would have done it for her anyway.

"Of course." We left right off and were there that night.

The family was all very solemn, and Abby didn't give a hint of our relationship. I hugged her and she was polite and innocent. She wasn't any larger in her flat belly yet, but I still couldn't stop looking at her there. We ate some late dinner and went to bed. The next morning Mr. Reynolds and the girls were off early since their grandmother lived quite a ways away, and Megan told me to get some more sleep before I headed back to college.

That was when we shared our first kiss in front of her family, while her little sister, my first lover and now mother of my unborn child just watched us smiling and rubbed her stomach.

They left and I got a few more hours of shut-eye before being greeted by Mrs. Reynolds who offered me some late breakfast.

"Sure, thanks Mrs. Reynolds," I said and dug into her eggs and bacon. "Please, call me Alice," she said softly and we ate in silence for a bit. Eventually she nervously said, "I'm just going to come out and ask. Have you had sex with my little girl?" Oh god, Abby must have told her mom, or she guessed.

I'm in deep shit now. But wait.


If she did tell, Alice wouldn't be asking me. She must suspect though or she wouldn't have asked. PANIC! Deny, deny, deny. "Of course not," I lied. "Why not?" Alice asked, "Megan's a beautiful girl." I internally let out a big sigh of relief. Alice was talking about Megan, not Abby. "Megan doesn't want to have sex until she is married." "Really?," She said a little doubtful, "I mean, yes, that's what I always told her, but I didn't think she would actually…" Alice thought about that for some time while I continued to eat.

"When you're done eating can I press upon you to help me get a box from the attic for me? I want to send some of my old clothes back with you for Megan who will probably just catch a bus back to college in a few days." "Oh, uh, sure," I readily agreed. Alice got up and went into her bedroom and I heard a few things moving around. I finished my plate of eggs and followed her a moment later. There in the hall just in front of the master bedroom was a ladder and Alice trying to reach something in the attic.


She was wearing a knee-length skirt, but one of her legs was kicked back to tray and get a box and I saw right up her skirt to her panty-clad crotch. All I could think of suddenly was climbing up and banging her.

'God, calm down,' I told myself and tried to control my nineteen-year-old raging hormones. I cleared my throat. Alice turned and stepped down the steps, not realizing what I'd just seen. "It's the one to the left there just out of my reach," she said calmly. I nodded and mounted the ladder, poking my upper body through the dark hole in the ceiling.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but then I saw the box she mentioned and grabbed it with my fingertips and pulled it closer. Soon I had it and moved to bring it down. But the bottom was ripped out and the full contents of clothes and some other items rained down on the floor as soon as I had it fully in my arms.

I started to apologize, but Alice just shushed me saying, "It's ok. Nothing breakable. I put it up there so long ago the cardboard just wore out." We both reached down and began picking up blouses, skirts, and to my embarrassment some bras and panties. I must have been blushing because Alice just laughed. "It's ok. Nothing I'm sure you haven't seen on Megan before I'm sure." I stuttered a bit, but said, "Well, uh, no. As I said, we are taking it slow." She laughed and said, "Do you mean to tell me that my daughter hasn't even let you get to second base?" I was very nervous talking about this with her.

Especially since I'd gone and hit a grand slam with her youngest daughter on the day I'd met her.

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"Well, I, uh…" "Hmph! How does she expect to keep you from jumping the first slut that offers herself to you?" Man I felt REALLY guilty now since that is exactly what I'd done. I'd betrayed Megan with her wanton sister and I just knew the guilt was written all over my face. "I swear. I wonder sometimes if she's my daughter at all.

I mean, Abby sure is, and getting pregnant at sixteen, just a year later than I had, but she doesn't even know who the father is! I'm glad Megan has more sense, but honestly!" I was like a deer in her headlights. I knew I couldn't say anything without incriminating myself, so just stood there paralyzed and mute. She regarded me with her hands on her hips, "You're a virgin aren't you?" <Gulp> "Well." I wanted to lie but was too nervous. "Yea, I thought so. Well that just will not do," she said and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the master bedroom.

I dropped some of the clothes I'd been holding, but was too jittery to fight her. The she started unbuttoning her blouse. "I, uh…" I stammered. "My daughter will NOT be having her first sexual experience with a virgin!" She stated firmly to me. "It sounds all romantic and perfect, but virgins are clumsy and don't even know how to get a girl off." I wanted to argue that as Abby has cum twice when I lost my virginity to her a few months ago, but that would have been suicide, so I just tried to think of something to say to get out of there, but was drawing a total blank.

Especially when Alice's large bra-clad cleavage came into view. "And I should know," she continued, now with more of a playful voice, "I took dozens of boys virginities in school." She shimmied out of her blouse and the swaying of her massive tits had me mesmerized better than any watch ever could.

Sure she was almost twice my age, but she was only in her thirties still and looked amazing. I thought, 'If Megan still looks like this at her age I won't be able to keep my hands off of her.' "Megan will always be special to me, my first baby girl. I want only the best for her, including the man she may eventually marry.

You're the first serious boyfriend she's ever had and I want her first time to be from a talented man shows her the moon, not a nervous and clumsy boy who leaves her unfulfilled." As she undid my belt and pulled my jeans down she took my underpants right along with them, revealing my cock already at attention.

"Not bad. Better than I'd expected actually," I smiled as my ego got a boost. "Now sit on the bed," It felt like an order from my own mother so I complied while she took off my shoes, socks, and pulled my pants and underwear the rest of the way off together, leaving me only wearing my t-shirt covering an already firm cock.

"Take off your shirt and lie back," she directed and I did as she said while she removed and skirt. Then she unclasped her bra and her giant breasts sagged down her chest, but I didn't care in the least. Finally slid her own panties off and I felt my cock throb as she smiled warmly and sat next to me on her bed, both of us totally naked. "Well you seem to have the equipment to make my Megan happy," she laughed at my ready cock poking up, "And hopefully even me…" and then she closed her eyes, cocked her head to the side and gently kissed me.

I closed my eyes and it was like I was kissing Abby, just less rushed and even more experienced. It was soft and loving, yet full and warm. I felt a hand caress my thigh and brush over my cock gently and moaned into her kiss. That turned her on and we really began making out.

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My arms had moved to caress her back, and for several minutes we just kissed. Then she grabbed my hand and moved it to her breast. "Take it easy, they are not toys.

Be gentle as you would with your balls." I massaged her tit and gently rubbed her nipple, "Good. Have you done this before?" 'Uh oh! Time for a little honesty,' I thought.

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"Well, once. But not with Megan," I said. "No, that's fine," Alice reassured me calmly.


"What HAVE you done with a girl?" "Uh… Well, that's about it," I clammed up. "Ok, so the thing you need to know next is a woman's body is not just tits and pussy. Her whole body is alive and a touch anywhere can be erotic. Every woman is different, but for example, I love my neck nibbled and my back scratched." She then turned around showing me her back and tipped her head away, like a woman asking a vampire to drink from her.

Then she pointed to her flesh at the base of her neck. "Bite very gently here." I slid up close to her, placing one hand on her shoulder and dipped my head to her neck. I let my teeth touch her and she quivered. I did not even bite down, just touched her. I bit softly and grazed my teeth over her skin as I had a few times with Megan, and she absolutely loved it. I dug in gently and soon her moans and breathing were really turning me on.

I remembered what she said about back scratched and reached up a hand and gently scratched down her back and her moan became a yell of pleasure. Man I was getting hot.

Women are so just much fun to play with! I kept this up a bit, then alternated to the other side of her neck, gently pushing her head to the side and brushing away her short curly dusky blond hair before sinking my teeth into the tender flesh at the nape of her neck and she was literally putty in my hands.

Soon one hand had gone to her front and was milking her soft breasts while I scraped my teeth along her shoulder. This was great and gave me a ton more confidence than I'd ever had before, but I didn't know what she wanted me to do next. Luckily I think she sensed my indecision. "Ok, that's enough," she turned back around to face me on the bed. "Now it's time to learn about the pussy." She spread her legs and crooked a finger at me to come closer.

I followed her instructions and moved my face closer to her neither regions.

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This was the closest I'd ever actually looked at one before. Hers had dark hairy curls, darker than Abby's, but I'd only seen that one briefly before I'd fucked her, and even then I didn't really examine it. I'd seen them in porn magazines before of course, and know from biology and sex-ed the basics of how they worked, but I'd never seen one up-close and personal like this before.

I could actually smell it and it was like nothing else I'd ever smelt before. Not bad, just different. She then splayed her lips open with her fingers and I could see she was glistening with clear wetness.

She pointed out her clit and showed me how to rub it. It wasn't as sexual as before, more like a class now, and she demonstrated for a few moments before positioning my hand with hers and then I moved over and around her firm little fleshy bump as she moaned softly and encouragingly. Then after a few minutes she asked me to lick it and gently suck on it. That's when it stopped being class and returned to being sex.

Like playing with nipples in my mouth, the little clit was lots of fun, both for me and for her. I licked and sucked, with a little grinding and nibbling.


She'd ceased instructing me and pinched and played with her nipples. In no time Alice was cuming, gasping and making little "Oh! Oh! Oh!" sounds that were much different than Abby's, and her pussy juice was coating my face and chin. Alice handed me a few tissues and I wiped up a little and she reached out and massaged my cock again. I had really enjoyed making her cum, but had lost most of my hardness while I was concentrating on her.

But a few gentle caresses and restored my rigidity, and then her head dropped to my lap and I was fully firm and lodged in her throat. Abby has also given me a blowjob, my only one beforehand, even though I thought it had been Megan in the dark at the time. But that had been her first time and Alice was obviously well practiced at it. I thought for sure I was going to cum right off like I had then, but I just hung there in ecstasy somehow, about to cum, but not quite.

Then she released my cock from her talented lips and said, "Lie back." I did and she maneuvered on top of me as Abby had done for our second coupling. "Megan will be a virgin, and will want you to take charge, but instead ask her to do it like this. This way she'll be able to control it and it won't hurt as much. Also, this position let's a girl hit all the spots just right so she can be sure to have an orgasm.

That's not always possible for a guy to do in other positions without a lot of practice." I felt bad for a moment at having possibly caused Abby more pain than I might have, but all thoughts of that ceased as the wet folds of Alice's pussy lips enveloped my rigid cock in her loving hot embrace. "Oh my, you do have some thickness to you," she purred as she slid up and down my cock, resting her hands on my chest and pushing her beautiful breasts into some stunning cleavage. "How does that feel Adam?" Alice asked me.

I wanted to say wonderful, but could only groan as she kept grinding on top of me. "How does it feel to fuck your girlfriend's mother?" I don't think she was actually talking to me anymore, just saying things out loud.

And she continued doing it as she began to ride my cock faster. "How does it feel to deny Megan your virginity and give it to me, her mother, instead?" Alice's hot vagina tugged and squeezed my cock. I could still feel my climax close at hand, but now it was building up slowly to something I had never felt before. "How does it feel Adam, to finally fuck?" It definitely was different than with Abby.

She was much tighter and was almost still and silent as she'd ridden me. Alice was taking her time, but was really rocking her hips.

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"You're a mother fucker and you like my fucking cunt don't you?" I had time to experience the final approach of my climax, and without doing any of the work it was mind-blowing. There was no denying, fucking Alice was the most wonderful feeling I had ever had. As she lifted her body up my shaft her pussy grabbed and pulled on me. Then she lowered herself down engulfing me completely inside of her, snug, moist, warm and getting warmer all the time.

I didn't want it to ever end. She began moving faster and faster, her head tipping back, her breasts pushing out and together. I couldn't take it any longer, and Alice knew it and her words changed from slutty comments to yelled gutter speak. "Fuck yea! You're going to shoot your baby juice in me you mother fucker!

My whoring bitch cunt is thirsty for your salty spunk!" I groaned aloud as my climax hit, heavy shots of my cum began spraying inside of Alice's womb.

"Oh! Fuck me, YEA! I you cum feels so good in me! Oh, fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh!" She shuddered pressing down onto me fully as the last of my cum filled her. When she finished shaking she fell forward, her buxom chest against my chest, her head next to mine.

Some moments passed before she spoke. "Oh Adam, that was quite wonderful," she whispered into my ear. "It's been so long since I've been fucked by someone your size.

Megan's father was the last. Oh Brad's OK. Just not, well not your size." We cuddled up and I fell back asleep. I woke up cuddled behind by a nude body. It was so warm, so soft. We were spooning with my right arm over her waist. I took a breast and gave it a squeeze, flicking the nipple with my thumb.

For a moment my fuzzy brain thought that it was Megan, but as I got up on my elbow she turned in bed to look at me and I remembered everything and saw Alice, Megan's mother, and relived what we had just done.

"Good morning darling," Alice greeted me, reaching up with her head and giving me a kiss on the mouth. I saw a clock and figured I must have slept for a few hours since it was now almost noon. I leaned down and returned her kiss. It wasn't how a son-in-law-to-be kisses his mother-in-law-to-be; it was a lover's kiss.

She turned onto her back and I moved on top of her as we continued to kiss. She spread her legs around me and it felt natural as we kissed on and on. "Fuck me Adam," she moaned around my kissing her. "Fuck me good and hard this time." "More training for Megan," I chuckled and grabbed my cock. "Not this time," She sighed as I slid my firm flesh into her moist hole.

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"This time it's all for me." I don't know why, but I loved it when she said that. I rammed my now iron rod deep inside of her, over and over again. Her big tits were bouncing up and down as I pounded her sweet hot flesh for several minutes straight. Unlike Abby, Alice really got involved more in the actual fucking; she thrust back and twisted with me just right to make the experience amazing.

I was getting close and I was worried she wasn't as close as me, so I remembered what she'd said earlier and wrapped my arms around her back, spread my fingers and scratched down with a slow long thrust. She'd been grunting and groaning with me, but this really set her off. "Ah, oooh!" Then I dug my fingernails of one hand into her hip, returning to my hard thrusts and kept the other hand on her back sinking my fingernails and scratching back and forth.

She started muttering mindless vulgarities, "Fucking fuck! Bang my slutty cunt! Fuck me!" Her moaning dirty talk was really driving me wild and I felt the cum boiling up in my balls about to explode once more.

Then Alice's own hands sunk her nails into my ass and back and a stinging pain of her own nails on my flesh distracted me for a second, but that was all it took to set me off for some reason. I clenched hard and drove into her violently. My insides emptied into her ravenous womb which milked me for all I had. Alice shuddered and thrashed under me a few more seconds with a, "Jesus God-damn fucking Christ!

Oh!," then she too shook and came biting her lip hard. I ended up staying there all day and even stayed the night, in the master bedroom this time. Alice showed me so many ways to pleasure a woman. It was the most incredible day and night of my life and I had so much sex my penis was actually rubbed raw.

I think Alice was worse off, but she obliged my youthful desire all that day and night, fucking me a new way each time. I lost count of who many times we had done it, but I particularly liked watching her cook some dinner for us while naked except for an apron so much I took her from behind on the kitchen table before we ate. But it had to end.

After another quickie with my morning wood the next day she relaxed, catching her breath and oozing my sperm from her well fucked pussy she said in a calm and serious tone, "If you still want to be with Megan, then you won't ever tell her about us," Alice warned. "I'm her mother.

I'll always be her mother. She will eventually forgive me if she found out, but you? You're just some guy that she will hate forever. So you cannot EVER tell her or anyone else about what we've done." I wondered if Alice and I would ever get together again, but I doubted it as I nodded solemnly. She kissed me on the cheek before she got out of bed and dressed.

I dressed as well and she made me breakfast like a normal mom, as if nothing had happened before I drove back to college.