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A reminder of where we are (from part 4.). ""Have you ever shot before?", I asked, as casually as possible as I was buttoning up my skirt. It was obvious that several others there found this question interesting as well, as they stopped straightening their knickers and waited for the answer. "Well, yes", he finally said, after doing all the shades of red again. "When was the first?", I asked, not letting go. "Yesterday", came the answer. "So this was only your second?", I asked, eyes open in genuine surprise.

He took a deep breath and shook his head. "It's the third", he replied, looking straight at me. "But it's the first time I've actually shot anything". He genuinely looked proud. We all looked at each other with mouths open and then spontaneously cheered this momentuous event, little Zoe looking exceedingly pleased with her afternoon's work so far. Finn was told to go and tell the next one to report, and suddenly it was MY turn to get the wobbles. It was Mark up next!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 5. .A good two or three minutes later, Mark had not arrived and us girls were showing signs of impatience, so Zoe was asked to go and get him, as she had a mannerism about her that usually resulted in her getting her own way pretty quickly.

We watched through the net curtains as she disappeared into the house. I could just imagine the scene inside, and had visions of her leading Mark back by the hand. He was about twice her height and three years older.embarrassing, or what?. Sure enough, Zoe appeared at the door and waved at us triumphantly. She then waited in the open doorway until Mark showed, and walked down in front of him towards the shed. When she came in, Mark waited outside and it was obvious that there was a problem.

"Two things", she announced, looking a little upset. She had our full attention. "Gary and Mike want to do it together" (these were the two other lads who were in her year at school, Mike being officially the youngest of our gang). "What, to each other?", someone asked. There were quizzical looks all round. "No, no.they both want to take their turn together, as opposed to doing it on their own". There seemed to be no objection, so the decision was made to allow that to happen.

"And Mark wants to ask you if I can be left out of it when he takes his turn", she blurted, looking a bit red in the face.

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"He wants me to go out while he asks you, and I said I would". She was being fair and grown up "out loud" so that Mark could hear her, but she was making faces to us all the while and it was obvious that she very much wanted to be in on the "action". She opened the door and stepped aside as Mark entered, then she went back up to the house and in to the kitchen. We asked Mark what was going on.

"I can't do it with her here", he replied, trying to appear all "Mr Cool" but obviously ill at ease with the fact that it was now his turn. "Why not?", I found myself asking. He looked surprised that it was me that asked it. "She's too young" he protested.


Jackie gave a snort. "No younger than Finn". "Or Gary or Michael" someone else pointed out. "And they're all included in everything". "But Zoe is almost a sister. Her mum and dad are always round my house with my parents. All of us have even been on holiday together", he looked around to see if his plea was hitting home.

It was true though, what he was saying.

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Mark and Zoe's families were very close. "I can' know, do that .sort of thingin front of her!" From the blank expressions on our faces, I think he realised at this point that he wasn't winning the battle. "She's too young", he repeated, wrapping up his argument. I looked at Jackie and it was obvious that she was of the same mind as me. Judging by the quick exchange of glances with the others, we all wanted Zoe to be included. Even though I had this ccrush thing going with Mark, and I would have DEARLY loved his turn to be strictly for my eyes only, we couldn't escape the fact that he was now being very unfair, as he'd had plenty of time to air his objections when the whole thing was first arranged.

Don't get me wrong.I still fancied him like mad, but it would be fair to say that his demonstration today didn't do him any favours. I think we were all of a mind that he was using Zoe as a way of possibly chickening out of his turn. OK, we could understand his objections to a point, but it's not as if she hasn't seen what he had to offer before.

I think that everyone had seen pretty much everything of the others over the past year or so.and this is just a grown up version. My mind was made up.Zoe was "in" as far as I was concerned. I have always been irresistably drawn into arguments by using logic to dispute a point, and this was no exception. "Mark, why didn't you raise this objection when we first set the ground rules?" I asked all nice and polite. Actually, I wasn't there when the rules were set down and was therefore guessing.

The others nodded and mumbled their agreement with the question. "I did!", he protested, now realising that I was definitely not on his side in all of this. A chorus of "No you didn't" rang out, and Jackie pointed out that Zoe's name had never been singled out during the entire "negotiation". .by anyone. "If I remember correctly", she continued "It was you who first brought up the thing about us girls undressing and stuff.

So it's not as if you didn't get a chance to speak, and so you could have said something then, but didn't". Lots of nodding heads. More murmerings. I took up the reins.

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"You say that Zoe's too young and it would be embarrassing". He nodded. "Are you therefore saying that you would NOT be embarrassed if you did your thing with her out of the room and only US here?" The girls liked this line of reason and there were self satisfied smiles all round as we waited for his answer. He stood shuffling in front of us, but had no answer.

"OK, I'll take that as read that you WOULD be just as bad with or without her. Regarding her blabbing, you were there when we were all sworn to secrecy. Do you think for one second that she'd break that promise?" He shook his head. We all knew that Zoe was actually one of the the most reliable ones in the group when it came to following rules or keeping agreements or promises. "So you'd be just as embarrassed with or without her, you know for a fact that she would never tell anyone outside the group, so that only leaves the age thing", I reasoned.

"Who else thinks she's too young?", Jackie asked, looking round the group.Nobody put their hand up. I couldn't help chipping in again. "Well, if we're talking physically, as most of the lads are aware, she already has bigger tits than me!", I jokingly announced, trying to break the ice and get us all back into fun mode again.

The group laughed and the tension eased noticably. Even Mark found himself cracking a big smile. It was true, though. She had recently developed really nice "proper" tits.

However, Madame Puberty had come early and gone too soon with me, leaving me with what one of the boys regularly described as "two half lemons". Zoe, on the other hand, was already well on the way to having a bust to be proud of.

I'd noticed them only two or three weeks ago when we went swimming. Surprisingly full and rounded, she could swap those with me any day. "I think we should ask Zoe back in and find out how she feels", Tasha piped up.

"After all, she might feel the same way about the brother sister thing and be happy to back out, like I did when it was Tom's turn". The lying cow!


I tried not to laugh out loud and kept my eyes away from hers. Everyone was nodding again, but all of us knew what the outcome would be, judging by Zoe's earlier facial expressions. That girl wanted in. "If she tells us she wants to watch, then we'll ask her to go out again and we'll vote". Tash then turned to Mark. "Fair enough?".

He nodded, and I went to get her. She was ready and waiting and rushed to meet me halfway down the path. "We've agreed to ask you and then vote", my back towards the shed.

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"Don't show any reaction or he'll guess. Just say you want to be there and we'll vote you in". "I DO want to be there", she said quickly, "and I told the other lads how unfair it was, and they all agree, so if he wants the boys included in the vote, he'll get a surprise." We both grinned at the naughtiness of it all again. Me, knowing that it would be happening soon with Mark, and Zoe, probably because she'll be front row with another penis again, knowing her.

I really liked her. Still do. Mark stood there shuffling around again as Zoe was "interrogated". "Do you think you're too young for all this?" "No way! I'm older than Finn and nobody objected about him" "Does it worry you that it's Mark? Isn't it a bit like watching your brother?" "I haven't got a brother, but if I DID have one, I'd still want to watch, just to know" God, she was up front with things, this girl.

I looked across at Tash, who knew exactly what Zoe meant. She gave me a knowing look in return. "And you don't mind stripping off for him, and doing things?" "Not at all", she turned to look at Mark. "He's seen it all loads of times before, anyway" Mark was now bright red.

"AND I've seen him do it.a few times!" I was curious and slightly envious at the same time. I couldn't resist."'ve seen him shoot?" "Not yet, but I've seen him try a few times when he didn't know I was there. I know he's shot on his own because he told." "OK, OK!".Mark suddenly butted in, before any more embarrassing revelations were divulged. "She can stay" "And take full part in things?" she asked, quite brazen. He had obviously heard from the lads before him that there had been ball holding and such, so he knew exactly what she meant.

"Yes, yes OK". She turned to us with the most mischevious grin and took up position on her chair, enjoying Mark's disomfort immensely as he started to strip off his clothes, Tshirt first and then trainers and socks.

I noticed that he was placing all his stuff in a neat pile, folding things up, pairing his socks. He was now down to his jeans and turned around with his back to us as he undid them. A semi circle of girls intently studying his white undies and really tight little bum as he bent down to slide the jeans off his legs.

We flashed a few glances at one another. His was the best body so far, without a doubt. I felt Zoe slip her hand into mine and squeeze, and looked at her.

She mouthed the words "it's massive" at me but I didn't understand. She leant across and whispered it in my ear. I felt a tingle down below and deep inside. I passed this info on to Tash sitting the other side of me. I'm sure I was shaking. We sat in near silence as he placed the jeans on the pile in front of him, his back still towards us. The outer girls on either side of our half circle had the best view, as they could almost see him "side on" and what they could see was making them giggle.

His pants obviously had an unmissable bulge. One looked at me and made a sign by holding both hands like fishermen do when they're describing how big a fish was."It was.this big" gesture with hands at appropriate time. Well, she was indicating that it was impressive, to say the least.

I was as wet as hell. I think we all were. He stood up straight for a second or two, then took a deep breath as if he was a diver on a high board, and turned around to face us. My exact thoughts were."fucking hell!" The look on most of the faces said the same, apart from Zoe, who'd seen it all before and was playing it for all it was worth.

She just sat there with a smile that said "told you so". In one almost synchronised movement (we were all getting used to this now) we all stood and took our stuff off. I was really concsious that he was tending to look mainly at me as I undressed, and felt a real little buzz as I slid off my knickers and then took off my skirt completely, revealing my naked bottom half to the entire world, or so it felt.

We all sat down again and looked around at each other, noticing that only one of us had actually left her skirt on this time. She picked up on that fact pretty quickly and slid it off as discretely as possible.

Zoe was already leaning back, legs apart, her knee gently pushing into the side of my leg. I looked round the circle. Tash was opening up next to me, as was Jackie. In fact, it was only me that remained "coy", mainly because (or so I told myself) I had a knee pushing me inwards from either side. Mark stood there and, I swear, it swelled in front of us as he cast his eyes around the group. His thumbs went to each side of his waistband and he hooked them in. He now looked positively relaxed compared to earlier on, but slightly jumped at our involuntary intake of breath as he started to pull his pants down over the bulge.

He certainly had our full attention. Things came to a temporary halt when the material caught on the end of his penis, pulling it so that it pointed downwards. He gave a tug to his pants and this magnificent sprang free, twanging up and down in front of our faces, finally coming to rest at right anges to his body, pointing straight at us.

He turned towards me slightly and kicked the pants off and stood there totally naked, eight inches of perfect erection pointing directly at my forehead, nobody daring to move so as not to spoil the moment. Zoe waited for all of ten seconds before she reached out and cupped his balls. For a split second he went to step back but checked himself at the last moment, finally relaxing and allowing her hand to cup them gently and give them a regular little squeeze.

Each time she made any kind of movement, his penis would flex up and down once or twice, sending an admiring giggle round the group. So transfixed was I with his massive erection, I hadn't even noticed his balls up until the point when Zoe moved in, but could now see that they were a good, meaty handful and someone with Zoe sized hands would probably need both to do a cupping job on them properly.

He was still staring at me and it was obvious that he wanted me to show, so I leant back and pulled myself apart as far as I could.

A blind man at a hundred paces could see how wet I was! He looked down at my pussy and asked me to play with myself, which almost made me fall off the chair. I wasn't expecting that, and nor had the group as a surprised gasp went round, followed by the inevitable giggles. "But.but." I found myself saying, my mouth like a guppy gasping for air. "You said anything, didn't you? That WAS the agreement wasn't it?" I noticed Zoe was now tracing an index finger up and down his shaft, making it bob and flex when she reached the end.

The others were nodding at me and saying things that basically agreed with Mark, but I was in far too much of a panic to listen. He was asking me to masturbate in front of my friends! "Now you know what it feels like", he said, grinning. I looked at Zoe for help, but she was grinning as well. Thanks a lot! I looked around and it was obvious that everyone was waiting for me to start. Zoe was taking turns with the others in squeezing the tip of his cock to make it jump, and hands reached in from both sides to feel his balls.

Expecting not a jot of help or support from my friends, I leant back a bit more and just decided to go for it, circling my sopping wet clit with my index finger, feeling that wonderful sensation immediately engulf my entire lower half, willing me to go faster, my other hand now reaching down below, two fingers probing in and out. I orgasmed hard and fast, about ten seconds later. My eyes were closed tight but I could sense Mark staring and could hear the rythmic strokes of his wank.

I managed to open one eye as things calmed down for me, to see that half the group were looking at me in shock/amazement, and the other half had hands all over Mark's lower half, urging him on to cum.

I gradually righted myself in the chair and saw that Jackie was actually gripping him tight and wanking, with Zoe once again offering up her hands to catch his cum.

Hands seemed to be everywhere, with one of the girls (Heather, I think), actually reaching underneath from behind, her full four fingers and thumb spread wide to accomodate his glorious balls. I tried to regain my composure. I'm always half asleep (but incredibly horny for a good while) after cumming like that, but was determined to join in somehow. I didn't dare look up at Mark, after letting myself go like that in front of him, and so joined in with the other girls and their various ticklings.

Zoe was leaning across me from the left and still forming a "hand bowl" in front of him, and she looked uncomfortable in that position. She was obviously determined to stay there and catch his cum (that STILL floats her boat in a big way, it must be said) so I asked her if she wanted to sit where I was, ie.right in front of him. What I meant was for her to swap seats with me, but she simply hopped across and sat on my lap, her concentration never leaving that penis for a split second.

It was a few seconds before both of us realised that she was in the nuddy down there and sitting on me, and she broke off concentrating on Mark's cock, to ask if it was OK. I simply put my hands round her waist in response and gave her a hug, whereupon she immediately took up her position as "catch" again.

Her skin felt warm and soft and I couldn't help giving her ribs a squeeze as a joke sort of tickle, thinking she'd squeal and tell me to stop. She totally surprised me with her response, which was to push her bottom down onto my leg, her little cheeks either thigh now tight up between them, feeling the inner warmth. I looked over her shoulder at Mark's cock, now with three hands vying for space on his shaft, and quietly slipped my right hand round Zoe's waist again, but then slid it down between her legs, pretty sure that nobody would notice, and if they do.who cares?

Straight away, she opened up slightly for me and my fingers slid into her wet slit, finding their target with no problem. When she'd "showed" for Finn, I must admit to being surprised at the size of her "little man in a boat" (as one of the naughty stories in Fiesta described the clit, making us all laugh), and was pleased to find it was as prominent as I remembered, and I felt her bottom shudder slightly as I first flicked it from side to side.

I was then aware of it going quiet and soon realised that the word had gone round and people had stopped to watch.eyes all now glued on Zoe's pussy being played with. Mark was still being held tight by two hands, but the wank had temporarily stopped and he was now just wide eyed and fixated like the others.

Zoe took her hands away from in front of her, and one moved down to move my hand away. "No, leave it there", said Mark.

"I want to see". Zoe, like me (and most other humans) then discovered that shame and embarrassment goes out of the window when urges take over, and pretty soon gave in completely to my circling index fingeras it made its way round and round her solid little clit, speeding up for a few turns, then slowing down as the middle finger joined in for a quick sweep right down and under to her special entrance, then slipping its way right back up again to her clit, the circling finger resuming its work.

Zoe was now leaning back in to me but we were being restricted by the shape of the chair, so to everyone's approval, and with their assistance, we gradually manouvred our way sideways, so I could lay out flat across three chairs positioned together, Zoe laying on top of me, face up. They moved mark round so that he stood between our legs, and I pulled my head up from time to time to see how he was enjoying himself, and wondered what sort of view he had from where he was standing.

Zoe now had her legs up and bent, almost frog like, with her feet resting on each of my knees. By moving my knees apart, I could now make her open and close her legs, and so I chose to open them wide, for all to see. I could still reach her clit in this lying position, but pretty soon realised that I didn't quite have the same mobility down there, and was thinking about changing my position when a hand gently held mine and took it away from the work it was doing on Zoe. I pulled my head up and looked over Zoe's shoulder, and saw that Tasha was now in position right by her waist, and judging by the squirming that was going on, Tasha was now taking over where I left off, and was obviously making a much better job of it.

Zoe was now making all sorts of noise as she moved around on top of me, and took no notice as the big cheer went up to announce that Mark was cumming. I tried my hardest to pull my head up to look, but could only see him standing sideways to us and his legs shuddering.

It looked as if every girl there was holding him in some way when he came, and I tried to see the funny/ironic side of it, being the only one not to see, but felt slightly disappointed that I'd missed it. Tasha was still masturbating Zoe, but looking in Mark's direction, and when the noise subsided, she looked down at us and saw me looking.

"Bloody hell. he shot bucketloads!" she announced, not realising that she was adding to my disappointment. Zoe had lifted her head up to look.I think she saw it all, but then she dropped her head back down onto my shoulder and went all quiet, her frame moving slightly with the rhythm of Tasha's fast masturbation technique.

I suddenly realised that our Zoe was about to cum. "Are you cumming?", I whispered in her ear, holding her head tight against my mouth.

"I don't know", she said out loud, panting the words out. My other hand was round her waist, and I thought I'd make things better by playing with her nipples. I absolutely love doing that to myself, and fhave ound that it really adds to the occasion when done at the right moment.

Half of the group were still playing with Mark, but one or two noticed my hand push her T shirt up and push the bra off her tits. I found the nipple on her left tit and gave it a little squeeze. Zoe squirmed and suddenly went into several large convulsions, bouncing up and down on me and jerking her way through what was very obviously a full blown orgasm. I grabbed her tit hard and basically held her as still as possible until it was all over.

This young lady had discovered the joys of orgasm a whole lot sooner than I had. Lucky girl. She eventually quietened down and we both sat up to see how things had turned out.

To the right of us, all the way across the floor and over a chair, was a ton of spunk, several obvious long lines where he'd spurted, and a load down near us where he'd presumably finished.

"He hit the window", Jackie proudly announced. She had finished the wank, I later found out, and had obviously done a very good job. I looked across and saw one of the girls pointing at the net curtain where the cum had landed. I looked at Mark who was putting his underpants back on, his erection still there to a certain extent, but fast on the wane.

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He looked back at me and gave me a grin and a shrug. "Maybe next time", I said, forcing a smile. I looked round at Zoe and she looked just like I do after I cum. Hair a total mess, eyes half asleep and the horniest smile you can imagine.