Boy gay porn galleries xxx We lodged on his fake penis and went back

Boy gay porn galleries xxx We lodged on his fake penis and went back
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He didn't know how it happened but he went to bed that night and woke up being able to control others. After experiment he gauged his power level it was incredible he put Professor X to shame.

He could find some one on the other side of the planet and read the minds of multiple people and control them. It was not just peoplehe could control animals too and he could do what he called riding. This involved sitting at the back of someone's mind and observing them without them being aware.

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Once he had gotten to know his abilities limitations and capabilities he started having fun with them. He decided to do a trial run on the Magnum P.I.

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starlet Perdita Weeks so going and laying down he sent his mind in search of Ms. Weeks and soon found her in California.

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Slipping in and riding her off and on for a week he discovered things he needed to know to take her over without anyone knowing. Perdita had a delicious lithe body and he took her over on a Friday night as she was getting ready for a night out.


Stripping he looked her over in a full length mirror she had fit petite feet with bright red polish that matched the polish on her long thin fingered hands fingernails. She had longfit legs and flat fit abs under a pair of rounded tight breasts with dark aureoles topped with eraser sized pink nipples. A long neck with an oval headfull lipsa petite aristocratic nose under dark eyes and thin well maintained eyebrows and long eyelashes.

Shoulder length wavy silky dirty blonde hair with pale white softsmooth skin. The topper was her perfect smooth clean shaven pussy soft pink folds that were open like the petals of a flower in full bloom touched lightly by dew. Now in command of her beautiful body he decided to dress in clothes that would attract attention.

First thing he pulled on was a short silk black skirt with a thin silver belt. Then he pulled a pair of darkened silk stockings up her legs and finally a pair of knee high black leather boots. He then put on a sheer silky white short blouse that left Perdita's stomach exposed and her passion darkened aureoles and hardening nipples.

Dressed now he walked Perdita out of her apartment and flagged down a taxi taking it to a local park that even at night was a hang out for young teens into skateboarding. Perdita stood off to the side watching them and laughing when they messed up finally some of them confronted herone of the asked her if she thought she could do better. Lend me a skateboard and we will seePerdita started off and almost immediately did a flip landing hard on her back. He left her now unconscious body and took over one of the spectatorsmoving forward he checked her out and saidshe will be fine just knocked out.

We have an opportunity here as he slid off her skirt showing everyone her exposed pussy. He then unbuttoned her short blouse showing her perfect globes, the others gathered around her body and were soon exploring her body with their hands once they were occupied he stepped back and pulling out a phone started recording the action and streaming it to a private web site.

He watched them run their hands all over her bodyfingers slipping into her pussy and then her anustweaking her nipples then leaning down and tasting what they were fingering. Once they had her moaning in pleasure the first one pulled out his stiffening cock and pushed it into her defenseless vagina going balls deep with one thrust then two others started sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

All fourteen of the twelve to fifteen year old boys and girls took turns sexually molesting and abusing Perdita's unconscious body with every second being recorded. It was now on record that the young kids caused her to have many multiple orgasms when they finally left her naked abused body lying unconscious in the park he stopped recording and wrapped her in a blanket canned for an Uber and took her body back to her place.

Leaving her naked unconscious body draped over a couch in position for her dog to fuck her.


Quickly going around installing cameras in her apartment he was set to watch anything that happened. Sending his possessed body on it's way he returned to his actual body and rising went to his computer and watched on the feed as her two dogs fucked her until she became conscious and started screaming and fighting.

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It didn't do any good they took turns fucking her until her cries turned to pleasure and she succumbed to her bodies passions and told the dogs to fuck herfill her holesand make her orgasm.

Finally tiring out the dogs curled up with her at the center of their pack and smiling the three went to sleep. Once he had the recordings of her he contacted her and made arrangements for her to come to his place and spend a week with the two of them having wild and crazy sex.

After enjoying a week with her he started searching for a new target their were so many possible young female celebrities to control and show the world their naked bodies.

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