Layton Benton Gets Gangbanged By Her Workers

Layton Benton Gets Gangbanged By Her Workers
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My wife Sue has an exceptionally sensual body and she knows it. She is especially proud of her cunt which has unusually large lips of very dark skin and a fleshy mound which protrudes from the front of her groin. When she wears tight trousers her outline is clearly visible and the seam splits her lips, showing the fleshy bulge on each side as it cuts into her, splitting her cunt lips.

She is tall with longish, fair hair, large brown eyes and high cheek bones which give her a striking appearance. Her tall figure is slim but not skinny, making her body soft and gentle to the touch and hug, not bony. Her breasts are medium sized and full with very attractive nipples set in large brown aureoles. Her breasts hang beautifully and sway when she walks. When she bends forwards they hang from her and show their fullness.

In short she is spectacularly sensual in every respect and she knows it. Added to these qualities, she behaves very sensually and knows how to give and receive great pleasure.

One day we were talking about her body whilst lying in bed. As I stroked her mound and her cunt lips she said "I've never seen a cunt like mine in all the magazines and videos and photos that I've seen. Don't you think its something special?" "There is no doubt of that at all" I replied, adding "and its not just how it looks but what you do with it that matters. Not only does it look as if it is built for fucking but it really is so juicy and such a good fuck." We had in the past often fantasised about her being displayed either on a stage in a nightclub or in photos which are then shown to people who make themselves come while looking at her photos and I had quite a collection of photos of her, strictly for my own personal use though.

"Don't you think that the rest of the world should be given an opportunity to see this rare and lovely cunt? Wouldn't you like to think of the pleasure you would be giving to so many men if they could see you? How about me taking some shots of you but not showing your face so no-one can recognise you?" "I think I would quite like that" she said with a dreamy sort of look on her face, obviously imagining herself being looked at by a number of anonymous men.

"I could wear a wig so no-one would recognise me then we would not need to worry if a bit of face got into the shot" she suggested and I agreed at once. It took us a little time to find a wig which suited her but changed her appearance sufficiently that she felt confident that no-one would recognise her but we did eventually succeed and so started a special photo session. There was an added tingle to it since we both knew that some of these shots were to be sent to a magazine for publication and this was in her mind as she posed.

We started with her dressed in a white blouse with a black mini skirt and her glasses, making her look like the secretary she is and showing off her great legs and tall slim figure. Then she opened her blouse to show her lacy bra which allowed the brown of her aureoles and her dark, hard nipples to just show through then she removed her bra and I took shots of her with her blouse held open and her hands on her hips, showing off her breasts.

As she stood there with her hands on her hips and her breasts "on full beam" she looked magnificent. She was standing knowing that unknown men would be looking at her and her magnificent, full breasts which clearly showed their large brown rings and nipples. My camera allowed me to do very close-up shots which showed off the detail of her nipples and breasts as well as general shots of her standing like this.

This was how many men would like to see their secretary and the large glasses really added to the effect. We showed her standing upright with a look of pride on her face as she knew how good she looked then leaning forward a little over the back of a chair so her breasts hung down from her body, showing their fullness.

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Next she took off her skirt and stockings and put on a white negligee jacket which has a bright dragon motif woven into the back so all she had on was this and her small white pants. I shot her from behind with her glancing over one shoulder, body slightly turned, to show her bottom from under the raised hem of the jacket, her cheeks just visible from the white pants.

Then we did it with one breast exposed as she turned, the profile showing the outline and shape of her lovely, full breast and the outline of her large nipple, standing erect. Then we showed her in the jacket, front open, holding her breasts, touching and feeling them, in distant and close-up shots.

Next she wore a peep hole bra with open crotch pants and I showed her sitting with her legs open so her cunt could be seen through the open pants.

She then changed into a black lacy teddy top which fastened between her legs. She posed in various positions showing off this figure hugging little black number then sat with her legs open, showing the shape of her mound and fleshy lips through the lace before posing with it open. This was very effective since her body was covered, albeit with a very flimsy lace, except for her cunt, a reversal of the usual picture. Somehow this made her beautiful cunt the main feature as we had intended and I took a number of close-up shots to show the detail of her large lips as she held them open.

By now her cunt was very wet with her own juices and was shiny when she held it open for the camera. We then took some of her with tiny white pants on, pulling a T-shirt over her head so her arms were raised and her breasts pulled upwards, showing them off to advantage with general shots and close-ups of her nipples and raised breasts. When she had stripped naked, we took a lot of her breasts, close ups of her erect nipples, leaning forward, leaning backward and lying down.

All the time I was talking to her. "Imagine the number of men who will see your tits and want to suck your nipples, some of them will want to bite them hard and squeeze them. Imagine the man at the magazine when he examines these to see just what your cunt is like, to see how special you are, to see why he should publish them." After that I started with shots of her bending forward over a chair, sticking her cunt out to her rear so I could photo her large lips which were then closed.

Then she reached down and opened her lips, showing the bright pink insides of her cunt and I took some shots of that before she turned round and faced the camera. She was full frontal with one leg raised onto the arm of a chair so her cunt was opened. Again we took shots of it closed then she slowly slid her hands down over her body, down to her stomach then on to her thighs then slipped her fingers to her cunt and held both lips wide open, stretching them to show how long they were.

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Her cunt looked like a butterfly with its wings wide open. We took shots showing the whole of her body in this pose, her standing there holding herself open and available to whoever was going to look at the photos then we concentrated on close-ups of her cunt and lips and her lovely fleshy mound and the tops of her smooth-skinned thighs.

Next she sat on a chair and brought her feet up to the seat of the chair and opened her thighs. This let me put the camera only inches from her cunt so I could get real close ups of her with her fingers playing with her own cunt and then holding her lips wide open.

Her clitty was by now hard and erect and was clearly visible when she held herself open. Next she went down on all fours with me taking photos from behind. Her cunt looks very low slung from this point of view and it protrudes very prominently, showing the dark skin of her lips in contrast to the tan of her thighs and the pink of her inner cunt so we took a number in this position.

I also took shots of how her breasts hung whilst she was on all fours. She lay on her back and inserted the neck of a wine bottle into her cunt while I clicked away then she went back on all fours and reached under to insert and hold a vibrator in her cunt. She lay on the low coffee table and I took shots of her from above, showing her lying with her legs open, holding her cunt lips open as an invitation to the watcher then she lay on the dining room table with her bottom near the edge and her legs open so I could shoot her open cunt from eye level.

Again the camera allowed real close-ups of her cunt so I could show their every detail. We thought that we had got just about all the shots that we could get published so left it at this. As I put the camera down I held her close in my arms and she lifted up to kiss me hard as I reached down between her legs to feel just how wet her cunt was.

We moved to the bed where we quickly lay down together and I was soon inside her beautiful, juicy, hot cunt and as I moved inside her I was overwhelmed by her beauty and sensuality and it was not long before I could hold back no more and felt my spunk pump into her to mix with her juices.

We took some last shots to show all the juices dribbling from her then we fell against each other on the bed where we just held each other without any words being spoken.

We did not need words at that moment. When the photos came back from the lab we sat with another couple of bottles of wine to go through them all. There were some shots which had worked well, some which were not so good and others which could be improved upon but there were many which were incredible.

They showed her to be the sensual woman she is - they showed off her beautiful body and they laid her out for the viewer to see but he could not have her. She reached out from the photos to tease as well as to invite. We selected the ones we wanted to have published.

I have a friend who has contacts for magazines and videos so I went to him to find out who would be the best person to see to get them published and he put me in touch with someone about 15 miles away which was very convenient.

I expected something perhaps a little sleazy but the office above a shop was perfectly respectable, although I found out later that this was a front they used to meet people of whom they were not yet certain. I met Robby and explained that I had a friend who wanted to have her photos published but who wanted to remain anonymous.

I explained that she was proud of her figure and the way she was built and wanted to see herself in print and know that other people were looking at her without them being able to know who she was.

I then showed him the photos. He was obviously very seriously interested and I watched as he examined them in great detail. He turned them round to get different views and compared different poses to check how they changed and spent quite a time before he made any comment.

I was very turned on at the sight of someone else examining her in such detail, savouring her cunt and her breasts like that but it still gave me a lurch when Robby said "she has the most sensual body that I've seen for a long time. Her breasts are very nice, especially the nipples and the large brown surrounds but her cunt is incredible.

I'd love to publish these but I'd also like to photo her myself to get close-ups of the unusual areas. Her fleshy mound deserves more attention and we have the studios and equipment to make the best of her and get the right angles to do her justice.

Can you get her to come in for us?" "I really don't think so" I said "since one of the prime concerns is that she does not want anyone else to know who she is." "There would only be the studio crew there and if she wanted to use a wig, as I think she has done in these, then she can come in already prepared so no-one except you will know who she is.

If she fancied doing a video or two she could make a fortune" he added.


"What kind of video" I asked and he laughed. "Oh come on, don't be naive. Of that gorgeous cunt being fucked of course. She can have her choice of men. We have some of the biggest and the best on our books. I'll give you a set of photos of them to see if one of them appeals to her." With that he reached into a safe and took out a book of photos and showed them to me.

We discussed the men and in the course of the discussion I told him that she was more concerned about thickness than just length but although no doubt a thick long cock may appeal to her I very much doubted if she would want to do that in front of a camera.

"Let her have a look at them, see if she fancies any. Tell her that I would love to photo her, completely anonymously of course. I am not even asking your second name or hers. I do think though that a cunt like that deserves to go on record being fucked by an equally special cock. It would be a classic film tell her. Something to remember for the rest of her life, something to replay when she is an old lady" he laughed as we got up from the desk and shook hands.

When I got home she wanted to know how I had got on but I made her wait until I had got the champagne out of the fridge and opened and poured two glasses. "To beautiful, magnificent, sensual you and your body" I toasted her and we drank and laughed. "Come on, tell me what he said" she insisted so I started to tell her. "He thought that you were incredible, your cunt in particular but not just that, and he wanted to photo you in their studio, anonymously, with your wig and make-up, in order to get the best close-ups of your special features.

How do you feel about that? After all, men are going to see you so does it make a difference if a couple of them photo you? They have got the right cameras and lenses there to do justice to you. Go on, try it. It could be the start of a new career" I joked. After some thought she asked "are you sure he really thought I was that good?" "Honestly, he loved you. He thought you were incredible and he even offered to star you in a video and let you have the choice of man - or men!" "I definitely am not going to perform on video for them or anyone else but I don't mind still photos of me, not with anyone else, just of me on my own like the shots we did." I was not sure whether I was surprised or not as it is sometimes hard to predict just what she would and would not do.

It all depended on her mood. We had had some pretty way out experiences in the past and there had been times when she would have been prepared to try something that she had previously said no to if I had been able to arrange it that instant so her mood was very important. She explained "I have always wanted to be a Page Three Girl you know. I want to spread myself for any man who picks up the magazine and show him what he is missing, what he can't have. I want to show them all what a real woman looks like, what a big juicy cunt looks like when it is opened so this is my chance to give it a try.

To hell with it, I'm going to do it." To cut a long story short, I arranged the photo session with Robby and explained that it was only to be still shots to which he agreed. Sue spent the morning in the bath and I helped her shave her pubic hair as Robby had requested so that her lips would be clearer. Then I massaged her with aromatherapy oil as she had another drink to calm her nerves. She dressed in a short skirt with a filmy blouse and a lacy bra and white g-string and high heels, to keep the mood and we set off.

In the car she was having second thoughts but we got to the studio and I kissed her and held her close before we got out of the car. No words were necessary, we loved each other and would enjoy the session. She exhibiting herself and me watching other men admire her. I held her hand as we went into the reception and were shown into Robby's room.

He shook her hand but I could see his blatant look of appraisal which took her in from top to toe then settled on her breasts before offering her a drink. We both had one as Robby explained to her that later he might want her to go into the changing room and put on the various outfits that he had prepared for her. She could have a dresser but I said that I would like to assist her if that was alright with her.

She nodded to me and I felt that she was pleased that I would be close to her, now that she was about to actually undress for strange men to photo. "Let's get on with it then" said Robby. "Let me introduce you to the crew. There's only two - one on lights, John, and one on a second camera, Alec." We went into the studio and saw two men setting up the cameras and lights.

There were various props in the studio, couches, a bed in one corner, a number of different backdrops with different coloured curtains and another with a beach scene which made it look as if the photos were taken on a beach. Sue was looking at John and Alec with some embarrassment until they came over and said hello to her. They quickly put her at ease, or at least a little easier, when they explained that they knew that she was not a professional model and that this was her first time so they would be patient with her and if she needed anything, a drink, water, to cool off or to warm up, she was to tell them.

Talking to them helped to relax her and Robby suggested that they test the equipment by taking some shots of her fully clothed as she was, to set the ball rolling. They started to take shots of her, calling to her from each side, as she posed in her short sexy skirt with her lacy bra showing a little through the filmy blouse.

Her high heels threw her breasts forward and her buttocks were clenched tight as she cavorted in front of them, getting into the mood of it all.

"This way, round more, stick out you face, make a rude face, be silly, get into the mood, now turn round, that's it, spin, now stick out your bottom, lets see what a lovely shape it is, now turn again, face me, lift up your breasts, open your blouse a little, now lets see your bra.

Isn't it a pretty one, now lift one breast out for us, beautiful, hold it like that, now slip off your blouse, lovely, now slip off the bra, shake yourself free of the bra, spin round again, bend forward, let them hang down.

What beautiful tits you've got - your nipples are even better than in the photos we saw. Now can you wet your fingers and just give your nipples a pull so they stand up." This despite the fact that her nipples were like the proverbial organ stops by now as she was getting into the mood of it but I could see that they were just keeping her busy and gradually getting her into more open poses.

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"Lift up your skirt, lets see your thighs, now further, I want to see your pants, drop your skirt, that's beautiful, your body is fantastic, turn around, lets see it from behind, now slip off your g-string" this while her back was still turned to them. "Now bend forward" and with this Alec moved to shoot her breasts as they hung from her and Robby moved close in behind to get a close up of her cunt.

I was watching two men moving around her, cameras flashing as they took shots of her intimate parts and the lighting man moved the lights so as to shine on the parts they wanted. Robby was concentrating on her cunt, getting a lot of very close up shots as she moved and shook her breasts for Alec as he called to her. "Shake your shoulders at us so your tits swing and bounce, that's terrific, once more, a really good shake this time, from the shoulders." Sue was shaking her breasts at them as they clicked away.


Now they moved closer to her breasts. "I want a close up of them now. I want to show how full they are, how good your nipples are" Alec said to her. John moved to her side. "Let me feel their weight so I can decide how to pose you" he said as he reached out to cup her breasts. He rolled them around in his hands as she stood naked in front of him while Alec continued to click away, now taking shots of someone's hand holding and cupping her breasts, now rolling her nipples and pulling them.

They gave her things to hold, they put on music for her to dance to, her tanned thighs tensing as she moved, her buttocks tensing as she rotated her hips at them. They had her jumping up and down so her breasts lifted when she jumped and all the time they were talking to her as they clicked away. The music was really raunchy with deep saxophones, her favourite instrument, and I could see that by now she was in her own head and on automatic pilot, just reacting totally naturally, without any inhibitions.

Robby moved back behind her to resume his shots of her cunt as she bent forward. "What a fantastic cunt you have" Robby told her again. "More light here John, I want to pick out the swell of her mound as well as these lovely lips". She later told me that the warmth of the strong light, so close to her cunt, was a real turn on, as was hearing strangers talk about her body so blatantly, referring to her as a sex object.

"Have you ever seen lips like them? Come over here Alec, you take some of this since its the star of the day." Robby moved back a little and came round to Sue with another drink in his hand. "Straighten up now and have another drink, you deserve it." Her face glowed as Alec said to her "excuse me saying this but I have photographed hundreds if not thousands of cunts but yours is quite unique. Not only have you got quite unusually large lips but your mound is so fleshy and the lips so dark.

As a connoisseur of women's bodies, I can truly say that yours is incredibly sexy. I would even work on you for free! he laughed." Robby did not want to lose pace so he told me he would not be using the outfits as he usually did.

"She does not need outfits - she is a natural" he said as he took her empty glass off her and said "now stand with your legs wide open and then slowly reach down and open yourself. Do it slowly so we can get lots of shots in as you do it." I watched her slide her feet apart and then settle her weight and open her upper thighs, pointing her hips and groin towards the cameras as she slowly and sensually slid her hands down her body, over her stomach, her hips, down the front of her thighs until they reached her cunt.

Her fingers slid between her shaven lips and she held the ends of her lips as she pulled them open into her butterfly. At this the two men were on the floor, pointing their cameras up at her while John moved the light closer to her. He spoke to her "can you feel the warmth on your cunt?" and I thought then that they were deliberately trying to get her into a cruder mood.

Robby said "now I'd like you on your knees. Come over to here where the carpet is thicker" and he lead her to near where the bed was. "Down now please." She obliged. "Now stick out that delicious cunt, imagine all the men who will be masturbating as they look at these photos, imagining they are splashing their spunk onto you." He clicked away then "open yourself for us please." She reached under herself with her right hand and with her middle fingers ran them through her lips, parting them and folding them open to reveal her bright pink inner cunt.

More clicks. "Now reach up and open your cheeks so we can see your other hole as well." This she was usually a little shy of but she took her weight on her forehead and reached back and pulled her cheeks apart to show her tight little rosebud of an arse. On her forehead like this was making her cunt stick up even more, making it totally available to the cameras, to the men who would study the photos, examining her every detail.

They were not going to be disappointed, I thought as I watched her. I realised then why they had her holding her cheeks open like this when Robby said to her "hang on a minute, your lips have closed. You hold your cheeks open and I'll just open your lips again." Before she could say anything he reached forward and gently teased her lips open, running his fingers up and down the length of her open cunt and tickling the tip of her clitty for a few seconds and I watched as she kneeled as this stranger touched her cunt, saw her pushing herself towards him.

She later told me that feeling his fingers on her cunt was like getting an electric shock. They carried on clicking away until John said "how about her on her back now?" Somehow the way he said this sounded terribly crude but I was not sure why. Robby said "OK but she will need to be comfortable.

Come up on the bed and lie on your back." He helped her onto the bed and positioned her body how he wanted it. He touched her, gently and firmly to get her used to the idea that he would touch her then he put his hands inside her thighs and pushed them open.

"Lift your legs up for us and open your thighs so you push out your cunt please." She moved to do this and again they clicked away at her. Again he touched her cunt and opened her lips wide but this time seemed to take longer doing it and I began to think they were working on her very subtly but later she told me that the mood of displaying herself like this had taken her over, combined with all the drink, and they need not have been so subtle but I did not know it at the time.

It was as if I was part of the process of them trying to push her to go further than she might have wanted to. She lay there with her legs spread wide open and holding her cunt lips wide open as the cameras flashed until John left his lights and leaned over her and started to lick her cunt. She shot almost upright. "What are you doing?" Robby said "its OK, I just want something else in the picture. I can use a bottle if you prefer but I thought a tongue would be warmer for you. Don't forget, no-one can even see your face in these shots, just lie back and enjoy it, he's quite good at it you know!" With that he pushed her gently back down, his hand on her chest and covering her breast as he pushed her back.

She allowed it and I watched as John now climbed onto the bed and as Sue did not seem to object, he leaned between her thighs and started to lick her cunt again. He flicked his tongue over her whole cunt, lapped it from top to bottom then sucked and teased her lips before settling in on her clitty. He kept this up until she started to react and her thighs went wider and her breathing was faster as her climax built up. Robby had moved to her face and was catching her facial expression as she climaxed.

Before I knew what was happening, another man appeared. He was stark naked and sported an erect, thick, long cock. He went to the bed and kneeled between her thighs, taking John's place as he placed his erect cock against her shaven cunt. "How would you like me to fuck you with this" he asked as he took her hand and lead it to feel his width.

She was incredible. In front of me and the cameras and the other men she felt his hard cock and called out "Fuck me now, I don't care who it is, just fuck me.

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I need a cock in me, now." I knew that after her climax she liked to feel a cock inside her cunt and the drink and the mood had done the rest. The man was kneeling in between her thighs as she lay with her legs still raised as she had been to let John lick her.

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He put his hands on her thighs and pushed them wider apart to open her cunt even more as she lay open before him then positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt then just leaned into her, forcing his huge cock into her. She gasped as his thickness stretched her open then he started to ride her. Robby had played her to perfection, moving things to what he wanted in a way that fitted her pace. He had judged her mood and her needs perfectly.

She thrashed about with him, pushing herself up to meet his ramming into her cunt. She drove him on, demanding more. He kept this up for some time then slowed a little so they could get shots of him sliding in and out of her, his thick cock filling and stretching her. His pale skin against her dark lips and her pink inner lips which showed as he pulled out before ramming deep back into her. It was at this stage that I noticed that Robby had moved away from her to make room for a man with a small video camera which he was putting between their bodies so as to get the intimate detail of this man giving her a hard fucking.

A microphone was recording the sounds of his cock in her cunt, her juices making sucking noises as he fucked her as well as her moans and shouts as she joined in with him. It was hard to tell whether he was fucking her or whether she was fucking him.

He rode her and rammed into her. She pulled him in and bucked her hips to meet his cock as it drove into her. Then he put her legs down and fucked her flat on her back until she hooked her legs around his waist to pull him deeper in. Then he pulled out and told her it was her turn to work.

"I want you sitting across me and now you can fuck me." He lay back and she moved around the bed. She was totally oblivious of the camera flashes and the video as she took his huge cock in her hand and worked it in her fingers, getting to know it, to feel its length and its thickness. After some time of working it with her hands she bent down to take him in her mouth. She sucked on him and pulled on him, taking as much of his length into her mouth as she could before she swung one leg over him and held his cock in her hand.

Then she played it for the cameras. She slowly leaned forward, her breasts hanging in front of his face as she angled herself so the cameras could get every detail as she stuck out her cunt to her rear and slowly lowered herself onto his cock, letting them get every detail of it sinking slowly into her cunt as she reached under to hold her lips open as she sank onto his erect cock, wet with her saliva.

Then she banged herself down onto him, pushing him in deep and rode him, bobbing up and down on him, her breasts being thrown up and down until he grabbed them and squeezed them hard, rubbing and rolling them in his hands and pinching her nipples as she fucked him.


She kept this up for some time then slowed and sat across him. Someone gave her a drink as she sat impaled on this large cock and there was a cheer from all the men who recognised that something very special was happening here. This was not being staged, this was an incredibly sensual woman just having a good fuck with a very well endowed man. When he had recovered he told her to get on her hands and knees and he kneeled behind her.

By now everyone was gathered round to watch and the cameras were busy from all angles as he held her hips in his hands and pulled her back onto his cock as he rammed it into her, making her cry out as it plunged deep into her. He then proceeded to stroke slowly in and out, pulling almost right out so we, and the cameras, could see his cock and the pink of her cunt then ramming deep into her again.

After a while he speeded up and was fucking her furiously, yelling "what a cunt, what a fat, juicy cunt. I'm going to fill you with spunk so they can all watch it drip out of you when I hold you up." With that he jammed even deeper into her and juddered as he pumped his spunk into her. When he released her, they both fell to one side on the bed and the men reached over to touch her and feel her. They opened her legs as she lay there and they dipped their fingers into her cunt and rubbed the juices over her belly and her breasts until the man recovered enough to get up and move behind her.

"This is a tradition here" he told her as he lifted her up, his arms through her arms and under her to her thighs so that as lifted her up she felt like a child being held over a grid to spend a penny. In fact he was holding her like this so that she was open and they could all see the spunk dribbling from her shaven cunt, her big, juicy, open, shaven cunt.

Her cunt that had been fucked so well that it was still partly open which is why the camera got such good shots of the spunk as it dribbled down her thighs and down between the cheeks of her bottom.

The man then lay beside her and touched her breasts, sucking them and feeling her cunt as he lay with her. His fingers aroused her again and she whispered to him "do it to me again, fuck me again." This time the crew took a more active role.

They held her on the bed, stretched out on her back, holding her legs open and her arms pulled back and out so she was stretched for the stud who was fucking her. This time there was no mistaking the fact that he was fucking her for the camera and for the men who would be watching, each of them imagining it was his huge cock inside her, him pushing her down, him holding her bent over while he fucked her.

They held her down while he rode above her, bucking his hips at her so he banged into her with each stroke. The camera and the microphone picked up her grunts and the sound of her body being banged, adding to the spectacle. While the crew were holding her and moving her, they were slipping their fingers into her soaking wet cunt, when it was not filled with cock.

They were groping her breasts, feeling the smooth skin of her thighs, the feel of her bottom, the feel of her back. They would grab at bits of her as she moved. They held parts of her as she was fucked. They took advantage of her being held open, to touch and explore her but she did not care.

She took it all and still came back for more. Both their bodies were shiny with oil and with sweat. They were wet not only with sweat but also with their combined juices. She had sat astride him and rubbed her wet cunt over his chest while he had grabbed handfuls of her breasts. He had plunged his fingers into her and spread her juices and his spunk over her breasts and it had dribbled out of her cunt over her thighs and between the cheeks of her bottom and then had been rubbed all over the two of them as they grappled and clung to each other in their frenzy of fucking.

They had her on her back, her legs straight out and then lifted so she was folded over and grunted as he drove the air from her every time he rammed into her cunt. They had her on her knees. They had her standing up and bending over, resting her hands on the back of a chair as he fucked her from behind. This time the camera also took in her breasts which swung each time he bucked his hips to ram his cock into her.

All the time the cameras were probing her, getting shots of her cunt being filled, being stretched, being held open when they made her hold herself open for his cock to penetrate her again in a new position. All the time, she was as keen for it as they were. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to fuck this man with his huge cock. She wanted to fill their cameras for them. She wanted to show them how it should really be done. What a real woman looked like. How a real woman fucked.

I was so incredibly proud of her and if it was possible, loved her even more as I watched over her. Robby came over to me as I watched. "This is going to be a classic film worldwide. I had a video running on her from the moment she came in just in case." "But I had told you she would not do a video" I told him.

"I worked on the basis that anyone who is built like that is made for fucking and would soon get into the mood of it and I was right.

Of course we'll give you royalties on the film but I think this is a day she will never forget." "I'm sure you are right but I think it is a one-off for her.

She will look forward to seeing the stills in your magazine and knowing that people are going to see her not only in detail in the photos but also being fucked on the video. Luckily her wig stayed in place for the whole time otherwise you could not use the film." As we drove home, Sue sat quietly in the car, her thighs a little sore after being held open for so long. In bed that night we just held each other close and hugged tightly. No words were necessary.

She had had enough sexercise for that day but we both looked forward to seeing the magazine in print.