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Minha bucetinha inchada pra voc ecirc_s -
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I was enjoying myself in America. I've gotten even closer to Julie. I've met some of my friends, visited some theme parks, but most of all I enjoyed having sex with Julie, Aunt Lynn and uncle greg.

It was only last Thursday night that I enjoyed my first time with them. It was 2 nights ago that I enjoyed my second experience.

But now, however, I was having a sense of guilt. I was technically cheating on my girlfriend, Hope, with Julie. See, Hope is also 17 and she has bright blue eyes and long brown hair. Like me, she is also an athletic person and around 5'9" I've already had sex with her a few times which simply complicates matter worse for me.

I decided to confront Julie about this and hopefully, try to come up with a solution. Julie went out with some of her friends that day while my aunt was at work and my mom, sisters, dad and uncle Greg when shopping. I opted to stay at home and watch tv as I hated shopping. While I was watching tv, I had a phone call.

And I was quite surprise to realize that Hope was the one calling me as I told her to whatsapp me. Regardless, I answered the call. "Hey James! I miss you" "Hey Hope! Is there something important? Overseas calls are always expensive" "That's the thing. I got a surprise for you. I'm also in New York! And I think the hotel where I'm staying is near your Aunt's house" "Wait.


Why are you even in America?" "A family friend is getting married here next week. So I came here with my parents. Anyways, can we meet up? Like today if you're not doing anything?" "Ok.

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Let me check with my parents and I'll call you back" "Okay sweetie love you" "Love you too" I told my parents that Hope was here and that I was going to meet her. I ran to my room to put on a fresh pair of clothes as I grabbed my wallet and the keys. Just I was about to leave, Julie walks in. I told her everything that was happening and that I'm meeting Hope soon. Since I was running late and did not know where the hotel was, Julie offered to give me a lift in her car which I accepted.

Apparently, the hotel she was staying in was around a 20mins drive from the house. Julie dropped me off in the hotel and told me that everyone else are only expected to be home after 11pm and some directions to get home. I thanked her as I left to meet Hope. I waited some time in the lobby for Hope to arrive. But when she did, she looked really hot. She wore a black mini skirt and a white spaghetti top and carried a courier bag.

I kissed her on the cheek and we headed out of the hotel and started walking towards a nearby mall. To be honest, I really missed Hope over the past few weeks which is why I was really happy to see her again.

She told me that me that her family friend was getting married at the end of this week and that she was leaving the following week. Her parents were spending the day with their soon to be married friend which means that I had almost the whole day with Hope. I generally hate shopping. But shopping with Hope is completely different as she tries to make something she sees or do funny. We shopped till it was 4pm and decided to retire back at aunt Lynn's house.

Back at the house, I introduced Julie to Hope and they both started to get along really well. They were practically picking up one item at a time from all the bags that we got from shopping and started talking about how cute it was, etc.

Just then, Julie suggested the idea of swimming in the pool in the backyard which I had no objections too. However, Hope did not bing along her swimwear so Julie decided to lend her one of her. As predicted, I changed into my swim shorts the fastest and waited for he girls in the hall while watching some tv. Soon both of them came walking down giggling and whispering about something. Both of them were wearing white robes which I guessed one of it was the one Julie was wearing last Thursday night.

I switched off the tv and the 3 of us walked to the backyard. I entered the pool first while Julie and Hope were still giggling and staring at me which was starting to bother me. But then the both of them removed their robes to reveal their bikinis under it.

Julie was wearing a plain yellow bikini while Hope was wearing a nice white and purple horizontal striped bikini.

But without a doubt, they both looked extremely hot and I soon found myself having an erection. I decided to swim around hoping that it will die down as it would be really obvious to see while wearing swim shorts. Soon my erection died down and Julie and Hope both dipped into the pool.

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We were having a great time splashing water at each other while having a laugh at jokes and other stuff we talked about. Surely, Julie and Hope got along quite well. Soon it was 6 and we decided to get out of the pool and take a shower.

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As usual, I found myself the first one out and again decided to watch some tv while waiting for Julie and Hope.

But soon it was 7:30 and I was wondering what was taking them so long. I walked up to the room to see if everything was ok. I knocked on the door and I heard some squeals coming from inside the room. "Is everything alright?" I asked curiously "Yes" replied Hope, "everything's fine. We'll be out soon" I went back downstairs to watch tv questioning what was going on in the room.

Soon the both of them came down. Julie said that she's going to meet some of her friends and left, leaving Hope and myself alone.

We heated up some sandwiches and sat down to watch some tv. Soon, the show entered into the sex scene where a lady was giving a blow job to a guy under the blanket.

I soon had a erection which I didn't hide and Hope obviously saw "Someone's enjoying the scene" said Hope as she reached into my pants and started giving me a hand job while sitting next to me. She soon got up and knelt in front of me and pulled down my pants down and pressed her warm lips against my dick. She started giving me a blow job and I lifted her shirt off to find out that she was wearing a red bra.

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She continued giving me a blow job until I came in her mouth. Still kneeling in between my legs, she opened her mouth and showed me the cum was there before she swallowed and opened her mouth again to show that she had swallowed all of my cum. She then stood up and undid her skirt and let it fall onto the ground to reveal matching red panties. I sat her down on the couch as it was my turn to pleasure her.

I got in between her legs and pulled her panties down exposing her sweet pussy which I miss. Without wasting any time, I licked her clit while I inserted my middle finger into her.

She started moaning. I continued doing this and soon after, I added in a second finger into her tight pussy. It was at this moment which she undid her bra so that she could play with her b-cup boobs while I fingered and licked her pussy.

I then added in a third finger and I could tell she was going to come soon. She soon yelled 'I'm coming' and came all over my face. She laid back on the couch and started panting after her orgasm. I got up and sat back down on the couch next to her "You don't think it's over? Do you?" I said as I lifted her up and sat her down on my lap. She then recovered from her orgasm and positioned my dick align with her pussy.

Without wasting anymore time, I thrusted into her and she let out a soft scream. I soon found a rhythm and thrusting into her quite fast. Hope started to meet my rhythm by bouncing down on my dick each time which sent her boobs flopping around. I started sucking on her nipples while not missing a beat as I thrusted into her.

We were both enjoying ourselves but we would soon find this quite short lasting. Without any notice, the door opened and from where we were sitting, could not see who it was. Hope quickly got off me as she tried to reach for her clothes while I worriedly did the same. But thank god it was not my parents. "Oh I'm sorry. Let me just go upstairs. Please continue. I'm sorry for interrupting." It was Julie!

She quickly locked the door and ran upstairs. However, as for now, Hope and I were no longer eager to continue fucking each other but I was still horny. We both put on our clothes, cleaned up the place as it smelled of sex and I called for a cab for Hope to return to her hotel.

The cab came in no time and I walked her out to the cab. "I'm sorry we could not finish it" I said "It's ok. But I wanna talk to you about something Julie and I were talking about. Whatsapp you later?" "Okay" I said as I kissed her forehead and she entered the cab and drove away. I walked back into the house a bit disturbed knowing that I've been caught.

"I'm sorry for walking in on the both of you" said Julie as I closed the door behind me. "It's okay. She said she's gonna talk to me later" "Oh. So she didn't tell you about what we were talking about?" "No.

What were you guys talking about?" "Nothing really. I think she'll tell you but first, let me help you continue from where you stopped" said Julie as she lead me to the room on the 3rd floor.

I'll admit it, I was still horny and wasn't thinking straight. We entered the bedroom and immediately started removing our clothes. I laid down on the bed, my head against the headboard, and waited for Julie to get on top of me. When she did we started kissing and I started to run my hands all over her body. Without any warning, I positioned my dick with her pussy and thrusted into her while we were still kissing which caused her to let out a little squeal.

"What? No foreplay?" Asked Julie "No I'm too horny for that" I replied as I continued thrusting into her While I was thrusting into her I felt my orgasm slowly building and told her. But then Julie told me, "James, fuck me doggy style instead" as she got off me and got on her hands and knees.

I did not reject and moved behind her and started thrusting into her again without wasting anymore time. Soon, I felt that I was coming and yelled. "Gosh Julie I'm coming" I said as I removed my dick from her and came on her back and ass. I enjoyed the view of her ass covered in my cum before we rolled over and laid on the bed.

"It's 10:30. Your parents will be home soon. We should get the room cleaned up" Julie said in between her breaths. I agreed and we both got off the bed and started to change and clean up. Just then, I looked at my phone and realised that Hope had been messaging me: Hope: hey James, um.

I need to talk to ya. Julie has been telling me about double penetration and I want to try it Hope: hello?? Hope: Julie said that she can get someone we both know to help Hope: Well? Can we try it?? I was quite excited at the idea of double penetration with Hope. But who would be the other guy involved. I replied to Hope that I'll check with Julie and let her know.

Julie finished cleaning up the room and was watching tv in the hall while eating some popcorn. I decided to join her. "So Julie, what did you and Hope talk about?" I asked "Why? Didn't she tell you?" Replied Julie as she ate a handful of popcorn. "Yeah she wants to try double penetration. What did you guys talk about?" "Haha I was asking her about her sex life with you and she started telling me some crazy stuff.

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But then I asked her about double penetration which she said she hasn't. So I told her how it felt and she said she wants to try it with you but doesn't know who else with and I said I'll get someone who you both know" "So who is it?" "It's me" "What? Are you serious?" "Yeah we can go to a nearby sex store and by a strap on. And don't worry about her getting uncomfortable" "Why's that?" "So you still haven't guessed what we've been doing all they? James, Hope and I were in a 69 when you knocked on our door earlier today.

Couldn't you hear her squeal?" I was honestly quite surprise now. The last thing I could have imagined was Hope and Julie having a 69.

"Ok. But how do I tell her that you are that someone else?" I asked "That's simple. You don't. Your mom and my mom are out with your sisters for the whole day tomorrow. I can just explain to my dad what's going on and I'm pretty sure that he can take your dad out somewhere. So just tell her to come by around 2 tomorrow.

If she ask who's the someone else just say it's a surprise. As simple as that" replied Julie as she ate another handful of popcorn. I did what she said and told Hope to come by at 2pm the following day. Soon our parents came home and we all went to bed. I woke up the next day quite excited and worried at the same time that Hope might not like that idea of Julie involved.

We all had breakfast together and soon, everyone left to do their own things while Julie and I were alone together. We also decided to leave and so, we got changed and left. The sex store was around a 10 minute walk from the house. While we were walking we were planning the details for later today. When we reached the store, I was surprised to see so many different types of sex toys. But what really caught my eye were some of the bdsm toys.


I needed to get something from here for Hope and myself I thought to myself. It was already 12:45 and we were getting kind of late. So Julie quickly went to the far end of the store and picked a 6 inch strap on, paid for it and we left quickly. Back home, we had nothing much to do so we just cleaned up the room on the 3rd floor and waited for Hope to arrive.

Soon it was 2pm and Hope arrived right on time. I opened the door and find her wearing some blue jeans and a white 'I ❤️ NY' shirt.

"Hey" we said in unison before we kissed. "How are you feeling?" I asked "Excited. But I'm also a wee bit scared. You still haven't told me who is that someone else!" "Haha don't worry you know this person. And don't be too afraid. What ever happens, just go with it. Ok?" I said as I kissed her forehead. "Ok" she replied with her sweet blue eyes looking right into me. I kissed her again only thing this time on the lips and I forced my tongue in. I reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted it up to reveal her black bra.


I took her hand and let her up to the room on the third floor. Outside the room, I kissed her passionately again as I unbuckled her jeans and she lifted off my shirt. I opened the door to let her into the room and when she saw Julie sitting on the bed, she stood there shocked.

Julie was naked and sat crossed-legged on the bed with the strap on next to her. She got up and carried the strap on with her. "Hey" she said softly and passionately as she put her free hand on her shoulder and started to kiss her. Obviously, Hope was too shocked to say anything. Julie broke the kiss and said, "What's the matter, sweetie? Didn't like what we did yesterday?" She said as she continued kissing Hope and ran her hands all over her bare skin.

By now, I was naked and Julie reached behind to unhook Hope's bra. She then let Hope to the bed and by the side of it, Julie said, "Let me help you with that" as she pulled down her jeans to reveal a matching black panties. Julie kissed her again and said to her "Just go with it." Hope got out of her jeans and Julie let her onto the bed where Julie laid down facing the ceiling.

Hope instinctively got on top of Julie in a 69 position where Julie used her fingers to hook at the waistband of her panties to take them off. And without wasting anymore time, started licking each other's pussies. I took a few minutes enjoying the scene in front of me before I decided to join in. While still eating each other out, I got behind Hope and positioned my dick at her rear and thrusted in. Hope and I had already done anal quite a few times so there was no need for any lube.

Hope started moaning from the attention she was receiving from Julie and myself. Soon we stopped and I sat on the bed and Hope sat down on my dick; we were in a similar position like yesterday on the couch. While she was bouncing on my dick we kissed each other and I grabbed her boobs.

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While Hope was bouncing on my dick, Julie was standing behind putting on her strap on and adjusting it. When it was adjusted, she gave me a thumbs- up and I nodded back. I grabbed the back of Hope's head and brought her deep into a passionate kiss. While slowing down, I asked her, "Are you ready?" while my hands reached down and spread her butt cheeks apart.

Without any warning, Julie climbed onto the bed and immediately thrusted into Hope's ass which caused Hope to scream out loud. While she was screaming, Julie took a ball gag she was carrying and quickly secured it over Hope's mouth again, without a warning. As Julie fastened the ball gag, I reached under the pillow I was lying down and took 2 clothe pins and attached them to Hope's nipples and they almost immediately turned bright red.

I could see tears start to form in her eyes. But she did not give any signs to stop so Julie and I continued. We soon found a good rhythm and speed and we could hear muffled moans from Hope's gag.

Julie and I ran our hands all her Hope's body and in a matter of time, Hope screamed through her ball gag, "I'm coming!" With that, she came all over Julie and myself.

Julie slowed down a bit but I still haven't come yet. So I started thrusting into her even faster. Julie got the idea and started to pick up her pace. But soon, Hope came again for the second time and clearly became really tired. But luckily, shortly after, I came in her pussy.

When I was coming, I slowed down a bit and so did Julie. And when I was done, I completely stopped. Julie got off of Hope and removed the ball gag from her mouth and I immediately kissed her with my dick still in her. She laid down on my chest obviously exhausted from what happened. "So did you enjoy it?" Asked Julie as I removed the clothe pins on Hope's nipples.

"Ah. Ar." Hope tried to said and nodded a head. The three of us laid in the bed together cuddling up. Hope had fallen asleep while Julie and I started talking about stuff such as school, family and Hope. We soon realised it was 6:30 and decided to put on some clothes. We removed the sheets on the bed and replaced it with a new one to cover Hope. We went down and started to cook some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner for the three of us.

While cooking, Hope came down dressed. "Something smells good. What's for dinner?" Hope asked while rubbing her eyes. "Spaghetti and meatballs" I replied. "Great!" Replied Hope "But I need to leave at 8" It was 7:15. We sat down and ate.

The whole while, we were asking Hope about her experience. "I totally enjoyed it today. I can't wait to do it again. I even came so hard! And twice!" Described Hope. Soon it was 8 and Hope left. Julie and I washed all the dishes and watched a movie while waiting for everyone to get home. At around 9, everyone got home and we talked about our day. Soon it was 11:30 and we all decided to go to bed. However, I could not sleep as I was thinking only about what had happened that day.

In the middle of the night, while I was awake, Julie came into my room in that familiar white robe. "Hey. Shall we go to my room?" Julie whispered. I smiled and nodded my head yes as I got out off bed. As I walked up the stairs, Julie removed her robe and continued walking.

I smiled to myself knowing what to expect that night.