Junge nackte männer

Junge nackte männer
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I pull up in front of the small house in the middle of the block and take a deep breath. Am I really going to go through with this?, I ask myself. I'm already here and I know I'll regret it later if I leave now. I bolden myself and exit the car, walking up the narrow walk to the door. Before I could knock the door is opened by a tall black man.


Holding the screen door open with one hand, he extends the other to me and says: "You must be John." "Yea, you're James?" I reply meekly. "Yes. Nice to finally meet you." He invites me inside and I get a chance to actually see what he looks like.

I met James on the Internet and have only seen pictures of his dick. He was about 6'1" and had a muscular build. I followed him into the living room and had a seat next to him on the couch. We small talked for a little bit and he asked if I was ready. I looked over at him to say something and seen that his dick was out. Was I that nervous that I didn't even notice him do that? "You like what you see?" James asked when he seen that I was staring.

"Yea, but I don't know if I'm ready for." "Just grab it, you don't have to do anything else." He interupted. I hesitantly reached over and grasped his unerect cock. I started to gently squeeze and massage his member.

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His dick was starting to come alive in my hand. By the time he was fully erect he laid his head back and closed his eyes. He looked even bigger in person then he did in the pictures.


I noticed that I was already fully erect and had to shift a little to accomodate for it. I began to stroke his cock and he let out a small moan. I couldn't believe that it was my efforts that made him do that. His dick was oozing a little precum, and with my nervousness easing and him not looking I decided it was now or never.

I wanted to taste it. While still jacking him off, I moved onto the floor in front of him, on my knees. With out opening his eyes, he spread his legs apart for me and I moved between them.

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With one hand on his cock and the other bracing my self on the seat next to him, I lowered my head until my lips came in contact with his swollen head. I licked at the tip and tasted his salty precum. There was no going back now, I wrapped my lips around his mushroom tip and moved down, only taking in the head, swirling my tounge around it.

With a moan he let out: "Suck it, suck my cock." Following his command I started bobbing my head up and down. I was only able to get about half of his nine inch cock in my mouth, but that seemed to be good enough for him as he was now holding the back of my head and moving his hips up and down in time to meet my own rythem. He stopped his own pumping and told me to stand up and take off my clothes.

I reluctantly pulled my lips away and stood up and took my clothes off and helped him out of his. He sat back down on the couch and I was about to resume my spot between his legs when he told me to get on the couch on my knees next to him. Of coarse I did as I was told and I again had a mouthful of black cock again. I was now in a better position to get more of his dick down my throat with out gagging too much.

He put his hand back on my head, pushing it down, almost forcing his whole dick into my throat. His other hand came to a rest on my ass, which he started massaging.

After acouple minutes of this he tookhis hand off my head and grabbed lube from the end table next to him and squeezed some onto his fingers. Very slowly, James began to work it into my asshole. Slipping one and then two fingers into me, he began to finger fuck my ass, with his palm slapping my cheek as he did so.

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Although it hurt at first I soon began enjoying it and got lost in the moment, furiously sucking his cock while my virgin ass was being stretched. "Are you ready for the real thing?" He asked me. "Stick that big black dick in me" I panted. He got up from the couch and applied more lube to his cock, leaving me doggy style on the couch and moved behind me.

Roughly grabbing my ass cheeks he placed his dick between them and slid it up and down, his manhood rubbing against my hole. "Beg me.

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Beg to be fucked. Prove you want it." "Oh please, fuck me.fuck me.fuck me." "You're a slut for black dick, aren't you?" With out giving me a chance to reply, he started shoving his head in me.

I hurt more than I imagined it would have. He began to move back and forth, forcing a little more into me with each push. I dropped my face into the cushion to stifle a scream and felt a puddle of my own saliva that had pooled up from the blowjob I had given him.

Pain was slowly subsiding from my backside and was replaced by pleasure as he shoved deeper in me. He was nearly all the way in when he began to pull my ass to meet each of his thrusts.

His pace was increasing and he was moaning and groaning loudly. I had never felt so abused and completely enthralled at the same time in my entire life. I was loving it. I knew that this was what I was meant for, being a fuck toy for black dick. Giving in to my destiny, I started begging for more.

"Fuck me, fuck my tight white ass!" Rudely pulling his prick out of my ass, he flipped me onto my side and grabbed one of my legs. He reinserted his entire thick, black cock back into me with one thrust. In this position I was able to grab my own dick and begun to jack off.

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He was jackhammering my tender asshole with wild abandon, pulling out almost completely and then fully impaling me with his entire length. With a loud groan, he yanked his dick out and knelt next to my head. Knowing what was coming next I opened my mouth and laid flat on my back, ready to swallow his load.

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He barely made it to my face before he started cumming, the first shot hitting me on the chin, but the rest landed right where it was supposed to, in my mouth. This turned out to be too much for me as I was cumming on my own stomache. I eagerly swallowed all the salty spunk down. Standing up he said: "Not bad for your first time. You really are a slut for black cock." I just smiled and gave him a wink.

This is my first story. I've exchanged a couple erotic emails with someone, but never anything full length like this. Tell me what you think.

Should I write a part 2?