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Hisae yabe japanisch reifen
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LIFE IN OUR NEW HOUSE I am a fifty two year old dad of two children, Maloney {Mel for short} my daughter (22), and Mike (20) my son. My wife passed away when my son was ten and for the last ten years we as a family grew much closer and had to give up many luxuries that other families have. We had two regular incomes, and when Megan died, I only had my income for another ten months and then I lost that too.

I am a professional photographer and my focus always was on wild life, domestic animals and some wedding shoots. I used to work as a professional photographer for a corporate marketing company with contracts in tourism and advertising, and I enjoyed what I was doing. When my wife died I lost my job because of the times I spent with her during her illness and the changes we had to make at home. To make things worse, five years ago I had to take my children out of school and start homeschooling them, because I just did not make enough money to keep them all in school, etc.

The owner of the rented house we stayed in asked me to move out if we could not pay the higher rental and I had to move in with my elderly parents into a three bedroom house everything was just bad, and it never seemed to stop. During the fall in 2011 everything changed both my elderly parents died unexpectantly in a car accident.

Two months after their death I learnt that my dad has left me the house and twelve million dollars in a family trust that I never knew about he inherited it from my grandfather who were in mining and construction. Suddenly we had a fixed income from the interest on the family trust and whatever money we as a family could bring in became spending money. In short, things changed for the good and everyone was happy. My daughter went into a hairdressing career and worked two miles from home.

My son started a small alarm company when he was sixteen and over time this gave him a steady monthly income, something he is doing fulltime from home now. Mike is into gym and would spend two to three hours every day with friends at the gym. Mel, my daughter on the other hand is a bit like me, not interested in gym or any type of sports. Then there is Helen. She is a native Maori from New Zealand who started to work for my dad about fifteen years ago as a domestic worker.

When we moved into the house she became a surrogate mother (so to speak) for my children. She is a widow with no children and very fond of both my children. The time when my wife died she supported my children as if she was a replacement mother, but, as an employee to my dad we did not allow the children to get too close to her. After my parents passing everything has changed. Helen is running the household and my kids enjoy her very much.

THIS IS WHERE MY STORY STARTS: As I walked into the laundry room next to the kitchen on Monday morning to put my washing down I saw a magazine on the tumble dryer. Not knowing what it entails I picked it up to see what kind of magazine it was. and was I shocked. It was a porn magazine with pictures of many nude coloured girls in it.

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Towards the end of the magazine there were two articles about a white male and a coloured lady who had sex in three different places within their home with full detail in each picture. As a photographer with a wide and sometimes wild imagination my mind was running quickly. Whose magazine could it be is it my son, is it my daughter or is it Helen?

It has to be one of them, because we do not get people visiting in the laundry room and we are the only ones staying here. So I decided to put it back and make myself something to eat in the kitchen, in doing so I will be able to see who enter into the laundry from where I position myself. My daughter has left for work and will only be back at about six that evening, so that left me with my son and Helen it has to be one of them.

The next moment Helen walked into the kitchen with some laundry and greeted friendly (as always). She dropped the clothes and on her way back said that Mike has left early with a message that he will be with a client for the rest of the day and that he might not come home tonight if the webpage is not working. That left me and Helen alone in the house for the day so whose magazine is it? I had to work on two shoot's that I did the previous day, and told Helen that I will be in my office for the morning, and that she can make us some breakfast and bring it to me later.

She said that she just wanted to get the washing going, and that she will then bring me some breakfast. My mind was working overtime. If the magazine is not Helen's what will she think of me she saw me taking my washing into the laundry earlier. If it fell out of my daughters washing that was there before mine, what will Helen think?

Shall I go there and tell her that I saw the magazine and want her to find out who it belong to? Anyway, the phone rang it was a client. I got busy and about half an hour later decided to go and pour myself a glass of juice. As I entered the kitchen I realized that the washing machine is working, but Helen is not in sight so I got my juice, but just as I was about to walk back to my office, I decide to look into the laundry to see if the magazine was still there.

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As I entered I got a shock Helen was sitting on a chair in the corner with her legs spread wide. Her panties were around one ankle and her dress pulled up to her waist. She was looking through the porn magazine and had it high up so that I could not see her face. With her free hand she was masturbating herself, and from her rushed breathing, I could see she was doing it for a while already.

I stood there, glass in the hand, shocked, but I could not move. Suddenly I had the weirdest experience I could feel my penis getting stiff in my pants. Is this really happening? Her I am watching my domestic masturbating herself and I am getting stiff! I have to admit, it's been a very long time since I looked at a women's virgina, and this one was big, wet and getting ready to cum soon. My mind was running should I turn around and walk away or should I keep watching and see what is going to happen next.

I was still playing with the taught when Helen cried out loud as she reaches a huge orgasm. She dropped the book to the floor, her eyes closed and her body shaking. It gave me freight and I jumped back into the kitchen so quick that it surprised me that I did not lose a drop of my juice.

Fortunately I had my shocks on and I could get away quietly on the tiled floor without slipping. I went straight to my office but I could not pay attention to my work. I decided to open my e-mails and get my mind on something else.

The first e-mail that I opened was from and old client who wanted a studio shoot naked of herself, as a gift to a friend for his Birthday. Come on, nude photography!!! I am horny already, don't make this worse now. My mind was working overtime, my cock still semi-hard was not making things easier and then I realised that I must have dozed off on my day-dream because Helen was standing in front of me with breakfast and another juice.

When she saw the half glass of juice on my desk I just said: "I got myself one when you were still busy in the laundry was thirsty" she looked at me with a question on her face did he see me? And I had my own question/s: did she enjoy it? Is she wearing her green panties from earlier? Whose magazine is that? But instead, I just took the breakfast from her and started eating without looking at her.

She stood there, a moment, but I could sense the hesitation. As I looked up she smiled and said "Enjoy your breakfast Jim" and left the room. My mind is playing naughty games with me. I decided to phone Fiona Beegle instead of answering her e-mail, just to get more detail. "Yes" I was stunned by the way she answered her cell phone. "Hi Fiona, it is Jim Woodridge speaking. I would just like to find out more about your e-mail request for a photo shoot" "O hi dear.

Yes it struck me the other night that if I can do a shoot with a few naughty poses, and I know you can do it good. I want to surprise a few of the men and women at work on my birthday, but I don't want them to see my face. Will you be able to do that?" 'Well, I suppose we can make a plan.

When did you think we do the shoot?" "I am available this morning or this afternoon?" My cock gave a jerk in my pants. "How about 11 this morning?" "OK dear. It will be perfect. Shall I come to your place?" "If it is OK with you, then it will help me otherwise I have to transport all my equipment, etc." "Great, I will see you at eleven" Before I could say goodbye, she put the phone down. How am I going to do this? I know I am horning because of what happen earlier with Helen, but Fiona she is a well build 50 year old woman with 40DD breasts and a firm bottom that still turns a few eyes.

I wonder what her vagina and clitoris look like. What the size of her nipples is? Boy, o, Boy, I was getting more horny just thinking that I am about to see her totally nude within three hours. I think I should take a shower and masturbate to get myself back to normal thinking and with that I left my office for my bedroom.

In my room I closed the door and strip myself nude within three moves it was quick, and I walked to my bathroom in the nude. As I entered Helen was on her way out she must have started cleaning. My cock is half stiff sticking out in front of me, my domestic's eyes are glued to it in shock and I am paralyzed. A few seconds went by, and then I reacted by trying to cover my nakedness.

Helen turned her head to the side and said something about being sorry and walked passed me. I could smell her freshness and then my room door closed behind me. I turned to look, I was alone. I opened the shower door and let the water run. Within about three minutes I was masturbating in the shower.

My penis never felt so stiff in a very long time. Another minute or two and I were ready to let go and I did right into the shower door five six big squirts and I enjoyed the feeling. A few moments later I realized that my cock is still stiff and I smiled at myself "You can still do it old boy". When I turned the shower of I heard my room door click. I got out and looked into my room.

I was alone, but I was sure that it was the room door that I heard. Did Helen came in when I was in the shower? Did she saw me masturbating? Was she spying on me when I am nude? Man, what is happening today???!! For so many years did I live a normal life with my kids around?

Not much happened that excited me and in a space of about two hours.WOW! How could I miss all this? I got dressed and went back to my office. The breakfast goodies were gone.

I went to the kitchen and Helen was busy with the dishes. "Helen, there is something that I have to ask of you" she turned around and her face was serious but attentive to what I was about to ask. "Yes Jim?" she said. "Earlier this morning when I took my washing to the laundry I saw a magazine on one of the machines. Do you know where it came from?" "If you speak about the porn mag, I am sorry.

It is mine and I wanted to take it to my room but forgot. It will not happen again" "O, OK" I turned around and walk back to my office. Can you belief it. She did not deny it. She must know I will see it when I walked in there. What if the kids saw it? Many more things went through my mind when I sat down behind my desk. As I looked up Helen was standing in the door of my office.

"Sorry Jim, I am just making a joke. I saw that magazine there myself and thought you must've put it there" "No I had no idea where it came from." When I looked at Helen she had a funny smile on her face one that I never noticed before. "It must be one of the kids please don't go down on them tonight. Leave it to me to find out who the culprit is. I will tell you in the morning. O, and about the bathroom earlier I am very sorry.

I did not know that you still had to shower".


With that she turned around and went back into the house before I could say anything. What is going through her mind? Anyway, the rest of the morning went along fine and eleven o'clock Fiona arrived.

She had a white tracksuit on with sandals and she looked quiet sexy. In my office she explained that she want some very naughty (or explicit) shots taken, but in such a way that the people could not identify her as the person in the picture. She said it will give her a kick and a huge turn-on to see her boss drooling over her nude body and not knowing it is her. I went into my side studio and show her what I had in mind a few shots on a chair, some on a double bed and a few on the thick carpet on the floor.

Fiona was ready, I was ready and the next moment she took her top off. She had nothing on underneath, just those two big tits and great big nipples sticking out at me.

My cock was instantly hard and I had to concentrate that the blood could flow back to my brain in order to act and react as a professional. Fiona must have seen the bulge in my pants as she smiled and turned her back on me. She kicks her sandals off and bent over to take her tracksuit pants off. What a sight. She had a very thin pair of panties on that covered both her big bums. She looked back at me and said:"Come on lad.

Start shooting. I am getting horny already". I grabbed my camera and started to take photos from different angles. She played along like a pro.

I took a few from the side showing off her big hanging breasts and then two or three of her nipples. Fiona moved to the chair and threw her one leg over the side. Her panty was now stretching against her virgina and from what I could see, there were no pussy hair. I played around a few shots and told her to move to the bed.

Again she acted like a pro. She lay on her side, turned slowly enough for me to take different pictures from all angles. Then she lay down on her back. She lifted the one leg and opened her legs wide. This time I could get a small glimpse of the one wall of her shaved pussy lip. I was getting hornier by the moment even my heartbeat and my breathing was increasing. I cannot allow that to happen during a shoot it was difficult to control myself, but I kept going with the photos.


The next thing she lifted her back from the bed and took her panty off. She kicked it in my direction and opened her legs wide I could see her full pussy now. Her clit was swollen and stood out straight.

She was wet inside and the entrance to her virgina was inviting me to fuck her. She took her one hand and glides it over her clitoris and vagina lips. With her other hand she started playing with her nipples I was ready to fuck her, but I had to hold myself in.this is a client, not a whore. She must've read my mind. "I am so horning, would you mind if I finger myself?" she said as if it is the most normal thing to say.

One hour into this shoot, I must have taken a few hundred photos much more than what she will need for her "project" as she put it. The next thing she started coming, out loud. She jumped up and down on the bed "O WOW I AM COMINGGGGGGG!" She shouted. Helen must be able to hear that from wherever she is in the house. She kept fingering herself for another two to three minutes and came twice. She was laying there naked on my studio bed her legs spread wide with a wet pussy.

Her one hand still softly playing with the one nipple when she lifted her head up and said: "Would you like to suck my pussy dry?" For the second time that day I could not move. What did she said? Did she mean it? "Come hear dear" she said, and I moved forward as if in auto mode. She took my hand and put it on her pussy. "Play with me; I need a man to fuck me now" Everything just happened in slow motion. The next thing I know I was sucking on the wet pussy.

She was taking my pants off and started playing with my stiff cock I was about to shoot my load just then and there when she said "Lay on your back, I need your come in my mouth" and without any argument I did just that. The next things I know she was sucking away on my cock and I just let go even more than earlier in the shower.

She took every drop. When she pulled away I was still stiff, but my penis' head was sensitive. She lay next to me and commanded me to fuck her quick. I took her in the missionary position and fucked her slowly. It was the first women I had sex with since my wife died. I could not belief what I had miss out on. I got hornier and started to fuck her faster, and she started begging me to put it in deeper.

I could feel that she is getting ready to cum again and she did, so did I. Fiona got dressed, still full of my cum and said that she wants to drive home like that, because then she can masturbate once more at home before having a shower. She left and I stood half naked in my studio thinking of what just happened. I picked up my pants and walked to my room. I dropped my clothes on the floor next to my bed and took a shower for the second time that day.

When I came out of the shower, my clothes were gone from the floor, but the room door was open. I looked down the passage no-one was there. I closed the door and put on a tracksuit pants and a T-shirt with my slippers. I had no more clients for the day and decided to go casual. When I went into the kitchen I asked Helen if she took the clothes from my room and she said no, Mel brought it down when she came down a few moments ago.

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What, my daughter came into my room while I was in the shower!!!!!!! Helen looked at me and said: "I think I know who the magazine belong to" "Tell me" I said and went to the fridge for a beer. "Mel's friend from beauty school, Jenny. The one who wants to be a model" "How do you know that?" "Mel came in and asked me if I saw the magazine because her friend Jenny left it in the laundry yesterday. It belongs to their domestic servant. I gave her the mag and told her to make sure she gives it back before you see it" "Where is she now?" "Up to her room" I took my beer, grab the news paper on the table and walked to the TV lounge.

I was wondering if my daughter looked at the magazine and what her reaction was to it.

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I switch the TV on and watch some sports. Halfway through my beer I wanted to pee and decided to go to my bathroom. On the way there I passed Mel's room and could hear her music playing. I opened the door to see what she was doing and then it hit me. The same magazine was lying on her bed open at a very naughty picture something pushed me into the room and I tiptoed into her room toward her bathroom door. She was sitting on the toilet totally nude with three fingers deep inside her pussy.

She was fingering herself. It was the first time that I put eyes on my adult daughter's nude body. I saw her a few times in a very small bikini, but this is different. She her beautiful full breasts, nipples like her mother, and plenty of pussy hair just like her mom. I was getting horny watching my girl masturbate. It took a big effort to break myself away from that bathroom door and I almost ran to my room.

After I relieved myself for the third time that day I walked back to the living room. When I went past Mel's' room Helen came out with a very funny smile on her face. "What are you doing in Mel's room?" I wanted to know. "Just checking on her after you left so fast from her room" she said. I grabbed her by the arm and looked her straight into the eyes. "Exactly what do you mean by that?" "When I saw you coming out of her room, I taught maybe there is something wrong.

So I went in and found her masturbating on the toilet.


So I turned around and thought that was the reason why you must have run so fast our of her room" "I think it is time that you and I have a proper talk about a few things that is happening around the house without me knowing anything" "OK, when would you like to talk to me after supper, because I am halfway with the food and cannot stop now?" I accepted and went to the TV lounge. My mind was playing games with me.

What is it that Helen knows that I don't? What are my kids doing if any? I could not pay attention to the sports on TV. My mind is playing funny games with me. At the dinner table Mel made mention that Mike phoned and said he is not coming home tonight because of work issues.

Mel went off about a new hair product that she enjoyed, or something, but I could only think of her nipples and nude body on the toilet earlier that afternoon and struggle to concentrate.

I was a bad communicator and when I finished my food the two women cleared the table. Mel asked me if I would like a glass of red wine or sherry "just to take the day's dust off" and I nodded my head.

A moment later she gave me a glass of red wine and said that she would just like to help Helen in the kitchen. I was about finished with the glass of wine when Mel came in and asked me if we could watch a movie that she taped earlier it was a love story and Helen also did not see it yet.

I said OK, and she came back with another glass of wine for me. She then said she just wanted to take off her work clothes and put something more comfortable on and Helen decided to do the same, so both women left and I watched the weather while they were gone.

A few minutes later Mel came into the room with a very short night gown, a pink silk one that showed her breasts clearly underneath. It had a strap around her waist. She asked if she could dim the light because it is quiet a romantic movie her friend told her, but she have never seen it.

Just as the lights went dim Helen came in, she had her normal long gown and slippers on. Mel asked me if she and Helen could also get a glass of wine, and when I wanted to get up to pour them some wine, Helen said that I should go get my nighties on while she will fix the drinks. I went to me room, took my clothes off and put a pair of boxers on.

I took my gown and put it on as I walked back down stairs. The two women were sitting on either side of my chair with a drink in the hand. Mel had the remote in hand and started the movie as I sat down. What a day I had a relaxing evening is just what I needed to end this day. The movie was age restricted. About ten minutes into the movie a women came nude out of the shower and lay down on the bed.

She started playing with her virgina and soon was into a heavy breathing finger fucking mode. I did not know what to do. I looked at Helen on my left to get a reaction, but she was sitting relaxed with her glass of wine watching intently.

Then I turn slowly towards Mel. She too sipped on her wine, but moved both her legs under her on the sofa where she was sitting. In the dim light I could see her upper legs, but her other hand was covering her virgina area and that made my mind running. Is she wearing panties under that? What is her hand doing there when I was not watching? The scene changed and we all could breathe normally. It was clear to me, this was a porn movie, and I get the feeling that both these women next to me knew about it.

I kept my pose, but within two minutes two women were undressing each other and started a lesbian scene with a lot of sucking and licking pussy and titties. They reached a climax loudly, and I could feel my cock is starting to get stiff in my boxers. I decided that this is a good moment to leave for my room, and as I made an excuse to go, both women almost begged me to stay till the end. As the scene changed I looked slowly to Helen on my left to see if she could notice the bulge starting to grow in my lap.

To me surprise she was openly playing with her one nipple with her eyes fixed on the movie, and I realised that she must have nothing on under that gown. I turned to look at Mel and she was slowly playing with her clitoris she had no panty on underneath that gown. She must've realised that I am watching her because she kept her hand still and turned her head to me and smiled at me.

I had to swallow very hard. I took a big sip of my wine to clear my throat.

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In doing so Helen put her breast back into her gown and smiled at me. "Would you like another glass of wine?" she said. I emptied my glass and pass it to her. At that moment Mel paused the movie and said she wants to go to the loo quickly while we refresh all the drinks. I know I could not get up to help because they will see my erect penis under my gown, so when they both left, I adjusted my cock to a position where I could keep it sort-of under control.

Helen came back with all three glasses. I took mine from he and she put Mel's next to her chair. "This is very horny to watch such movies don't you think?" she said softly for in case Mel came back. "Yes, but a bit embarrassing doing it with my daughter and my best friend" I said. At that moment Mel came down the stairs and started the movie again.

This time she put the dimmer on the lights even lower to such an extent that the room was almost dark apart from the light given off by the TV. Within a very short time the scene changed to where the two lesbian women looked into the window of the next-door neighbour's bedroom.

A gay was milking his cock on the bed and the two women in the dark of the night of the outside of his room started massaging and kissing each other again. There was another scene with an old man watching porn and masturbating when his secretary walked in on him she gave him a blow job and so it carried on.

I was now very horny and wanted to relief myself from this load in my balls that was breaking point when I heard heaving breathing on my left that did not come from the movie. Helen's gown was now totally open, her legs spread wide she was totally nude underneath that gown and she was fingering herself to the point of no return. I quickly looked in Mel's direction. Her short gown was lying on the floor.

She was totally nude and busy playing with her nipples and fingering herself very slowly with two fingers going in and out of her vagina. I had to make sure that I have seen correct. My twenty two year old daughter is totally naked next to me within an arm length away. If I stretch out my right hand I could touch her pussy. My eyes were stuck on her body. This is my daughter!!!! The next moment I felt a hand on my cock and nearly fell of my chair, but the hand gripped it firmly. It was Helen.

She took my cock out of my boxer in one move before I could lift my hand and started stroking it. She must have felt that I am very close to coming, because the next thing I know her mouth went over my cock and she started sucking.

I came almost immediately deep into her mouth, and she took every drop of come. Mel reached her climax and started shouting"Daddy fuck me" Helen took her mouth away from my cock and pushed me toward Mel.

This was wrong, I cannot do it. Mel grabbed me and pulled me towards her. My cock still wet from Helen's mouth with come sticking to the side of it. Helen was guiding me into Mel's pussy from behind and something within me gave over. The next thing I felt was Mel's breathing in my ear "Fuck me daddy for goodness sake fuck me!" and I slowly started to fuck her my own daughter.

The wine was clearly part of this, but she was so tight that it took me awhile to get in deep. Within two minutes she came again.

I was now totally stiff but far from coming so I kept pumping away on my daughter's pussy. She came quickly again and begged me to stop so I pulled out and sat back in my chair. At that moment the movie changed again. A woman went to sit on an old man's cock. Helen took my hand and came over to me. She slowly sunk her very wet pussy over my stiff cock and started riding me like the women on the movie. I lost count of time, I just felt my balls stiffend and I let go of the biggest cum shot for that day into Helens pussy and at that very moment she started shivering as she reached her climax to.

We all laid there. The movie ended. I fell asleep in the lounge and woke the next morning when the sun came up. Then reality hit me. I was naked and next to me lay my nude daughter and my nude domestic servant. What have we done? I got up as slowing as possible, not to wake them, but Helen spoke out loud: "Please don't go now, I am horny and need a fuck" I could not believe my ears. I showed her to follow me to my room, and she did. In my room we immediately began kissing and licking each other.

She fell backwards onto my bed and opened her legs wide what and invitation. Just when I penetrated her pussy with my fresh hard cock my daughter spoke form the door "Since when is sex now in private in this house?" Helen called her over and started playing with her pussy as she sat next to us while we had sex. Helen came quickly; she must have been very horny.

She stopped me and said "Fuck you daughter, I want to finger myself and watch." I rolled onto my back and Mel climb on top of me. Soon we were making love at a speed that we hope the bed could handle.

Helen was loudly fingering herself and giving funny comments of how Mel's' ass goes into her dad. She told me that she could see in my eyes I am about to come, and at that moment I could not control myself any further and came out loud. I filled my daughter pussy with my come and she just collapsed on my chest.

It was great. The day went by like most other days. That evening Mel said she would like to watch a DVD that a friend of hers gave her. It is a family movie show we could all relax and watch together. My son Mike was also at home, and I was not sure what to expect, so I decided to go to bed early but Helen said that at least I could watch half of it with them all.

My son said that it will be nice if we all could watch a DVD together, because we haven't done that in a long while so I was a sucker for punishment. I really wanted to go to bed earlier that evening. It was Friday night, and I decided to give to kids the benefit of the doubt. So after dinner we all sat down and watch this movie of about forty minutes about a family that moved from the big city to the rural farm area and how they adapted to the changes they had to make in life on a farm.

It has some kind of a storyline but was not good. There were two semi nude scenes and one part where the father and mother made love under a blanket for about five seconds, but nothing like the previous evenings movie. When it finished Mel jumped up and said that we should all go put our nighties on, because part TWO of the same movie is three and a half hours long, and this we should not miss. I looked at her and said, it will become late, and I am tired. She moved close to me and said "Just come back with your gown on and I will let Helen sit next to you under an blanket that could be interesting" I could feel the devil's in her voice and decided to play along.

When I came back downstairs the lights were dim very low. The couches were moved and Helen was waiting for me on the one with a glass of wine, while Mel and Mike shared the other couch. Because it was a bit cooler that evening Mel gave us a bed sheet to sit under and she did the same for her and my son. Mike got up to fetch Mel's wine from the kitchen and I saw that he only had a pair of boxers on with no shirt. He walked around the house alot like that, but suddenly that evening it looked funny to me.

So anyway, with everyone settled Mel started part two of the movie. It was exactly the same people playing in the first DVD, only this time after about thirty minutes into the movie the first real sex scene came on and I could she Mike looking in my direction to test my reaction. It was quiet horny with the brother and sister fucking in the barn with most their clothes on. After that the scene changed to the domestic servant who masturbated in the lounge while watching a porn movie on TV.

Just before she was about to climax the farmer (dad) came in and caught her. Her made her took off all her clothes and she gave him a blow job. Just as he was coming in her mouth his wife walked in and demanded that the girl lick her pussy while she gave her husband another slow blowjob. Things were really getting dangerous now.

I only had the gown on and my cock was rock hard. I moved my one arm slowing towards Helen's breast and started playing with her nipple through the material of her gown. She took the key and moved her hand down to my penis. Within two minutes her gown was open and so was mine under the bed sheet that we sat under. We were playing with each other's private parts and enjoying it.

The scene changed again and this time the mother caught the boy and girl having sex in the bathroom. All three started playing with each other and I could feel I am close to coming.

Helen was breathing out loudly now. When I turn to look at my children Mel was under the bed sheet sucking my son's cock and the expression in his face said he is busy coming or is holding back like hell not to make a noise. This was it; I threw the bed sheet of me and Helen and pulled the sheet of my chidren. Mel was totally naked, her clothes on the floor again, and her ass about two feet from me.

Mike's boxers was also somewhere on the floor, making him totally naked to. Helen got on top of me and started fucking me slowly. Mike came with a loud shout, and Mel took all his come in her mouth. Suddenly Helen grabbed my arm and stood up from me. She bent down on the carpet in the middle of the floor of all fours and told Mike to fuck her from behind. Mike looked at me and I showed him to go quickly he did. Watching my son fucking the darker skinned family friend made me horny and I was stiff in a moment.

Before I could play with myself my daughter's mouth went over my cock and she started sucking me hard. That night we fell asleep in my room and when we woke the next morning took a shower and did not bother to put clothes on for the rest of the day. During the day all four of us fucked each other at least two times again needless to say, we never wore clothes over weekends from that day on.

Most working days when the kids are at work myself and Helen will walk and work around the house fully nude just to tease (please) each other it became a game, and we both enjoyed it lots. Life went on and things return to almost normal (apart from the nude walking and occasional sex anywhere in the house between us four).

About three weeks later Mel came to me and asks if it will be OK with me if she arrange for a pyjama party with about five of her friends. I always wanted to do a photo shoot with girls in their pyjamas and the idea intrigued me. I told her to give me some time to think about it, and I told her that I might just use this opportunity to make a photo shoot out of it. She said she will talk to her friends about it and let me know.well it turned out that some did like the idea of a pyjama party with a photo shoot, because three of her friends decided to join the party over the coming weekend.

That night at the dinner table the topic of the pyjama party came up again and my son Mike said he met a black Nigerian girl who wants to become a model. He went on telling me she is very nicely build and that he saw her in a white bikini bathing suit the day when he activated her alarm system. She had two black girl friends over for a cocktail and forgot about Mike's appointment, so when he arrived to do the installation of her alarm system, they were having a party and said he should join them for a drink when he were finished.

Her had a beer afterwards and during that conversation learnt that the one girl were going back to England where she work and the other two stayed in the flat where he installed the alarm system. Gloria (the wanabe model) was twenty one and working at a dry cleaning outfit. Kyla her friend is a teacher at a crèche and a part-time stripper for surprise parties (after hours).

It sounded very interesting, and I could see my son was thinking of bringing them with to the pyjama party, when my daughter suggested just that to him. Friday evening came and I arrived home at six from a shoot I did. As I walked into the kitchen from the garage I found my daughter busy preparing the lounge area for the evenings event she was wearing a pair of shorts and a boob-tube T-shirt. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra, and as I know her, most probably no panties either.

"Hi Mel, how is things going?" I asked matter of factly. "I suppose it's alright. Another of my friends phoned to let me know she cannot make the party tonight, so it will only be me and two others". "Oh, sorry the hear that. What about the Nigerian girls that Mike mentioned heard anything?" "No, Mike is at the gym, so I am not sure what is going to happen there" I turned around and went upstairs to my room to take a shower.

Halfway up the stairs I turned around and remembered. "Mel, what do you expect of me regarding your party? Should I go book in at a hotel for the night?" "Dad, don't you start with me.

You are the photographer and the man of the house all my friends know that. Both the girls that come told me they are getting horny just thinking that my dad will take photos of them in very little clothing". Mel smiled at me and came towards me to give me a hug. "So what is my dress code for the evening then?" I asked. "Totally nude of cause" Mel said. "You must be joking serious now" And I looked her straight in the eyes.

"OK dad, boxers only will be acceptable but remember, we will have wardrobe changes in front of you and you cannot afford to go stiff on us". Suddenly I heard someone else laugh behind me; it was Helen our house friend and resident domestic worker.

She only had a towel around her body and it was clear that she just finished taking a shower. Mel walked past me and spoke softly in Helen's ear. Both girls giggled and walked past me towards the lounge area. I hesitated a moment to see what they are up to. I the lounge Mel took of her top to reveal her nude breasts, and then took off her pants and as I thought, she did not have a panty on.

Helen then dropped the towel to the ground to reveal her nude coloured body. As if it is the most normal thing to do they started arranging the lounge and the flowers for the evening's party. Both looked up at me to see what my reaction was. It was quite a sight and I took the camera over my shoulder and took three or four snaps of them before I went to my room to shower.

My son Mike came in from gym just as I hit the shower and walked in on his sister and Helen totally nude in the kitchen busy with the preparations for the evening. "Wow, I got the wrong message. Is this a pyjama party or a nudist party?" Both girls laughed at him and Mel told him that they just teased me for a while.

Mike went to his room to hit the shower to get ready for the evenings party. "Mike, what did you hear about your Nigerian clients? Are they joining us for the party or not?" Mel shouted up to Mike. "They said they'll be here at seven, but I will phone to confirm" "Thanks, we need to prepare seating at the table for dinner, so please phone them now and let us know" Helen shouted. At about six fifty I went downstairs. I had a tracksuit on and my slippers. I felt relieved from the day's work and went to the kitchen to get myself a beer.

In the kitchen I found Helen dressed in a pink night gown (one I've never seen before). It was very thin material, but covered enough to make you think. I knew that if I can get a light behind her in a darkened room that I will be able to get a picture of her nude profile underneath that garment. She must have read my mind when she spoke: "Focus on the evening and forget about my body for a moment there might be enough time afterwards if you behave with the other girls". I went to the lounge to relax before our guests arrive, but all the furniture were moved to the corner and eight chairs neatly placed in a circle were the focus point of attention.

A loose carpet fills the middle of the floor and the only openings between these chairs were the one from the front door and the part that leads to the bar so I went to the bar and sat behind it and opened my first beer for the day.

My son Mike came in with a gown on and got himself a beer to. We started chatting about his business and the day's work when the doorbell rang. Helen shouted from the kitchen for someone to answer the door, and Mike went to do that. It was Jenny, Mel's friend and another girl called Rose. They both carried a night bag and were dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.

Mel came down the stairs and invited them up to her room. About three minutes later the doorbell rang again. This time it was Gloria (the Nigerian girl) alone. She apologise for her friend who could not make it because she received a call from the agency she worked for on very short notice. There is a possibility that she might join them later. Mike took her night bag and a vanity case (typical woman stuff) and walked her into the house.

Again Mel came downstairs to meet Gloria. She took her stuff and told her to follow her to the bedroom "to meet the girls". Helen came in from the kitchen and for a short moment the light from behind her showed her perfect breast line. She was topless underneath that nightie. Mike looked at me and said: "Did you saw that breast line dad?" Helen lifted her finger in a warning sign and laughed at Mike. "Don't you two spoil it for the girls tonight" she said and carried on with what she was busy with.

About twenty minutes later a bell rang in the dining room to announce the beginning of the evening meal. Us men walked over to the lounge to find all the women seated at the dining room table already. When Mike and I took our places Mel started to introduce everyone around the table.

She started with Mike and introduced him as her brother and the person who will assist me with the camera work and lights for the photo shoot that will start later tonight. Then she introduced me as her dad and the person who might change someone's life forever with his photos.

I looked at all the girls around the table they all her pyjamas on. Mel had a nightie on that I've never seen before, it was a light yellow colour and from where she sat across the table from me I could clearly see her nipples through the material. Next to her was Gloria, the black girl from Nigeria.

She had a green nightgown on, and from what I could see a green nightie underneath that. She looked very shy and nodded to all when Mel introduced her.

Next to her was Rose, Jenny's friend. She had a long sleeve nightie on that was made of tracksuit material very conservative if you look at everyone else around the table. Then there was Jenny, she had a night gown on and we could not make out if she had anything underneath on. Mel was just finished with the introduction when Gloria's cell phone rang it was her friend. She had a cancelation and wanted to know if she could still join the party. Gloria spoke to Mel and Mel announced that we have to wait about ten minutes before we start the dinner in the mean time everyone can pour themselves a glass of wine to relax and get into the mood.

It was not long when the door bell rang. Mel opened the door and entered moments later with a short, but well-built black girl. She was introduced as Kyla, Gloria's friend. Mel and Gloria followed her to the room and minutes later they came down the stairs to join the rest of us.

Mel's' nightie was long, but it was clear, she was totally nude underneath. Kyla had a stunning outfit on that was almost too short and I could she Mike's eyes trying to see underneath if she was wearing anything under that short nightie.

Helen announced that dinner is ready and started to dish up for everyone. When she put my plate in front of me her braless breasts accidently brushed against my shoulder. Some of the other women saw that and when Helen apologized; I gave her a soft hug telling her that it was nothing, and that I enjoyed it. Jenny smiled at me and started eating when I returned the smile. After dinner all the girls first helped Helen to clean up the dining room and the kitchen before everyone joined us in the lounge.

Mel was well organized she had them sit in a circle, and played a game to decide who will be first, second, etc. She announced the procedure for the evening. Each girl will have a three part photo shoot in my photography studio and that include a minimum of two dress changes and it will end with four nude photos in various stances. I could see the atmosphere change when she announced that, but no-one seem to disagree. After the photo shoot session we will watch a special movie on modelling and after that I will show them a short slideshow of the evening's pictures taken.

With this session the girls will have to vote who the group winner is. Once that is determined, we will all relax for the rest of the night by watching two to three movies specially selected by Helen and my daughter Mel. So that was it the first girl for a photo shoot fell on Gloria. Mike took her to my studio room and explained the procedure to her. When I came in she was on the platform still dressed in her green night gown.

I explained what I would like her to do and started taking photos. She was really stressed up, but as we went along seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Her clothing change came and she went in behind the screen to change. When she came out she had a blue see through top on and a very short (or shall I say too small) pair of pants. Part of her bum was showing so I started to take the second session of photos.

Things now became sexy as she posed for the camera and she played along quiet easy. She took off her top but covered her breasts with her left arm. I took a few photos, and then it was time for the four nude photos. I asked her if she has decided what poses she will do and she told me so I took the first nude photo of her facing away from the camera of her back while she is looking to the camera over her shoulder. The second was more daring she turned sideways and revealed her one breast.

She had quite a nice nipple so I took a few in order to choose the best one later. Her third photo was a full frontal with her covering her virgina with one hand. The last photo she put her right leg on a chair and lifted her one breast as if she if offering it to be suck by the camera.

She got dressed in and oversized T-shirt that hang to her knees (Mel gave it to her) and went back to the lounge to join the others. The second girl to join me in the studio was Helen or house friend and domestic worker. She came up to me and gave me a long soft kiss, then turned to the platform and started posing. I took photos from every direction and played with the light behind her to show off her body shape and outline underneath her night gown.

Then it was time for the dress change. Helen came out from behind the curtain with a towel around her body. Her hair was now loose and she looked stunning. She posed a few daring poses, with much flesh between her legs and her breasts visible on a few shots. Then it was her four nude photos.

She tossed the towel one side and stood legs wide apart with her hands on her hips for the first shot. I was getting aroused, but knew there is still more girls to come.

The second nude photo was more daring; she sat on the bed with her legs apart while lifting both her breasts. Her virgina was smoothly shaven and her clitoris was clearly visible. I took a few just to choose the best one. The third photo was her favourite on all fours looking back through her legs with her pussy clearly wet.

And the last photo she turned around and put two fingers deep inside her pussy while her expression on her face tells the story of a girl masturbating and enjoying it. She also put on an oversize t-shirt and went back to the girls inside. The next girl was Kyla, Gloria's friend. She was dressed in that very short nightie.

I started off by taking a few nice poses and she played along as if we were doing it for a long time. She followed my instructions well and when she came out behind the curtains for the dress change.

she was wearing a very short and see trough t-shirt that barely covered her titties. She had a very small pair of panties on and when she turned around the string at the back left very little to the imagination. Again the shoot went smoothly with very sexy poses. One shot revealed her pussy lips and I made sure to zoom in on it. Then it was the nude shoots; well she was a slut. She took off all her clothes and told me that she is going to play with herself and that I must take as many photos as I like.and did I enjoy myself.

It was now totally horning. Mike my son was openly paying with his stiff cock with his hand inside his boxers, and Kyla enjoyed that.

When the next girl came in we both had to make sure that we "calm down" not to give the poor woman a freight. It was Jenny. What a beauty.she played along nicely and did everything I told her to do. With the dress change she came out with a pink bathing suit (one size too small) but quite revealing.

It was clear; she wanted to impress us and went all the way to be sexy. When it came to her nude poses, she wanted me to tell her what to do, and I went for it. "Play with you pussy" and she did, and I took photos, many of them. Just when I thought we were finished (with me having a boner that no-one will miss) Jenny reached a climax and started shouting. I kept on taking photos it was excellent.

Then it was Rose, Jenny's friends turn. She was very shy, but both Mike and I were now very horny and we did not keep anything back. It took a while to get her to relax, but once she settled in things went much better. Her dress change was dramatic. She came out totally nude only with a hat in hand that she used to cover her virgina and with the other arm she covered her titties very big ones I should add. I could see that she was horny, but not sure how to act or react.

So for the first few photos she followed my instructions. When she looked at Mike he was looking at her with his penis in his hand outside his boxers, masturbating and totally in a trance, Rose took the hat away and started posing for the nude shots. She masturbated and soon reached a climax. I took very nice pictures of her climax with beautiful expressive facial detail. The last girl to come was Mel. She posed for a few with her yellow see through gown on, and then took it off.

She pose nude and very pornographically. For her "nude" poses she went over to Mike and suck his cock, and started fucking him by sitting on his hard penis.

I just took photos, but the pre-cum on my cock was running so badly that I had to stop to wipe it off. Mel saw it and came over to me she gave me a blow job and I came almost immediately. When I looked at Mike he also reached his limit and climaxed on by studio floor. We were finished now it is time to put the slideshow together. Mel went back to the girls and showed them a short video clip on how to become a model it was one with a lot of nude clips in it and off cause it set the atmosphere right.

During all this time the girls were eating snacks, drinking wine, beer and cherry and when Mike and I entered the room, the conversations were quiet loud and relaxed. Mel announced the "special slide show" and explained how everyone should give points to each girl.

After the slide show a semi final will be held and then the final two girls have to fight it out. Mike put the slideshow on, and we just allowed every girls pictures to play past as we took it from no 1 to number last.

As the girls saw the nude sessions more and more sexy comments came from the group. When Rose and Mel's nude session came up it brought about funny comments of "how come they did not tell us to do that?" and "I am so horny now" and " WOW, that is a killer pose". The girls voted for the semi finals four names from the six girls were needed. The two who were voted out will become judges for the final round. The party was going well and everyone was enjoying themselves.

All the girls were dressed in their over sized t-shirts and Mike and I know that they were totally nude underneath so the atmosphere was electric. The four that went through were Rose, Kyla, Jenny and Mel. It was time to vote for the two finalists, and then they have to pose and perform for the group to determine who the winner for the night is.

Mel indicated that because she arranged the evening, she would like to give up her position to Gloria. Everyone accepted and the voting started. Mike counted the votes and the final two were Rose and Kyla. Mel walked to the middle of the floor and called Rose. This is the rules. You have to take off the t-shirt and pose in four positions that you believe will turn the judges on the most. You are not allowed to masturbate or make any sound. When you are finished, you can put your t-shirt back on.

Everyone was enjoying what was about to happen. Rose took her t-shirt off and started her poses. Everyone enjoyed it, and believe it or not, I was getting horny again. When Rose was finished, it was Kyla's turn. She tosses the t-shirt in Mike's lap and walked away in a very sexy walk. She did her poses and everyone gave her a hand clap when she finished. It was sexy, horny and suggestive to say the least.

When she took her t-shirt from Mike, he grabbed her one breast and gave it a little squeeze she did nothing to stop him, then turned around and put the t-shirt on.

The voting started. This time Mel collected the votes and counted it with Helen. Kyla was the winner and for that she would get a special surprise later the evening. An evening that were now going into the late night hours.

Mel and Helen served a fresh round of snacks and topped everyone's drinks up. It was now time for the first movie. Mel dimmed the lights and told everyone to find a comfortable spot. When everyone was settled in she started the movie. It was a nice porn movie that we as a family saw together about two weeks before that evening it had a good storyline and was full of good sex action and playing around.

The time of the movie was about thirty minutes, so we know it will end quickly but the girls did not know what to expect. Mel moved over to sit in front of me on the carpet and Helen went to sat next to Mike.

As the movie unfolds we could hear a "oh" and an "AAAH" from some of the girls, but when the serious fucking started the room went quite quiet. When the movie ended, Mel announced that everyone should now take of their clothes, because the next movie is meant to be watched in the nude.

There were a nervous laughing around the room, and when Mike and I also took our clothes off we could see a few glances of admiration form the women in the room. Within two minutes everyone was nude, a drink in the hand and settling in for the next movie. This one was new to us all (three hours long) and full-on porn from the beginning. There was an atmosphere of lust in the room. When the second scene came on we could hear some heavy breathing from the room not the TV.

As we looked around, Mike was playing with a stiff cock and the two women closes to him was following the movie while watching him. Jenny, who was sitting next to Mel in front of me, was playing openly with her nipples and it was clear that she was very much turned on. The third scene was a lesbian scene with two girls watching a porno and then starting to play with each other.

Rose and Gloria were soon fingering each other and that sort of gave some of the others "permission" to start playing with the girl closes to you. Mel reached up and took my stiff penis in her left hand and started stroking me slowly while she was fingering Jenny with her other hand.

Helen went to lie down next to Kyla and started sucking on her nipples. Kyla just lay down and allowed Helen to carry on.

When I looked at Mike in the dim light, I saw Gloria was now sucking his cock and he was close to cumming. Mel took her hand off my pens and moved on top of Jenny who started sucking Mel's pussy. The next scene was three women and one man in an orgy lust was hanging in the air as the girls took the key from the movie and started playing, sucking and fingering each other.

Everyone was busy with someone it was one big orgy. I moved in behind the black Nigerian Girl and fingered her from behind. Helen came from behind and started playing with my balls and kissing the shaft of my pens. Pre-cum was dripping from the tip of my penis, and Rose licked it off.

The next thing I felt someone next to me trying to get my attention, it was Jenny. She moved close to my ear as said softly "Fuck me quick, I am about to cum" I got up and entered her pussy from behind (doggy stile) and started pumping her very slowly.

She came out load and everyone was give her the high five treatment. I pulled out, and moved to Mel who was lying on her back showing me to fuck her quick. At the same moment I heard Mike pumping Rose fast and furious they both came together, and again the high fives went up.

Mel was in a fucking mode meaning she is going to take long to climax, I on the other hand was stiff and ready to spray my seed into her in any moment.

Mel must have felt it and told me to pull out I did. "Calm down big man, I want you to come inside Kyla" I looked around and saw Kyla fingering herself fast when she saw me coming towards her, she opened her legs wide and smiled at me. I did not wait and started pumping her. She grabbed my bum and pulled me into her every time my penis entered her virgina. She was breathing heavily and it was clear that she was close to her climax.

That allowed me to relax a bit and to fuck her faster my penis was getting thicker and my climax was very close.and then Kyla started shivering underneath me.

She had an enormous climax, and that was it.I could not hold back and I let go. Seven times did I squirt into her pussy. It was a huge orgasm. I laid down on her for a moment, and then it was the High Fives from everyone again. The movie went on for ever as so did the sex and the orgy around us. I know that I had my penis in every woman's pussy, although I only climaxed three times during the rest of the night.

Mike was the hero. He climaxed on both Rose and Helen's tits and then licked it off afterwards it was another turn-on for the others, and all the women wanted to play with Mike's dick. At one stage five of the six women were licking, sucking or fingering each other in a circle of lust while Mike and I sandwich fucked Rose Mike in her anus and me in her pussy at the same time.

We all went to bed at about four o'clock that morning. At eleven Mel woke me with hot chocolate. She was still nude. Is asked her if the girls have left, and she said all of them but Jenny stayed over for the rest of the weekend. Mike left with Gloria and Kyla to Kyla's house for the rest of the weekend so that left myself, Mel, Helen and Jenny for the rest of the day. "What are you planning for the day?" I asked.

"We plan to sunbath at the pool and to skinny dip later" She had a big smile on her face. "What should I do with the photos taken last night?" I asked again. "Just keep the slideshow and delete the rest it was all just part of the evening's game nothing serious" Mel said.

I took a shower and put my bathing costume on with a t-shirt. I went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. In the kitchen I met the three girls, Mel, Helen and Jenny. They were all nude. "Sis on you, go back to your room and take off those clothes" said Helen. "Today is a let's walk and talk in the nude day". "Come-on dad, don't be a spoil sport" was Mel's comment. Jenny said nothing, just smiled at me and moving her hand over her pussy while she throws me a kiss with her lips.

I turned around and went back to my room and came back later totally nude. The women were at the pool with their first glass of cherry mine waiting for me as I came out onto the pool area. We all sat there and chatted like fully dressed people. Telling jokes and funny stories about things that happened to us. Helen suggested that I follow her to the kitchen to make lunch. In the kitchen we did what we got used to do talk, make food together, touched each other's genitals as we walk past each other.

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We were all relaxed and it was a beautiful day. When Helen and I came back at the pool area with the foodstuff we found Mel and Jenny is a sixty nine position, busy sucking each other's pussy.

I became stiff immediately by the sight of this. Helen saw it. When I sat down, watching the two girls in this lesbian position, Helen came over and started sucking my cock. I ate some of the snacks while she made be totally stiff. Helen laid down on one of the pool beds with her pussy facing me and slowly started playing with herself.

I massaged my cock while I look at her playing with her clitoris. Suddenly Jenny started making heavy breathing noises and then she climaxed. Mel reached her orgasm soon after that and they both took a dip in the pool totally nude. I took my attention back to Helen who was now breathing fast as she still played with her clitoris.

I grabbed my penis a bit stiffer and increased my massage rhythm. Just as Mel and Jenny climb out of the pool Helen reached her climax, and the sight of that made me feel my orgasm is close to.

I kept on masturbating and squirted soon afterwards. Now it was Helen and me in the pool to clean ourselves. Later that afternoon Helen saw to next door neighbour, Peter spying on us from his deck. She called him and asked if he and his friend would not like to come over for a drink. They were to homosexuals staying together. Ten minutes later they arrived with a basket with snacks and their drinks. Because we were all naked, they took off their clothes to and we enjoyed a good conversation.

Mel walked up to Peter and said: "Would you mind if I suck your cock?" he looked at Greg, his partner, and he said please fuck him. Mel did not wait too long. Helen then moved to Greg and asked him to suck her pussy she lay on her back and Greg went in between her legs.

About three minutes later the orgy next to the pool made me horny and I started playing with my cock Jenny saw it and came up to me.

She took me cock in her hand and slowly played with it. She then took my hand and guided it to her very wet pussy and showed me to play with her clitoris. Needless to say the afternoon went into the evening and we had good sex as friends and neighbours. This became to norm for the next seven weekends. TO BE CONTINUED,