Catten doller 2 porn sex stories story download

Catten doller 2 porn sex stories story download
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Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise. Story Codes: MF, blackmail, grope, hp, reluc, spank Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 6 - Breaking The Slave Ring Part 1 by Avatrek ([email protected]) "Are you sure this is the best way to stop the slave ring, Mara?" Leia asked her good friend Mara Jade Skywalker as she changed her clothes in one of the Jade Sabre's quarters.

Leia Organa Solo and Mara Jade had travelled to the edge of Hutt space in order to investigate and with luck stop the horrendous atrocities a new slave ring had been inflicting on the New Republic and the men, women and children who had unfortunately been captured and resold to the highest bidders to become personal slaves. Mara had been married to Luke Skywalker for the past five years and ever since had been helping Leia and the Jedi Order crack down on the illegal and corrupt activities taking place in the New Republic.

Now that Leia was no longer the President of the New Republic, both she and Mara were able to move more freely around the galaxy and work as a team to stop the more heinous criminal acts and organizations which had continued to pop up around the New Republic since the fall of the Empire over twenty years prior.

"Come on out Leia. I'm sure it's not as bad as mine!" Mara Jade giggled as she too adjusted the binding clothes she had just put on. "Oh. I guarantee it's worse. Do you remember that little gold bikini I had to wear for Jabba, back on Tatooine?" Leia said, sounding a little embarrassed but also a little proud of herself and her physique for being able to fit into the outfit she had just scrounged up from the past.

"You mean that gold number that had all the men around you wagging their tongues at you." Mara Jade replied with a laugh, remembering how amazing Leia looked back in Jabba the Hutt's place all those years ago when she was undercover there for the Emperor. "Yep!" Leia said, opening the door to give Mara Jade a nice look of her amazing body in the skimpy gold bikini. Although both Leia and Mara were over forty years old, they looked no older than twenty.

The advantages of being a Jedi and participating in the difficult training sessions had done wonders to the two women's aging physiques. Without proof that they were actually over forty years old, no one would guess they were older than a pair of twenty year olds. "Wow. Maybe you're right Mara. That outfit sure is revealing." Leia continued after looking over Mara and smiling. With beautiful, luxurious and long red-gold hair, Mara's white leather bikini nearly made Leia want to whistle at her.

Her ample breasts and nice tight ass were only accentuated by the tight fitting leather white bikini she had put on. As the Jade Sabre approached the rendezvous point they had set up with a group of local slavers, Leia was contemplating whether or not their plan would succeed or not.

To break the slave ring, Leia had agreed to go undercover with Mara Jade as a couple of slave girls. The slave ring they were infiltrating had diversified into many slaving fields, which including everything from hard labour, factory workers, farmers and especially slave girls, who were forced to do anything and everything for the master that bought them.

To help them infiltrate the dangerous slave ring, Mara's long time friend Talon Karrde had set up some connections with a local chapter of slave ship runners who agreed to take the two Jedi women to the Slave auction and sell them to the highest bidder.

Because Karrde promised the slavers that their business and the money they would make off of selling the two Jedi women wouldn't be at risk, the slavers agreed to the deal. "You ladies ready!" Talon Karrde's voice sounded through the intercom system coming from the bridge of the Jade Sabre. While Mara and Leia infiltrated the slave ring, Talon had agreed to keep watch over the Jade Sabre and come get them whenever they called.

Karrde had agreed to do the deed free for Mara and Leia as a favour, but after seeing the two sexy Jedi women in their bikinis, Karrde wasn't so sure who was doing who a favour. "HOLY SHIT!" "Shut up Karrde. And stop looking at my ass!" Leia jested as she took a seat next him and helped him guide the ship to the previously agreed upon location.


"Okay Karrde. We'll signal you when we got the information we need to take down the slave ring. You just be ready to come and get us when the time comes." Mara told Karrde as she and Leia prepared to depart.


Just on time, the slaver ship arrived and docked with the Jade Sabre like agreed upon. "Oh, and Karrde. Make sure you look after my ship." Mara said to Karrde, winking at him and shaking her ass once for his amusement before walking through the docking port and onto the grimy looking slave ship.

"You Mara and Lelila?" a large ugly Gamorrean grunted at Mara and Leia. Leia had adopted her childhood nickname for the mission, owing to the fact that the name of Leia attracted way too much attention, especially since being President of the New Republic.

Mara on the other hand had simply kept her own name due to the fact that it was relatively less known and more common of a name. "Yes" Leia replied, instantly looking like she had made a big mistake in agreeing to Mara's insane plan. "Nice. Very nice." A sly voice came from only a few metres behind the Gamorrean.

"I'm Captain Chaff. I will be the one selling you two at the auction." a tall human figure said from the shadows, just outside the vision of both Leia and Mara. "Until then." He said a little louder, cutting off any possible response from Mara and Leia, "You will be treated like every other slave on this ship in order to maintain appearances. We're taking a big risk by taking you on. You understand?" Captain Chaff said from the shadows before nodding toward the Gamorrean to take them to the prisoner hold.

"Oh. And check them for weapons before you lock them up" he said slyly with a grin on his face. "What do you mean weapons. Look what we're wearing. How could we have any weapons?" Mara replied with a look of curiosity on her face as she was led away by the Gamorrean guard towards the prison hold. Both Mara and Leia had to forsake their lightsabers back on the Jade Sabre in order to remain inconspicuous during their infiltration.

If anyone found a lightsaber on either of them, they would be caught red-handed and their whole plan would go up in smoke. "It's just standard procedure." the Gamorrean guard grunted before shoving them into a wall and forcing them to stand still while he groped their bodies with his disgusting hands.

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"This is disgusting!" Leia cried as the Gamorrean began massaging one of her breasts. "Alright. Now take off your clothes for a more.

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intensive search!" the Gamorrean guffawed, forcing both Mara and Leia to grudgingly slip out of their tight bikinis to acquiesce to his order. Mara was the first to undress; sliding off her tight white leather bikini top and bottom to reveal a perfect set of firm breasts and one of the tightest asses in the galaxy.

"Very nice!" he said, running his hands over Mara's nipples and the slowly cupping her beautiful tight ass with one of his hands before slapping her ass cheek and telling her to get dressed. "Now you honey." "No fucking way you perv. You've already groped me enough." Leia yelled at the perverted Gamorrean as Mara got dressed.

"Just do it Lei. Lelila. You have to!" Mara ordered her friend, nearly calling her Leia by accident in the process. Leia finally assented and undid the clip holding the golden bra and panties up so the Gamorrean could get his feel in.

Just like Mara, Leia had an immaculate body; with gorgeous firm breasts and a nice juicy round bum. Unlike Mare however, who had shaved her pussy clean, Leia had trimmed her pubic hair into a thin strip. The Gamorrean's rough hands ran over her firm breast and nipples before slowing making their way down towards her thin pubic strip where he brushed up against it and her tiny slit.

As if to say he was satisfied with the search and what he saw, the Gamorrean turned Leia around, slapped her shapely ass and told her to get dressed. "This is degrading!" Leia told Mara as they were locked in a small stuffy room with nothing but the clothes they came onboard with. "Just let your inner slut out Leia. It's the only way." Mara said, having experience on matters concerning being a slave girl. She had experience; weeks of service as a slave girl and dancer for Jabba the Hutt meant dirty dancing, grinding and even in Mara's case, a lot of fucking.

Bounty hunters, guards and simple traders who stopped in at Jabba's all wanted a turn with the beautiful redheaded dancer known as Arica. Not only did she have memories from that experience, she also had dealt with slave rings her entire smuggling life.

Karrde and her had never done any business themselves in the horrendous activity, but they had been surrounded by it often. "Inner slut Mara? I am a Princess, or was a Princess.

I'll shake my ass in this ridiculous bikini, but I'm not doing anything more than that for these disgusting criminals." Leia retorted, looking both self-important and a little snooty all at the same time. "Okay your Highness. We'll just see what happens when we're sold at auction" Mara said mockingly, knowing for certain that her tune would change when she was immersed into the grimy sexy underworld of sex trafficking.

Several hours later, but still hours away from their arrival at the space station that the auction was apparently taking place on, the same Gamorrean guard that had groped and molested the two Jedi women returned to their cell and took Leia by the wrist.

"The Captain wants to see ya." he grunted, pulling Leia from the room and away from the safety of Mara. Mara just smiled and told Leia not to worry about it and to remember what she had said. Leia was basically dragged by the Gamorrean across the ship and towards the Captain's quarters. She knew she could easily turn the tails on the large brute of a creature and snap his neck with the force before he could ever react, but that would certainly mean the end of the mission and a sure path towards the Dark side.

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"He inside" the Gamorrean guard grunted in accented basic as he shoved Leia through the open door an into a shadowy room. "So. Why did you want to see me?" Leia called out into the dark, just as she caught sight of movement in the shadows. "I needed to see how much to sell you for." Captain Chaff said from behind her, just before he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tight against his body.

"What do you mean. How do you find out how much to sell. ?" Leia started, before she felt his cold hand run down her inner thigh towards her gold bikini bottoms. "Wait. You know I'm only undercover. You don't have to do this." Leia pleaded with the man, hoping that she wouldn't have to reveal her Jedi skills to the Captain to break loose from his hold.

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"Well then I'll just make sure you know what you're doing. There's no reason for you to be unprepared, Lelila." Captain Chaff whispered into her ear as he slowly unclipped her bikini bottoms. "Besides. If you don't do what I want, I'll be telling everyone around who you are and how you're trying to infiltrate the slave ring around these parts." he continued, just before Leia was ready break his hold and kick him in the groin.

Let the inner slut out, Leia remembered Mara's advice as her golden bikini bottoms fell to the floor to reveal her juicy ass and thin strip of pubic hair.

"Well. Only if you think you can handle me." Leia whispered back, slamming her ass back into his already hard cock. Leia only had to remember her younger years, before she married Han and had children to remember how to be a real slut.

It was a dark secret that Leia refused to remember on almost all other occasions, but she knew that the only way to get through the predicament she now found herself in was to embrace that history and become a whole new woman; Lelila, the sex slave.

"Oh. I can handle you baby!" Captain Chaff said before moving his hand towards her pubic strip to massage her tiny slit. "Fuck.

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That's going to be tight." he groaned as his fingers slid inside her tight snatch, causing Leia to moan out. As the Captain used his other hand to unhinge Leia's top and massage her nice big firm breasts, Leia took some initiative and reached back to the bulge in the Captain's pants.

She unhooked his grimy pants and before long had both his underwear and pants on the ground without even turning around.

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She could feel his big hot shaft rubbing up against her thigh and acting on impulse, took hold of the seven inch pole and began moving her hand back and forth to give him a nice handjob while her pussy and tits got the same treatment from the Captain. The moaning and groaning continued for a further five minutes as the two horny partners warmed each other up for what was sure to be a wild ride. Leia had to admit; she hadn't felt so good for years. Han and her would fuck every few days or weeks, depending on what their schedules were like, but they hadn't done anything like she was now doing with a complete stranger for years and years.

"Time for a real ride, honey!" the Captain moaned in her ear, letting go of her breasts and pulling his fingers from her wet slit.

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Turning her around to face him, Captain Chaff grabbed her by the ass and lifted her up onto his waist. Walking over to the nearest wall, the Captain slammed her against it and got ready to fuck the horny Leia. "Huh. I thought you'd have a butt ugly face, the way you're always hiding in the shadows." Leia moaned after finally getting a good look at Chaff's face. He was young, tanned and fairly handsome, which surprised Leia, because she never would think someone so good looking would be in such a despicable trade.

"Glad you like it. But I'm sure you'll like this even more!" he said, grinning wickedly before he took hold of his cock and guided it up towards Leia's dripping wet snatch. "UGHHHH!" Leia groaned as Chaff's big dick penetrated four inches into her tight pussy. Leia's Jedi skills and training had both given her the body of a twenty year old and a pussy as tight as a teenager.

She could tell the pain of first penetration was not only being felt by herself but the Captain as well as he strained to force more of himself inside her. "I knew this pussy would be tight!" Chaff grunted as he planted his hands against the wall and leaned in to kiss Leia. Leia provided no resistance and Chaff stuck his tongue in her mouth and made out passionately with her.

Leia, completely into the moment, decided to go all in by wrapping her legs around Chaff's waist and pulling his cock deeper inside her. "Oh. Ummmm. Fuck me Han!" Leia groaned as Chaff began moving his hips back and forth into Leia with an increasing speed. "Who the fuck is Han?" Chaff groaned as he kissed Leia's neck and slammed his hips upwards. "Who the fuck cares!" Leia shouted, just as she hit her climax and her pussy exploded all over Chaff's cock. "Whoever he is, he's missing out on the sweetest pussy I've ever had." he shouted as he slammed his cock one last time inside Leia, going balls deep inside her before pulling out quickly before and dropping her to the floor roughly.

"Owww. What the fuck did you do that for. Oh!" Leia smirked as Chaff pointed his cock at her face and began rubbing his hand back and forth over his cock. "Let me help you with that!" Leia moaned, coming down from her orgasm and rubbing her hand back and forth over his shaft. Leia's soft fingers went to town on Chaff's sensitive cock until finally his panting became laboured and a mountain of stress could be seen on his face.

"UNGHHH. Take it. AHHHHH!" Chaff shouted as his cock erupted and his seed showered the beautiful Leia with several large warm loads of his sticky cum. Leia opened her mouth and caught as much of it as she could, swallowing the tasty Captain's seed with a smile on her face as his last stream of cum struck her right cheek and she remembered back to her teenage years when this sort of thing was a common sight for her.

"It's been so long since I've gotten such a good facial" Leia moaned as she basked in what she had done and how good it had felt to do something she knew was so wrong. "Well baby. I'm sure it's only the first of many to come in the next few days sweetheart." Captain Chaff chided her before pulling her back to her feet and throwing her and her gold bikini from his quarters in one swift motion.

"What?" Leia said confused as she was bewildered why the Captain had just thrown her out like a piece of garbage. As the Gamorrean guard led her back to her cell and Mara, she realized that now that she was a slave girl, this would be the kind of treatment she should come to expect. "Leia.


I see you let your inner slut out!" Mara said with surprise after seeing Leia's face and hair splattered with the Captain's sticky cum and her gold bikini in her arms. "Your next sweetheart.

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Come with me." the Gamorrean grunted at the surprised Mara before he pulled her out of room by her wrist. "Have fun Mara" Leia said exhaustedly as she slumped to the ground and closed her eyes in shame, "I know I did."